Thursday, August 20, 2009


In Hollywood with Wolf Hudson and I have to ask the hard hitting questions......

After walking around and checking out hand prints and foot prints, sizing up movie stars, I decided it was time to sit down with Wolf Hudson and ask the burning questions.

But First here is Wolf Hudson dancing, Mister Sagat in the background:

Fuck Wolf rips up the dance floor, Im alittle jealous that he can dance his ass off....

Anyway here is part one of the Interview, We talk Cockyboys, Grabby Hosting Gig, Teabagging, Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark(Big Shout Out)

We then have part two of the Interview with Wolf Hudson...I was tame at first because I wanted to ease him into it slowly and then attack him with the hard hitting questions. In part two, We discuss the whole Gay4pay thing, His Best Work, The Haters and the effect of the Recession and as promised a Midget. Catch the Chucky Midget at the 1:24 mark and then again at the 2:37 mark(I Shit U not!!!)Some funny funny stuff!!! And that is in Interview part two

Love Ya!!! Damian Rios!! We all know how gossip blogs are!!! This was in no way a diss!!!Hope Ur doing well..... and it was hot watching ya fuck the hell out of Tori Andrews on Cockyboys

There is One Last Interview!!!! and its shocking I will have that posted in next blog, Some Real talk from Wolf Hudson!!!!

Stay tuned People!!!

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