Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well I haven't wrote in a while, so I thought i would add some new pics to the blog for ya guys t check out my progress. Daily life has been the same and things are picking up and Im just hitting the gym like I need to be so everything is fine. Moving on.....
I haven't came off retirement yet, so those that are looking for me will have to wait alittle while longer. I like my mind to be into it first before I go out and have at the Little guys again. Well I sitting at my friends house just watching TV(Family Guy, Robot Chicken) So I figured that I would bring out the camera again and take some pics HOPE U LIKE THEM!!!
P.S. the pic with the smoke(the smoke was added by photo shopLOL)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Well I thought it was about time to be totally honest here, I had many requests asking"How I became Diesel Washington???" Most know where I got the name from, but "How was he created?? Whats his background? What is he about?" .

Most of ya probably don't give a shit about me(The Real Me!!) U mostly come for Diesel's pics and stories and all things that are Porn. While I don't really like to give away too much of my Life, there is that element, To become Truly a "Star" u must be in the Public Eye. Everybody has their thing, they put up old pics of themselves from childhood and build a Time Line from Pics(I'm no different).
So I gave ya folks some more things to think about when U label me as this Fucking Machine, Muscle God, Mountain of a Man etc etc etc. Private Life I wont discuss much, although I do rant about certain people who I come across during this "Porn Thing". But for the most part, Diesel is a character that I created from experience, vision, fantasy etc etc etc. Movies are Movies and just that, some of ya never seen my work but either heard of me from friends, other websites, Ads, or whatever...
Hmm well lets start if u don't know that is Little Diesel in the First Pic, the other pic is a 13yr Diesel, we move to the 19yr Diesel in his suit(thinking he was a model). U have Ur 20ish Diesel in the Military(yes I was in the Army!!)Another 20ish playing basketball(In one Pic I was playing in an Important game, other pic I swear to ya I was dunking the basketball but the camera caught me elevating not at my full peak but I did dunk that basketball in case u were wondering.) in the other Pic is Diesel when he was sporting Dreadlocks. Another Pic At Diesels Graduation(Told Ya I went to College!!) On a darker note The passing of Diesels Grandmother and the Wise words she left for her family and generations to come. I MISS YA GRANDMA, I think about ya so much......................
There are early moments in Ur Life that change ya into who u become later on!!! The Pics may not say anything to ya, But just me seeing my own Timeline is very Interesting. The memories of Fun, Joy, Intense Pain all hit me like tidal waves. I have done alot in this Life of Mine, but there are so many other things to do, so I can only move forward.
The formation of Diesel is Complete!!!!