Thursday, February 26, 2009





Okay so its Day Three: Last we were partying in the Resort, I finished my Scene with Cameron Adams(which was Hot!!)had time to sit in Hot Tube and enjoy it.

Its night time and there are some more scenes to shoot, U have Dean Coxx with Cameron Adams (One on One) and then there was a Scene with Rod Daily and Lance(One and One).

By this Time, Kirk Cummings Flew in, and was at the Resort, He went to Room and Took a Nap(Poor Boy Tired) so in my Down Time, I was editing Vids, Handling Email, and getting Info from NYC.

Okay, I had fun in my scene with Cameron but I was looking forward to working with Kirk.... Hes so small and thin, U can pick him up like a Human Rag Doll.. Plus he's a Sweetheart to Boot.... I gave him a Hard time(No Joke)when we were working, but its all good!! Anyway back to the story....

I like to have that natural Chemistry when I'm on Set, So I'm really Hands on, and like alot of Affection from the other models(Just My Thing)it sets up the Powering Fucking that comes later...(LOL) That's True!!!

Now I never worked with Barrett before, and We have two totally different styles. He is more Slow and Controlled, LOTS OF ORAL!!!, and Him talking dirty to his bottoms. Studying his Fuck Style on film, he takes long, slow strokes, pulling out the dick to the head(when its inside)and then sliding it slowly and deeply into his bottoms. Yes I know U guys are like what???? Ur studying Someones Stroke???? Yes I do my Research!!! I work in this Industry, and I take my Performances very Serious....
Moving On!!....

Diesel Washington has his own style, He is more Intense, Rough, almost Animal Like. Loves a Good Face Fuck, Slowly Ramming it in, and then some Skull Fucking!!! I tend to prefer short Oral sessions over long ones. More Attention to Detail, when it comes to Fucking. I pound Hard, Deep, Fast or Slow. I like to have Physical Control over my Bottoms!! Total Submission to the Fuck, but at the Same Time I added Special Positions, that require Strength and Power, Aerial Fucks with the Bottom in Crazy positions(U know that already) bah bah bah...

So I think the Two Different Styles in One Scene, with a Willing Bottom to Showcase the Differences in the Two styles, will be Exciting to Watch(It was performing it) So there U have it.


I Work really Hard!! We all know this!! But the Hardest Part of this work, is Understanding Ur partner(Likes, Dislikes)Limits and What They Enjoy as well...

Barrett has a Different approach when it comes to Scenes... He likes to Jump Right In and See what happens and get it all on film....

Diesel Washington, has everything Mapped Out Inside of His Head, Exactly What He wants to Do Given: Size, Weight, Willingness of the Bottom, Space(Set Size)bah bah bah bah bah. Any New Positions that I want to Try, I practice first with the Bottom Off Camera, Body Angle, Position, Duration of Movement, bah bah bah..... Long Story Short I'm a Perfectionist and like everything to go a certain Way.

I know this Whole Time U saying What about the Bottom???? WHAT ABOUT THE BOTTOM???? Hes there to get fucked??!!?? Whats better than to get, Two of the Biggest Dicks In Porn, and U are the Highlighted Bottom in the whole Movie!! Two New Fuck Positions both Never Captured on Camera Before??? WHATS BETTER THAN THAT!! moving on..

So I thought that Diesel, Barrett and Kirk needed some alone time away from Crew and the rest of Cast, Just to Hangout and Vibe. Here are Some Funny Vids that I was taking just for Fun!!! Enjoy!!



Oh they are Very Real!!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Above is the Link to Barrett Long's Blog, Here I have an interview with Barrett and We set the Record Str8 about things... I really like Barrett this Guy is about business and it was a Good Experience to see How Running Ur Own Company is(First Production)!!! This was His first Project and I was Honored that he called me... Truth be Known I took a Pay Cut for this!!!! Here is Us Feeling some Tension about Tomorrow's Scene together.

I wanted the Fans and Industry to See Two of the Power Houses going at it. Its a battle of the Big Men..

Barrett's Dick is Bigger than Mine... that is not in question!!

The Question is Who is the Better Top????(For Me at Least) It was a battle of Who Fucks the Best, and handles the Bottom better(Kirk Cummings) He has His Own Style and I have My Own...

We put Ego's aside to Film a Hot Movie!!!

Now I'm Coming into this.....Working For My Competition, Being Directed by my Competition(Co Directed by Mike), In a Scene with my Competition, Battling To see Who is the Better Top, On top Of that my Competition will also be Editing the Footage...... So the Chips are against Me!!!



Since I was going into battle with Barrett, I had to Bring New Positions to the table as well as Trademark moves!!! This Movie will be a Must See!!!(I say that alot but its True!!)

I will Post Pics of the Human Spit Roast of Kirk Cummings!!! be patient.

I have other Vids to Edit(I have tons of Footage) Its all Good!!!


This was my Roughest Fuck Up to date!! Look at the Look on that Boy's Face.......Priceless...

I already put up the review but read the best part....

The fucking gets even steamier before the scene concludes, with Diesel completely turning out his young charge.... by

Rhodes has another great scene flip-flopping with with Leo Giamani, but it's the pairing of Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz that is an instant classic. As a security guard, Washington shows up in Raz's room where he is chained to the floor. Washington is lugging a sack full of huge dildos and after Raz run's around the room begging to be penetrated, Washington actually starts throwing dildos at him. Yes, it's like bottom target practice.

Thanks Fleshbot

Now U Heard about the Power Fucking of Diesel Washington...

Now another Side of Diesel Washington:

HARD CHOICE AWARDS Most Passionate Sex(Wow!!)

Most Passionate Sex
Diesel Washington & Eric Moreau, Double Standard, Titan Media (composite photo #3)
Runners-up: Tom Chase & Brad Patton, Couples III, COLT Studio; Vinnie D'Angelo & Logan McCree, The Drifter; Dean Flynn & Eric Moreau, Fun House, Titan Media; Mitch Branson & Eric Valentin, Inside Out, COLT Studio

I'm shocked!!!! Finally!!!!! I thought my Scene in Double Standard was just lost and forgotten....

I put my Heart and Soul into scenes and its good that U can be rewarded for Ur efforts. Now the Funny part for me is that I'm being recognized for the Most Passionate Sex. Since I'm always Known for Power Fucking... All the Time.

I tried to Show A different Side for this Movie.. I wanted to Scale Back the Hardcore Image and show some Seducing bah bah bah....(Read the Blog)

Thanks to the Guys that voted for my Scene. Onan the Vulgarian
With Harley Shadow

Most Passionate Sex Wow!!!

Look it Up People!!!

I'm always criticized for my Power Fucking!!! People think that's All I can do!! Wrong I got some Skills People..

FYI That was the Hardest Shoot I have ever done!!! Bringing down my Intensity, and working with a Aggressive Bottom!! Who was a Pretty Boy at that!!! Anyway Big Shout to Eric(scene partner)..... Not to sound cocky.. But I do think I look Damn good in that Shower... and having the ability to play a different style.. Shows that I'm a Performer(Maybe not Performer Of the Year!!)and its good that I was nominated for Performer of the Year by GAYVN's(Thanks Alot!!)

Nominated for Best Top at GAYVN'S I'm trying to show ya people I can Power Fuck ya!!! Or I can Switch it Up and be that Big Ole Teddy Bear that Ur Looking to See!!
That to me, Is the definition of a Good Top(Hopefully enough to Win Best Top LOL)

Now I still have to go back and finish writing the blogs of my Las Vegas Trip!! I have alot of pictures and Vids to post so I have to work alot this week to make sure everything is out!!


Monday, February 23, 2009


After all that partying Last night.... see below

it was time to go back to work.. Its the Next day....there was a slight Delay in Action (LOL) so there was alittle down time.... so Cameron Adams and Rod Daily Join me in the Hot Tube to Relax...

Diesel Washington Sitting in a Hot Tube reminds me of the Skit on Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy....HOT TUBE!!! I'M GONNA GET IN THE HOT TUBE!!! LOL
So Enjoy Diesel in the Hot Tube Day 2: Stills and Filming



Later I would have a Scene with Cameron Adams in the Hallway of the Blue Moon Resort(Big shout Out to the Resort U guys treated me Well and put up with alot of Shit!!!) This was a Tame Fuck and Cameron came to me directly and Asked me to Take It Easy On Him...... Its all not about me when it comes to Scenes.. I didn't need to be Hardcore...I was on Vacation so I took my Time with the Scene and it was relaxed!! I think It a great Sex scene. I actually Fuck Cameron in a Towel Cart in the Hallway, Just Fucking him in the Cart..Actually Moving the Cart(On Wheels)at the same Fucking Cameron so the Cart moves Right,Left, Back, Forward..I even turned around the Cart(While Fucking Cameron)in circles around the room(at same time as Fucking!! Don't try that at home!!)

Scene was Hot!! And that's another one to Add to the Hit List!!!...

Tomorrow is Big Day the Showdown Diesel Washington VS Barrett Long (Using Kirk Cummings as Rag Doll) stay tuned!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Its out Finally!!!! The First Ever Guys on Girl scene with Diesel Washington. There U have it Folks!! I told ya I was doing big things!!! Penn Play was so cool to work with as well.

Its finally here!!! She sucks like a Hoover and got every drop of Cum I fed her!!! This site is dedicated to those that like to see their girls getting pissed on and Wet by that lovely Yellow Liquid Gold.

I had Fun on the set, it was alittle last moment getting ready!!! I should have had more piss, but it was enough to get her Face, Cunt, Ass Wet and Slippery. But remember this is Str8 porn so U wont see my Face at any time. But U can tell its Me in the background. Oh well, more work that I filmed last year is coming to Come out and about!!1.

I had to stop all the writing for now, I got a plane to catch soon!!!



Okay we are back with the supplies and everybody is ready to party.... still missing is Kirk Cummings, Dean Cox, and Cameron Adams they will be on set tommorrow ready to Rock and Roll.
So its time to take a Drink or Two, A Smoke or Two, and let the Madness start!!!

Now U People need to know, Im in a Hotel with Drinks and smokes, so U will never know How hard it is to film, when all u want to do is grab some bubble ass or get some head. Its a party!!!! U have no Idea, What its Like having a Room Full of Pornstars who are partying......Well now U have some Idea of what goes on.....

The one doing the filming was Lance Howard(I had to be in it)so the narration was done by Mister Gay Pants(I mean it in love LOL)

Its Still Day 1 and the party is about to start ITS ON NOW!!


HIP HOP AND TIME AFTER TIME!!!! Oh I will be waiting!!!!!!(to get the Joke watch the Vid)

Okay so here is the deal.... I arrive in Las Vegas(no bags just carry on) and Barrett and crew are in Tow. The Players, Rod Daily(I will write a special blog about him)Joe(White Trash Hottie)Mike(Co Director)Barrett and now the Truck is packed.

When I meet people for the first time there is always that Quiet time when everybody gets to know each other(that awkward shit). I met Mike before at the Rentboy Pool Party at Blue Moon early Jan of this year. Rod Daily I never met ..but I was familiar with his work(we are in the same Movie Asylum)I always thought this guy was good looking so it was cool to "Hangout". Joe I had never met before, this is one of barrett's boys that he brought up with him to help out with the production.... I found myself being oddly attracted to the Double Wide Trailer boy(Inside Joke teasing in good way)I don't get it??? Moving on.......

I'm in Vegas, and its time to party!!!! We get over to the Blue Moon Resort and unpack(I throw my bag in the room and back in Lobby all in 5mins)and look for the rest of the people. We were all on the same page...It was time to hit the town, get supplies and cigars(cigars???)some booze and let loose....

I was not prepared for the night, that was ahead of Us to face. But Fuck it Lets get it on!!! Joe was rubbing me the wrong way at first, I don't How to Say it, It was like He was sizing me up!! Just because I do Porn doesn't Mean that I cant Kick some Ass. As he found out(The Hard Way)after he was slammed hard on the bed and his eyes bugged out of his face. It takes time for people to warm up to me, I look mean, alittle twisted but I think those are good things. Moving on......

Dazed and Confused are good words to describe what was going on with Us. And Day 1 was spent partying and getting ready for the work ahead.

Some of the Cast didn't arrive yet, so things were moving slowly. But I clicked with Most of the guys within Mins....Esp with Joe and Rod.

Anyway its only Day 1, there is so much time for alot of things to happen.

Stay Tuned!!


"What Happens in Vegas" and read the production Blog, the cast Starring Barrett Long, Diesel Washington, Jason Crew, Kirk Cummings, Rod Daily, Dean Coxx, Cameron Adams, and introducing Lance Howard.

So I'm back in Las Vegas again(wasn't I out here last month???)and its right back to the Blue Moon resort, in which the people there, were very nice and accommodating for me I have to put that Out there.

So I'm treating this trip like a vacation(its needed badly)just alittle time off to hangout and then your fine to work for another 6 months busting Ur Ass.

I really like to just lay in bed and sleep, go to bed when i want.

So there is some hot action in this movie, I'm sure U read the stories over on Barrett's Long project

There is alot of stuff going on People I'm just a reporter is all this time around!!!

Stay Tuned

I know I'm missing Pics of Dean Coxx and Kirk Cummings..... Well People they didn't Arrive at the Resort Until the Following day so I'm really writing these blogs fast. I have alot of vids to put up, some Funny shit to talk about and all the Dirt that goes on.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


hunky security guard Diesel Washington, who's prowling around with a big see-through bag filled with oversized dildos. Diesel, as anyone who has seen him before knows, needs no help in the dick department, so I can only assume he's expanding his game. Diesel finds his playmate in adorable Ryan Raz, who, in his chained and tethered state, has no way to demur when Diesel shows up to probe his ass in more ways than one. Ryan takes to the rubber dicks like a duck to water, and soon he is on all-fours, surrounded by them, one in his mouth, and one in his ass. But soon enough the fake dicks give way to Diesel's real one, and Ryan is happier than ever. For his part, Diesel loves the cocksucking he gets, but he goes totally wild when he gets a shot at Ryan's tight hole, which he pounds in earnest, backing up against a wall and holding Ryan aloft while he does it. The fucking gets even steamier before the scene concludes, with Diesel completely turning out his young charge.


It seems that the movies are coming out faster than I thought.... I'm glad that People will enjoy this movie as well as the others....


I took out the Anger I had filming this movie on Ryan's Ass...It shows through out the entire scene....


So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz - I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro. BY John Bruno(Director of Asylum)

So the even the director was worried about How Hard I was fucking this Boy!!! U cant get better than that!!!

I'm out in Las Vegas shooting another movie with Barrett Long called "What Happens in Vegas" its going to be a Hot movie..

I have alot of surprises this Year!!!

Funny!!! People thought my time in the Industry was Over!!!



Friday, February 20, 2009


Boyish Kameron Scott is a huge fan of basketball player Diesel Washington, a mammoth muscled black man who bears more than a passing resemblance to b-ball legend Shaquille O'Neal. At the office, Kameron can't even work, reading a sports magazine and listening to the game. Unfortunately, Diesel fouls up what could have been a game-winning shot, but Kameron's dreams of being with Diesel are anything but over. When Kameron finally gets to meet the dejected superstar, he gets to actually play some one-on-one with him. Yes, actual basketball. In any other movie, this sequence might be the butchest thing on film, but the sex in "Playbook" is so overpowering that it can't even compete! Diesel invites Kameron to hang out with him, leading up to the eventual match of taller-than-imaginable Diesel and twinky Kameron. It's the latter who takes the first available moment to push Diesel against the wall and dart for his cock, barely buried in a jockstrap. Diesel is so big and so muscled he's almost inhuman, but Kameron is focused on his cock only. Amazingly, Kameron can deep-throat the impressive piece, and he gives Diesel a wizardly blowjob. He can even take a face-fuck from Diesel, a man so colossal a mere swing of his hips could push Kameron to the floor. Diesel may be the camera's centerpiece, but it's Kameron's spunk and talent that make the oral part of the scene so inspiring. Kameron chugs for dear life over and over, never letting Diesel down. I think I have my MVP! Rather surprisingly, Diesel takes some time to blow Kameron as well. He's feisty and noisy, with saliva dripping down his chin as he gobbles at top speed. Kameron looks as though he could cum at any second, but he waits until sucking Diesel again to unload, also taking one to the chest from his hero.

Diesel lifts Kameron off the floor and stands him on a chair so he can orally attack his ass. Kameron's smooth bubble-butt receives an aching and very potent rimjob from Diesel. It's every bit as wanting as Kameron's blowjob. The whole time, Diesel maintains a ramrod erection, soon put to better use inside Kameron. Diesel tucks it in slowly, but Kameron is soon ready for him. He better be, because Diesel doesn't fuck with anything less than full-depth thrusts teeming with strength. At one point, Diesel again lifts Kameron into the air, his cock still inside him, and fucks him feet off the ground! Kameron has to wrap his legs around Diesel as Diesel pulls Kameron's arms hard, but the position is superb, using the differences in their sizes to glorious effect. As if that's not clever enough, Diesel puts Kameron on a cooler to fuck him on his back, but puts a basketball under Kameron just to make this new position even trickier. Like an obedient rag doll, Kameron goes along with every lusty thought Diesel conceives and moans in delight with every thrust. Diesel is so full of power that Kameron can't stay in one position on his back as he's constantly being pushed around the room. No doubt these guys could go on for hours, but Kameron cums with Diesel thrusting and then Diesel climaxes big all over Kameron's torso.
"Playbook" definitely equates sex and sports in terms of endorphin release. The raging sex these men have is infused with almost superhuman vivacity, much like any sports player hitting his or her peak through sheer will and talent. With work this dedicated, every man scores, goes into overtime and scores again!


I feel really good reading this review...... I'm out in Las Vegas and Its Nice to see the reviews out when Ur working on another movie.... that is going to be Huge in the making..(I Keep Coming with the Hits!!)

I feel extra special reading a great review of my work......When I wrote this scene from Top to Bottom..... Myself!!! Its a great honor to know that when u put something together...and it turns out great!!!!

This is a Giant stepping Stone for me... I write scripts.. And examples of my work are shown in Telescope, Folsom Prison, Double Standard, and Playbook..

Thanks again to Brian Mills who really gave me alot of power to write this scene into the movie..Show off My basketball skills and bring the New Sex position "Motorcycle" to Life!!!!

There are more reviews out....the review of Asylum is coming next....


If U guys didn't know already I'm out in Las Vegas again, filming with Barrett Long.....

Yeah It was Time for the Battle of the Big Dick Power Tops!!!!


CAN U DIG IT!!!???//

Now understand the Drama Diesel Washington vs Barrett Long in one the Hottest Scenes of 2009........

All I can Say Diesel Washington, Barrett Long take turns ramming A Little Bottom Boy (Hint: American Idol)

We both are Nominated for Best Top at GAYVN's




This is Bigger than a UFC fight!!!!!

Catch the Low Down on Barrett's blog as well....

Its behind the scenes Action

Above is the some of the Cast

Now!!!!!! How Big is that???? I talk so much shit.... But I back it up!!!!... I don't know What More it Takes to Show Ya People????!!!!! I'm taking on Mr 11by7 in a showdown To See WHO IS THE BEST TOP IN PORN!!!
The Planets aligned...There is a Full Moon!!! and someone....... Will be shitting Lucky Leaf Clovers Outta His Ass for the Scene!!!

To be Continued!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The finale of this heavy-fucking effort is a stunning duo starring Diesel Washington and Dominic Pacifico. Diesel delivers the kind of ass-hungry performance he's known for, making Dominic squirm for more when he tongue-fucks him. This action comes only after the two men have warmed up with mutual blowjobs. Dominic's tight little ass drives Diesel crazy, and he can't seem to wait to get his dick inside Dominic's bubble-butt. For his part, Dominic is just as hot for Diesel's dick, and when Diesel shoves it in the two couple like a pair of dogs in heat. The harder Diesel gives it to Dominic, the better he likes it, with a big grin breaking out over his face more than once. Dominic is rewarded for his hot ass accommodations by a big load from Diesel, which falls down his body like white rain. Diesel licks it up as the scene fades out.


Wow, reading the review I was very pleased to hear that My work got noticed among the Giants in this movie. There was alot of chemistry on set with my partner and the scene clearly shows that. From reading the review...Diesel delivers the Ass hungry performance hes known for...

I'm known for a type of performance???? I'm glad that people see that I enjoy what I do highly and the ability to show my skills is very important to me. This is the first review Post Titan and when the other reviews come in, they should push me to Super Star level. I really worked hard Post-Titan to show people that I bring energy and Life into every scene that I'm in.

Get ready for the other reviews

So hear is the Low down Raging Stallions Rear Deliveries is out and the Reviews are great!!!!

I still have Titan's PLAYBOOK

Falcons Asylum

Falcon Mustang RedLight

Check out the Posts on these movies and get ready for a Bumpy Ride.

As far as the Redlight Situation I really don't care anymore........ I'm a Str8up and Honest Person and I always though Hard Work pays off. I was Lied to, and Tricked I have to remember There are no friends in this business AT ALL......

Hard thing to learn but true

Monday, February 16, 2009


Okay I had some time to think about things.... I was wrong for attacking another Model who clearly had nothing to do with the situation..... It showed that I was acting like a "Baby" when I first saw the cover... FOR THAT I'M SORRY!!! I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO TAKE A BETTER SHOT ON THE CHIN AND ROLL WITH THE PUNCH INSTEAD OF FIGHT BACK!!!

I never claimed to know everything about this business....Or even How to conduct Yourself,... So that U don't show the pain.... I'm not one of those guys that speak PC or try to kiss anybodies Ass!!! THAT'S NOT ME!!!

But to come out and attack Leo was wrong...Hes another model in the industry that made mistakes coming up..... and has learned to clean up his image. For that, I can respect a man that made mistakes and can admit he made the mistake and wants to move on.

I can be a Big Baby!!! I wont deny that!!! My reactions are from the Heart....

People will say what they want about me...But the Fact that I work hard in this Industry cant be taken away from me!!!! The more punches in the face I take, I still keep getting up and coming back for more.

Yeah I got hundreds of emails of support from the fans and other Industry people. But I wanted to make it clear, that I was shocked to see the cover!!!


With that said, I cant blast the movie...... Redlight is an amazing movie... And even though there was a situation.... The Movie still showcases some of my best work to date. I literally put on a Fuck Clinic for the fans...

I wont let covers slow me down.......

If U don't do the business... U wont understand, Why I was shocked at the Cover!! But its over and done and not much I can do about it.

As far as promoting movies and working off my Ass to make sure the movie gets Press.... I'M STOPPING THAT ALL TOGETHER!!!

I will let the Studios get their own press without my help.........

Another Hard Lesson to learn

Friday, February 13, 2009


Its Steve Cruz here... I saw the cover of Red Light just tonight and I know you are disappointed, truth is as a director I can recommend a cover star to the art department and then I have to let them do their job. CLEARLY the performances in the movie speak for themselves and you are undoubtedly one of the top stars in the movie... you rocked this movie. I myself have dominated a movie and not appeared on the movie's cover but its never stopped me from getting the recognition I deserved. Your performance in Red Light could easily be the best performance of your career. And I am grateful you gave that to me... I am more proud of this movie than any other movie I have starred in... so THANK YOU for everything! Let the fans judge the content, not the cover.. even though you were chosen for back cover... Keeping in mind many stars of this film were not selected even for that. And know I love you man. XXX SC

From Steven Cruz (I know its not ur Fault Steve)


Dear Sword and GPB

There is the Cover for Redlight.......U guys were there....U did the PRESS for RedLight. Maybe U can come up with a Smart, Witty approach to answering this Question(Cause everybody will just call me the Angry Black Man!!)

If the Director, says Ur the Star of the Movie(and ur scene is way hot in the movie)and the movie is about Escorting.... (Diesel and Tristan were winners at the Rentboy 2008 awards for Best Fetish Escort and Sexiest Escort). A new sex position called the "Shotglass" was created there. All the previews say that it stars Diesel Washington.

Why Do I end up on the Back of the Box????

I mean I could of shared the Cover with Leo....Shit they could have put me in the Back Ground....... but the Back of the Box???

Alittle Confused(LOL)

Diesel Washington

I know the reason...I hurts!!!

I will be honest here....

I was an escort before I did porn.. so the role was built for me..I played against character in this movie(again) and was the Client instead of Escort. I brought my best moves and created one for this movie. I hit the internet promoting this movie.. Got the Help from thesword and gaypornblog to promote the movie just as hard as I was. The Director flat out says Ur the Star of the movie(read above)The whole time taking stills all U heard "This one is for the Cover" "That is a Cover shot" (LOVE YA JOE!! not ur fault either!!)but when everything is all said and done. U dont get the Cover(Or at Least share the Cover)it hurts. They wanted the movie to sell, so they put on the "IT" boy Leo for cover.....

It makes sense, but still hurts at the same time.

So U can do Bareback movies and websites(ALOT OF THEM) and come into the Big Leagues and not only get work, but get Covers on Falcon movies???? Just because the model is hot. HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT????? .....Wow!!! at the same time I get the Angry Black Man or Mandingo bullshit daily when I perform my Ass off(safely)in movies.
So I guess the Grabby award winning Models that been in the business, promoting Safe sex!!! Coming Up with New moves, who breaks his back in every movie. Promotes the Movie, gets Press for the Movie, is put on the back of the box....REALLY????

NO SERIOUS?? If u want to count the record I have been in several movies with Leo... Playbook, Asylum, Redlight so I know what Im talking about

I need to retire, the Game is getting fucked up now!!!


So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz - I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro.

Director John Bruno

What more to say????? I'm promoting alot of movies I'm in so U guys need to bear with me...... I talked about Asylum a LOOOOOOOOOOng time ago and finally the pics are out....

Right off the Bat..... yes that is Ty Colt on the box(who I had a chance to hangout with..hes cool)Of Course Falcon has to put out its Exclusives first.... I can deal with that..

And the Back of the Box cover u can clearly see me... I know I know I'm the only Black Guy in the movie...SO WHAT????

I'm right in there with all those hot guys.... I was joking on set one day..Saying I would fuck everybody in this movie all the guys are hot in this movie. Each has their own look..

So there u have it Diesel Washington's first movie with Falcon...

I know my scene is hot...I fucked the Living Day Lights out of Ryan Raz I totally ripped open his ass.... This is One hot scene!!!

I will post more Pics of the Falcon movie and I also have more Pics from my starring role in Playbook.. So much to post and little time to post everything..

So this is a fast post Look at the Pics.... and Wait for the movie to drop its going to be Big!!!!! I will have more details later for ya.

I'm out!!