Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To my fans, friends i have updated my blog with new pics taken last night. I was at the gym and decided to bring my camera and when i was done with the gym i went home and took some more pics of myself. I think my training is paying off and i took alot of pics and added them here cause i think the fans would like to see more of me. I will also take some more pics later this week and add some of my favorite workout pics here. So to all the other guys out here. Step up ur game, get our body looking right and show and prove. I was so bored taking the pics(and yes i take all my own pics except the pics taken at the gym hard to lift and take pics) So enjoy the new pics i put up. My favortie pic is this one above taken at the gym last night its my best lift ever in this pic im shoulder shrugging 765lbs(goal is 800) I will have more pics soon but for now take a look and enjoy, Soon I will be taking some pics with a Professional Photographer but until then have fun with these.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Training so Hard

Okay Bitches i decided to add to this blog i havent wrote shit for a while cause i was away handling business. But i have some time to write now at least a day or so of relaxing. I have been training hard and maybe u people dont understand how hard i work in the gym so i decided to add some pics of my workouts onto the site. Monday nights are my shoulders night. I tend to train hard, above are pics of my shoulder shrugs which work on muscles on upper shoulder, neck region. The first pic is the bar that i loaded with 675lbs for a working set. I think im pretty strong i usually have people watching me in the gym just staring, I like the attention sometimes. Next pic i have to post on its own cause it was my personal best of 765lbs(FUCK) It felt great to being able to lift it and i had to bring camera to document it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Okay Its Sundays relax time!!!

Im stoned, and sitting back in front of computer and for once im relaxed and not holding onto any stress, I have been working alot and i cant seem to really focus on major topics that needed to be addressed. I have been working on a website that has been on hold for really good pics of me and i have to really look into a camera man. I hate to take the glory"pics" with lights and props but hey im willing to give it a try. Me standing in front of the camera is a funny thing for me. I retreat into a comfortable space for me and then i seem to zone out and then really take things very seriously. Trusting people is an important thing to me, I expect people to honor their word, man/boy,pussyboy,whatever the case. But sitatutions happen, and action has to take place.
Enough said i have a nice week back in town, and the weather has been alittle better for now. Hmm i went to see HOSTEL past week and yes it did suck!!! I mean i was down for the concept of a different kind of movie with the nasty and grosss out scenes. We all knew the movie was going to be bad, but we wanted to see how bad the movie was. Im into that dark humor kind of a movie. Think about it the guy that set them up had them like damn those girls are hot. And the boys went all the way over there for pussy, Insane!! I dont want to give away the movie if u havent seen it but I think its worth a try just to go through the insane underground scene in the movie. Hmm what else??? Clients are the same. I tend not to write about what i do with clients in a blog. This is my space to say what the hell i want to say. I tend to be on the negative side of things but im having fun and i think this is a good way that fans can stay somewhat close.
Lets see for so far i started the year with a good party in Las Vegas. And now...... not a damn thing!!! (Just For Today)lol. But im traveling for a bit, leaving sometime next week and getting an overall feeling of what direction to go in. I havent picked a state, Florida is cool, but i could stop inBoston, but then stop in Washington, Or i can just go to Cali. Decisions Decisions, I mean i like to travel and the fans have been very nice to me. I have traveled overseas, Germany, England, Holland(my favorite) but life on the road is party to party and club to club. Im not sounding harsh, but i like to do that,... but having a home front to come home to is key. I have that emotional connection with a partner I have had it for the past 3yrs before i started escorting, and going into the sex industry thing.
Next topic, gym is going very well, i know it sounds funny but i like to talk about my work in the gym. I have been putting on alot of weight these past couple of weeks(good weight) and i think im getting to a nice size of 245lbs lean muscle mass. My head is telling me to go to 255lbs which will take about 6 months. For all those who dont know about bodybuliding. Yes u hear of guys in the gym gaining about 30-40 in 4 months time, cause those people are on steriods.. Yes i said it, steriods, i dont take that, I take supplements such as protein, amino acid, and mulitvitamins, and i drink alot of water so im somewhat natural. I consider steriods(putting a needle to ur vein)a mixed bag, yeah u get big from them but u have to pay a price. Maybe some acne hear and there, but then the nuts shrinking(hell no) anything that touches or affects my penis or nuts the wrong way I cant fuck with it. But the wieghts have been coming up and trimming down the waist even more now. Im going heavy and the sets have been more intense and explosive. In general, im in the best shape of my life but missing the fame, lights camera, action, Diesel. Just a dream of mine, this whole thing is a dream, Will I ever wake up???. Maybe im not ready for the dive yet? But there is no turning back now, and for once I think i like not knowing the unknown(or whatever that means). Hmm final thoughts, yeah i like to talk about all the porn stars that i met. All u guys are hot and i cant wait to fuck ya all out there. Strong words from a strong guy. Peace Kids daddy is tired.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lights Camera Action, I was alittle nervous sitting back stage. I was about to go on the stage in front of a packed club. I have danced here and there and when i danced tonight it was fun and light hearted. But for the show.... I wanted energy, raw sexual power, domination just to show me off in the best light possible in other words I wanted to be a monster!!! Figuring what kind of show to put on stage, was alittle hectic. Did i want to be this Big Black Muscle God on stage and whip everybody on stage or put on a hot but forceful stage show. All that was planned for the show was that everybody on stage was to just rip my clothes off and just have fun. Tony bishophttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/tonybishop_jpg.jpg Foxxhttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/foxx_jpg.jpg
Rick Martinezhttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/rickymartinez_jpg.jpg Anton Harri http://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/Antton-Harri_jpg.jpg But fuck that I let loose on that stage and all i can say is i have the pics to prove it. It started off as the staged act of ripping my clothes off. I felt like a God on Stage and i grabbed Anton and picked him up and threw him around for alittle bit. And then i grabbed Tony Bishop and threw him around the stage lifting and pressing him over my head. Being nasty and spitting on the stage going into the crowd and just going crazy. The Contrast of a Big Black Muscle Guy throwing around a blonde twink on stage was a good show for the fans. Also on stage was Fox dances and flexing and Ricky Martinez adding to the spice of the show. So many pics enjoy cause i know i sure did enjoy that show. And so much more to come but enjoy some of these pics for now.
On stage was great and i had a blast doing it here are more pics from another fan who took pics of the show Shout out to all the fans out there that sends me these pics of the event. I never had time to use my camera to take pics of everything that was going on, cause i had to make sure that the go go boys were dancing and keeping the energy up for the dancers.
Man i had a long night after i got off stage and we partied into the early morning hours. I had just enough energy to fall asleep in bed that night(alone) and get ready for the after party the next day(Man i live a tough life lol)


Tommy Ritterhttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/tom_ritter_jpg.jpg,
Pics of me with Mattew Rushhttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/matthewrush_jpg.jpg, Ethan Kagehttp://www.hustlaball.com/las_vegas_2006/gallery/Bilder/ethan_kage_jpg.jpg(Falcon), me and Kris and Ronald(MansArt.Com)

First answer, i know what ur thinking, in Las Vegas the sex must be off da hook right? Alas to say i didnt fuck anybody in the house. Im a business man and escort period. But... its flattering to be the object of desire by so many people, porn stars and escort included. Oh but Hell yeah, there was alot of sex going on in the house(without question). Alot of it was very entertaining(hey just cause i dont engage in the sex doesnt mean that i dont watch and coach). But back to business, the first couple of days we toured around the clubs. We handed out t shirts and got people aware that Hustlaball was in town. Ahhh the partys, what more can u ask for Free food, Free drinks, live entertainment. One party was at the V hotel(we all know which one is that right??) Q fest, a big Party attended by some of the industry Big shots. I was introduced to so many people(being a business man i handed out many"personalized cards") I had a couple of drinks and ate the fine food that was set out(Yes i eat large meals, im 6'6,245 remember)
Now lets get the fun part Hustlaball the event:
I was in charge of the go go boys making sure we had enough people to dance and show off their goods on stage and the dancing boxes that stand across from each other in the main room. Oh first thing first, (I WAS SHOCKED TO FIND OUT THAT U CANT SHOW COCK, PUBES OR ANY OF THAT STATE LAW FOR THIS CLUB OR THE PLACE GETS CLOSED DOWN) So show time and nobody wants to break the ice by dancing first so i took the bullet for the team. Here are some pics of me starting the show. Thanks to http://www.pinkmafiaradio.com Thanks Steven for sending me some pics
The event itself was hot so read more about the show in Main stage.

thought i was gone nope!!!

Happy New Year, Happy Fucking New York!! Okay i havent wrote crap for awhile on this blog. But i have tons and tons of news, experiences and travels where did i leave off???? I remember if u have been living under a rock. I was asked to work the Hustlaball which is big circuit party held in Las Vegas www.Hustlaball.com
Through my eyes going to a type of event like this was a totally new experience for me. A bunch of Porno stars, escorts, and gogo boys all in one house? Sounds like a set up for disaster (I thought). This is my first time at Hustlaball, first time in Las Vegas and my first time exposure to the porn industry on the largest scale possible. Geez What am i doing? Fuck it, Im tired of sitting back and watching other people make money, talk the talk, and walk the walk. Im a big fan of Str8 and Gay Porn. Str8 porn is about the chicks getting nasty, getting fucked and acting out with a revolving door of cock. Gay Porn allows the model to show off his face, body, and sexual prowness. There are alot of str8 models that do gay porn. When ur body or cock is on showcase it always opens the door to more opportunties if u market urself well.
We landed in Las Vegas and what a town this place is!!! The lights, hotels, and water displays it was really great to watch. We checked into the Hustlaball Manison, a big house with swimming pool, hot tub, wireless services for computers(a sweet deal)Pics above.