Thursday, August 20, 2009


Okay I first have to say off the bat!! Black Chucky Midget at :27 in the Vid(I was bugging out)Anyway We touched on some subjects about the Industry and It was an Honest Interview...(If U dont want to sit through 8mins of footage)

On A Good Note.... I do see some productions coming out that is edgy.... Demonic Sex, LA Zombie, Focus/Refocus, Tackle, Flux, Dripping Wet 2, Curious, HeadHunters 2 bah bah bah.. all that is a good sign..

I learned alot on this trip... I'm Apart of this Industry!!! And I'm always willing to give back!!! I don't charge anybody for pictures and this and that...I give honest opinions about What moves me and what does not!!!

But I think that is the most Important Part of the Whole Interview!!! We have a Passion for this Business....because We love it!!! We don't jump in it just for the money..It's the Art, Lifestyle and all of the above.......

Yeah, We bitch and complain about Low Scene rates and quality of Productions, but at the same time, We wouldnt want to work in any other Industry....... But because It is an Industry that We work in, We get to Bitch and Moan everynow and then!!!

Goodthings I see:

I see the trends in this business from the Highs to the Lows, One trend I'm Happy to see is the Backlash starting to happen against the Bareback Studios/Sites and Movies!!!

This from Gayporntimes..The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) intends to file formal complaints against 16 adult entertainment companies tomorrow with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) in order to push for mandatory condom legislation. Wow!!! and..

No Barebacking Porn Studios or sites at IML that is huge!! It was a giant Puss filled BOIL before(Dirty Dirty Stuff)!! Opinions vary on the subject, but as Representatives of the Porn Community, We have to take responsibility sometimes!!Anyway....

And finally the Public is growing tired of Amateur(I mean really amateur!!)crap!!

People are looking for Quality nowadays....

There is material that U can see online and just wack off to. But at a Cost of Quality...the lighting is so bad, Acting is Bad, No good angles on the dick going in(What I look for)........ And lets be real!!! U want to download all that crappy porn on Ur Harddrive??? Not me!! The Web has it's place and use... All that Rockettube and DudeTude..XYTube(whatever!!) It all looks the same, The basic setup of people fucking is always the same...Basically same angel(Shot In), and no real Insertion shots, Grainy footage, Stuff shot at Night, The headless Dick shots of Guys who don't want to show their face. The Millions and millions of Solo jerkoffs online, all with grainy screens or all taken from webcams attached to their computers..or from cameras across the room aimed at the bed(trying to be clever) I watch Porn like everybody else and that TUBE shit is played out!!!!

If I'm going to pay even $20 bucks on something.... I want a Plot, Some Acting, Hot Guys/Girls, Big Cumshots, Tight Holes and a Hungry Bitch or boy loving every min of being used!! Or a whole group of the above!!!(I'm greedy)

I'm just ranting now....

What about all the Crappy Bloggers and Trash Porn Stars??? Me and Wolf Dish the shit!!!

Here is Wolf Hudson's Jack Pack List from
1. Erik Rhodes
2. Ricky Sinz
3. Damien Crosse
4. Diesel Washington
5. Jake Deckard
6. Steve Cruz
7. R.J. Danvers
8. Jackson Wild
9. Blake Riley
10. Dean Flynn
11. Damian Rios
12. Roman Heart
13. Jesse Santana
14. Jason Ridge
15. Barret Long
16. Matthew Rush
17. Francesco D'Macho
18. Mason Wyler
19. Francois Sagat
20. Wolf Hudson
21. Tory Mason
22. Rob Romoni
23. Collin O'Neal
24. Johnny Hazzard
25. Benjamin Bradley
26. Chad Hunt
27. Brent Corrigan
28. Trevor Knight
29. Christian Owen
30. Dean Coxx

The Senior Jack Pack (Popular directors of gay porn)
Chi Chi LaRue
mr. Pam
Steve Scarborough
Chris Ward
Tony Dimarco
Jett Blakk
Chris Steele
Jim Steel
Ben Leon
Doug Jeffries

Honorary members (Popular personalities in gay porn)
Sister Roma
Angel Benton
Jason Sechrest
Brandon Baker
JC Adams
Mike Stabile
Jack Shamama
Sharon Kane
Bruce Vilanch
Adam Killian

Feel free to add more......


Funny Funny Stuff!!!

I have some breaking News in Next Blog...... I have to Ask Wolf if I can talk about it!!!

Wolf is doing something Big that only I was told about.......

I have to tell people!!! Next Post I will spill the beans!!!!


Anonymous said...

definitely would Like to add TYLER SAINT, RICKY SINZ to that and definitely take Dean Coxx and Rob Romoni off

Eggz said...

oh Jeez, its him!! the park we sat at.. oh gosh, memories

Anonymous said...

this is the anonymous industry insider that hates you so much...wolf isnt doing shit big at all...if his little scene he just shot with francois faget (who really needs to be topping cause he doesnt look right getting fucked and i know wolf wont look right fucking him) then your mistaken...wolk is a huge star right now even though hes as ugly as opussum