Friday, February 13, 2009


So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz - I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro.

Director John Bruno

What more to say????? I'm promoting alot of movies I'm in so U guys need to bear with me...... I talked about Asylum a LOOOOOOOOOOng time ago and finally the pics are out....

Right off the Bat..... yes that is Ty Colt on the box(who I had a chance to hangout with..hes cool)Of Course Falcon has to put out its Exclusives first.... I can deal with that..

And the Back of the Box cover u can clearly see me... I know I know I'm the only Black Guy in the movie...SO WHAT????

I'm right in there with all those hot guys.... I was joking on set one day..Saying I would fuck everybody in this movie all the guys are hot in this movie. Each has their own look..

So there u have it Diesel Washington's first movie with Falcon...

I know my scene is hot...I fucked the Living Day Lights out of Ryan Raz I totally ripped open his ass.... This is One hot scene!!!

I will post more Pics of the Falcon movie and I also have more Pics from my starring role in Playbook.. So much to post and little time to post everything..

So this is a fast post Look at the Pics.... and Wait for the movie to drop its going to be Big!!!!! I will have more details later for ya.

I'm out!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate....a request for larger size photos please...I dont get to see your work over here so photos are it so far.....Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate...BTW your legs look bigger/pumped up in the Falcon one...looking good mate..Rgds..Laurie