Monday, February 23, 2009


After all that partying Last night.... see below

it was time to go back to work.. Its the Next day....there was a slight Delay in Action (LOL) so there was alittle down time.... so Cameron Adams and Rod Daily Join me in the Hot Tube to Relax...

Diesel Washington Sitting in a Hot Tube reminds me of the Skit on Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy....HOT TUBE!!! I'M GONNA GET IN THE HOT TUBE!!! LOL
So Enjoy Diesel in the Hot Tube Day 2: Stills and Filming



Later I would have a Scene with Cameron Adams in the Hallway of the Blue Moon Resort(Big shout Out to the Resort U guys treated me Well and put up with alot of Shit!!!) This was a Tame Fuck and Cameron came to me directly and Asked me to Take It Easy On Him...... Its all not about me when it comes to Scenes.. I didn't need to be Hardcore...I was on Vacation so I took my Time with the Scene and it was relaxed!! I think It a great Sex scene. I actually Fuck Cameron in a Towel Cart in the Hallway, Just Fucking him in the Cart..Actually Moving the Cart(On Wheels)at the same Fucking Cameron so the Cart moves Right,Left, Back, Forward..I even turned around the Cart(While Fucking Cameron)in circles around the room(at same time as Fucking!! Don't try that at home!!)

Scene was Hot!! And that's another one to Add to the Hit List!!!...

Tomorrow is Big Day the Showdown Diesel Washington VS Barrett Long (Using Kirk Cummings as Rag Doll) stay tuned!!!


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