Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay so let me finish this Florida story....

Well by now I got done with HARDPOUNDING, SIGNATURE MOVES.....which leaves PASSION.

Passion? How to describe it without sounding fake? I mean.... it is a porn scene and everything but...

To go into a scene with a partner and create something that shows Passion between the models.

Dylan Roberts

I interviewed him at the Gayvns here:

It was hard to bulid a connection because We both had other scenes to film. To be honest I just wanted a good pounding scene at first!! The more I got to know Dylan the more attracted I was. I found that he has the same sense of humor, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he is direct and honest. I had three days to get to know him, his likes/dislikes, his personality everything!! I'm a mess and nutjob and he will admit to being one himself!! Which is so cool to Me. I could hangout with Dylan outside of the porn world......and that is Big!!


I like him!!Great to work with!! And the scene speaks for itself!!

I did not want to write this long drawn out post about all the action and stuff. I wanted to keep it simple...

I enjoyed the scene alot!!

Owly Images

You were cool to hangout with and I "Get" you, even though you had me walking to an invisible CVS that was not there(private joke). Alittle nervous about the scene, I was not Diesel at all!! Alot of kissing....


Anyway a good scene!!

Miss ya Dylan!!

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Anonymous said...

Noooooooo! If there's anyone I wanted you to pound Diesel-style it was Dylan Roberts. That's A-List ass :(.