Monday, January 10, 2011


I took this pic like 2years ago, I found it and wanted to post it again. I like how the body is in the same condition in this photo as it is today. Thanks to the fans for all the support along the way, it was a long road to get back into Top shape. I want to be in the "Top Men" group!! HAHAH!!

Top Men!!!

I'm going global people, I finally got the connection I was looking for!! Yes! It sucks when your a blogger sometimes...

You get some good news that you want to share flat out but do to the nature of the entertain world, everything changes..

Things still might change but for the most part its a done deal!! More about that later...I know confusing sounding right ..?

Gearing up for the Dallas trip, but snow is suppose to fall on NYC tues-wed, who knows what will happen?? The weather in NYC has been sucking ass lately, I have the layer thing working(warm layers)when I go out.

Oh, I know what I want to talk about....

Me dancing.....

I got some moves! So I'm going to show out!! Bringing the camera of course so I will capture the trip.....Diesel Washington style!!!

I'm starting a new thing called "On the Road with Diesel Washington"(clever right? LOL)

To give you the whole experience from the ground up, I want to start something and I think since the fans was along for the ride for the CAN blog. It's time to give them another "Load" so to speak, "On the Road with Diesel"

Lets throw in some traveling around, throw in some escorting shit, throw in some hookups Xtube them, have some fun, network and just live the life!! Why give a piece of the experience, might as well give them the whole chunk!!

An online reality based show complete with blogging, news, sex, youtube shows, cam shows, skits, interviews, promotion, events,

Mixed together in a nice neat package, with a big red bow on it!!


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