Friday, January 28, 2011


I hate mushy posts....

Big Shout Out to Howard, John, Matt, Jonnie, Ryan(sorry I couldn't visit drained after shoot), Misty and the whole Fabscout Family..

To my scene partners.....

YOU MOTHERFUCKERS BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! I do not want to hear any rumors!!LOL I'm a Badass!!! Mean motherfucker!!


Big shout out to Shannon, Brandon, Rusty it was great to see you guys and hangout and talk about the "Old" days. Thanks for the love Shannon!!

Coconut Cove is the place to stay if ever in Fort Lauderdale!!!

Quick Story:

I was out with Howards family for dinner, and I think I made a fool of myself at the table because I was staring at the Waiter so closely....

Horn Dog read on my face the entire time at dinner, I don't know maybe it was all the boner pills still kicking in or something. Maybe it was because I sitting next to Dylan Roberts at the table, who knows???

But the Waiter was hot!! anyway....

Big Shout out to all the bloggers that showed me love:, Queermenow, Queerpornnation, COP, Fleshbot, Gayporntimes, Gaypornblog, QueerClick, Borderboys, bah bah bah bah

Just thanks to everybody that supports me!!

Sometimes I come down hard on the Industry in some posts/twitter/facebook. I love porn, I love perform in the movies and I love the art of making movies. I'm hard on the business because.....

It is my Passion!!

I went through alot of stuff last year, I had to keep rebounding and rebounding keep pushing and pushing.....

Battle after battle!! It was a PR field day!! I mean I really was not prepared for the drama!! I already knew my plan of attack, I called in some big favors(I OWE YOU!!)went through some red tape, but I could not plan it any better....

Burn down a PunkAss blogger.

Crush a Bareback porn star

and Eric Rhodes??? I did not see that coming....

That post on TheSword, where he ends his comment by saying have fun with Xtube...


And Bam!! You hit the fans with a scene!! It does not get any better than that! I figured people would have mixed emotions when I dropped that Xtube clip. Sometimes people are predictable, people watch my career and I have to keep switching up the game, throw some curl balls.... I knew people thought I fell off the map when I did the Xtube clip, that was my test to find out... Who are your Friends?? and who are the ones that are that full of bullshit!! I also wanted to test the waters on Xtube, teaser Vid only....

On the whole, I got a well received response on that Xtube clip, something to think about.....Hmmmm?

As far as my Youtubes!!Still going strong looking for that one Vid that breaks 1million views....

I'm such a geek, one of my biggest goals is to get million views on a Youtube Vid! Its all about Youtube right now.....

I feel bad for saying this but I spend about 3 hours a day on Youtube! So many "Black Holes" on Youtube.

* Black holes are those Vids, that are created by a personality and you go through each Vid, getting familiar with the characters, the set ups, homemade dance Vids, rants, top ten lists, movie clips, bah bah

As you can tell I'm a big fan of Youtube!!

More to post later....

I just wanted to Thank all the people that have my back!!! Love ya!


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Crappy escorts are dime a dozen

I do not delete posts anyway,....


Okay so let me finish this Florida story....

Well by now I got done with HARDPOUNDING, SIGNATURE MOVES.....which leaves PASSION.

Passion? How to describe it without sounding fake? I mean.... it is a porn scene and everything but...

To go into a scene with a partner and create something that shows Passion between the models.

Dylan Roberts

I interviewed him at the Gayvns here:

It was hard to bulid a connection because We both had other scenes to film. To be honest I just wanted a good pounding scene at first!! The more I got to know Dylan the more attracted I was. I found that he has the same sense of humor, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he is direct and honest. I had three days to get to know him, his likes/dislikes, his personality everything!! I'm a mess and nutjob and he will admit to being one himself!! Which is so cool to Me. I could hangout with Dylan outside of the porn world......and that is Big!!


I like him!!Great to work with!! And the scene speaks for itself!!

I did not want to write this long drawn out post about all the action and stuff. I wanted to keep it simple...

I enjoyed the scene alot!!

Owly Images

You were cool to hangout with and I "Get" you, even though you had me walking to an invisible CVS that was not there(private joke). Alittle nervous about the scene, I was not Diesel at all!! Alot of kissing....


Anyway a good scene!!

Miss ya Dylan!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have stories to tell....

I had my scene with Stevenponce( & Hugo Alexander(

Steven Ponce you might remember him from the Titan movie "Telescope" where I put him in the bully position and the star of this Vid:

So you know I had to work with him again, to create something new for the Fans yet again....It is called STACKING

And then Hugo Alexander, another hot latin guy willing to step up to the plate and perform. Here is a sneak photo from the set:

I was a playing a coach...and I had to put the boys through some hard training and teach them about TeamWork!! Gooooo Team!!

STACKING!! That is the new signature move be ready for it only on

I had a great time working with Steven and Hugo alot of fun.....

I mean I had a hot fire crotch in my face, and a hot latino with big uncut dick and bubble ass...

Ummm yeah....I had a blast!! I had nothing but ass and cocks in my face the whole time....and how can you NOT have fun with ASS and COCK in your face!! I had two jocks riding my face hard....

I had them doing Jumping Jacks and pushups before the rimming scene I had to get them alittle sweaty beforehand.....YUM!!

And of course Diesel Washington style I had to get an Interview:

Picking up those boys was not easy!!!

Another hot scene in the can....

And that was "Signature Moves"

"Hard Pounding" done!!

"Signature Moves" done!!

Next up is PASSION!! That will be an eye opener!!

Pre PASSION post coming next...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Puff the Magic Dragon photo by Fabscout


I talk alot of shit......

Is that what you wanted to hear?? I mean some people "GET" me and others do not. That is fine....

Everything is for purpose!!! After a long hard week of mudslinging and battling other bloggers, I was holding onto some interesting news..

This old dog has something to prove, I talk all this mess and drama seems to surround Me and some say.... I even embrace that drama!

Well..I'm not running!! Moving on....

I talk shit so its time to put my mouth where my dick is(actually makes sense)I'm out in Fort Lauderdale filming scenes for Surprise!!

Right into it:

I have a Master plan of scenes that are in the process of being filmed right now!! I'm going into it with a well detailed plan of attack!! The Diesel Washington character is known for certain things in his performances, Hard pounding, Signature positions, and then comes the type of scene I want to break new ground with PASSION!!


Come into the mind of Diesel Washington...

We are going to talk about Hard pounding!! I have called out a couple of people for being so called POWER BOTTOMS. To showcase a hard pounding scene you have to go dramatic:

Tucker Vaughn( 19yr, 5'6, 140lbs VS Diesel Washington 40ish(LOL), 6'6, 240lbs..

Ummmm yeah your jaw is probably dropping saying..."Diesel you did not fuck that little boy!!???

Yes I did!!!

Think about it!! If that little boy can take a hard pounding from Me...Whew!! He is the sweetest kid in the world, and he worked hard!! I have nothing but good words for this model. Do not let the innocent looks fool, he has a kinky side... Ummm yeah. So easy to work with, takes direction....I do not want to sound corny! But top notch performer...I bitch and moan about no REAL power bottoms out there!!

Well he is the real deal!Bubble ass, nice cock, THAT SMILE....ummm yeah, he was/is good!


I fucked that boy so hard, I mean.....

I didn't go for the signature positions on him because I know the fans would say.. "Oh there is Diesel again, picking up the "Little" boys in the air again bit"

So I kept it on the ground and plowed! and plowed!!!

I'm a foot taller, and outweigh him by 100lbs so yeah... Ouch!!



Diversity!! Mixing it up! That is what its all about!

Next post Signature Passion

Stay tuned!!

It is so great to work with a Site, that tests its models, has great directors to work with and cares about the product they put out. At the same time reflect what the customers want to see or buy!! And by stepping up to the plate and adding Diversity to their site!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay People.....

I have been growing a long nasty beard for about 6 months, all my friends hate it. I on other hand, love my beard. My beard gives people something to pull, something to run their fingers though bah bah bah....

I have some roles coming up and I decided it was time to cut it!! Instead of just shaving my face and calling it quits. My attention whore self said "Might as well, film it"....

So here is that Vid.....

In any case your wondering....

Diesel Washington is filming two scenes in Florida, and I kinda of want to keep things quiet until I get there. Finally I'm paired with two bottoms looking to their "Power Bottom" stamp of approval.

I will take the usual poll and ask the fans what they want to see, I will have that up for you shortly until then...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay you people heard enough drama and smacking these bitches.....

It's now time to talk about the good stuff....

Road trip to Dallas, and some Vids of the trip and talk about the good time I had in Dallas!

So travel time:

Now I get to the Tin Room and the place is packed and everybody is having a good time. I had ALOT of fans that came out and wanted to meet Me, I'm finally comfortable with interacting with the fans. It took a long time for Me to understand what interacting means:

I have never been the porn star that WORKS a room, usually I'm off to the side and minding my business, having a drink or two. Saying "Hello I'm Diesel Washington the porn star..." is something I can not picture myself doing. At events I'm just there(Dazed and Confused)watching people dance and if I'm in town on business(Escorting)I'm off to the side answering texts/emails asking about my services.

Some people take it as being anti social but the truth is I don't know what to talk about with people at porn events. Usually I know a handful of people at the events and some of the topics being talked about I have no clue about. I'm older than most models so with that generation gap comes problems:

I can't talk about Britney Spears all night!!

Not too familar with Kesha(did I spell it right?)but all the gay boys like her.

I'm not a hardcore party animal, so it may appear I'm not as cool as some people! I'm not in the bathroom doing bumps, coming out of stalls like a wild man, ready to dance and let it all hung out!! Or a drunken mess that is groping on all the boys, slutting it up with everybody.

I'm not trying to say that these are bad things, I'm just not that type of porn star. I have a couple of drinks to get a nice buzz, I'm not looking to be passed out drunk and I HATE the morning hangovers so much, I try to avoid that all costs.

I'm a nerd/geek so the idea of walking around a room trying to show off my Buff body and big dick!! Is kind of retarded to Me, its like saying "Yeah I'm that hot porn star that you all want" "Look at Me I'm so hot and sexy!!" it sort of feels like a Douchebag thing to do. I keep having the song "I'm too Sexy" playing in my head when I see guys behaving like this:

I know I know.......

Your all probably saying "That is what porn stars do". But some people do not watch porn, probably have no clue what or who is a Diesel Washington?? So to Me its kind of concieted and corny, to walk around introducing yourself as a porn star. If I wasn't a porn star and I'm sitting in a bar, and some guy comes walking up to me introducing as a porn star....

My reaction would be "This guy thinks he's all of this" "You do porn? Whats your stage name??.....Never heard of you!!" "Am I suppose to be impressed??" bah bah bah

I do not want to be one of those guys......

The approach I use, I just smile and be myself that is all I can do. I'm 6'6 240lbs so I intimidate some people sometimes, so I never force myself on someone but I let them know I'm a friendly guy in my own special way...

That is Top secret!!

Anyway back to Dallas had a good time got to meet some fans and take pictures. I had the chance to run into Gaypornfanatic:

Great guy!! We had a chance to talk shop and it was good meeting him.

Lets get to the good stuff, here is Vid of Diesel Washington and Cameron Adams cage dancing at the Tin Room:

Well that is my post for the day, hope you had a good time reading......

Monday, January 17, 2011


You want to reveal my real name???

Whats my real name Tre Xavier, you piece of trash???

I'm done with your grand standing...

I went to your crappy poetry reading and AIRED OUT YOUR ASS!!

Do not lie to people, that last post was utter trash and BIG FAT LIE!!!

Your not even a blogger now!! How are you going to lie to people like that???

I got a letter from the guys who worked at the center and posting it right here!!!


Your appearance at Men of Colors Together's presentation of Tre Xavier's reading of his poetry piece The Industry gave the evening a very heated and well received closing. I wish there had been more time for a lengthier debate. MACT extends an open invitation for you to give your own presentation on "the industry."

However I would like to clarify one point in your January 11, 2011, blog entry "SMACKING A BITCH!! DIESEL WASHINGTON STYLE!" You wrote "16 people were there at 5 bucks a piece he made 80 for two hours work!!" Tre was not compensated for his performance. The money collected went to MACT to help offset the cost of the room rental.

Wishing you continued success.

Yours in Pride,

I removed "Stans" full name for security reasons
MACT/NY Cochair

Look at this letter, Tre Xavier rented out the room himself so he can put on his own poetry reading. He was not invited to read his poems, he went through this whole smoke and mirrors to make himself look big! But the real fact is that he is living inside his own crazy head, thinking he is more popular then he really is..

That is sad!!

Even the guys at HIS reading back everything I said in my post about the evening. I have no respect for you Tre.


I went to your own event to call you out personally.........

Say what you want bro, your a fucking liar!!


Well hello people....

I just came back from Dallas and I will be working on that Vid(tonight)so look for that.....

But I wanted to put up Tre Xavier's response to the post I wrote him...

Here is that link:

I know I know everybody says ignore him, do not buy into, but as you know I'm Diesel Washington...

Battle Blogger tested!!

He wants to be this Rebel so badly, all this grand standing, and soapbox talking about how intelligent he is. He wants to talk about Me like I'm brain washed, living a false life, analyze my personality and my belief system and the choices I make in life.

It's people like him that I will not only give them press(so you can see how stupid he really is)but I really take pleasure in crushing bloggers that use my name to further their agendas. He is not popular at all, and the few hits that he gets on his blog is because he uses my name(Diesel Washington)in his posts. So in reality the only reason he gets "Drops in the bucket hits" is because when someone googles my name, the posts that he writes about Me comes popping up(on search engine)leading them to his site. When the fans read a couple of passages of one his posts, they immediately found out his blog is trash and resume the search on current news about Diesel...

I mean that is only my opinion(sounds conceited as fuck I know)but WHY would someone go to his site in the first place??? So I'm throwing another bone to Tre Xavier....

Now I went to his poetry reading just to show my face because "Secret Admirers" need to be set straight. It played out exactly as I thought, this guy has "No Clue" as to what is going on in the "Industry". But wants to write poems about them..?

When I wrote my post on Tre Xavier I expected a comeback, I thought it was going to be well thought out, well executed and hard hitting...

What did I get back?? Everything I exposed about this guy ten fold!!!!

Here is the run down line by line:

I was hoping that Diesel Washington showing up to my poetry reading would have opened his eyes to a few things. But it was quite obvious that he is so full of self-loathing masked as anger towards me, Chase Coxxx, other Black performers and bloggers and racially-sensitive non-Blacks

I would open my eyes to what?? That you are a model that did not make it or a big name, so you lash out at the Industry as revenge?? You lash out at Me because I represent that model THAT YOU WANTED TO BE? You seem to not understand that the constant bashing of Diesel, means your too busy following what I'm doing instead of putting that resentment energy into something like....

Starting your own website...Starting your own Studio??

At least you direct some of your anger in your poetry...good for you!!

Chase who???? Never heard of him...

And other bloggers?? Oh come on already...I already talked about that.(he is so outdated)

racially-sensitive non-Blacks??? WTF?? Does that mean white guys who are not into Men of Color?? Confused?? I know some Latin guys who are not into black guys. I know some Latin guys not into other Latin guys, I know some Asian guys not into black/Latin guys. I know some white guys that are not into other white guys, I know some Asian guys not into other Asians bah your term of racially-sensitive non-blacks

It makes no fucking sense....

Self loathing??? When people who do not know Me try to analyze Me. I fucking hate it!! This is one of reasons why I dig into his ass(not the good way) all the time. Stop talking about Me like you know Me, or talked to Me. You know nothing about Me retard...

Moving on...

Pathetically, anyone in the psychiatric field can tell you that the anger he displays is born from anger towards himself for kissing the asses of the very people he should be calling out - directors, porn actors, and gay porn news bloggers who make as if White or light-complexion is the only beauty worth acknowledging in males. And even though he was there at my reading to hear my poems for the most part, it is a shame that he'd rather live suffering from the ABMS (Angry Black Man Syndrome) that he accuses me of having, instead of acknowledging how on the mark I am in each and every poem I presented. I mean, why don't he confront those same White porn actors and industry people that he cuddles up to whose stories can easily be told in each of these poems in "The Industry":

This is the reason why I LOVE tearing up people like him. He uses a psychiatric reference... Why?? Because I came out honestly on my blog saying I was Bipolar. Everybody has issues in this business, I know so many guys that have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, personality disorders, eating disorders and all of the above. I shared that information with my fans because I know everybody has their own issues when it comes to things. I'm just honest with fans, yes I do porn but I'm human! I kiss ass??? Diesel Washington kisses Ass??? You see how this guy knows nothing about Me at all.... Everybody in this business who is current with the Industry knows Diesel Washington is no ass kisser!! That was bold face lie!! Slanderous even....

Calling people out(I'm not going there, been there done that) Angry Black Man Syndrome???? Tre Xavier saying that Diesel has ABMS, this is the same blogger that constantly stalks Zach Sire on Twitter and TheSword blog accusing them of being a Racist. Tre Xavier the part time writer on MOC blog who constantly rips apart TheSword for being Racist. Buddies with JuicyGoHoe who constantly goes after TheSword, GP, Cybersockets bah bah......

He even boasts how on the mark he is.......

He is so misinformed, out of date, in the dark and just stupid, I'm laughing so hard writing this post because I'm pointing out how Off the mark you really are!!

I want to rip him apart more so moving on....

Traded Love (0:19): Oops! Can't do that! Because most people whose story can be told in this poem are either dead, in rehab, or strung out on drugs and/or alcohol. Therefore, they never made it pass the 3rd stanza.
Exhibitionist vs. Whore (3:25): Why don't he ask some of his past scene partners about how they only let themselves be fucked by him only because of the money, and how off the set, they're disgusted by him, because as Pierre Fitch said in my presence, "I like my White men. Their skin feels better"? Oops! Can't do that either. Because by living with the mindset of a whore, they live by the idea of "fuck-n-go". Now doesn't that make one feel soooo desirable?
Erection's Confession (6:56): So busy whoring that he buddies up to the likes of Jeremy Bilding and Wolf Hudson that he concerns himself with crusading against Blacks doing bareback porn, but he won't crusade against gay-for-pay when many gay males coming to terms with their sexuality use porn as a means to see males comfortable with their sexuality, because being gay is so much more taboo than condom use that a young gay male knows to put a condom on, even before he's sure of his orientation. However, he just might need porn to guide him to be whatever degree of gay he is. But crusading against gay-for-pay puts too many of his meal-tickets at risk. Is Dean Coxx and Robert Van Damme who inspired the 3rd stanza of that poem also on that list of buddies?

He goes into description about each of his poems aimed at people in the "Industry"

Traded Love (0:19): Oops! Can't do that! Because most people whose story can be told in this poem are either dead, in rehab, or strung out on drugs and/or alcohol. Therefore, they never made it pass the 3rd stanza.

His poems rhyme!! That is all I have to say about his style of poetry. They are not deep, insightful or worth repeating. In a nutshell, porn stars sold their soul to porn and in doing they are left with the horror stories of HIV, drug/alcohol abuse etc. People I can not make this up!! His ignorance is on full display and I'm reporting it because it needs to be seen!! He is completely off his rocker!!

Exhibitionist vs. Whore (3:25): Why don't he ask some of his past scene partners about how they only let themselves be fucked by him only because of the money, and how off the set, they're disgusted by him, because as Pierre Fitch said in my presence, "I like my White men. Their skin feels better"? Oops! Can't do that either. Because by living with the mindset of a whore, they live by the idea of "fuck-n-go". Now doesn't that make one feel soooo desirable?

I'm confused on this one, they only let themselves be fucked by me because of the money??? Ummm not sure the point?? That is what some porn stars do, they work in porn for the money. I however work in porn because of the fact that I get to show off my skill when it comes to fucking!! Hooray Me!!

Is he saying that to hurt my ego?? like "Diesel don't be big headed, they are only working for the money not because they are attracted to you.."

Whoops he is...

how off the set, they're disgusted by him, because as Pierre Fitch said in my presence, "I like my White men. Their skin feels better"? Oops! Can't do that either. Because by living with the mindset of a whore, they live by the idea of "fuck-n-go". Now doesn't that make one feel soooo desirable

So my co stars are disgusted by Me?? Wow!! I mean really....Who does Tre think he is?? This goes way beyond Stupid!! Let Me say this...

While I like my scene partners to be attracted Me, in all honestly I'm not going to complain because that model wanted the check more than he wanted my cock. I worked on sets when I was more attracted to my Co star than he was attracted to me, but who cares?? He got his money, and I made him earn EVERY bit of that check!! Onscreen I will be the best top I can be because I love to give a good performance.

Moving on..

because as Pierre Fitch said in my presence, "I like my White men. Their skin feels better"? Oops! Can't do that either. Because by living with the mindset of a whore, they live by the idea of "fuck-n-go". Now doesn't that make one feel soooo desirable

Name dropping(poorly done)and just ramblings of a person who is bitter, jaded and mad. From what I gather, Pierre Fitch turned him down at same point and Tre can not handle rejection well, so he had to pull the Race card, which is sad!! I have talked to Pierre Fitch and one of his past bfs was a black guy. I have spoken to and hung out with Pierre Fitch so this whole story Tre is saying is pretty sad and insulting. It makes him look like a fool. Also didn't Pierre Fitch recently do a scene with Wolf Hudson??? I mean come on!!! Tre your angry you got turned down!! Sad Sad!!

More of his crap....

Erection's Confession (6:56): So busy whoring that he buddies up to the likes of Jeremy Bilding and Wolf Hudson that he concerns himself with crusading against Blacks doing bareback porn, but he won't crusade against gay-for-pay when many gay males coming to terms with their sexuality use porn as a means to see males comfortable with their sexuality, because being gay is so much more taboo than condom use that a young gay male knows to put a condom on, even before he's sure of his orientation. However, he just might need porn to guide him to be whatever degree of gay he is. But crusading against gay-for-pay puts too many of his meal-tickets at risk. Is Dean Coxx and Robert Van Damme who inspired the 3rd stanza of that poem also on that list of buddies?

More name dropping(still poorly done) Crusading against Blacks doing bareback porn....

That is THE ONLY THING he is correct about!! I work hard to keep black models from going on that path, I am so passionate about that!! BLACK MODELS who are thinking about going that route.....PLEASE DO NOT!!(I'm not going to lecture)

He does more name dropping, and I really do not understand Tre?? I have talked about Gay4Pay models over and over. He is so misinformed and totally lost!! That was a rant that made no sense at all!! This is what he puts on display, that I want to rip apart time after time!! This guy is a Hot Mess!!

More trash..

Sex In Rainbows (11:32): The biggest disappointment was to not hear him support me on this. For I'm sure there are names of White porn actors who wanted to work with him, but because of a studio's racism, the White porn actor wasn't allow the opportunity. But instead of calling out a studio on their racism, and risk a meal ticket because he has allowed himself to have nothing else but this life as a sex worker, he tries to make my night all about him, and not addressing this issue at all.

Dude I do not support you!!! I came to your poetry reading to call you out for misleading the people, slandering people, and the constant use of my name!! I do not agree with any of statements, conclusions and your a retard!!

Even more trash..

The HIVE (14:59): As I said before, Diesel is quick to crusade against Blacks in barebacking porn or bloggers who advertise it, but after I read this poem, he said absolutely nothing about my mentioning how some of the porn actors in Chi Chi LaRue's PSA yelling "Shut your hole!" may be promoting condom use, but have profiles on hook-up sites catering to barebacking. Maybe it would bring his own hypocrisy to light because I can easily respond about him getting chummy with incestuous barebacking Peter Twins from Bel Ami in not 1, but 2 videos

I like to point out Diesel is quick to crusade against Blacks in barebacking porn or bloggers who advertise it Finally something I can agree with!! I feel its my responsibility to keep the public informed about bareback porn. I push that message as hard as I can!! Thanks Tre!! The only bloggers I'm against is the ones that cater mainly to the Black Community that push bareback content heavily. Blacks are not well represented in mainstream porn, and most bloggers report on the Big name studio news, so diversty is missing in some of these blogs. So it is so important for the blogs that cater to the Men of Color community to send the right message. What kind of message are We sending the young black gay male that does not see a reflection of himself in mainstream, by force feeding him bareback content on a blog that says it caters to the Black community.

To Me it says the only porn that gay black males can do, is bareback porn like its their only option. Being one of the few black models in mainstream, I feel its my duty to be act responsible!! I try to tell the inspiring models that you can be successful in gay porn without having to do bareback.

Okay off my high horse now!! People do not understand the pressure I feel everyday when I get emails from boys looking to come into the business, thinking that bareback is their only way in the door. Model after model email saying that they did a few scenes that were bareback because that was the only work companies were hiring for. Damn!! I feel helpless sometimes

And the Peter Twins I did 3 Vids asshole!!!

Again I interview models, condom or bareback does not matter to Me. It was merely an interview!! Are the Peter Twins hot!! Fuck yes!!! I do I agree with the whole barebacking issue!! No!! Would I fuck the Peter Twins HELL YES!! but with a condom! So interviewing models who had the Biggest Movie for 2010 is a bad idea??? I was the only American blogger that was able to get an Exclusive interview with the Peter twins.

Tre is too stupid!! and the last bit..

It is all of these lack of reactions to these matters before these poems came to be that has led Diesel Washington to be considered a sell-out by many porn consumers and other actors who are either Black or racially-sensitive non-Blacks.

He just makes these blanket statements that are insulting and just stupid and wrong!!

People when I went to his poetry reading, that bitch was scared!! Stuttered over his words and was clueless half the time on stage.

Anyway that was another beating of Tre Xavier...

I keep smacking this bitch!!

He wrote another blog about Me, but I'm done it was my job to expose his crap!! And did!!!

He can write the post from what perspective he wants!! Tell the people more lies!! In any case I came to his stupid poetry reading and called him out!!!

So knowing his ego, he will probably change everything around making himself look good!! But I have Vid to back my claims all he has is words!!

Misinformed, thoughtless, factless, words that came out of his small brain!!

Friday, January 14, 2011



I use that word Hater way too much...

So I'm making it official I wont use the phrase "Hater" to describe people who have issues with Me...

The new word is Secret Admirer...

Cause that is what it really is.....

I am a confirmed Attention whore...I have said it many many times before. Press is Press as long as they spell your name right. Secret Admirers view you from afar(hence the Internet)they don't know you personally, never talked to you. They already had an impression of you before you even opened your mouth. They read your Blog, Facebook update, Tweet and made a judgment about you personality from the tone of your writing(Which I don't understand, its merely words on a screen)they don't see your body language, they dont know if its your true or online personality(which can be different depending on the person) I find the whole thing funny because upon meeting any of these people its a different story..

They either claim to not remember what they said, and then back pedal.

Or they blame their online personality citing it was only alittle humor at my expense

Or its another Cut throat attention whore wanting more attention and they figure might as well go after the loudest voice.

Anyway I look at it I will always be the bad guy, If I speak my opinion about someone, it now becomes "I'm attacking them". While someone can make a comment about Me its merely "Hes stating his opinion, in an open and mature fashion" and I have thin skin.

Well a New Admirer has stepped on the scene..

Eric Rhodes

This is what he had to say about Me.

Now a fan hit him up on his stop saying this:

Until recently I was mostly into euro-twinks. However, I must say that I really enjoy your work, even if you seem to dislike it at times. You are the reason I turned my attention to more adult types. I think you must be an absolute wonderful performer to be able to maintain a great performance standard even when you felt miserable. What I am trying to say is don't pay attention to the haters (yeah, I sound like Diesel, but he's right in this respect) or to your inner-hating voices. You are were a great performer and true eye-candy. I wish that when I was your age I would have looked half a good as you

Eric's response

Well thanks, but yeah…the whole sounding like Diesel with the “haters” thing…ugh… something about him works my last nerve. An Overgrown black man booty poppin like a Jerry Springer reject, to singing a lily allen song just makes me want to throw my computer across the room. Hopefully that was the reaction he was trying to get by making such shit for the public.

Now remember the Booty Popping Vid, I did for you the Fans???

Did this Vid for the fans, because I took a poll on my site and that is what u wanted. You guys pick the music and that is what I do...

Entertain the Fans...

You see how the Secret Admirers attack Us? How does my Booty Shake push his buttons enough to want to throw his computer across the room?? Why cause I thought to it?? Like I give a shit if he likes my booty shake or not???

I wanted a great career, directing job, hot Bf and the whole package. He has that.....


I'm single and lonely, I don't work much, and I WANT a directing job.

To Me he has the whole package and he still whines and bitches about shit.

I mean I can't put out a simple Booty Shake Vid that makes MY fans happy??WTF?

Seeing them happy makes me happy...

Real Talk
Ever since the story broke that Eric has words for Me...

Everybody is saying "It would be so hot to see you guys going at it, like some sort of Fight Club thing. A battle of the giants to see who gives up the ass....

Well I'm glad that people think that is a hot scene in the making, sort of like Naked Combat with the loser giving up his ass to the Winner. Its a great idea but what am I exactly winning here....

I'm a total top and he is a bottom, he already gets fucked/Dp'd/fisted!! So unless there is a cash prize involved why bother getting in a ring to fight it out??

Kind of like a gay UFC thing, with two huge muscle guys going at it for a purse. Funny!!!

Anyway more later.

Next post the Dallas trip....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay everybody knows there is no love loss between Diesel and Tre Xavier......

For years this model has butted heads with me, called me out many many times without regard or care. A former porn star that got attention by lashing at me, saying that I feed into the Black Mandingo character.

Constantly calls me a bad role model for the Black community.

Lashs out at Diesel, through comments he leaves on other blogs, constant name calling and parading around just trashing my name.

I told him repeatedly stop using my name, stop referring to Diesels name to push your agenda..

Press attention whore that does nothing but attack me, to gather attention for himself..

Well I give up!! If he wants attention so bad, then he gets attention on my terms!!!

My Story exposing Tre Xavier for the phony he is.....

Lets get started

I arrive to his poetry reading late(I was in no rush believe me)

How did you get your start Tre Xavier?

Next Magazine?? Oh really.....? The local NYC gay rag(in a good way of course)and u answered an ad in the back......okay such humble beginnings I guess

He read some poems(which were good I admit)but when he did Q&A(question and answer)all hell broke loose and he just went into this weird banter and starting talking about stuff he has no clue about....

He slams the "Shut your Hole PSA" which would be this. So these are all the models he slams!!

Shut your Hole PSA!!

More madness out of his mouth:

Porn companies just ask the models their HIV status....?? WTF?? He just did not say that....(Oh no he didn't..*snap) Oh geez!!

During the course of this Mess, I just stayed quiet it was not my event and I just didn't understand, how this model could be so OUT OF DATE!! Speak about stuff he knows nothing about, just stand there and act like hes this vast knowledge pool. When he is wrong wrong wrong!!

I decided it was best to pick my spot......

When the Poem reading was over, the announcer asked if there was any more questions...

I said I have a question..

I basically called him out on all the bullshit he was talking about, his constant attacks on Me and I went for blood...

He stood on stage, shocked!!! Back pedaling all the things he said about Me. I was having my day in court on his expense.



But its cool, he had his own camera recording so I def will love to see how he is going to edit out the part when I ripped into him

But according to his Twitter:

My presence was felt......

I did not bother to stick around to talk to him........

So basic points:

16 people were there at 5 bucks a piece he made 80 for two hours work!!

He is so lost about what is happening in porn nowadays, he is almost completely lost

His opinions are based on no fact and its all just ramblings

He needs to stick to poetry because his public speaking skills are terrible!!

He needs to stop using Hype and Drama to push his agenda, because people like me will call out your bullshit in a public way...

So Diesel Washington smack down in effect...

Next on the list Juicy-Go-Hoe

I'm going to expose these bitches!!


I wanted to add to this story, alot of emails came in and people are saying "Wow!! You really went in hard, gave him the whole nine yards,!!!" "I might be too harsh on him" bah bah bah...

As a blogger, I read alot of crappy blogs that are nothing but narcissistic, pretentious extensions of a blog writer that is self absorb in his own little world. Sometimes those blogs have a crude humor almost making fun of themselves, but I get it....

A blog is your creation and u can take it and make it into anything you want!!

**Tre X's blog, while it has a life of its own, gained some popularity by bashing and a few other blogs on their lack of Men of Color coverage. His debate(which has some merit)was not backed by facts and he couldn't put together an intelligent rebuttal post to illustrate any of his points he was trying to make. So he came off looking like this no name model(which is the truth)who lashed out at the Studios that wouldn't hire him in the past.

He then went on to trash a few of the Thug companies out there.......

Then he made his worst mistake, he used Diesel Washington as an example for stereotyping a type of character in gay porn. The Black Mandingo Fucker!!

I have seen Tre at a couple of events, and we would speak( Hi and Bye kind of thing)I approached him at some event and I told him "Dude I was hurt that you used Me as an example for a Stereotype in Gay porn" "A stereotype that you say is hurting the Black Community" I said "I took offense that because clearly its not true" I was so mad at this model that I tried to help way back when....

Flashback to nicer days:

In the Myspace days I had a big fan base, he contacted me on Myspace and I thought he was cool so I added him to my Top 8 friends(in fact I think he is still there)He didn't have many friends on Myspace, so I threw him some friends. His page got popular and he started to blog on myspace. I was using Blogger(Still using BTW) he would email me saying that he liked a post I wrote and he liked my blog. He would send me links to posts that he wrote on myspace and everything was cool.

Then he changed some where down the road(as described above **)

He emailed me after I approached him with my concerns, I explained my dismay for the post but he couldn't understand the anger I had, at being used as an "Bad example" for one of his blog posts. He was using the "Race card" against bloggers who he deemed didn't show enough coverage of Men of Color. I disagreed with him, and told him the more militant you are by attacking bloggers(using race card), the more the Gay porn gossip blogs won't cover your blog, or link back to any of your posts)

It was late 2007(I think)I was still a struggling model(New exclusive)so I didn't want to cause waves, I just wanted to work, get my name out there and make money. Tre X was not working or getting hired much, I told him to tone it down a bit, do not become so Militant that it becomes a turn off, he didn't listen.....

There are alot of similarities between Tre X and myself......

If u read my comments above, kind of sounds like some of things that I'm doing now!!!I will admit it!! Sounds like the Diesel Washington story now...

The difference between Diesel and Tre X:

He has only filmed with local Studios in NYC

Diesel has filmed with the Major studios of Mainstream porn

Diesel is a decent blogger, Tre X not on the same level of blogging. His posts are fluff, pics, and boring sex stories of hookups!!

I became a popular model in gay porn, most people say "Who is Tre Xavier???Never heard of him??"

I don't take the Diesel character seriously, I take the branding and control of the image of Diesel Washington dead serious though.....

Tre Xavier takes everything about himself serious, but when you look at his career and what he accomplished in Gay porn, you can not take him serious at all.

He is one of these bloggers who think they are witty, smart and clever. Their intellect shines over everyone, and he puts himself on a high pedestal. They are never wrong(will never admit to being wrong)and everything they do is perfect while they are surrounded by people who are not perfect.

I admit my mistakes(I make plenty)and I NEVER claimed I was perfect. In fact I share the Fuck ups, down periods, rants, disappointments, fears, the basic crazy life I lead..I have went on record as calling myself "One Big Hot Mess"

Now when that blogger, talks about you on his blog(badly), always leave neg comments about me on any story written in the gay porn press about Me, Trashs me Twitter!! Biting the hand that fed you all of these years!!

I ignored him so many times after our fallout, but I had enough!!

The way u take down a blogger who thinks he knows too much, is by exposing the truth that this model knows nothing or is so misinformed its laughable..

Hope U enjoy!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I took this pic like 2years ago, I found it and wanted to post it again. I like how the body is in the same condition in this photo as it is today. Thanks to the fans for all the support along the way, it was a long road to get back into Top shape. I want to be in the "Top Men" group!! HAHAH!!

Top Men!!!

I'm going global people, I finally got the connection I was looking for!! Yes! It sucks when your a blogger sometimes...

You get some good news that you want to share flat out but do to the nature of the entertain world, everything changes..

Things still might change but for the most part its a done deal!! More about that later...I know confusing sounding right ..?

Gearing up for the Dallas trip, but snow is suppose to fall on NYC tues-wed, who knows what will happen?? The weather in NYC has been sucking ass lately, I have the layer thing working(warm layers)when I go out.

Oh, I know what I want to talk about....

Me dancing.....

I got some moves! So I'm going to show out!! Bringing the camera of course so I will capture the trip.....Diesel Washington style!!!

I'm starting a new thing called "On the Road with Diesel Washington"(clever right? LOL)

To give you the whole experience from the ground up, I want to start something and I think since the fans was along for the ride for the CAN blog. It's time to give them another "Load" so to speak, "On the Road with Diesel"

Lets throw in some traveling around, throw in some escorting shit, throw in some hookups Xtube them, have some fun, network and just live the life!! Why give a piece of the experience, might as well give them the whole chunk!!

An online reality based show complete with blogging, news, sex, youtube shows, cam shows, skits, interviews, promotion, events,

Mixed together in a nice neat package, with a big red bow on it!!



So I will be at the Tin Room in Dallas and I can't wait!!!! So get ready Dallas I'm coming(Snow fuck off!!) I have been working out hard and flexing the dancing skills!!

I have planned some photo sessions planned the week afterwards, so stay tuned for that. And I will be a presenter at the Cybersocket Awards, and that will be interesting!!!

My first time presenting at Cybersockets, out of all the things I have done in this business. I never was a presenter at Cybersockets(Something new for me) I'm also up for two awards as well.

Best Porn Blog and Best Personality

Hmmm wondering if I should take a date this year??? I'm always promoting myself(one of the best ones at it)but this year I think I will go by myself....

Hmmm??? Maybe I will bring a date?? Who knows?? I will give you guys/girls a heads up if I do...

Maybe another creative way to push the press.....

Xtube news!! Damn thanks to all the fans that checked out my Xtube!! It was just a teaser Vid(getting slammed about my production skills though)people it was a tease Xtube, it wasn't planned out, I didn't put it together to be this Sexy Hot Vid! I was fucking a bottom and I said "Here hold this camera, while I fuck you!" that what it was. Shaky cam and everything!! I'm getting all of these emails from people and looking at the comment section of certain blogs, and people are upset about the lighting, no showing cock, the fucking, closeup shots.... Relax!!!

At this point in time, I don't know if I want to do anymore Xtubes. The response has been mostly positive so who knows what the future will bring???

I was reading a story on about Eric Rhodes,

One piece

On opening a Twitter and killing himself:

ugh… the thought of actually making myself more accessible…what if i had a Twitter or Facebook…maybe you guys complaining would be even more sick…oh well, just giving the heads up…cause i just might be selling out.

God knows, i feel terrible for these washed up guys i see, trying to do anything to keep people interested…making stupid youtube videos, playing the race card, or even outing their HIV positive status just to stir the pot for a few more seconds…its fucking pathetic…i guess you can throw blogs like this into that realm of pathetic attention seeking…but fuck, this is like therapy to me sometimes…at least I’ll never claim that making a music video of myself singing Katy Perry’s “California Girls” is therapy. Fuck if i ever do that be sure the follow up video will be me, hanging myself in my garage.

Eric is funny, he has his way with words......

Thank God I don't use the Race Card, I use only the true!! Some can not see it themselves because they don't live in my shoes!! So I will cause waves because there is not only one big fish in the pond, and we all are eating from the same source.

Oh and I hate stupid youtubes as well, but when they are made for the fans(the ones that buy your work)putting together a 1min youtube showing off your body in between movies and shoots just shows you care about your fans. Just going that extra step in entertaining your fans makes a world of a difference. The stupid youtubes not only reaches your core audience but introduces you to a whole new audience who might not even watch porn!! That's just good business sense to me.......

And blogging is my therapy as well, I pour my heart and soul into this blog(and old one)I want to give the reader an insight into my life, show what drives me crazy sometimes!! Just the human experience of my porn life captured in posts!!

Anyway......I think that is code for Eric Rhodes will be on Twitter soon!!!

Oh and to, EMO Diesel Washington???? Yikes is that what I have become??? An Emo.......???? Yuck!!!

Just for that I have a photo shoot in mind, I think I will go Goth for the next one. Eye makeup and black finger nails, all sad and shit...

Moving on....

I have been growing a long beard lately, and the pics I have been posting doesn't show it off well enough. But I'm putting it out there for the Fans!! Diesel Washington has a beard growing and I like it!!

Moving on....

I recently had a face to face with one of my biggest haters!! I came to his event and I even filmed pieces of the event. For one thing, this hater was more out of touch then I thought, and his Q&A after his poems was a nightmare!! He went out of his way to get press for his event and about 15 people came out and paid 5bucks to hear him read some poems. It was boring!! He is not a public speaker and it showed!!

Anyway I'm editing that footage and I will have that up soon. I told people in 2011 I will be smacking bitches!! If you call me out on blogs, twitter, facebook expect me to challenge you....

And I did just that!!

More to come people...

It's going to be good!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Jamming out in the kitchen to some classic house music!!!

I used to kill this song at the club back in the days...

More later.....


ritchey | January 03, 2011 | 53,502 likes, 150 dislikes
Throwing this video from the Columbus Dispatch out there, hoping we can find this talent a place to call home.

UPDATE-1: Many thanks go out to all of you who have been tossing phone numbers and e-mails my way for Ted's sake. I went up to Hudson/I-71 (Columbus) today, but Ted wasn't there. He is going to be on air tomorrow morning on radio station WNCI. I've left my contact info w/WNCI to call/e-mail me on a way to get your enormous opportunities over to him.

I'm going to give him a Trac phone (w/ample minutes) so that he can return calls to all of you.

Hopefully, in some way I'll get in contact w/him. Peace.

UPDATE-2: To all those who have been writing me (as one of Ted's only means of contact), I have learned that the radio station interviewing him tomorrow (1-5-11) a.m. is going to make him a formal offer. Whether true or not, we'll see.

Hope it works out well for him. That was the whole point of me posting this video. I cannot thank enough everyone who was willing to do their part in offering Ted their helping hand.

Whoever lands him is certainly getting much more than a memorable personality; they're getting a great human being as part of their team.

My best to all.

UPDATE-FINAL: Well everyone. You can give yourselves and Ted a high-five. He's being given offers hand-over-fist over the air. He'll be set for life.

My request to all. Whenever you run across a story such as this, don't assume it'll take a life of its own, on its own. It won't. It can't. There are too many other stories that drown out the one before it.

You need to spend time to get that story and its word out to many. If you care, you'll do it.

Keep the faith, pay forward and always lend a hand; even if you're the one who needs it.

God bless Mr. Williams. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him for sometime to come.

The Offers:

And more offers are coming in as We speak....

I don't know what to say???

I have to be honest but I had tears in my eyes, listening to the story!! I see bums everyday with the sob story of how once they were high rolling, and had talent but fell victim to hard times and an even harder recession hitting.

Talent!! Just a simple voice, he doesn't have the hot body, face, he's older that guy that you pass on the street and hope they don't ask you for change. I see all these types of guys on the train, banging buckets, dancing, singing and I did the same thing as everybody else, try to ignore them and handle my own business.

It's such a great story that is still running its course now....

The power of Youtbe is mighty!! All it takes is that one Vid that goes across the country for people to open their eyes. I feel so humble right now!! In a day an age when everything is about looks and how much money you got? Talent seems to have been put in the back burner!!!

I was almost about to give up on the whole entertainment business at one point!! Guys without talent were getting jobs based on looks and promotion without having very much skill or talent.

Its so refreshing that a talent like the "spoken word" is still respected!!

A simple Youtube clip displaying a person down on his luck talent for the spoken word, turning into Feel good story at the start of the year!!

We should all count our blessings!!! Its NEVER NEVER too late to have an impact in life.

A complete stranger down on his luck, panhandling for money to show off his Radio Voice. Just such a great story!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011


In a good way...

I like some of the new blogs I see out there...

I have my eye on you know who you are!! Good layout and design and love the concept. Congrats!! Geezzzz....

I feel like the Grandpa blogger now, (DOES)is my second blog now and working out the details on the new design for it. I know it's going to take time, that is why I stripped it down to the foundation.

I will add bits and pieces that I see fit and work out the rest I guess, so hello people....

I have been busy rotting my brain over on Twitter these days, but let me come back and feed your mind.

I have watching Hoarders way way too much..

I see the illness, I feel the emotion..what I fail to see is the logic in the situation. If you have 3feet high cat droppings in your kitchen..I think you have a problem...

If they are pulling out food from the cabinets and the date on the food has expired 10 years ago you have a problem....

Its just a epic show, you see mental breakdowns in its entirely, I see that is a problem. Its that problem you don't hear of much because its that thing that is swept under the rug and people don't see it!!

Anyway I just wanted to say that, its kind of like my Monday night thing, I hit the gym, cardio, stomach(my personal workout)and really get the work in. Then I go home and take a shower and make my dinner plate(high protein, low carb meal)and sit in front of the TV and just stay glued to the screen. Anyway...

Oh I have a good story...

So after watching a long movie at the theater you come out and you use the bathroom. Right?? Well I took a piss and then went over to the sink to wash my hands. Some guy across Me uses the other sink to wash his hands but then he did this "Snot Rocket" thing in the sink.

The "Snot Rocket" thing .....How to describe it? Its like blowing your nose but you use your 1 finger to block the opposing nostril, and basically blow out one nostril at a time. What was nasty about it was that he just blow his boogers into the sink, and I found that to be nasty as hell. I was like "Yo WTF Man!! Don't do that shit around Me!!!" He gathered himself and promptly left the bathroom.

Another guy who saw this was like "Bro I would have done the same thing, somebody else has to wash their hands in that sink" So I felt validated!!

I'm alittle weird when it comes things like that, I hate public bathrooms! Its like a breeding ground for all types of foul shit!! And that might sound strange, I drink piss, eat ass, bah bah bah. Public bathrooms!!! Fuck that!! I live in NYC and I see the things that people do in those bathrooms and its not fun at all!! Airport bathrooms are the worst!! That is international filth just breeding around in that bathroom just growing..Yikes!!

Now that might burst the bubble of some of you Freaks out there!! Gays just have this natural reaction to cruise out restrooms!! I never understood it? I know its strictly like a Fetish thing!! Its the land of the make believe glory holes, piss/sex/bjs and the bathroom stall actions of the club queens, if they're not fucking in the stalls then they are doing "Bumps" in the stalls getting high. I will admit I have maybe fucked in a bathroom stall about 10 times, but I never came!! I would bust that bottoms ass open and make them cum but I couldn't bust that load in a public bathroom stall.

But that is the funny part, I can fuck in a hotel bathroom and bust loads. I can fuck in a random online hookup's bathroom, bust loads and piss and do all that dirty shit!! Public bathroom(even if in Gay bar/club/pub)just a no go!!! It's in that category of Locker room sex, I'm just not into it!!

Since I'm a personal trainer, maybe its alittle too close to home for me!! And the guys at the gym, fucking shave in the sinks, comb their hair, washing their swim trunks, and all the baby powder, and body sprays, foot powder. Its a fucking horror story in there, and it gets even worse!!

Fellow gym heads, if your going to take a shower at the gym(I don't shower at gym)bring some shower shoes or flip flops with you. I see these guys walking on their bare feet through the locker room, and I can see somewhere down the line they are going to have some funky feet!! My feet are not touching that fucking floor, I learned the hard way from all those years playing basketball, when u touch the floor you will have something growing under those feet in short time. You get the dry cracked out skin under your foot, yuck!! It takes forever to get that shit off your feet(sadly I know too well)Argh!!.

Just your normal ranting as usual....

WTF is up with people walking with their head down?? It's because they are dead into their phone, its so fucking annoying!! When you walk with your head down you have no clue in which direction your going. When I walk in NYC I walk with a purpose, I have to get to point B from point A(is it the other way around?)so when your dragging feet because someone posted a status update on their
blogger/email/twitter/facebook/myspace/grindr/adam4adam/manhunt accounts

Its the "Broken Neck" look you walk and talk with your head down the whole way. If your sitting down on the train and playing with your phone, fine. If your standing around looking at your phone, fine! It's when you apply forward motion to that phone staring.... is when the equation gets fucked up!!

So annoying!! So to combat this problem, I walk with a low center of gravity and lead with my shoulder, so if you happen to be one of those that walk with head down and your not paying attention and if I happen to be in a rush that day and your lagging...

Your getting rushed!!! A str8 shoulder shot coming through, it won't hurt you but it will give you a reminder to always walk with your head up. If that text/email/ message is so important, then pull over to the far left or right of the sidewalk and handle that message. Very simple!!

Oh and the earpiece with the phones, guys its not cool that you have the blinking light thing on your ear piece, its kinda of Douchbag style! Its one thing to answer an important phone call(business, family)But these personal conversations?? It looks like your having a meltdown by yourself... No offense to people out there!! I think I have ear piece envy, I have little ears so none of those ear pieces fit very well on me. Oh well...still looks douchey, Mister so important!! But you have to answer it Hands free don't you??

Love this last one, the dude took the time to actually film this, I love it!!

Well I guess I can't hold a grudge because at least that person is using the phone for its intended purpose, for making calls...

But alas I have surrendered to TEXTING, there was no way getting around it. I have mastered the texting art finally!! My split is 60 percent calling and 40 percent texting which I guess is healthy!! I know some guys that would get mad at you for calling them because they have so many applications running on an Iphone... to stop in the middle of any those applications is unheard of... Needless to say I do not hangout with those type of people.

More rants....

When was it not rude to have your phone at the table??? I mean come on!! Its kind of rude to be sitting at the table and talking on your phone(that goes for Texting/Tweeting as well) I thought when you sat down to eat with people, you had dinner conversation over drinks and it was human interaction time!! It's almost acceptable to have your phone at the table(maybe not talking on it)texting away or changing a status update or whatever nowadays.... I did not see that coming.

This is what life is turning into, there will no longer be the need of spoken word anymore..

This is where I think future generations will go, people already hate talking on the phone, they want their conversation small and direct to the point! Texting is the norm right now, I had to adjust to texting and include it into my everyday use I just worry about how that changes the game of human interaction.. Sad!!


I see the new generation of the porn star, the new porn star uses every piece of social networking media out there. So basically an unknown guy from some small town in USA, can take some sexy pics and create a blog/facebook/twitter/website and call themselves a porn star without having filmed a single porn. Popular stars are strictly web cam porn stars, and they don't even have to leave their own house. Personal websites owned by Studios are starting to be the trend nowadays as well.

On that personal website, the content is filmed professionally and there is the addition of weekly live cam shows, personal updates by the models adding their own content to the site(giving it that personal feel). It's a great idea!! The only problem I see with that concept, some of the porn stars have no personality!!! Its seems to be acted and stiff and does not have that comfortable flow. Sure the studio gave all its models Flip cams to film content and said show alittle of your personal life with the fans, but your asking the newer porn stars to brand themselves and they simply have no clue how to do so. They can leave funny tweets, status updates, dance in clubs, and fuck in front of the camera but asking them to show a deeper side of themselves... that will never happen. You need that natural performer who does it all!

Sadly personality is the thing missing in todays porn and without that fanbases will only build on Facebooks and Twitter pages, one minute you have a twitter follower or facebook friend the next minute, they unfollow you or unfriend you. Its that simple!!!

Blogging however is the bomb, its not as fast as Twitter or Facebook but it still gets the job done. It takes time and patience to develop a good blog and constantly updating it with new material is not easy!! Trying to stay fresh and interesting while be entertaining is a juggling act.

On one hand I'm a porn star so I have to have that sexy vibe to it!! One reason I do the Youtubes just to show off that body and pecs and shit!!

On the other hand I'm a geek!! Sure sometimes I need help with my spelling and grammar at times but I'm not trying to impress the Spelling/Grammar snobs!! Its a blog, you allowed mistakes and errors in your writing because in a nutshell its a collection of thoughts/rants/raves mixed together!! Hopefully it makes sense at times(I tend to jump around alot)its a simple blog for your guilty pleasure.

Note to all the new bloggers, sure your page looks hot and the design is fresh and crisp!! The looks of a blog will get peoples attention, its the content on the blog that keeps them coming back and back...

I'm going on 5 years and plus in this blogging game, I watered down my blog so people just focus on the content right now!!

I still can teach you new bloggers a thing or two........