Monday, August 10, 2009


It's the "Editor"...

Whoa!!!Whoa!!! The emails are flying.......about Buffalo Bill character!!!

Lets set the record straight, First off the bat, No I'm not a serial killer..Or want to be one..Secondly, Why theses skits? Out Of hundreds and hundreds of skits..Why this one??? When I first saw this movie, yeah everybody was into the "Hannibal" character..But Buffalo Bill was Insane!!! Classic Classic Scene!!All round Excellent Film!!! And Lastly the most important statement!!!! I went all out on this Vid!!!

I wasn't going for sexy....In fact!! I was pushing the gut out(trying to look like "A Big Girl"LOL)That was the most important part of the piece!! It would have been too easy to lie back and be hot and sexy and Porn Star the Buffalo Bill character.....FUCK THAT!!! I wanted to commit to not trying to be sexy.... show the character's trashy side like from the movie verison. I love characters!! I wanted to disturb people...with the images!! And the Body Language... That was the hard one, I wasn't going to do the body builder stiff dance...No to the sexy go go Boy dance.... I went Big Disco Queen style!!! Nailed it!

Make up and gear:

Now this was hard, I did this Vid on the fly... so the clothes was easy and the makeup was easy (Dexter Delarge eye)..

Stockings...Now in the movie the buffalo bill character wears Stockings...I drew the line at wearing stockings...But the Old school way of wearing Stocking Mask(old Robber style)Was a nice spin on it, looking at the vid it looks like I have a pony tail(that is what I was going for)I drew the line at wearing a wig!!

And the classic Stance!! I didn't know how much youtube would let me get away with...

But I can already hear the haters saying...U played the part alittle too well!!!! I wanted to Shock!!! I have some acting skills people and U will see them.... Geez....

It was a Piece!! The thing about Acting....If U commit!! If u really Commit!!! U will get that reaction!!

And It did just that!!!

I just wanted to play that part so bad!!!


I fucking love it!!

Moving on.....

This blog has been ongoing since 2005... Yes that long.....

Have I ever asked U people for a Dime!!!???????!!!!

Do You See all these Ads on my Site Running!!!!???!!!NOT A ONE!!

I don't have a wish list, or sell my underwear, or socks I don't sell T-shirt's,...And I don't have a problem with that....I just want to make it clear that I just write a blog and put ideas together.. Funny, Different, Weird all the above!!!

Should I get paid for doing this????.....Of course!!!

Just Wait and See......

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