Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I went over to Jason Curious/Josh Griffin's party called "Industry" and what a blast!!! So many Porn stars around WOW!!!

At events like this, I always want to get behind the camera and capture all the action. I forget sometimes that I'm apart of the action at the same time. While I like to report on the action happening at the party, most people want me in front of the camera, either for Interview or to take pictures.

I have always said that I'm a fan of porn myself.... so when I see Porn stars that I only read about online and then see them in person I get star struck sometimes(hey I'm Porn Fan as well)sometimes I want to kick myself... Because I will be there in the moment, just talking to these hot men and I forget to turn on the camera to get footage of it.

So lets start it off:

I was done with the project and went back to hotel to shower and change and headed to "Industry" this is me walking right in on Cameron Marshall dancing

Talking to Jason Curious

Talking to Ryan Raz

Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Rob Romoni

I started walking around and I ran into Porn star after Porn star. Cameron Marshall and Cameron Adams

One of my good buddies Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson and Mister Sagat calling me out on camera.

CHI CHI and Sagat talking

Diesel Washington, Wolf Hudson, Mister Sagat

At this point, Diesel, Wolf, Sagat wanted to get some food. So we headed outside to grab a bite to eat and talk over business...

In the Next post LA Zombie Party....

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