Monday, January 30, 2006

Training so Hard

Okay Bitches i decided to add to this blog i havent wrote shit for a while cause i was away handling business. But i have some time to write now at least a day or so of relaxing. I have been training hard and maybe u people dont understand how hard i work in the gym so i decided to add some pics of my workouts onto the site. Monday nights are my shoulders night. I tend to train hard, above are pics of my shoulder shrugs which work on muscles on upper shoulder, neck region. The first pic is the bar that i loaded with 675lbs for a working set. I think im pretty strong i usually have people watching me in the gym just staring, I like the attention sometimes. Next pic i have to post on its own cause it was my personal best of 765lbs(FUCK) It felt great to being able to lift it and i had to bring camera to document it.

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