Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was the longest road trip ever....

We checked into Hotel which is a great Hotel!!! I really like it, the rooms are big and high ceilings. The bed is Huge and Just the way I like it!!

I'm here with a partner in crime... And they asked that I not talk about them on my blog.....

Its funny, I get more and more friends that talk to me...And the first thing they say to me is "Don't put this on Ur Blog" but.....

Then go into detail about How some Company dicked them over....Or talk about some model that was an asshole to them...But I'm left with the line "Don't put this on Ur Blog"

To all my friends in the Industry......"Have I ever talked about someone in the Biz, Who was a Druggie???? Dirty Slut???" I never talk about models(using Real name or Stage Name)on my blog, that are serious Meth Heads, Coke heads and or Pill poppers? I respect People's privacy.... I'm not that big of an Asshole.

I talk about myself.... My Path and the People that I come across.

I ask most models If I can take a Picture of them. And then show them the Proof of the Pic. In most situations, when I pull out my camera, Models get ready to get their picture taken(because they know its going on the blog)

Some people do not like me in this Industry....I will take that. But there are alot of people that highly respect me and what I brought to this Industry.


I want all models to work....

I respect Models that are Performers and work Hard!!! I hate people who think they deserve special treatment when they don't push themselves on camera and have the worst scenes!!!

I hate People who get over on their looks as opposed to their talent..... So when I see just a Pretty face..that's all I see is a pretty face. But I go on to respect the "Pure Performer" those that bring that A game every time on set. No matter what they work hard on their scenes, to the point where they are exhausted!!

After alot of scenes, I go back to the Hotel, Bruised! Teeth loosened. Bloody noses, and marked up legs and chest.

I remember when I filmed Folsom Filth I was sore for 4 days after that shoot. I was punched in the chest over and over(had tolook right).... Which made the scene hotter!! My legs were bruised in the thigh area from banging against Alex Baresi's Ass in Folsom Filth.

For Folsom Prison, I was hung by my wrists and had to hold certain positions, while having to get pissed on, gut punched, and slapped in the face. At one point in the Scene, I asked one of my Co stars to spit in my face....Just to make the scene more real!!! At the start of the scene I was wrestled down to the ground(Concrete)slammed to the floor and kicked in the face and stomach. I wanted my scene to look real as possible!! And it did!!

I get alot of shit because I talk about models I don't like...Or Twinks that work for peanuts!!

So What!!!??!! I gave My Soul to this business...

I gave all the bloggers and Online Mags something to talk about when I write my posts. I feed this Industry in more ways than one. I gave them something to Argue about...Hate me for, or Question. They look out for Me, and I look out for Them.(Thanks,,, MOC, JackManly, COP, Queermenow, Kreuzer at Night, Gaypornnation, JustUsboys, Gayporntimes, GayFleshbot, bah bah bah)

This business is about entertainment.... I give ya the movies to jerk off to, I give ya the blog to read more about me. I give the People that report the Porn News to ya, material to use for Interesting and Shocking Stories!! In a nutshell...

As long as I spark a reaction out of People.....My job is done!!!

If someone took 5-10mins to read this post or watch a Vid.

Then I had Ur Attention for that time......

Some Performers(Music, Movies, Sport figures) get hundreds and thousands of dollars just to go on stage for 10mins.

I give ya a Free blog to laugh at or with(Depending)..

So that means I did my Job and I entertained Ya!!!

Now where is MY Check for that!!!!

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Another very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.