Friday, February 13, 2009


Its Steve Cruz here... I saw the cover of Red Light just tonight and I know you are disappointed, truth is as a director I can recommend a cover star to the art department and then I have to let them do their job. CLEARLY the performances in the movie speak for themselves and you are undoubtedly one of the top stars in the movie... you rocked this movie. I myself have dominated a movie and not appeared on the movie's cover but its never stopped me from getting the recognition I deserved. Your performance in Red Light could easily be the best performance of your career. And I am grateful you gave that to me... I am more proud of this movie than any other movie I have starred in... so THANK YOU for everything! Let the fans judge the content, not the cover.. even though you were chosen for back cover... Keeping in mind many stars of this film were not selected even for that. And know I love you man. XXX SC

From Steven Cruz (I know its not ur Fault Steve)


Dear Sword and GPB

There is the Cover for Redlight.......U guys were there....U did the PRESS for RedLight. Maybe U can come up with a Smart, Witty approach to answering this Question(Cause everybody will just call me the Angry Black Man!!)

If the Director, says Ur the Star of the Movie(and ur scene is way hot in the movie)and the movie is about Escorting.... (Diesel and Tristan were winners at the Rentboy 2008 awards for Best Fetish Escort and Sexiest Escort). A new sex position called the "Shotglass" was created there. All the previews say that it stars Diesel Washington.

Why Do I end up on the Back of the Box????

I mean I could of shared the Cover with Leo....Shit they could have put me in the Back Ground....... but the Back of the Box???

Alittle Confused(LOL)

Diesel Washington

I know the reason...I hurts!!!

I will be honest here....

I was an escort before I did porn.. so the role was built for me..I played against character in this movie(again) and was the Client instead of Escort. I brought my best moves and created one for this movie. I hit the internet promoting this movie.. Got the Help from thesword and gaypornblog to promote the movie just as hard as I was. The Director flat out says Ur the Star of the movie(read above)The whole time taking stills all U heard "This one is for the Cover" "That is a Cover shot" (LOVE YA JOE!! not ur fault either!!)but when everything is all said and done. U dont get the Cover(Or at Least share the Cover)it hurts. They wanted the movie to sell, so they put on the "IT" boy Leo for cover.....

It makes sense, but still hurts at the same time.

So U can do Bareback movies and websites(ALOT OF THEM) and come into the Big Leagues and not only get work, but get Covers on Falcon movies???? Just because the model is hot. HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT????? .....Wow!!! at the same time I get the Angry Black Man or Mandingo bullshit daily when I perform my Ass off(safely)in movies.
So I guess the Grabby award winning Models that been in the business, promoting Safe sex!!! Coming Up with New moves, who breaks his back in every movie. Promotes the Movie, gets Press for the Movie, is put on the back of the box....REALLY????

NO SERIOUS?? If u want to count the record I have been in several movies with Leo... Playbook, Asylum, Redlight so I know what Im talking about

I need to retire, the Game is getting fucked up now!!!


Desperate Artist said...

To me it's pretty clear as to why you didn't get the cover. Again, this is a film and a studio catering to white gay men. Even if you are the dominate actor in the film do you really think the studio is willing to jeopardize its brand by putting a black model on the cover? They want this movie to sell to its loyal audience. They don't want it to get buried in the thug porn category. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, your problem is you actually believed Cruz when he told you that you were the "star" of the film. He said the same thing to every other performer in the film! Do you really think Steve is any different than anyone else in this industry? He says what he needs to say to get what he wants.

Anonymous said...


The Macho Black Top's ego is bruised.