Sunday, February 22, 2009


"What Happens in Vegas" and read the production Blog, the cast Starring Barrett Long, Diesel Washington, Jason Crew, Kirk Cummings, Rod Daily, Dean Coxx, Cameron Adams, and introducing Lance Howard.

So I'm back in Las Vegas again(wasn't I out here last month???)and its right back to the Blue Moon resort, in which the people there, were very nice and accommodating for me I have to put that Out there.

So I'm treating this trip like a vacation(its needed badly)just alittle time off to hangout and then your fine to work for another 6 months busting Ur Ass.

I really like to just lay in bed and sleep, go to bed when i want.

So there is some hot action in this movie, I'm sure U read the stories over on Barrett's Long project

There is alot of stuff going on People I'm just a reporter is all this time around!!!

Stay Tuned

I know I'm missing Pics of Dean Coxx and Kirk Cummings..... Well People they didn't Arrive at the Resort Until the Following day so I'm really writing these blogs fast. I have alot of vids to put up, some Funny shit to talk about and all the Dirt that goes on.

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