Friday, February 20, 2009


Boyish Kameron Scott is a huge fan of basketball player Diesel Washington, a mammoth muscled black man who bears more than a passing resemblance to b-ball legend Shaquille O'Neal. At the office, Kameron can't even work, reading a sports magazine and listening to the game. Unfortunately, Diesel fouls up what could have been a game-winning shot, but Kameron's dreams of being with Diesel are anything but over. When Kameron finally gets to meet the dejected superstar, he gets to actually play some one-on-one with him. Yes, actual basketball. In any other movie, this sequence might be the butchest thing on film, but the sex in "Playbook" is so overpowering that it can't even compete! Diesel invites Kameron to hang out with him, leading up to the eventual match of taller-than-imaginable Diesel and twinky Kameron. It's the latter who takes the first available moment to push Diesel against the wall and dart for his cock, barely buried in a jockstrap. Diesel is so big and so muscled he's almost inhuman, but Kameron is focused on his cock only. Amazingly, Kameron can deep-throat the impressive piece, and he gives Diesel a wizardly blowjob. He can even take a face-fuck from Diesel, a man so colossal a mere swing of his hips could push Kameron to the floor. Diesel may be the camera's centerpiece, but it's Kameron's spunk and talent that make the oral part of the scene so inspiring. Kameron chugs for dear life over and over, never letting Diesel down. I think I have my MVP! Rather surprisingly, Diesel takes some time to blow Kameron as well. He's feisty and noisy, with saliva dripping down his chin as he gobbles at top speed. Kameron looks as though he could cum at any second, but he waits until sucking Diesel again to unload, also taking one to the chest from his hero.

Diesel lifts Kameron off the floor and stands him on a chair so he can orally attack his ass. Kameron's smooth bubble-butt receives an aching and very potent rimjob from Diesel. It's every bit as wanting as Kameron's blowjob. The whole time, Diesel maintains a ramrod erection, soon put to better use inside Kameron. Diesel tucks it in slowly, but Kameron is soon ready for him. He better be, because Diesel doesn't fuck with anything less than full-depth thrusts teeming with strength. At one point, Diesel again lifts Kameron into the air, his cock still inside him, and fucks him feet off the ground! Kameron has to wrap his legs around Diesel as Diesel pulls Kameron's arms hard, but the position is superb, using the differences in their sizes to glorious effect. As if that's not clever enough, Diesel puts Kameron on a cooler to fuck him on his back, but puts a basketball under Kameron just to make this new position even trickier. Like an obedient rag doll, Kameron goes along with every lusty thought Diesel conceives and moans in delight with every thrust. Diesel is so full of power that Kameron can't stay in one position on his back as he's constantly being pushed around the room. No doubt these guys could go on for hours, but Kameron cums with Diesel thrusting and then Diesel climaxes big all over Kameron's torso.
"Playbook" definitely equates sex and sports in terms of endorphin release. The raging sex these men have is infused with almost superhuman vivacity, much like any sports player hitting his or her peak through sheer will and talent. With work this dedicated, every man scores, goes into overtime and scores again!


I feel really good reading this review...... I'm out in Las Vegas and Its Nice to see the reviews out when Ur working on another movie.... that is going to be Huge in the making..(I Keep Coming with the Hits!!)

I feel extra special reading a great review of my work......When I wrote this scene from Top to Bottom..... Myself!!! Its a great honor to know that when u put something together...and it turns out great!!!!

This is a Giant stepping Stone for me... I write scripts.. And examples of my work are shown in Telescope, Folsom Prison, Double Standard, and Playbook..

Thanks again to Brian Mills who really gave me alot of power to write this scene into the movie..Show off My basketball skills and bring the New Sex position "Motorcycle" to Life!!!!

There are more reviews out....the review of Asylum is coming next....


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Congratulations on the good performance. The review was great except the O'Neal reference. You do not look anything like him. You are a handsome sexy man. He i not. Your body is also 100 times better then his.

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I loved your blog. Thank you.