Thursday, February 05, 2009


Okay I really waited until the Last moment to really blog about this movie... I have blogged about this movie like ten million times... But lets go through it again:

Playbook is my last movie for Titan under the exclusive contract..... I pulled out all the stops for this movie. I hand picked Kameron for the role(He's a Real Jock)and he was a perfect fit(despite Our differences). I had a custom Basketball jersey made for this movie. It reads TitanMen, number ten(insert joke here)and on the back of jersey, D. Washingtion with the number ten again.(It will be a hot item for sale maybe LOL) I wrote the script for the movie, and came up with the whole concept of the Basketball Star "Meeting" his fan in a very special way. I had Fake magazine covers made(thanks to Giophotography)that worked well for the first scene. In the script, Kameron is sitting in the office listening to a Basketball game on the radio starring his favorite Player(Diesel). Diesel and Kameron, did the voice over work as announcers of the basketball game(titan added special effects to simulate a basketball game)basic story...Diesel misses the Big shot of the game and his biggest fan is crushed. then the actions moves to the basketball court.

I wanted the action on the court unscripted, so basically it was Diesel vs Kameron on the basketball court. Doing what Jocks do, playing ball and sweating hard.... I had a month to get ready for the scene, when I was in my Prime(I played semi pro ball)I was about 6'6 and 210lbs and could jump through the roof. Before production of the movie I was 6'6 and 245lbs(since playing ball I added 35lbs of muscle)so I didn't have the body type of a basketball player(more football)I had to cut weight(not much)to 230lbs just to be able to move on the court and still be able to sky above the Rim.

I like to point out, the Rim was regulation height and I was really Dunking the Basketball. It was a true basketball story that I have waited to play all my life. I was a control freak, throughout the whole process of filming this movie. I had the storyline down, Model, wardrobe and captured the Look that I wanted on the court. Real Jocks playing Basketball like they should.

Then the Sex scene.......I worked closely with Kameron on the positions that I wanted in this movie. Seeing how the "Bully" went over well with the Fans(My trademark move) I created the "Motorcycle" for this movie because I knew this move was special and has never been seen before in Gay porn. I start out with Kameron in the "Bully" and then lower him into the "Motorcycle" its a must see scene!!! I keep up the pace in the movie by doing some equally impressive positions, Balancing Kameron's Ass on a basketball while pounding him, and laying his head and upper body on a bag of Popcorn. I really pushed the energy for this scene, and had to push Kameron way past his limits(I was harsh on Kameron, the kid had his work cut out!!) But he knew how important this movie was to me and to him...(thinking back there was alot of pressure on this kid, but he came through)

To finish, Two huge Cum shoots for both of us and a Funny ending.......

Now I want to talk as the "Editor" for a second.....

Playbook is my Baby!!! I never had this much control over my scenes before... and Brian Mills really let me steer this ship!!!! I worked closely with Brian making sure my Vision of the scene came to the screen Big Time!!! I think the finished project will have alot of people saying this movie is for real jocks and captures that energy like no other Company could!! The On the court action was real and unscripted, the Sex scene will Blow peoples mind(if u liked Telescope this tops it)and the overall production is insane. It stars Alex Baresi, Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Kameron Scott, Kyle Quinn, Leed Scott, Leo Giamani, Xavier St. Jude and Diesel Washington.

Even though Diesel and Kameron don't get along and had a War of words(that is saying it nicely) I don't want to put a Dark Cloud on My Last movie with Titan as an exclusive.... I finished this chapter of my life, and this movie has some of the Hottest Action ever captured on film..

People U don't have to Like Me!!! I really don't care!!! But I'm a performer and every time I jump on a Porn set I give my all to every role I play. Some people like to say, I had my chance to shine and its coming to an end. I don't think so, I'm constantly working to improve my body, bring more things to the table and to this Industry!!

Thanks to Titan for giving me a starring role in the Movie(and Cover)I worked hard on this movie!!!

U see Kameron.... I didn't have to Step on anybody to show my skills or talent... And since u came on this ride with me...... this movie will make ya even a bigger Star.... U can Say Thank U now!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Man you are looking hella fine in that jersey. That's what I need a poster of.

Dre said...

Congratulations on finally making a solo photo cover of the DVD. As usual your body is on point.

Damien Crosse said...

Hey long lost friend!!! Just read the noms and I gotta say WOW!!! Congrats baby!!! It's about time! You fucking deserve it!

Lots of love and we hope to see you in NY in March...we better!

Big X from the both of us!

Wonder Man said...

looks good

filmfanatikk said...

Congrats on your GAyVN nominations!! You are a very loved man by us fansd. Don't forget that!!

Happy XXX Tuesday!

filmfanatikk said...

Diesel, you are a star. kameron who?? Sorry, but the little twink will be forgotten before he's remembered. Just being truthful. Bigger and better things ahead. Just hang in there, Tiger!! Your fans are standing next to you tall and proud. As well as other things. LOL


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!