Friday, July 17, 2009


Anger!!! If it's unchecked it can cause Ur life to go insane and crazy!! I have dealt with alot of anger in these past months.. Highs and Damn Hell pit lows.. But we are talking about ANGER here!!!

I wouldn't consider myself an angry person....but People can make me anger!!!

I'm not a pretty sight!!! Fumes coming out of my head and shit(not really)its very intense!!!

When I'm angry I lash out hard!! Through time I was able to control the anger and channel it into something...lets say working out!!(no wonder I'm so big)

I was going to deal with AN issue with anger but I'm not!!!

I feel bad and I'm going another route instead!!

I just wanted to share that with People!!

Im gone!!

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BigAssMouth said...

good. u will see you made the right choice. too many people today are angry. just smoke a blunt and relax