Monday, July 13, 2009


Wow, I never got so much email about me attacking the Twinks, giving out scene rates, and spilling the beans on the business.

The Industry is hurting bad!! This recession has hit every portion of the porn Industry. Companies, Studios, Websites, the Models, the Agents bah bah bah!!

It's weird!! I know the Industry will survive.. The Rockettubes, Xtubes, and all the other sites that promote Homemade porn will survive!! Everybody can make money in this industry!! Give it one year and things will be in order again, it will just take some time. Many times I point out the flaws in this business(With Love), but at the same time I have so much Love for this Industry!! I make fun of the Porn business because we need to laugh at Ourselves sometimes:

We get all pumped up for our roles, We hit the gym hard(some take Steroids)do the crazy workouts to get that body!! Ripped, Hard and tight!! And its the Gayest looking thing when u see models posing in the Mirror!! Squeezing their Ass, sticking it Out!! So it looks Nice and round(Arching their Back)Slapping their ass for that Sound Effect!

Or in the Mirror practicing "Fuck Faces" Batting their eyes, trying to make love to themselves in the mirror. Licking their lips, fake moaning faces!! Or even worse, the Flamboyant Tops, that try to Practice their Butch face in the Mirror. I kid U not its funny!!!!

Some of Us, don't know if We want to be hairy or not. I hear some models complaining about the all Body Waxing, Trimming, and Shaving they do. Hair is hair to me, if it's soft I can't complain(Coarse Hair hurts my Balls), The models that have that "Little landing strip they call pubic hair between their legs, the V cuts, and the ones clean shaven. A dude with no pubic hair????Yup!!I have seen it!

The Tanning........It makes sense, that models would get a natural looking tan. But ORANGE?????? that is crazy!! It doesn't look manly and some models get carried away. I remember one time, I was in San Fran shooting, I saw one of the models that had just arrived, he had healthy looking skin(normal). We had two days before the shoot, and since most companies like to keep the models away from each other(To Keep that Energy on Set)I didn't see him until the Day of the shoot, he came walking on that set looking like an Giant Sunkist orange!! He Tanned, then got a Spray tan and then on top of that he had Bronzer on!!! Its Crazy!!

Eyebrows!!! If I see any more McDonalds(High Arch) shaped eyebrows on models I am going to go crazy. Its like they have the look of surprise on their face every time U see them. Now that shit is huge here in NYC and its mainly due to the New Jersey Guido's who come into NYC. It's not a good look people. And this is to all the gay boys out there....IT LOOKS RETARDED!!! so don't come on set looking like that!! That is not a good porn look.

Makeup, now this can go either way, sometimes u need make up, so the camera picks up the right skin tone. But Pancake Mix????? I have seen models with so much makeup on when they get under the lights, U could see their face melting away with time... If Ur suppose to have a hot sex scene...Ur licking everywhere on their body, Licking off Make UP????? That is not a good thing!!! Its like licking flour of Ur kitchen table top.. Not very Yummy!!

Body sprays and smelly Cologne on Ur body, I can't lick all over Ur body and have my tongue tasting like alcohol when I do it. Not tasty in Ur mouth, do Us a favor and take all that shit off!! I rather have body odor, and sweat...... then burning alcohol on my tongue.

Seeing a Manly bottom and a Cunt Top work together in a scene. It's strange watching the setup. I feel for each model, the manly bottom wants a Man to fuck the hell outta him, and the Cunt Top (off screen) wants Man to fuck the hell outta him.

Well I just wanted to post something Different this time!!!

That's it done!!


Anonymous said...

These are the types of blog entries I really enjoy(the ones that talk about what goes on behind the scenes). I've learned quite a bit from this entry. As always, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest post you've done! I'm still laughing at the Sunkist Orange dude, but you are right on soooo many levels. Its not even the porn industry like that its in general!

BigAssMouth said...

I think that porn is suffering from all the cheap gonzo dumped onto the market. big studios I guess will survive but it will be difficult. Tons of cheap product and over production is bad. I'm not sure if it will get any better. Too bad for good beautifully filmed porn. It's always been hard for minorities in this industries and has gotten even worse. I think for you Deisal, people would pay for that extreme stuff on an exclusive site owned and operated by you. It needs to fill a niche. There is still only one Deisal with a good eye for what pornees really want. No distribution and huge overhead to worry about. You should check out CJwrightXXX website. it is not for me but it is quite unique and I garauntee people are signing up. Stop worrying about Hot House. You're Deisal. I think they will or have developed better anti-piracy software for websites

Anonymous said...

Yeah Its def because of this average porn phenom. When they hire a bunch of anybody. Especially those crazy websites were they trick guys into have sex with men.