Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay The Noms are out..... I was nominated for three categories, Best Top, Best Performer, Best Sex scene(Duo).... I'm shocked...

I'm very happy to be nominated... I am.

Now this just makes me even more nervous as the days go by.... One Hurdle down.. I was waiting for that nomination for Best Top(That's the Biggest Award to Me!!)but being nominated for Best Sex scene(Due) that came as a shock, I wasn't expecting that...at all.

Best Performer I was surprised at as well... I know I do good work and I have the support of Family, Friends, Peers in this Industry. Its a good feeling that people consider "Ur Work" worthy of nomination though.. Feels good.

I like to say thanks to Gayvn, Titan, Fans and Friends.. Big shout to HookerBunny+BunnyRaper(Love Ya Guys!!)Congrats on Ur Noms

Big Shout Out to WolfHudson Congrats(U were Killing It!!)
Big Shout Out to Steven Cruz...damn Homey U cleaned out this Year!!! Congrats Man!!
Big Shout Out to Ricky Sinz (U just got an Arm full of awards Dont Ya??LOL)
Big Shout Out to TJ Hawk (I got Ya!!)
Big Shout Out to Jason Crew, Aaron James, Kirk Cummings,Eric Rhodes.........Congrats to Everybody.......

So I'm feeling good right now....but as U know Diesel Washington is in "Overthinking" mode.... And the Important Question to me is BEST TOP this is a list of the performers I'm going against.

Best Top

Tom Chase
TJ Hawke
Chad Hunt
Barrett Long
Michael Lucas
Ricardo Onça
Jason Ridge
Tyler Saint
Ricky Sinz
Brad Star
Diesel Washington

I'm Very Excited and Pleased to be nominated for Other Awards... I truly am... Its Best Top that has my attention.... Focused!!!

All Im going to say......... There are some Legends on that List, Great Performers. Talented Top Man all of them..... but

Didnt some of these Great Performers?? Have Multiple or Bottoming scenes out this Year????? I count 7??.......Lastly


But to give credit...I couldnt be the Best Top if I didnt have the Best BottomS to work with.... THANKS TO ALL THE BOTTOMS THAT I WORKED WITH....

period end of post


ghani3an said...

nice pics
but why the size is to small
i was wondering if u can add more
from las vegas party

ur so hot ,, im waiting for ur new pics

leeeesmith said...

Congratulations, you deserve it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

As far as we're concerned, you've been the "Best Top" in the business for a long time. Congratulations...we're rooting for you!