Friday, July 29, 2011

WHORE TOUR 2011: Pittsburgh/Detroit

Detroit Whoring it up!!

Pittsburgh....whoring it up!!!

Sorry about the lack of post on the blog lately...

I have been traveling like a motherfucker, so putting together the Vids and traveling from city to city, is putting a toll on Me. You learn alot about yourself on the road, esp when traveling around with somebody else.

I WILL ADMIT IT!! I'm not the most easy guy to be around. I have a certain way I do things(as other people)and I can be CRANKY AS FUCK IN THE MORNING!!

Yes I am one of those, getting up in the morning is the not easiest thing to do!! I don't drink coffee or soda, I don't have that morning Cig(That most like)so rolling out of bed is a complete nightmare for Me and anybody around Me(Sorry Joey Boston)

Speaking of Joey Boston, he is doing fine and learning the ropes(alittle slower then expected, but learning)I have grown very protective over Joey Boston and that is what two people are suppose to do. I GOT YOUR BACK, AND HE GOT MY BACK!!

WE FIGHT LIKE CATS AND DOGS(I'm the dog)but in the end the trip is about making money and then moving on to the next city to make even more money. Whore Tour 2011 plain and simple.

Now about the Whore Tour 2011, alot of people are asking, "What is the Whore Tour 2011 about?"

Well people I'm an Escort, I really do not go into many stories about it just because its private!! I have seen too many porn stars out there talking about their clients, giving up names, or setting up people in high levels of government for public ridicule(by the bloggers, TMZ, blah blach) the reason why I'm successful in this game is because I don't give the details. I may hint every now and then but I will not name names...

Hooking oldest profession in the world, Rule number one is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!

It's not hard to do at all, respect your clients privacy and your IN LIKE FLINN!!

Now to all the "Secret Admirers" out there that have something to say about my Whore Tour 2011..

First off the bat FUCK YOU!!!

I do porn(well I'm a public figure)my porn history will follow Me everywhere so I might as well capitalize on it, the best way I know how:

You have the following options when u do porn:


Go Go Dancer/Stripper



Live Sex performer/Musical performer/Acting/Dancing

Website/Cam model

Public Appearance/Private shows.

Of course you have the Reg 9-5 job, that supplements your income at the same time(Duh)

Now to all the Secret Admirers out there, there is a fucking recession going!! It would be stupid for the porn star to NOT tour around. If there is no work in your town, then you have to go to the town or city where the work is.

I have heard it all since I have been on this tour:

Get a real job

I'm Washed Up because I'm doing the tour. That makes no sense to Me, I'm going to where my fans are, and if they want to see Me up close and personal there is a slight donation for the "Meat and Greet". I like meeting my fans(some)but at the same time, I'm not going out for drinks or dinner with every single fan just because they want to get to know the real person behind Diesel..

Sorry people that is something you have to pay for...

I give you the blog for free, youtubes for free, Vid messages for free(which I will return to doing sorry about the delay) For "Meat and Greets" yeah I have to charge for that. The expenses for taking the trip are coming out of my pocket so a donation to the trip is always accepted ESP if I'm banging out your ass..

Moving on... people can find my services on Rentboy, I'm real easy to find!!

One note about the escorting thing...

I do not charge a huge rate for my services, I'm a Dom Top that likes to get serviced and I pound out some ass...

I'm not that type of escort that caters to clients in a passive way. I do not like to be taken out to eat, Wined and Dined, or go out to a Broadway show. I do not do the Boyfriend fantasy thing, I do not kiss, eat ass, or even suck dick!!

I give the clients what they want!! A No holds barred Dom Top machine that comes in and pounds your throat while Face Fucking you. Pounds relentless on your ass, stretching your hole to the limit, at the same time spitting down your throat, pissing in your face, and holding you down on the bed face first with your ass in the air and your at my mercy...


That is the reason why my rates are not that high, to the other escort that kisses and eats ass, and makes his clients feel at easy that is YOUR role not mine!! I work over my clients and make the experience something they will never forget.

I rather be that escort that goes too hard, too demanding, pounds too hard, fucks too deep!! Than that bullshit escort that comes in and is half hard, doesn't want to be there, and goes the weakest fuck alive. Or even worse, the one that ASS KISSES so much that its fake and not real, some guys are into that scene of the long last BF or something like that. For Me, I just can not fake passion for somebody I don't know or have just met. I prefer to be direct and to the point...

We are here to fuck!!! None of this Lovey Dovey stuff!!

Anyway this was a quick update for the fans...

I will write more later..

Or you do all the above at the same time.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay People U have been patient with Me....

I have been traveling the last 2weeks NYC, Boston, Philly, NYC, Washington, crazy times but making alot of money....

Anyway I will write more Tomorrow..

Thanks for waiting...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011





Alot of traveling going on right....

I will keep you guys posted on more things happening on the tour and some more Tour dates for you coming up.

Back in Washington DC Jul 17-19
Pittsburgh 19-20
Detroit Mich 20-22

and maybe Chitown..... I will let you know on that one!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating my blog....

I have been traveling around for the last couple of weeks and sometimes I don't have the energy to write a post.

Traveling has been hard, so far the cities I have visited were NYC(home base) Boston(Joey Boston) Washington DC, Philly....

I have other cities to add to the tour but I have been in Boston about four times helping Joey Boston get things ready for the trip. Its not easy leaving the people you LOVE to go and travel the U.S. I miss Momma Washington and Joey Boston misses all his friends back home. Money has been good, but there seems to be not enough time to Sight see in any city that We are in, basically I have been staring at Hotel walls trying to get more and more clients.

Some people have sent me applications for joining the Whore Tour, but I haven't had a chance to contact anybody and picking another person to travel is very tricky.

I have learned alot about myself on these trips and when u travel with someone you get to know them VERY WELL!! I have always said I'm not easy to get along with, so Joey Boston has his hands full!!

Joey Boston is not a saint either and it taking Me a long time to find a way to connect on a deeper level. I mean I know he has my back and I will protect him as well. But sometimes when your with a person 24/7 you tend to get on each others nerves alot. I think its healthy to spend some time apart and sometimes DO YOUR OWN THING. We have gotten into fight after fight but at the end of the day We are running a business..

The slogan is "Getting Money" so sometimes you have to put differences aside and see the bigger picture. I have grown to like Joey Boston alot!!! Who knows?? We will see what happens down the road....

Anyway a quick post to let the fans know I'm still alive and the tour is still going on...

I will be in a city close to you soon, Hope to see you all!!