Saturday, August 08, 2009


I'm really liking this song by Pink........Yeah I kinda of Old and the bandwagon when it comes to music.... But something about Pink..... makes me like her. Its almost like She knows she's bitch.....but..... at the same time Its hard to be humble and stand out at the same time.

Anyway I have been called conceited many times.......I don't think I'm conceited...I don't work around thinking I have the hottest body or the hottest face. I'm just confident in my skills....I have said this before..

Cocky I have been called.... I will admit to some of that.... And sometimes I can be an Asshole.... But I have been jaded by so many people in this business and outside of the business.. It kinda of wears on ya sometimes.... Ur expected to be an Asshole... and when Ur not some People tend to want to take advantage someway.. When ur an Asshole... U in many ways command a certain level of respect.... I walk the fine line of being an Asshole and Just being a Reg Person.

I think I'm a reg person who has a few issues... but at the same time I can Be Ur Best Friend...... Cross me... And I can be the worst enemy that U have ever come across....Moving on...

I found an Old Interview that was taken at the GayVn's early this year, here it goes:

Well If nobody remembers I didn't Win Best Top, Or Best Performer, Or Best Sex Scene Duo.... I thought it was a funny Vid and I was half drunk in it... Enjoy!!

Oh I will try to be alot nicer when I'm in La next week..... I have been coming off like an Asshole here in NYC because People have been pushing my button lately..

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