Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Okay I caught alot of backlash for my last post........

I really dont give a shit!!! I always write based on my opinion, wheter it's good or bad. I have been called crazy, insane and a big mouth!! U know what???

I never claimed that I was Sane!!! At least I can admit to being alittle off center!! People will lie to themselves and other people and say they are not crazy when they are!! I never wanted to be normal, that is boring to me. Crazy people are the ones that rule the world. If it wasnt for crazy people with crazy ideas, we would have never pushed farther as a culture. These were crazy Ideas at the time:

"U want to fly???? Come on that is a crazy Idea"....
"U want to use this Deadly poison for getting rid of wrinkles???"
"U want bigger Tits??? I will just Cut ya open and shove in these fake silicone ones"

Without these crazy Ideas, No planes, Botox, Breast Implants(Botox, Breast Implants????those are some Ideas that are Nuts!!)

Anyway....I want people to know, I write this blog for entertainment!! soley that!! I dont claim to know everything about the Industry, but I'm a Fan of Gay porn(watched hundreds of Vids)then I became apart of this Industry and I love this Industry!! So I think I can talk about this Industry, I saw this business from the Outside to the Inside.

A Big Thanks to Unzipped for running my story.....but let me make it clear. I LOVE TY COLT, CAMERON MARSHALL, I personally met these models and they are great guys!! I also met with Jason Pitt and I think the kid has potential....

The purpose of the last blog, wasnt to finger point.... It was merely letting people know that the body shape of porn stars has changed from Massive Muscle, to a Jock and Sporty look. Period!!

Now I'm going to piss alot of people off with this post....but remember its my opinion..........Let's get started:

I don't understand the New models coming into the Industry!!


Why come into the industry and not bust Ur ass every time that camera is on??? The footage will follow ya for the rest of Ur life. REST OF UR LIFE

Today most of the new models are doing it for the money, not the work!! The work is what drove me, not the check. I see the new models just going through the motions and not connected to their partners and not putting in a conceiving performance in their scenes. Sometimes its painful to watch a hot guy paired with another hot guy and the action is slow and awkward. Plus there is no chemistry between the models and the look of boredom on some of the models faces when the action happens.....

Anyway I was looking for porn, I went to QueerClick, I was sick to my stomach after reading this post

The models were asked about Barebacking......the responses were frightening!!!!

QC: How do you feel about barebacking, personally or as a career choice?

model: If you're tested regularly like we are, then I feel it's safe. I know it's not always safe. I wouldn't do it with a guy I never met. But if there's trust and you've both been tested, then it's OK. Plus, there's a little more money in it, so... (laughs)

What???? theres a little more money in it???? and then the model laughs it off???? I don't get it???? The model is more willing to do a bareback scene because there is extra money in it?? Scary!! These are real responses people, I can't make this up.

Another response from another model

QC: How do you feel about barebacking, personally or as a career choice?

model: [Barebacking's] way easier. Putting on a condom is the biggest turn-off in the world. It cuts off circulation and takes away the feeling. Even the thin ones suck.

Well this is true, its funny when the model says it takes away the feeling. Without a condom on, it will restore that feeling but take Ur life away instead!!! I really don't understand.

And there is one more to go

QC: How do you feel about barebacking, personally or as a career choice?

model: I don't really care about it, just loosens you up a bit. We get tested every month. If we didn't get tested every month, I wouldn't be doing it. Then I walk away not thinking about what others say—they have their opinions. Every one's probably gonna do it eventually. It takes a lot of confidence.

It takes confidence to bareback on film??? Really!!!! I don't know what to say to this...... I don't get it at all!!!

Now people will finger point at me and say...... I'm a Condom Nazi!! or something stupid like that. But I just don't understand the new models coming into the game. More and more I see models going back and forth between condom movies and bareback movies. Two years ago, there would have been a stigma for that performer to go between the Condom and Bareback worlds. Some models had to wait at least a year to return to doing porn, after doing a bareback scene. Some models couldn't come back into Condom only movies after having a Bareback career.

Nowadays, all u have to do is say U were stupid for doing bareback movies(public sorry)and with no down time go into Condom only movies...... No one will blink an eye at ya as long as........Ur Hot!!! Hot + being popular= The rules don't apply. It sucks!!

This is what I meant in the other post, I want the New Models coming into the business to respect themselves!!! They are doing bareback scenes for extra money, so basically Ur doing a Snuff film for peanuts!!!

Porn models are expendable!!! I wish the new models understood this!! Producers get the footage that they want and after time, they are looking for that newer fresh face.


U came into the business to make money, U became a Cum dump doing bareback work. When Ur time is up its up, Ur replaced by a New Young fresh face..... Ur yesterdays Cum dump, everybody shot a load in ya(or u swallowed everybody)now Ur spotlight is gone.

Some career, Now Ur just a washed up Cum Dump!!!

The stigma is still there from doing porn(not as bad as 10years ago), I think its alot worst when its bareback porn. I get comments on my blog calling me dirty and a slut all the time. I think it would have been worse if I was a bareback pornstar.

I'm not some one's Cum Dump or Cum Rag and I will never be.


radbear67 said...

THANK YOU for all you say. Perhaps, if they hear it from a prize-winning porn veteran, men who are thinking about barebacking as a shortcut to a successful sex career will THINK TWICE. Barebacking is not just a bad idea, IT'S FATAL! No one really survives AIDS; they just take longer to die with the help of some extremely expensive and terribly powerful drugs that damage the body in their own special ways. Eventually, the virus will get you. If you are HIV-, you should take every precaution to stay that way. AIDS rates are rising because gay men are fooling themselves that the plague is over and the disease has been tamed by science. NOT SO! Keep up the good work, DW. These fools need to hear the message, over and over.

WorkoutLA said...

BOTH your posts were excellent! Having watching a good deal of porn I can say that the whole lean jock look has been around for years. The so-called stars like Joey Stephano, Kevin Williams, Jon King, etc etc were all that type. But I agree with your appraisal many of today's guys just go through the motions w/o emotion. The good directors & producers always say if you're in the industry strictly for the money you'll never last.

Darrien said...

Man, there are so many reasons to admire and respect you. But this post had me standing up and saluting you. Thank you, sir, for saying what needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this blog entry much better than the last entry. However, the last entry had better pictures. You are still at the top of my favorites list.

Anonymous said...

Cum Dump is the hottest whore euphemism I think I've ever heard...I will start using this phrase.

Tony said...

Thank God someone in the industry is taking on this barebacking b.s. I've stopped watching some studios movies after realizing they were promoting this type of film. Unfortunately I seem to be a shrinking minority.

Anonymous said...

it does take confidence to do bareback- its so dangerous. How can you look bored doing porn- Porn may turn into something new in awhile- boredom during a scene? They should research that thing- a gayforpay got fired from Subways when someone said they didnt want him to make his sandwich, It was on Tyra.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed, CONDOMS!!! ONLY!!!! Here!!! Barebackers are absolutely not respecting themselves and others.... That really annoys/angers me... Live long and Prosper is the deal as far as I am concerned...Regards and take care...Laurie