Monday, August 31, 2009



I was overwhelmed by hundreds and hundreds of emails, sharing your stories, showing amazing support. Honestly everybody has been so supportive!! Not one single hate email in the bunch... That has never happened before..

What I got out of some of the emails was that everybody had some sort of a clue I had problems...Ummmm..Really????

The Fan's response was........ DIESEL WE KNEW THIS ALREADY..THAT'S WHY WE LOVE YA!!

Okay...So basically YOU THE FANS and even the haters is what keeps me sane and focused!!


The Biggest Shocker to everybody was Diesel being 40....


I work out hard, only 420(drink only when I'm feeling it)that's it!!

I like to be healthy and stay in shape..............(yeah right)BULLSHIT!!!!

I kill myself to look like this............. to ATTRACT AND FUCK HOTTIES!! period!!

Oh and to get paid!!

So I guess I wanted to share that info with my Fans because I write from the heart!! Not like some blogs.....U will only read stories with Passion, that are Funny, Crazy, and all the above on this blog. Real Human Drama of Ups and Downs!!

Oh and to clean up any baggage of the post(there wasn't any but I thought I would write something)

No I didn't do it for publicly....
I didn't do it for sympathy
I'm not Violent!!!

That's it..

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This will probably be the most revealing post I have ever done!!!

Well lets get into it.....I looked over old posts and detected a certain tone to my writing. I have said before that I was Bipolar, but I think maybe People have laughed it off as nothing.

I was diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder, at the age of 22, I was going through depression stages and not knowing what was wrong with me?? It became very bad at one point and I sought the help that I needed. Through the years I have learned how to manage it, and still remain myself!!! Now I don't want People to think that I have thoughts of suicide(Its not that bad), my depression was more of isolation, sadness, anxiety, irritability.

Okay in a nutshell, I suffer from Cyclothymia a mild bipolar disorder, I go through certain episodes or phases and its alot to deal with. To understand, I go through certain moods and behavior:

Euphoric phase

Unusually good mood or cheerfulness (euphoria); Extreme optimism; Inflated self-esteem; Poor judgment; Rapid speech; Racing thoughts; Aggressive or hostile behavior; Being inconsiderate of others; Agitation; Increased physical activity; Risky behavior; Spending sprees; Increased drive to perform or achieve goals; Increased sexual drive; Decreased need for sleep; Tendency to be easily distracted; Inability to concentrate

Dysthymic phase

Difficulty making decisions; problems concentrating; poor memory recall; guilt; self-criticism; low self-esteem; pessimism; self-destructive thinking; continuously feeling sad; apathy; hopelessness; helplessness; irritable, quick temper; lack motivation; social withdrawal; appetite change; lack of sexual desire; self-neglect; fatigue or insomnia

At the same, I have long bouts where I'm normal and myself. I haven't told many people because most people would think I'm crazy..... But getting to know People in the Industry... some models have Panic attacks, suffer through depression and its just something U learn to deal with..

Before getting into Porn, I basically learned to deal with the problem and believe it or not the problem went away. When I first got into porn (2006) I may have went through an episode maybe once during that whole year. (2007) I had several episodes but I managed the problem. (2008)I had several more episodes, and a long period of depression.(2009)I'm having the toughest experience by far, I don't blame porn at all!! In fact I think Porn has helped me to remain Focused and gave me that drive and will power to work harder. If U read my posts about GayVn then that should give ya insight about my disorder.

When I came home from the Grabbys I was happy it was the best feeling of my Life!!! Weeks after, I slipped into depression and became isolated. I decided to retire because I was having more episodes than usual, and I was not a pleasant person to be around. Nothing made me happy, and I don't want to be around People when I'm not happy or outgoing!!!

Why am I telling this to the world????? I have been writing this blog for 4 years and it basically shows my ups and downs when I read it. Deep down I'm a nice person, but recently I have been nasty, and down right mean. I stay to myself, and keep a distance from people with bad energy. I like to surround myself with positive people who make me feel comfortable. My mood swings seem to be trigger by Users, Assholes, Fakes, Phonies. Instead of ignoring them and going about my own business, and I'm clashing with them and that is not a good thing.

My blog allows me to rant and vent which helps me deal with the disorder. Gives me an outlet for my emotions, Porn was good medicine for me. On set I was able to focus on the work because one of the Euphoric phase, when I became depressed I would use the blog to express my feelings and then stay away from people when depressed(I would use the fact that I'm a famous porn star so I can't go out)It all worked neatly for me, but then a big problem happened in 2009.

I turned 40years old and then started to have a Mid life crisis.....

Yes Diesel Washington is 40yr(Shocked???)I don't consider myself a Daddy!! I don't feel 40 I don't act 40 and I don't look like I'm 40!!! I'm retired now!!! Before I thought it was best that I didn't share my age with people. But I have a change of heart now!!! I made my name in this Industry!!! At 40!!!

But back to Mid Life crisis, seeing that the Industry is based on fresh faces and its all about youth and youthful appearances. My Anxiety kicked in double time. It was becoming harder and harder to remain sane. Think about it, working in a business when U have to have a Hot body, 8 pac and there is always someone younger trying to get Ur spot. Knowing the shelf life of a porn star is about a year....U have to be very lucky to continue in this business for as long as I have(alot of talent, and picking Ur roles)the pressure was alot to deal with. Maintaining the body, coming up with new positions, trying to outdo yourself with every role. It was hard and I needed a break!!

Anyway this blog was to show people that I'm human and have issues!! Yeah sure hot body, big dick, knows how to use it!! great performer bah bah bah

In reality this 40yr old, Nut Job, blew the roof off of Gay Porn!!!!

And I'm honest, I don't know how many Porn stars out there have the same disorder I have, but I know plenty of guys who fake it and act like they are not depressed or is somewhat borderline Bipolar.

At least I can admit it, I didnt turn to drugs, booze, bareback sex to escape the reality of being bipolar.

I deal with it everyday!!!


Thats it!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Does every Porn Star have a fucking blog now???!!!???

Geez.... Okay Okay!!! U get it!! To be a porn star not only do ya have to be interesting on screen, but u have to network like a motherfucker!!! Use every media form out there to get Ur name out there.

But I'm sick and tired of these bullshit blogs...Oh Man!! There is nothing there but Promotions and endless model shoots after models shoots(Okay, People like the Pictures!granted!!) I don't know whats real in the blogs anymore. Is this a Look into Ur Real Lives or Bits and pieces of Ur Porn character????(Confusing Yes)But more power to anybody that can commit to writing a blog and be open and honest nowadays!! It's like a breathe of fresh air to read another porn star's blog, where they Vent and see the world for what It really is...(Sometimes Cruel and Fucked, But it's a Living!)

It's interesting to see the angle that some Porn Stars take on their blog.... Some are Sluts, and they relish on the details of Hook Ups, One Night Stands and the Various Sex Romps!! Some are deeply serious and expose the pitfalls of the Porn Industry......The Party Monsters!!!... Simple Promotion blogs....and the worst in the Lot...Up and Cummers!!

I will excuse alot of things when it comes to blogs(Grammar, Spelling, Lack of Pictures)but what I can't stand is..... FAKE, INSINCERE and Blogs that have no Depth!!! The use of a blog is for showing a glimpse into Ur Life(or all of it!!) We are all Attention whores!! Whoever can't admit that they like the attention in doing porn is really lying to themselves!! We play the front, like We don't like the attention...But deep down We love it. Most would say, We like the "Good Attention"(From the Guys and Girls that We are into) as opposed to the bad attention(Those Guys and Girls who We are Not attracted to)But nevertheless attention is Attention!!! We will take it in all forms!!

It wasn't too long ago.... when the really first Big Youtube hit the Internet and It was known as "The Kiss" It was set to Music with Francesco D'Macho and Francois Sagat

And then It took off like Wild fire!!! with Francois Sagat doing the Now Famous Britney..

And then everybody started doing the Britney thing.......and it started this chain of Porn Stars doing Youtubes, Xtubes, Dudetubes bah bah bah..

Blogging was an added feature to this..... Of course there were blogs and journals before this... But the New Generation of Porn Star, saw this emerging and grabbed onto it so strongly..... It has become the staple of what a Porn Star is!! Not only do ya get naked in front of the camera, but now u have to show more of Yourself to the fans and consumers of the products. It now has become a business...

I still love blogging because It allows me to Vent and get my Ideas out there!!! At the same time, I have my own little space online!!! I take my blog very serious and at the same time, I have fun with it!!

Here is a good story I like to share:

I have a very open relationship with my Mother(She came to Porn Awards) she knows everything that I do, and I'm happy that I have a Mother that supports me highly!!! My Grandmother is another story...

Well she knows that I'm a Porn Star but that is about it... She doesn't ask too many questions about it.... Growing Up I haven't had the strongest relationship with my grandmother(On My Mothers Side)I love my Grandmother!! But I never had the chance to really connect with her at the same time. Just recently, I went over to my Mother's house to visit her and my Grandmother(came to Visit from South Carolina). We were eating dinner and was watching TV.... My grandmother turns over to me and asks Me if I ever watched the show "Project Runway" I was like, "I watch the Show"(Huge Fan really)We turned on the New Season of "Project Runway"and We laughed and laughed, talked about past shows and designers, at that moment I felt such a strong connection with my Grandmother!!! I always viewed Her as a Grandmother!!And only that!!(Sounds strange I know) I felt so bonded to my Grandmother, I started to cry alittle bit...

I know that doesn't sound Manly at all!!! But my grandmother is 82 and I only viewed my grandmother as my Elder and my Mothers Mom!!! My grandmother is very guarded with her feelings, she is very strict!! I never viewed Her as a person!!(Sounds weird I know) She is my Grandmother!!! It's like We can't view Our parents as People either, who had lives, and experiences before being Our Mother or Father. It's the same difference....

Anyway... I want to Say I LOVE YA GRANDMOM!!!!So anytime I put on "Project Runway" in the back of my head, I know my grandmother is watching the show at the same time.

Moving on......

I start working on this Indie Movie on Sunday and Monday coming up!! I had a chance to talk to the director and look over the script. I have my character ready. So I will be putting in some time at the gym and getting ready for that role as well... I'm excited, the idea was pitched to me like three months ago and they are working hard on this project!!! I will of course have some behind the scene footage... some of the Cast and Crew!!

So I will keep ya posted on that!!!

I will be Hosting a Gig at Splash coming soon!!! I will have more details about that coming soon!!!

Hmmmmm? What else?

Well I have to hit up the gym!!! I will post more later!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009



A Porn First!!! Wolf Hudson opens his own Bistro in Hollywood!!!


Okay I first have to say off the bat!! Black Chucky Midget at :27 in the Vid(I was bugging out)Anyway We touched on some subjects about the Industry and It was an Honest Interview...(If U dont want to sit through 8mins of footage)

On A Good Note.... I do see some productions coming out that is edgy.... Demonic Sex, LA Zombie, Focus/Refocus, Tackle, Flux, Dripping Wet 2, Curious, HeadHunters 2 bah bah bah.. all that is a good sign..

I learned alot on this trip... I'm Apart of this Industry!!! And I'm always willing to give back!!! I don't charge anybody for pictures and this and that...I give honest opinions about What moves me and what does not!!!

But I think that is the most Important Part of the Whole Interview!!! We have a Passion for this Business....because We love it!!! We don't jump in it just for the money..It's the Art, Lifestyle and all of the above.......

Yeah, We bitch and complain about Low Scene rates and quality of Productions, but at the same time, We wouldnt want to work in any other Industry....... But because It is an Industry that We work in, We get to Bitch and Moan everynow and then!!!

Goodthings I see:

I see the trends in this business from the Highs to the Lows, One trend I'm Happy to see is the Backlash starting to happen against the Bareback Studios/Sites and Movies!!!

This from Gayporntimes..The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) intends to file formal complaints against 16 adult entertainment companies tomorrow with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) in order to push for mandatory condom legislation. Wow!!! and..

No Barebacking Porn Studios or sites at IML that is huge!! It was a giant Puss filled BOIL before(Dirty Dirty Stuff)!! Opinions vary on the subject, but as Representatives of the Porn Community, We have to take responsibility sometimes!!Anyway....

And finally the Public is growing tired of Amateur(I mean really amateur!!)crap!!

People are looking for Quality nowadays....

There is material that U can see online and just wack off to. But at a Cost of Quality...the lighting is so bad, Acting is Bad, No good angles on the dick going in(What I look for)........ And lets be real!!! U want to download all that crappy porn on Ur Harddrive??? Not me!! The Web has it's place and use... All that Rockettube and DudeTude..XYTube(whatever!!) It all looks the same, The basic setup of people fucking is always the same...Basically same angel(Shot In), and no real Insertion shots, Grainy footage, Stuff shot at Night, The headless Dick shots of Guys who don't want to show their face. The Millions and millions of Solo jerkoffs online, all with grainy screens or all taken from webcams attached to their computers..or from cameras across the room aimed at the bed(trying to be clever) I watch Porn like everybody else and that TUBE shit is played out!!!!

If I'm going to pay even $20 bucks on something.... I want a Plot, Some Acting, Hot Guys/Girls, Big Cumshots, Tight Holes and a Hungry Bitch or boy loving every min of being used!! Or a whole group of the above!!!(I'm greedy)

I'm just ranting now....

What about all the Crappy Bloggers and Trash Porn Stars??? Me and Wolf Dish the shit!!!

Here is Wolf Hudson's Jack Pack List from
1. Erik Rhodes
2. Ricky Sinz
3. Damien Crosse
4. Diesel Washington
5. Jake Deckard
6. Steve Cruz
7. R.J. Danvers
8. Jackson Wild
9. Blake Riley
10. Dean Flynn
11. Damian Rios
12. Roman Heart
13. Jesse Santana
14. Jason Ridge
15. Barret Long
16. Matthew Rush
17. Francesco D'Macho
18. Mason Wyler
19. Francois Sagat
20. Wolf Hudson
21. Tory Mason
22. Rob Romoni
23. Collin O'Neal
24. Johnny Hazzard
25. Benjamin Bradley
26. Chad Hunt
27. Brent Corrigan
28. Trevor Knight
29. Christian Owen
30. Dean Coxx

The Senior Jack Pack (Popular directors of gay porn)
Chi Chi LaRue
mr. Pam
Steve Scarborough
Chris Ward
Tony Dimarco
Jett Blakk
Chris Steele
Jim Steel
Ben Leon
Doug Jeffries

Honorary members (Popular personalities in gay porn)
Sister Roma
Angel Benton
Jason Sechrest
Brandon Baker
JC Adams
Mike Stabile
Jack Shamama
Sharon Kane
Bruce Vilanch
Adam Killian

Feel free to add more......


Funny Funny Stuff!!!

I have some breaking News in Next Blog...... I have to Ask Wolf if I can talk about it!!!

Wolf is doing something Big that only I was told about.......

I have to tell people!!! Next Post I will spill the beans!!!!


The more I read the JackManly blog the more I like this guy.....

Of course He gives me shoutouts all the time(Which I love)but he really seems to know his Comic book characters and has a love of Porn!!! Call this Ass kissing or whatever!!! I was reading through his blog and I was floored at some of the stuff he was writing... Lets start at Diesel Washington as Bishop



Height 6'6' • 198 cm Weight 275 lb • 124 kg
Eye color Brown (sometimes change to Red) Hair color Black

Work*Occupation (current) Adventurer, (former) Commander in the XSE (Xavier's Security Enforcers)
Base Xavier Institute, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York
Group Affiliation Currently X-Men, formerly XSE (Xavier's Security Enforcers)

First Appearance X-MEN #282
Place of Birth A mutant relocation camp in an undisclosed location on an alternate 21st Century Earth
Relatives Shard (sister), grandmother (unnamed, deceased), Gateway (grandfather, as recently claimed by Bishop)

Powers & Abilities:
Bishop is a mutant who can absorb most types of energy directed toward him. He is then able to rechannel it through his body for concussive blasts or in the same form that was absorbed, including Storm's weather effects. This rechanneled energy is apparently able to damage beings normally immune to their own powers. The nature of his powers makes it difficult to damage him with energy-based attacks, while also enabling him to work well with any energy-using teammates.

All I can say is that It makes so much sense to me...... I have said time after time when Haters talk shit about me. It gives me energy to want to work harder and harder. So in essence its the same abilities that Bishop has. Any energy attacks against him he can absorb it and then rechannel it back at his enemies. Haters come at me hard, so in turn makes me want to work harder to throw it right back in their face. Very Very smart Mister Jack Manly... I give You huge props!!!!

Jack Manly's reviews of TAKEN

Here is Jack Manly's review of Taken(My Part:
Another flash of light and Aubrey finds himself in a cage watching sexy shadows on the wall until the towering figure of Diesel Washington appears. Washington circles the cage looking down at Aubrey with menacing sexual domination. In another corner of the room Zack Jamison is going down on Lucas Knowles while Diesel takes command of Aubrey. Eventually Diesel has control of all three of the guys and the entire scene. Here Taken goes into a whole other direction, going from a relatively quiet & moody set piece to an all-out high-energy sex romp with dialog and verbal outbursts. You can thank Diesel Washington for this scene because he goes all out for it and in the process gets the other guys to follow suit. There's no one who can bellow out orders like Diesel Washington and go hardcore on his sex partners while keeping it passionate. Diesel also throws in a new self-created sexual position into the mix for added excitement and participates in the wilder & wetter elements found in the director's cut. No two ways about it--Diesel Washington OWNS this scene with his dynamic performance.

As for the other performers in Taken there are several standouts. First is the aforementioned performance of Diesel Washington. Where or not you're into his rough & tough style it's undeniable that he gives it 100% and never does a walk through

Ahem Brother!!!!

I worked hard while I was Active in Porn.....and I'm glad that People know that!!!


Who knows what the Future will bring?????

Lets see next year!!



I'm surfing the web, and then I came upon this picture from Randy Blue, this scene stars Brandon Kent and Christian Sharp doing this move.... Now not to be an asshole but this move looks very Familiar to Me. In fact I did this same move in my Movie Telescope(I filmed that Scene in 2007, so I must be ahead of my time)...I'm flattered that alot of the younger porn stars are using my moves in their scenes. I'm thinking I should ask for a check because that is my move!! Only difference I was rimming the bottom instead of sucking him off. Its a slight difference but still the same move.(Naughty boys)

Better Yet, Randy Blue if Ur reading this....Hookup a Scene between Diesel Washington and Reese Rideout that would be a FUCKING HOT SCENE!!! I retired from DVD work but I can do Web based work!! It's Just a thought!! Think about it Randy Blue Diesel Washington and Reese Rideout!!! Would be hot!!! Think about it!!

I always surf through the web, and then I see a release from M.L. called FEET Extreme so its a fetish movie involving Feet....Hmmmm? I seem to remember a movie I did involving Feet called Telescope. In FEET Extreme I heard there was a scene involving Heavy Ass play with Feet!!! Hmmm??? I seem to remember there is a footing scene in my Movie(Telescope)I heard in FEET Extreme there is a scene where one model is footing another model, interesting????? Here is a screen capture of my Footing scene from Telescope.

So there are more models trying out things that I did a long long time ago!! I'm really flattered!!! I did not know that I impacted the Industry in such a way that people are trying my moves. I'm really flattered!!!

But let me tell ya this....while U guys are trying things I did almost two years ago I have moved on and have created Newer things......

U guys can do my moves...but People remember when they saw them first. Viewers saw the same move being done and remembered where they saw it first check out here:

Not only did they remember the move but also the creator of the move. People are smart nowadays....

And as far as Footing goes....... There are tons of Footing scenes out there.... What makes my scene different???? My scene is a double Footing, while pissing into my mouth at the same time!! Try that on for Size, I dare ya!!!!

Now I guess I will see People trying to do the "Bully" "ShotGlass" "Motorcycle" and "CannonBall" next...

I'm still flattered though...

This is one of the reasons why I retired!! I created move after move after move. Now I'm starting to see people trying to recreate these same moves.


But its funny to see People trying things I did years ago.....

More WOLF HUDSON coming Next!!!

I just had to write this blog because when Fans alerted to me that people are using my moves I was like "Oh Really????"

I'm not Mad at all!!!


In Hollywood with Wolf Hudson and I have to ask the hard hitting questions......

After walking around and checking out hand prints and foot prints, sizing up movie stars, I decided it was time to sit down with Wolf Hudson and ask the burning questions.

But First here is Wolf Hudson dancing, Mister Sagat in the background:

Fuck Wolf rips up the dance floor, Im alittle jealous that he can dance his ass off....

Anyway here is part one of the Interview, We talk Cockyboys, Grabby Hosting Gig, Teabagging, Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark(Big Shout Out)

We then have part two of the Interview with Wolf Hudson...I was tame at first because I wanted to ease him into it slowly and then attack him with the hard hitting questions. In part two, We discuss the whole Gay4pay thing, His Best Work, The Haters and the effect of the Recession and as promised a Midget. Catch the Chucky Midget at the 1:24 mark and then again at the 2:37 mark(I Shit U not!!!)Some funny funny stuff!!! And that is in Interview part two

Love Ya!!! Damian Rios!! We all know how gossip blogs are!!! This was in no way a diss!!!Hope Ur doing well..... and it was hot watching ya fuck the hell out of Tori Andrews on Cockyboys

There is One Last Interview!!!! and its shocking I will have that posted in next blog, Some Real talk from Wolf Hudson!!!!

Stay tuned People!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I already posted this Vid, but I had to put it back up again....!!!

I think its Funny as Shit!!!

Fuck it!!



So we left off at I came back to hotel after hanging out at the Here lounge watching Chi Chi LaRue spining the hits.

I came back to the hotel and went to sleep alone!!(dead tired), I wanted to hit the bed quick, because I planned a day in Hollywood with Wolf Hudson(Looking Forward to that).

Now I was kinda of bored on Sunday and I was waiting for Wolf Hudson to give a call to come and hangout with me....

I really like Wolf and was excited to hang out with him, so I waited around expecting him to call around 11am or so....

It was about 2pm when wolf called me(He over slept)we made plans to meet up at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and planned to hangout the whole day just talkiing, hanging out and of course getting some footage(we are attention hogs)Here is a Vid of Diesel Washington heading over to meet up with Wolf Hudson

Okay I finally meet up with Wolf and then we walk around the area just taking in the sites and stuff(this is my first time walking through Melrose, Sunset, Hollywood Blvd) I wanted to get as much footage as I can.

So I'm thinking up new posts while walking through and I always wanted to go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and I will tell ya the reason why:

It might sound cheap, but Don't U ever wonder the Size shoe, and Hand Print of ur favorite star?? Called it being macho or whatever....I'm 6'6 240lbs Big Hands and wear a size 15 shoe and I'm packing like 10in, So there is some truth in the myth "Big Hands or Big Feet or both mean that U have a Big Dick" I threw the idea to Wolf and Wolf was like "I wondered the same thing" I was fuck it!! Let's tape it!!

So is the myth true??

And here it is:

Okay I was in a good mood and I wanted the fans of the blog to see me walking through Grauman's Chinese Theatre Shirtless(no big thing)I wanted that footage!! Who better to get the footage then Director Wolf Hudson(LOL)
Its really some rough footage(but something is something right LOL)

It was blazing hot, and it was a quick thing Anyway....

I had to have a Performer to Performer Interview with Wolf Hudson!!!

Everybody knows my stance on this whole gay for pay crap, And the opinions are varied!! My opinion, U have to be at least Bi sexual....Wheter U identify more with Ur Gay side more or Ur Str8 side..Ur in that Gray space(Does that make sense???Probably not LOL)

I hit Wolf Hudson with some major questions

The Whole Gay4pay thing?
New Performers coming into the Industry
The State of Porn

Whoa!!! We touch on alot of subjects!!! This is going to be a crazy interview, there is even midgets in this interview(I kid U not!!) It's refreshing to sit back and talk to someone that has some much Passion for his work!!King of Kink sits down with Diesel Washington....

What would Two Porn Stars talk about while having a Protein shake??(I know sounds so hollywood LOL).....PORN OF COURSE!!

The Shocking Blog will be posted next!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm writing this blog and its hard.....

But I lost a good friend of mine....

My Camera!!

I know I know, Ur probably saying a fucking camera???!!!??

I have used the same camera for about 2 years, doing Vids taking pics all were done from this camera.

In this day and age I see tons of Porn stars at events and it seems that nobody brings their camera anymore....

They always hope that someone there will send them pics to use for their blogs or myspaces or facebooks...

I'm the King of Self promotion, so my camera is one of the most important tools for me to use. It hurts!!! That camera has been through the rain, traveling from state to state, its been dropped countless times and still managed to work when I needed it.

It captured images and pictures and some of my most creative work...

I had to write a tribute to my camera....

Without that camera, most of the images on this blog wouldn't have seen the light of day.

Oh well....time moves on and then U have to change with the times.

So here is the New Camera I'm using..

Now here is the funny part, the Pics of my New Camera were taken by my old camera(its last pictures before retirement)*sigh......It might be a corny blog in the middle of talking about my LA trip.....

But I had to change the pace alittle bit......

I have tons of footage from Hollywood just wanted to write this blog first. Since I'm using a new camera I'm still working out the bugs on how to edit the footage from the camera. I still like my old digi camera because the pictures and Vids is alittle clearer and alot easier to edit... but I will figure it out don't worry!!

So that is the reason why most of the newer Vids are hard copies and unedited so until I can figure out the right software for a cleaner edit, the Vids will be alittle rough bear with me People!!

Okay next post!!



I'm in the middle of editing more Vid and already people are talking about DIESEL VS SAGAT!!! I love this guy...We go way way back!!!It's all love!!

Well there is more and more footage....

I want to start off by saying IT'S FUCKING(using the word alot) HARD BEING DIESEL WASHINGTON AND THEN BE A REPORTER/EDITOR and all the above!! lets put it all together, what the trip was about!!

I'm in La working on Project(THAT WAS MY MAIN CONCERN), some clients, being interviewed, interviewing, networking, and getting footage of Hollywood, running from party to party. It was a crazy weekend!!! Very crazy!!


I left off at leaving "INDUSTRY" and getting some food with Sagat and Wolf and some of the people that worked on the LA Zombie set. I was very curious to hear about the movie. It stars Sagat, Eric Rhodes, D' Macho(love ya),Adam Killan(superstar), Wolf Hudson(My buddy)and others. I was just Floored at some of the pics on set(which I saw on!! Whoa!! but let me go back a bit:

Let me be honest with you people!!! I'm all way on the East Coast and I always read the Blogs and Web mags to find out what is happening in LA. So when I have the chance to see first hand what happens out there I'm honored. I'm sitting home and hearing about this movie LA Zombie....and then Bam!! I'm having dinner with Sagat, Wolf Hudson, and talking to the people who are editing the movie, starring in the movie, Directing the Movie, and the photographers on set bah bah. So I'm seeing all these images of the movie before it even comes out(Top Secret stuff).

Back to Dinner, I hate to be one of those guys that always has the camera on. I do porn, so I know it because annoying when someone has a camera in Ur face. But how many times am I going to be in Hollywood??(Hopefully many more)

I gave the camera a break at the table and just relaxed, Its great having two Huge performers around to bounce ideas off of. We had a chance to talk about the business and the movie and just relax without being Porn stars....

And on Record!! I love Sagat's Duck tape the same time I got props for my Buffalo Bill Vid from both Sagat and Wolf!!(Means alot)And they agreed that I took it in the best direction and stayed committed to the character... Anyway...

U ever notice when Ur out with People for Dinner, and everything is great. Why does everybody tend to get awkward when the bill comes? Everybody has to look at the check to figure out Who had what?? How much to Tip???And all that stuff???. Luckily there were no problems and we paid the check and headed to the LA Zombie party Here is the Vid anyway:

And Love the Pimp ring line(Same Ring I wore in Redlight)

Here is some footage from the LA Zombie party. So I was invited to a Post Production party of LA Zombie...

And More

Sorry about the quick Vids but U have to understand I'm out at the Party and having fun just chilling...... I don't want to keep pulling out my camera left and right to get footage. So U have to bear with me People..... I'm not in LA very much so I was trying to get as much as I can...but at the same time have fun for myself.

So.....after the LA Zombie party I headed over to the HERE Lounge with Wolf Hudson....

Let me say something about Wolf Hudson..I like him alot... He is very Laid back, Myself??, I tend to be an over thinker and everything has to be thought out unless I'm living in the moment!!! I'm alittle crazy, abit Bipolar but Wolf didn't seem to mind and I enjoy his company highly!! I really mean that!!!Big Shout Out to Wolf.

Moving on....

Quick Vid of Chi Chi LaRue tearing up the turntables!! Work that shit!! Chi Chi!!

So I'm at the Here Lounge sucking on Tory Mason's ear, playing with Ryan Raz and his Ass. And just hanging out, meeting new People. So many People was out this weekend and too many stories to tell.... to many opportunities came my Way!!


I left the party and headed over to the hotel.....Alone(I was exhausted)!!

So be ready for PartII tommorrow...

Hint, In Hollywood with Wolf Hudson having some fun.... LOL


I went over to Jason Curious/Josh Griffin's party called "Industry" and what a blast!!! So many Porn stars around WOW!!!

At events like this, I always want to get behind the camera and capture all the action. I forget sometimes that I'm apart of the action at the same time. While I like to report on the action happening at the party, most people want me in front of the camera, either for Interview or to take pictures.

I have always said that I'm a fan of porn myself.... so when I see Porn stars that I only read about online and then see them in person I get star struck sometimes(hey I'm Porn Fan as well)sometimes I want to kick myself... Because I will be there in the moment, just talking to these hot men and I forget to turn on the camera to get footage of it.

So lets start it off:

I was done with the project and went back to hotel to shower and change and headed to "Industry" this is me walking right in on Cameron Marshall dancing

Talking to Jason Curious

Talking to Ryan Raz

Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Rob Romoni

I started walking around and I ran into Porn star after Porn star. Cameron Marshall and Cameron Adams

One of my good buddies Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson and Mister Sagat calling me out on camera.

CHI CHI and Sagat talking

Diesel Washington, Wolf Hudson, Mister Sagat

At this point, Diesel, Wolf, Sagat wanted to get some food. So we headed outside to grab a bite to eat and talk over business...

In the Next post LA Zombie Party....


At this moment......

I was sworn to silence about the project.....

I even called the producers of the project to see if I could at least mention the other model that I worked with.....

Waiting on an Answer.....

Stay tuned!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Okay I was in LA over the weekend and what a weekend it is.......

I had a chance to Network, Work, Party and then go Site seeing... One weekend is not enough time to take in LA. I need at least a week in LA to see everything. Opportunities for work were everywhere!!!.

In a Nutshell, the basic summary of the trip:

I touched down Thursday night(feeling broke from flight)as soon as I hit West Hollywood. I dropped my stuff at the Hotel and then hit up the Hot spots. I headed over to Mickey's and then the O Bar(U heard that already)I stopped by the UnZipped Office(U saw that) I then had some business to handle the rest of Friday Day/Night(Escorting)and Bright early Saturday I worked on the Hush Hush Project....

It was Long.....Very Long....but I worked as hard as I could to get the project done. I'm excited about the finished project and can't wait for people to see it...

I then went to "Industry" hangout with other the Porn Stars, then went to a Post production party for LA Zombie with Bruce La Bruce, I then headed to Here Lounge to see Chi Chi spinning the hits that night.

Next Day I went Site Seeing with Wolf Hudson, hit up some of the Hot Spots in Hollywood and that was the trip.

It may sound boring.....but I had my camera the whole time I was down there and I was filming at every party I attended.

So I have some great footage of Behind the Scenes of my Hush Hush project..... I have footage of Mister Sagat, Wolf Hudson, Chi Chi LaRue, Cameron Marshall, Cameron Adams, Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Ryan Raz and so many others.

I just need time to edit everything and then I can put up the Vids

Bear with me, I had to film it, edit it, and post it.

I enjoy filming, and I love to be behind the camera for a change!

Anyway stay tuned for the Footage!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay I'm here in L.A......

It's so nice outside.....but lets forget that crap and talk about the action so far!!

I touched down last Night, I was able to catch the Last bits at Mickeys where Scotty B had Matthew Rush and Mister D'Macho in attendance. Big Shout out to the Bunny Raper!!! Where is the Hooker Bunny???? Did he come with ya??(Private Joke sorry about that)Hmmm.... Big Shout Out to Matthew Rush!! Ur scene with Mister Sagat HOT HOT HOT!!!

So far the places that I took in.....Mickeys and O Bar and that was last night. Also managed to picked up some hottie last night. For some Late night Fun.....But I couldn't finish the job(Bust My Load)so I just fucked the kid and made him Cum multi times....He has such the cutest Fuck faces!!! Yum...

At Mickey's I ran into the People running And was too busy playing around with Phillip Ashton(Such a Cutie). But I did make it known that I would love to Work with Zack Randall(maybe one day). I was offered to work with Zack years ago but at the time I was signed with Titan.... Things have changed now... So maybe one day that will happen!!

I was then at the O Bar and ran into this Cute Kid I met in New York previous.....Let's put it this way.... That Kid was out looking for Poppers after 20mins of us talking.. We went back to Hotel... I proceeded to fuck him over and over...He came two or three times(I did not, have to save my energy)we fell asleep and then the Kid had to work the next morning...

To get my day started, I called up the Boys at Unzipped Mag I just wanted to stop by and see the guys in the Office(they always blog good things about me). Everybody was so nice, and I got to see where all the magic happens. I even got to see the Mystery Blogger behind Unzipped.........

I had some choice words for Zach over there at Unzipped(Just playing its ajoke)and they caught this Picture of me in the Office.

I got to meet alot of the staff over there at Unzipped..... Let me Tell U people one thing about Unzipped....... They got some cuties working over there .. Yummy..... I didn't catch his name there was some hottie with Chin Strap(facial hair)cute boy, I had to introduce myself to him....YUM!! Zach is a sweetheart, and love his sense of humor, Lindsay(yes a girl)she is so hardcore and loves the same models that I watch and Admire(Dred Scott, Cole Tucker bah bah bah) Blonde boy Winston is a crack up, I had to put him in the "Bully"(dont worry nobody got hurt)Everybody was asking me so many questions about Porn and It seems the Question of the Day was "Why Retire???" So I had to answer that question alot. So many guys running around there that were so nice, I instantly vibe with everybody there. There was one stand out...... and I'm putting him on Blast!!!

Hi Rick...... Yes I have to talk about ya.... In a good way....And if Ur Reading this Rick.....WHERE THE FUCK DID U GET THAT BUBBLE ASS FROM!????!!! I don't know the titles of the workers there...but I did catch the name of the Bubble Butt!!! So Hello Rick....I hate to objectify a person....but damn!!!! Bubble butt Rick I had to put ya on Blast!!!! He has that kind of Ass that U want to put Ur drink on and Ashtray on, that way U don't spill Ur drink, and have some where to ash Ur blunt while u fuck him(in my eyes). Well I didn't want to over stay my welcome..... I tend to talk too much and the Unzipped people have to get back to work, they don't need me around bugging them. It was good to stop by and see how the other half lives!! I do the porn, and they report about it, in this industry u need to have that working relationship everybody.

Anyway....I want to enjoy the rest of the day...

The rest of the day will be spent in the gym, and some clients here and there... I will wait until the night time and maybe go out for some drinks.

I will post later....I want to walk around and get some Pictures now!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Anyway I'm at the airport...

It sucks because I missed my flight to LA..

But Don't worry People I'm flying into Burbank instead..

So I'm still coming..

It sucks because I had to pay 100 extra to get on flight..But its okay!!

I wanted to post a quick blog just letting people know I'm on my way.

And to whom ever wrote that Post at UnZipped!!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's about time!!!

I'm all packed up for my trip to LA and I'm sure that I will have the best time out there!! I guess word got around that I will be in LA, thank you Jason Curious for Ur shotout on ur blog about coming to INDUSTRY on Sat 6pm-11pm, and then there is a party at the HERE lounge I will be attending that as well.. I'm going to have a blast out there People. LA here I come and I'm giving you People a Heads Up now!!! Moving on....

The Project I'm working on......????It sucks because I have to be Hush Hush on everything...... I'm doing a Huge project that will cause quite the storm!!!

I want to give hints and clues but I'm not(Don't U hate that shit)!!!

I want People to be surprised!!

Anyway the spider bite is doing fine, the dick is great!!!All that leaves is the Body!!!

People I shit U not.....I have been running, dieting hard to slice up this body!!! And its at 90% I'm happy with the outcome so far......

I still have two more days of working out, and that will bring me to 100% I plan to show people....Even though I have retired, my body will still be able to compete with the best(Bold Words yes and I will live by them)

Anyway what else?......

Finally more positive feedback is coming in about Dexter DeLarge being Buffalo Bill. At first, I was overwhelmed with emails saying what happened to me??? And hated that I took the Direction of the trashy, tweaked out style for the Video. Positive Feedback outweighed the negative feedback...which is good. I was alittle upset that people couldn't see the acting, attention to detail and the Passion I put into that Video... Yeah call it a corny Youtube Vid.... But someone will watch and go wow!! Diesel dropped the sexy bit, aggressive alpha male attitude, and played against stereotype. At the same time, I knew I was going to get the negative reaction....

I will take every drop of that negative feeds me!! Makes me want to work harder and harder!!! I have to keep choosing different roles, so I can show people that I have depth..

I remember when People ripped apart Will Smith for playing a Gay character in a Movie...And actually having a simulated Sex scene with another male in the scene. Six Degrees of Separation was the name of the movie...Go way back with me People!! In hindsight it was a great move for Will and jumped his career.

I'm no Will Smith....I'm a retired Porn Star who is trying to get into Acting....Will I be successful??? Who knows???? But I have to try right? I just don't want to do Porn.. I want to Do some Indie films(which I am)and just look for other opportunities. Why should I stop at Performer of Year in Gay Porn???? I love the Porn Industry with Such a Passion!!! But I still want to see what this Big Guy Can Do??

Let me see..... I'm African American, over 30, with a Porn past, Live in New York, Not a trained Actor, Limited Experience on stage, Gap in his teeth, 420 head....bah bah bah.... And I want to make it big in Acting?????

Hmmm??? I thought the same thing when I decided to do porn......

Look what happened since...

Think about it, LOL

It can Happen!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's the "Editor"...

Whoa!!!Whoa!!! The emails are flying.......about Buffalo Bill character!!!

Lets set the record straight, First off the bat, No I'm not a serial killer..Or want to be one..Secondly, Why theses skits? Out Of hundreds and hundreds of skits..Why this one??? When I first saw this movie, yeah everybody was into the "Hannibal" character..But Buffalo Bill was Insane!!! Classic Classic Scene!!All round Excellent Film!!! And Lastly the most important statement!!!! I went all out on this Vid!!!

I wasn't going for sexy....In fact!! I was pushing the gut out(trying to look like "A Big Girl"LOL)That was the most important part of the piece!! It would have been too easy to lie back and be hot and sexy and Porn Star the Buffalo Bill character.....FUCK THAT!!! I wanted to commit to not trying to be sexy.... show the character's trashy side like from the movie verison. I love characters!! I wanted to disturb people...with the images!! And the Body Language... That was the hard one, I wasn't going to do the body builder stiff dance...No to the sexy go go Boy dance.... I went Big Disco Queen style!!! Nailed it!

Make up and gear:

Now this was hard, I did this Vid on the fly... so the clothes was easy and the makeup was easy (Dexter Delarge eye)..

Stockings...Now in the movie the buffalo bill character wears Stockings...I drew the line at wearing stockings...But the Old school way of wearing Stocking Mask(old Robber style)Was a nice spin on it, looking at the vid it looks like I have a pony tail(that is what I was going for)I drew the line at wearing a wig!!

And the classic Stance!! I didn't know how much youtube would let me get away with...

But I can already hear the haters saying...U played the part alittle too well!!!! I wanted to Shock!!! I have some acting skills people and U will see them.... Geez....

It was a Piece!! The thing about Acting....If U commit!! If u really Commit!!! U will get that reaction!!

And It did just that!!!

I just wanted to play that part so bad!!!


I fucking love it!!

Moving on.....

This blog has been ongoing since 2005... Yes that long.....

Have I ever asked U people for a Dime!!!???????!!!!

Do You See all these Ads on my Site Running!!!!???!!!NOT A ONE!!

I don't have a wish list, or sell my underwear, or socks I don't sell T-shirt's,...And I don't have a problem with that....I just want to make it clear that I just write a blog and put ideas together.. Funny, Different, Weird all the above!!!

Should I get paid for doing this????.....Of course!!!

Just Wait and See......



One of my All time Favorite Movies...... Hands down!!!! I love the Scene with Buffalo Bill and he is wearing the skin and does the dance......

I always wanted to do that Skit.....But of Course I would have to it Dexter DeLarge style!!!

U Bitches can't handle Dexter!!!! I will cut ur fucking throat out!!!!

Fuck Fuck!!!

This is Paying A Tribute.........


And the Actually Vid Dexter DeLarge as "Buffalo Bill"

Dexter DeLarge went all out for the Vid I think its Incredible!!!Instead of going for the Funny...Dexter took it to a Dark Place....

Dexter U are so creative yet dark.... I don't get ya????

Before U bitches even talk....No there is no bump on my Lip(clump on Lip..that was the Lipstick,U can tell I dont know how to put on Lip stick) I thought I WOULD TALK ABOUT THAT BEFORE CUNTS START RUNNING THEIR MOUTH!!


Of Course there are tributes that are so fucking funny.... "Clerks Buffalo Bill"

And of Course Family Guy:

Saturday, August 08, 2009


I'm really liking this song by Pink........Yeah I kinda of Old and the bandwagon when it comes to music.... But something about Pink..... makes me like her. Its almost like She knows she's bitch.....but..... at the same time Its hard to be humble and stand out at the same time.

Anyway I have been called conceited many times.......I don't think I'm conceited...I don't work around thinking I have the hottest body or the hottest face. I'm just confident in my skills....I have said this before..

Cocky I have been called.... I will admit to some of that.... And sometimes I can be an Asshole.... But I have been jaded by so many people in this business and outside of the business.. It kinda of wears on ya sometimes.... Ur expected to be an Asshole... and when Ur not some People tend to want to take advantage someway.. When ur an Asshole... U in many ways command a certain level of respect.... I walk the fine line of being an Asshole and Just being a Reg Person.

I think I'm a reg person who has a few issues... but at the same time I can Be Ur Best Friend...... Cross me... And I can be the worst enemy that U have ever come across....Moving on...

I found an Old Interview that was taken at the GayVn's early this year, here it goes:

Well If nobody remembers I didn't Win Best Top, Or Best Performer, Or Best Sex Scene Duo.... I thought it was a funny Vid and I was half drunk in it... Enjoy!!

Oh I will try to be alot nicer when I'm in La next week..... I have been coming off like an Asshole here in NYC because People have been pushing my button lately..

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Okay People this will be a long post........

Lets jump right into it:

Surprise People!!! I will be in LA working on a project that will be huge!!! Yes I have retired from Making movies....but that doesn't mean I have quit the porn business entirely!!!

So Diesel Washington will be in LA Thursday Aug 13 - to Sunday Aug 16 working on something Hush Hush!!!

I tried to contact Scotty B, I see on his schedule he has two huge stars showcasing at the time I will be down there. Sorry Scotty but I get in late night so I'm going to mess that gig. I still want to do Cocktail with the Stars....... *sigh moving on...

I'm putting Jason Curious on blast!!!!! I tried to send word to Mister Curious that I will be in LA, I guess I will sneak into his gig and show some support!!! Besides he has some cute boys at DV8 casting(his talent agency)I got my eye on LANCE BENNETT, CHASE HARDING, Trent Magnum they are yummy. I'm sure there will be some hotties on hand! So to the Fans in LA I will be at Jason/Josh's gig "INDUSTRY" so I'm giving u Fans the heads Up about that....

Also I'm working very closely with, Speaking of I will be featured in their 2010 calendar seen here:

I'm in this year's calendar right now!!! Also will be having a monthly gig, at one of the Big Gay clubs here in NYC I was offered an MCing gig, I was honored that I was offered the Gig. Look for more Information on that(coming soon!!) Hustlaball NYC 2009 is on Oct 13 and I will be working with the Rentboy people on that gig as well..... so Book Ur tickets now!!! go to, I'm told that Hustlaball will be big this year, and I will make sure that Hustlaball will be one of the hottest parties in NYC that weekend!!! I will be very hands on that Project.

I was asked to be in a Independent movie being filmed in Late August, I was cast as a Leather Slave Master, but this is not a porno. I will have a better Idea when the script is sent to me. What I get from the Writer/Director its some sort of Dream sequence that the main character has and I will be the Abuser in his dream/nightmare. Trying to break out and do other things, Acting being one of those things. Wish me Luck

Since I have retired I have alot of free time and I still want to be a part of the industry in one way or another!!! I reported last year that I wouldn't return to Folsom Fair........ I might rethink that idea....... I have some slaves that want to go badly..... and really want Daddy to go!!! I will Update the Fans if I decide to go.... that Decision will come after the weekend!!! Folsom is usually on the last Sunday in Sept, due to recession I will pimp out my boys to cover expenses on trip(if i decide to go)moving on yet again....

I hear Raging Stallions has started production on their Big Epic movie.......Why did I decide to retire before being a part of that??? Oh well...... Good luck to the models that are apart of that production.... I'm sure the movie will be the biggest hit this year!!! Grunts....To the Last Man..... what's next????

Speaking of what's next.....Who the Fuck is Jason Crystal???????? This guy is everywhere..... He has done site after site after site...... When I came into the industry, I was warned about becoming too overexposed. I was told that being overexposed was a bad thing... I'm starting to question that, Leo Giamani worked for every company out there(almost)and even did a huge number of bareback Vids, but the Industry embraced him open arms, since then he has fucked or gotten fucked by every Up and Cummer, and then had the pleasure of being partnered with every Big name model in the industry!!! U can't get more Exposure than Leo got!!! At least that is what I thought.... Seeing this Jason Crystal on everything!!! I guess he will be embraced like Leo Giamani, and then signed to a dual exclusive deal with Randy Blue and Falcon.(I still don't get it???) This doesn't take anything from these guys, Leo is smoking hot and Jason is a hottie as well..... but there used to be rules in this game, I guess anything goes nowadays!!!

Lets explore this:

There was a time when Studios only wanted to sign New, Fresh faces as Exclusives. Or sign someone that had done limited work in the industry... That seemed to be the norm..
I see the new trend happening, and I will give examples. First off the bat, it seems that Studios are calling upon models that have done extensive Amateur work now!! These veterans of amateur work are being called up to the Big leagues for work, and it makes sense. These so called amateurs have a built in fan base from the amateur work. So they are like a win win situation.... Studios don't have to take a chance on hiring someone that has no experience in the porn world. There is a recession going on, so every penny counts and not one penny is going to be wasted on some New Jack that can't perform properly when u have a budget to deal with. Examples of this, David Taylor worked on many amateur sites, then was used by Jake Cruise, JetSet, Channel 1, and then signed with Raging Stallions, Vince Ferelli worked many amateur sites on his way up, then worked with JetSet, Colt, Mustang, and then was signed by Hot House. Leo Giamani we talked about already, Ryan Raz did a ton of work on amateur sites, then worked for Hot House, Colt, M.L.'s company, Falcon and then signed with Raging Stallion. Samuel Colt worked on various Fetish sites, Jet Set, Raging Stallions and then was signed by Mustang. Will Parker did alot of amateur work for Chaosmen and then signed with Titanmen.

This isn't a bad thing...... If I was running a company I wouldn't sign anybody sight unseen either. But I remember a time when studios wouldn't sign somebody who made their rounds at every studio. Times are different now!!! Money is tight!!! Nobody wants to take a risk on someone nowadays, they are willing to cast them in a movie but as far as signing them.... that is a whole different story.

I know someone will read into this post and say that I'm finger pointing or some kind of bullshit like that.....But Diesel Washington made his round on some Amateur sites as well...... I started on Gay4pay shit)then I then did an "Audition" for M.L. and then was signed by Titanmen. But it seems that Studios are looking for models that already have a built in audience nowadays.

So some free advice to New Models looking to break into the business..........start with Amateur work first and build Ur fan base(don't go the gay4pay way)when u built a strong fan base then hit up the studios they will hire ya exclusive based on the new trend I see.

So lets keep Our eyes peeled, Jason Crystal will soon do Studio work(if he hasn't already) and one of these companies will sign him Exclusive.........but which company will it be???? The Countdown has started!!

I know people will hate me for this post...... but don't hate me because I speak the truth!!!!

I want to speak about some Observations I have made lately:

I know there is a recession...........but

Hot House hasn't put out many projects lately.... and alot of stuff they are filming is for their Backroom.. I see Johnny Gunn is a free agent now...Ty LeBeouf free agent hmmmmm????

Colt has been quiet lately.... and the only thing coming out of there is their BuckShot line of twinks productions..... the last thing they had with their "Men" I think is "Muscleheads" I know they have something in the can lets wait and see.

Titan is working hard and with Full Access and some of Tony Buff's projects hitting hard they are staying busy over there. It was leaked that they have another Folsom movie due out in time for Folsom Fair.... Oh and they signed another Exclusive and I heard this one Can suck his own dick.....Nice. If I could do that I wouldn't leave my house.

JetSet has been working hard this year, they have so much in the can with their Str8 edge serious and they are turning out hits like Tackle, Screwed, CarJackers Im glad they are releasing work left and right.

Raging Stallions has a monster Hit with the Visitor and soon to drop is I think The Trap.....they are in production with their Epic so they are making hits as usual.

Falcon is hard at work all the time.....they have The Trainer(in heavy rotation in my watch time) Ringside is out...Soon dropping is Dripping Wet 2 and they have an untitled movie with Nash Lawler getting fucked dropping later.

I usually don't do this...... but I have to give M.L. a big shout out for MEN OF ISRAEL!!! It's good!!!...... I want to hate it, but I can't, it was shot so beautiful!!! OMG the men are hot!!! and the action between the models is hot, it seems that every model performed to the best of their ability in this movie. The Men are dark, hairy, and sexy....... The Men of color in his movie really are standouts in today's market of Pale/tanned twinks or Twunks. He has Men in this Movie!!! Hairy Dark, Men. I have to give you credit M.L. u gave the Industry an amazing glance into Israel.

And finally........whew!!! SOMEONE TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE!!!!

That Mike Stabile is no longer at Naked Sword........this has to be a rumor!!!!! Mike if U are reading this Please email me!!!!

If it's true(which I hope its not)Mike I had a little crush on ya. I never hit on ya but I still remember the piece u did way back in 2006 with Factory Video. Ur report on Cum eating from coast to coast was something that I have thought about even to this day.... U were so casual in Ur interview with that Cum slut!!!! U asked the hard hitting questions like "What State has the best tasting cum" "What turns U on about Cum?" And Ur interview style was impressive, seems like Factory Video made you a believer in Cum eating(at least I hope they did)

Oh and a big shout out to Paul and Jay at u guys still give me press..... and I really thank U guys.

Well I really have to thank all the bloggers and Webmags


And every other site that showed me love.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It's funny...I'm getting hate email that says I'm living in the past.....

The Entertainment business is about What is Happening now!!! The Past is the Past and should stay in the Past....

So what I retired!!! So the Fuck What???!!?? I put out 5 movies this year alone(All Hot!!) So I can promote those movies over and over if I wanted...Shit I can Promote the movies I did in 2006(All Hot!!)I have no problem doing that!! Each year a new generation gets a hold of those movies(Old/New)and get turned on by watching the action.

Living in the Past???.... How Can I be living in the past??? When I haven't seen One Performer (Top of course)that can do the things on Camera that I can do. I invested alot of Energy and Time in creating those Jaw breaking moments when U watch my scenes(I'm talking shit now!!LOL)

I get the Performing Itch everytime I surf the web, I see the new scenes coming out and I'm like "I could be fucking that Bottom or that One" I see the Big boys pulling out all the stops and going for the gusto!!! I get jealous all the time!!!!

Look at the News now...Nash Lawler gave up the Ass to Ty Colt(I want this Kid!!)here are my thoughts: First Off the Bat, Nash Lawler giving up the Ass, everybody knew that was going to happen sooner or later(Falcon picked up the Tab on that one)giving it up to Ty Colt, good move..... the kid is hot!! But If Nash wanted to go out with a bang!!! He should have been paired with a Power Top that could have really worked his hole. Don't get me wrong!! I think Ty Colt is way hot........

Okay I will be Honest..I want to fuck Ty Colt!!! I don't picture Ty Colt a Top in my fantasy... I picture him all Bottom!!! With Me just ripping into his hole!!! Trying to push every Inch of my shaft deep inside of him until I see his eyes roll to the back of his head... When I watch Ty topping in a scene I'm too busy watching his Ass or Face while he's fucking..... My eyes are glued to his pink asshole........So he is probably a good top... Alas my eyes only see him as a Bottom.

Nash Lawler bottoming...probably will be a hot scene!! Congrats Mister Nash......

A bigger scene would be Ty Colt bottoming for Diesel Washington.......IM PUTTING THIS OUT THERE AND ON RECORD!!!


The size difference is crazy!! The two different skin colors clashing together in a hot fuck!! Just thinking about it makes me precum!! Falcon teased Us with Ty playing with toys and shoving other things up his ass....Give him the real thing now!!


MAKE IT HAPPEN FALCON!!! I just had to write about Ty Colt it has been a long time since I talked about him. Okay moving on.....

This Post is called Living in the Past so lets do just that!!

I usually wouldn't promote illegal downloads, I'm a performer and I think that my work should be paid for because I put alot of work in each of my roles. Call me an asshole but this is how I feel!!! The take on it from the Company stand point is its illegal and will not be tolerated and out comes the Lawyers to shut down the site!!

But every once and a while there is a piece of an illegally downloaded scene that is put together, remixed and made into something that is beautiful and captures the mood of the scene so well....

This is one of those times:

Who ever made the Vid, used scenes from Double Standard U can get that movie from

I don't understand the words at all.... but the passion of the song seems to go so well with Concept of the scene....

I can't promote the author of the Vid because they used pieces of copyrighted material. That is wrong!!

But at the same time...the song they used is so fitting for the scene. The Author calls it An Impossible Passion!! They made it almost into a Music Vid......

The first time I saw the Vid I was like......Damn it looks like a Music Video by a Latin Band!!!!

I worked hard on this scene.....there was little chemistry on set. I worked my ass off to show as much passion as I possible could. I accomplished that.

This scene went on to be nominated for Best Duo Sex scene for the 2009 Grabbys Awards. The scene also won the Hard Choice Award for Most Passionate Sex Scene, I'm honored that this scene was recogized for the passion I tried to convey in the scene.

So again So What I'm living in the Past.....

The work I did in the past was redone and turned into something beautiful that had a story behind it.

But again the scene is from Double Standard and its for purchase from, go to the site and get the real copy, the real copy has all the sex and the big cum shots at the end of the scene.

Another reason why I put the Vid on my blog, the Vid could almost be a trailor for the movie. And it shows a different side of me....... that maybe some people wouldn't have seen without buying the movie or scene. It was put together well...

Anyway this was another post for ya Kids, got to run!!

TRIBUTE TO BILLY MAYS (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Now if U don't know who Billy Mays is..........Here is a sample.. His first Oxiclean Infomerical

U must have been living under a Rock...Billy Mays was the face and voice of Oxiclean, KaBoom, Awesome Auger, he was one of the best pitchmen in the business. His Kaboom infomerical:

And the Awesome Auger:

If U guys don't know what a pitchman is....

A Pitchman, is A hawker of small wares, as on the streets or at a carnival. One who makes aggressive selling or promotional efforts. One who delivers commercials on radio or television.

That is the Text book version of what a Pitchman is, Pitching an idea or product takes so much skill, effort and energy. I have alot of respect for the Pitchman, the ability to get behind a product or idea and being able to sell that product or idea to millions of people is almost like having a super power.

The only tools that a Pitchman has is their Face, Voice, Hands, Body Language and they have to use all of them at once to hold a person's attention, convey a message and make the audience interested in the product.

When I was a kid growing up I used to go to the Car shows here in NYC and there was always Pitchmen that sold products at the Car Show, wheter it was Kitchen tools, cleaners, towels, bah bah bah. I would be amazed to see the shows that these Pitchman would do for Tips from the audience and see how many units these Pitchmen would sell.

In the Sex Industry, Pitchmen would be the "Pimps" it sounds funny but its the truth!!! Pimps had a product(Hookers)and would sell them on every street corner because it was a product, it was the Law of Supply and Demand!! Pimps used colorful language and the basic theme was Sell Sell Sell(That Ass and Pussy)

Back to Billy Mays..... this man was a selling machine...He had the look, the character and the Voice.

Alot of People didn't realize that Billy Mays was a Character, he had the Classic Blue shirt on(Which gave impression that he was the Average hardworking man) Tan Chino pants(Dressy but Casual at same time) White T-shirt under the Blue Shirt(When the work became tough, the blue shirt came off, showing White Tee, Classic Hard worker, besides it covered his chest hair LOL) And his signature Beard(it was almost like that was his Mask to hide his secret identity) I'm no Bear chaser, but I could see how the Bear Community(Heavy Set, Hairy Men)would go Ape shit over this Pop Icon.

Billy Mays was a PitchMan that everybody could look up to, he wasn't that greasy Used car salesman kinda of Pitchman. He brought class to the Pitchmen, before people believed that Pitchmen were these snake oil selling types, quick talking, using smooth lines with always something to sell. Billy made it into a Art Form, he used a character, who wore a Uniform, had a certain Voice tone and had a hard hitting Pitch that caught ur attention. U may not recogize him but u saw his infomericals and remembered his voice.

This post is a tribute to Billy Mays.... yeah it's kinda of late doing.... but I always wanted to do a verison of Billy Mays selling something....

So here is Diesel Washington as Billy Mays selling...... of course Diesel Washington!!!

The Youtube is for all the New models coming into the Industry looking for work!! Instead of Ass kissing on ur blogs looking for work, or mass emailing companies looking for work. U might as welll make an Infomerical and get ur point across that way... Instead of all the Ass kissing online for work.

More Billy Mays here is the Gansta Verison of Billy Mays
Very Funny vid

Before Billy Mays passed he was challenged by Vince ShamWow guy Vid here

Billy Mays was one of a Kind and speaks his mind:

So U new bloggers out there......U can't touch me!!! I write this blog for entertainment and try different things!!! U guys have a long way to go to match me for blogs.