Thursday, November 29, 2012

HARD WIRE Scene 11 "An Eye for an Eye"

This is more of the series "Hard Wire" Scene 11...... It's Coming!!! We are making sure everything is in place FIRST!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Some people have this fantasy that Porn Stars live this glorious life(Highs/Lows). But....

You see the models and they are fucking in all these glam locations with hot guys.  You read their tweets flying here and flying there, everybody is in the gym(sometimes twice)and some go as far as posting everything they eat/drink/movie/TV/book read or seen. We all understand that Porn is entertainment? Right??..

I started in porn 2005, and back then having a blog was a hit or miss.  A blog gave the porn star an outlet so that he could either Rant/Promote/Preview/Post pics etc.. A valuable tool for the porn star to be able to connect with his/her fans directly.  Who knew that would open the doors for other social networks out there such as Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram...

So came the next step part of the story...

Now more then ever people are using social networks and People are starting to get Personal!!

We all know my Blog wars, I had huge battles with Studios/Sites/models(Headaches) Classic battles played out for the media/bloggers/models everybody.  But now these bloggers/models are hitting harder than ever! Everything is Ups for grabs in the entertainment world, Emails/Footage/Tweets/Status updates/Gossip/Rumors everything is being talked about in some form some how..

Every dirty detail is just layed out there right for you...

When is it going Over the Top?? I mean I have read blog posts where actual bloggers will use a persons real name post their pics, undercover cameras and all(Theft Vid). I mean it wasn't that long ago when people started outing each others HIV status online, its a fucking jungle out there.  By no means am I an angel...I have done my "Dirty Shit" before

 Have I ever threatened to post some Assholes pic on my blog and call him out in a good READ. Oh HELL YES!!

9 times out of 10 I would never do something like that...

Moving on!!

Anyway, What I'm trying to say that Motherfuckers are playing dirty out there.  You can OBSERVE and REPORT all you want! I encourage it, all you are doing is just proving my point that your a DICKRIDER!! I created alot of stars in my days, by battling someone on Twitter or through a Blog, I made other motherfuckers who are not worthy of attention, Get it.  To this day I have this little "Nat" on Me that keeps flying around Me.  They see Me out at a party, and the (Sad part) was I didn't see them because if I did I would have "Talked to him" but now this is where the story gets strange.

This same person has to write a blog about Me at some party, like he is some reporter on a story. If your at a party, "Why are you paying so much attention to Me??" It's a party, go talk mingle around have some drinks, go into the backroom, DO YOU! Yet after reading his post, he spent the entire time at the party watching Me. I don't get it? If you do not like Me then why watch Me? Secretly in love with Me maybe? He is trash not even going to say his name.  Anyway....

This leads Me to my post "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me"  I write alot about being paranoid and always having people watch Me.  You would think I get off on having people watch Me since I am a porn star but I keep telling people..I'm that Socially Awkward type of guy and porn has made Me alittle paranoid.

Besides people following Me to the bathroom or the daily stares on the train, and having guys stalk on you on the street and then email from an anonymous sender "Telling you that they saw you on the street, wearing bah bah, talking to bah bah, eating bah bah and what time of day it is.  Alittle creepy! I'm somewhat used to it....

I have to keep telling my brain that I'm in the public eye(Everywhere I go)I'm a humble dude, I walk with purpose and get to where I need to go.  I don't work a room or try to be flashy, I simply be Me. Even if I get the stare like, "Oh shit!! its..." I give the head nod and keep it moving.

 FYI starting a Convo by saying "I have jerked off to your movies" is not a good look on a crowded RUSH HOUR train.

I had to learn how to prepare myself for this:

I have learned in the past that having drink after drink after drink might make you THINK you seem cool. But your just a Hot Drunk Mess!! My first years in porn I used the booze to calm my nerves at events and that just caused problems for Me. Bottomline  I'm not a drinker and using the booze to loosen up does not work well on Me..feed Me booze and I want to take a nap.  So I stick to Pot these days(No the pot is not making Me paranoid HAHA)!!

More of a Homebody now, if I go out its to get to the place(House party/Club/Bar/Outing) show my face say "Hello" and then leave. However...If there is a goodlooking bunch of people over there, I might stay alittle longer and talk some shit(mingle)with the people. So I don't do the whole Club scene from city to city like some models. When I go to the club, it's either with friends or when I go bymyself its just to hear the music, "Quick Pick Up" and I'm Out!....

You just have to be nice at all times and stay humble, I realize that when you run into someone you recognize from porn you want to run up like seeing an "Old Friend"but do you realize..This model has never met you, doesn't know why you approaching him so aggressively so remember that when you see your favorite model out there. Start with an ole fashioned "Hello my name is..."

It works!

Now the hard part, how to manage your brand through social networking??  Wheter you  Personality/Model/Site/Studio everything you Tweet/Update/Status/Tumblr/Instagram is for the judging eyes of everyone!! How to handle it??


If I have a TwitterMelt Down!! Oh well....

Blog War? It happens

If I start trashing commentors on other blogs....So be it!

I will go on the Forums(Old school) and fight for my cause.

Why?? I simply do not give a fly fuck!!

I am not a role model, I do porn and I'm a human being who is flawed and makes mistakes.  At the same time if "Little Wayne" was to say Vote for Mitt Romney, would I listen to him as a "Role model" or something? I can do good deeds but I do not want the pressure of having to be a Role model to anybody. However I like to think I INSPIRED some people....

Getting off topic..

The paranoia sometimes becomes overwhelming, and I need a break to catch my wind.  My paranoia is Justified, literally I am being watched. The paranioa is that people are watching everything I do Outside of porn. When am I allowed to resume a normal life again?? The sad truth is that I can Never go back to having a normal life and knowing that fact is sometimes hard to swallow(no pun intended) When you become a Vet, people expect you to just disappear or to use the phrase "Bow Out gracefully" and go where?? I can retire from performing, but my scenes will last forever!! That was the point of it all, to make a project that will stand the test of time, so there is no turning the hand of time back. I had to learn how to embrace it, that and the increasing paranioa that comes along with it. People are going to watch you regardless, in this field of work, I have to accept that and deal with it.

How to explain the paranoia? Some people seem right at home leaving windows/shades/blinds open for public viewing. I walk around Manhattan and everyday you can see right into an apartment and see people sitting on couch watching TV or in the kitchen making something to eat.

At my house, I keep the blinds/shades down and my windows locked, even though I live in a nice area.  When I go to sleep I shut my bedroom door and lock it for no reason. I always sit facing the entrance of any place that I eat at, and as soon I walk into a place I carefully note where all the fire exits are and or any window leading to the street in case of a quick getaway. Even worse I always size up the people in a place, thinking of the quickest exit and whom I might have to push/tackle/move out of my way to leave.

Anyway a glimpse inside the mind of Bi polar...

To wrap this up, FUCK YOU TO THE BLOGGER

Now there is a reason why I so feel so paranoid cause Dirty Sluts always keep watching Me..

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Another one to add these are people I talk to online who play games I'm going to Air these boys out Pics and all


so little time and so many assholes to reveal

STUDFORLIFE400 The Real Story

i have been chatting with a person using the handle Studforlife400,



Monday, November 19, 2012


by Diesel Washington

I go to a party(mixed)there always is that one guy that gives you that strange look, you smile they smile back and you engage in a short conversation.  Later that night at party you see him standing around looking at his phone with a bunch of people and they are watching a Vid.  It just happens that the Vid they are watching is of you drilling red head Steven P from the Titan in the movie "Telescope" yeah awkward...

Very seldom do I go to gay clubs, and there is a reason for that.  It's seems that at the same exact moment I have to take a piss, ten other guys have to take one at the same time.  I'm not a prude but I'm not a bathroom talker:

Some guys come go into the bathroom and starting talking about sports and the day when standing at the urinal..I'm not one of those guys, I do the quick chat until I'm out of the bathroom.  If you have to discuss business or something important, then you do the WALK outside thing.  Maybe its Me... I'm crazy..

Maybe it's the director in Me, but every time I go some where new and I love the backdrop, I always think filming a porn scene would be awesome. Forget enjoying the moment...

Wow I could shoot from this angle, and We could put lights over here. I could have the guys fucking over there(Or I could be fucking the guys over there) Group scene over there, or a nice threesome overlooking the trees.. Yeah it has gotten bad...

When you start dating a guy, when is it right to tell them that you do porn?? For that matter, what if you starting dating women? What would you tell them. "Hey, just letting you know I used to do porn back in the days, but I direct now" "So yeah....Your looking good tonight.."

These are for the newbies.....

I wonder how many people will find out I'm doing porn now?

I hope my scene is huge and everybody knows my name, check out my scene on had to diss)

Why am I not getting enough press??

Why am I not getting roles like that model(insert name)?

I have to make sure I tweet at least 5 cock pics a day plus two booty pics for extra insurance.

Thinking about getting my eyebrows done(Topher free please)

Need to invest in good Coconut body lotion and some Vitamin E and some good tanning, that will clear some of the Back acne from all the steroids.

Looking at all the other guys, Why work out so hard?? That guy is a star and his body is So so...

Who do I have to fuck around here to get some more roles??

HARD WIRE Scene 10 "Who is the Guilty Party"

Another scene up!! And this one explains how many people had their fingers on the trigger.  Seems like the buck got passed around but who is the one to blame?  Watch and find out!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The good thing learning how to direct and edit Videos is that you can use that knowledge and make promotional Vids for their business...

I'm just starting out....

But with some luck and hard work, I will have the ability to film porn/events/promotional stuff/youtubes..

It's all a Hustle!!

Tell me what you think about the Vid, Warning there are some major "Plugs" in the Vid.


It's always hard editing together footage that has music playing in the background, sometimes its matches the action and sometimes it does not.

I had fun with this Vid, the music lined up right and I think its look good

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Newest scene on check it out I will even give you a Teaser Vid:

I get verbal and really speak to the camera in this one, I don't do many solos but THIS IS ONE that I enjoyed filming with the Great Gio.

Check out his work on  and visit his newest site,  You might see Me there


*P.S It's a secret

Friday, November 09, 2012




Can you see Rick Ross here???... Only I know I dont have his song playing...but song aside...I think I pull off a skinny Rick Ross...


"HARD WIRE" Scene 9 "Officer Down!!"

. Staying busy at the Washington Headquarters... I missed my computer and editing station that is why the series is in full effect right now.... Make sure to watch the Past Vids to stay in tuned with the story.


I have a new interview up:

It's really revealing...and for once I'm comfortable sitting in front of the camera as always. Big Shout out to Gio. To sum him up:
Good Heart
Smart Man
Great Director
Great Friend.

It's all from the heart...

SNEAK PEEKS AT "Hard Wire" in Fort Lauderdale

Robert Axel, Diesel Washington, Matthew Rush.. I shot them in a hot Flip Flop full of passion and shot in a great location, and a surprise scene... It involves "Cakes"

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Okay this post is this called "Copy Kats ptII" if you don't remember the first one. Here it goes:

Yeah I had to pull out my blogger hat tonight and let the fans know the deal!! By doing it the only way I know how to..
Lets start it!!

I Shot this 2007 for Titan

Shot 2012 
I got used to people "Borrowing"certain positions but its very Flattering to know that I got Zeb Atlas doing my shit!! HAA.. 

"Bully"shot 2007 for Titan

Here it is again 2012 by Spencer Reed, I tell you I'm so flattered that the younger performers are "Borrowing" my moves. Although I was reading the Titanblog the other day and some of the details are slightly off.

Titanmen star Diesel Washington performed the same maneuver in Telescope with Steve Ponce. He also does a rather fun video demonstration on his YouTube Channel.

Not to split hairs, but I CREATED that Move....

Get it right!!HAHA(Joking)

Imagining this astounding choreography, we can’t help but feel transported back to the humiliating days of high school gym class, when we weighed under 100 lbs and got picked on for not wanting to take showers with the football jocks. Perhaps by reclaiming the move as adults we can get some kind of personal revenge on the pimply meat-heads that terrorized us in our youth, that is, in elaborate fantasy sequences involving Diesel and Diesel only: “So far I haven’t seen the position done the way I do it,” he continues, “I have seem attempts and versions where the bottom is in same position but never in a headlock, or when the camera couldn’t get good footage of the pounding, or when they haven’t been able to hold the position for longer than a couple seconds at a time before the top tires out. So if I see it being done, that postion is now called the ‘Bully’.”

I love you guys but I have to make sure my Moves are trademarked you know?? After using my "Bully" Whats next?:

"Shot Glass"?
I don't even have a name for this one, I just bounced the bottom on a basketball and plowed him missionary style(I will think up a name)
"Camel Clutch"
I used to call this one the "FleshJack".. I think a company is using that one now...I will rename it Later...
It's kinda of like the "SuperMan", I was getting tired at this point so the bttm had to put one hand down just to steady Me..

At first I used to get a alot of "Lip Service" for doing these moves, *Sigh

Seeing how I did these moves, years ago it's kinda of cool when I see the newbies or those performers who seen something I did in the past and try to recreate it again. Only thing...

I'm not Dead yet!! Those moves were years ago I have moved onto Newer things...

Just wait and see...

Saturday, November 03, 2012


This post has no order and probably makes no sense.....

Tired of people who stare at Me, and don't bother to say Hello or at least give the classic Nod...

Why does your girlfriend stare at Me?  and Why are you getting upset at SHE is staring.. I do gay porn FOOL

I haven't shaved in days...and you know what I like it...

I have been laying on couch and just eating all kinds of junk food and missing the gym...

Twitter is fun but I hate the bullshit flirting that goes on that shit..(Let me stop lying..I flirt as well) But I wish people understand that when I flirt..

Yes its cute and all that good stuff..but bottom line I want/will FUCK YOU!! So yeah I hate that flirting shit on Twitter cause in the end We wind up meeting and then I try to fuck your ass... There is "NO Takebackees"  So start getting ready and looking at that pillow your going to get ready to bite.

So life is crazy sometimes and We all at one point, WISH FOR THE DEATH OF AN EX.. While that sounds so harsh, its not that I wish actual death that the person getting killed..

It's the version of the person that I feel in love with, that person or being does not exist anymore.  So to erase that memory of the person..That vision of them has to die.

So I'm in Fort Laud and the amount of guys wearing socks and sandals is killing Me..

Mind is going crazy at the amount of things I have do when I get back home. I really do not want to think about will drive Me mad sitting around


Okay Kids you got Me in a good mood,

I'm down with Drake Jaden(who I always been wanting to work with)  Let's put it this way...

Alot of Sexual tension...well let me back track,

I'm in Fort Lauderdale if I didn't say in a earlier post, and I went out to the Manor out here(wanted to have some drinks) and some how We decided to have a Slut Off I shit you not I mean really I think I'm getting alittle too old for this shit and at the same time I'm like


Day 1.  Chilling in the house and just watching TV nothing big and just munching away at food(sorry no sex here) We huddled up and set out for "Manor", I never been to this club and since the weekend was crazy and thinking about home and knowing that my lights and shit is still not together I just wanted to go out and have alittle fun which turned into this Slut Off...

Now at the club the slut control was kept at a respectable rate, alittle flirting and I was good.  I'm not leaving with anybody and doing the whole stalking the bathroom area was a bit tiring(Back in the days) but if you get a few drinks into Me, "Who knows what will happen?"

I'm getting alittle Old for this Shit!

That keeps running through my head, every time I hangout.....

Soooooo...after dancing my ass off(LITERALLY) We decided to take a Visit to the Bathhouse, because they have really good "Gym Equipment" over there... So yeah, Have to run out, Part 2 coming soon

Friday, November 02, 2012



Okay I have to make this quick, hanging out in Fort Lauderdale and chilling with my peeps Dylan Roberts(if you remember from our Scene on and Drake Jaden and CHILLING.... With all the things that are going on in NYC it was time to get away and fly out to get some sun and just relax and also get some work done. So you are here first to hear that I shot a major scene with Matthew Rush and Robert Axel and it was full of passion and lust and these guys really got with the whole flow.

 I finally had my chance to not only work with the amazing Matthew Rush and I also had the chance to direct him in a scene and the scene was really good. Both guys brought their A game and the Chemistry on scene was FIRE, that had to literally hold a camera and not try to jerk off at the same time. We had alot of funny moments on set and I was there to capture it all on film.. I starting to enjoy this Directing thing....

Not only did we get the classic making out and soft passion scene that I wanted but we also have to great shot footage of the beach and the sunrise on the water. I mean I'm trying not to focus on what is going on back home in NYC but eventually I have to go home and face the music. My support/heart go out to those people out in NYC/NJ/Bos that was hit hard by Sandy. Speaking of which the mean reason that I wanted to go the Florida in the first place is because I HAVE NO FUCKING LIGHTS AND I'M NOT SITTING IN A HOUSE WITH MY EDITING EQUIPMENT AND AT LEAST SOME FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT...

To be told I got stuck in Washington for about 5days just sitting around and eating and worrying what is going on in NYC, I keep reading the news about the flooding and all the water in the subways and I was stuck because there is no trains and at the time there were no buses able to bring me back to NYC.. So...... I put my head together with and We decided to do a great shot... Anyway I wanted to reach out to all the fans and let you know I'm okay and everything is alright.. Yet probably when I go home I will jump on Twitter and starting ranting about having no electricity and not being able to edit the great scene I directed

Thursday, November 01, 2012


Well that last post was different...... As I said before, I have an Ex lover who will not give Me the closure I desire. In response I have become very jaded and bitter. I lash out at my Ex saying the most hateful stuff I could ever think of. I feel bad calling him every name in the book, and pulling from their past experiences and then throwing them in their face(NASTY STUFF). They will not release Me and for that reason. I'm not liking myself and as far as being able to move on in my romantic life. NOT HAPPENING!! I'm one of those guys that need that validation, I felt that I was being lied to the entire time of the relationship. So I'm real Bitter!! Anyway..... To help ease the pain, I have jumped in the middle of work constantly. Speaking of work I'm headed back to Fort Lauderdale for more filming and pleased to say... We are filming Matthew Rush and Robert Axel..... Wow!! Yeah so that will be a huge scene to add to "Hard Wire" I know what everybody is thinking "When is Hard Wire coming out?" Hey we keep adding new scenes to the project and at this point this project has become HUGE!! I never thought that I would so many Big names and really good actors to tell the story that I'm putting together. At least I have work on my mind to help Me forget about my Love life which is a complete MESS. Oh well, a quick post for the fans.