Thursday, December 27, 2012


As a late Christmas present, I finished editing the behind the scenes footage of this special photo shoot.  The guys look amazing and it was crazy that I had that much control over the shoot and getting the best pics as possible to tell the story.

The "Hard Wire" project has taken many turns and twists but finally the product is down to the last few touches to make it amaze balls...

We are working hard for the fans and We stepped up the production value and really invested some money into this project.

Hope everybody enjoys the Vid...

Yeah My big mouth is in there directing the action...

Let Me keep the people updated:

I will be in Philly this Friday to Saturday

Then Washington DC, Saturday to Monday...


Sunday, December 23, 2012


I hate time wasterers so much i have to put them on blast..stay tuned

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Here is a new Vid about Me.... Of course I had to show off the body a little just to make your mouth water. Anyway alot of filming this week, We are doing a medical scene that will be amazing and then We have some special guests coming to the Studio, this will be a long week of shooting but it will be so worth it... Thanks for beening patient with the whole "Hard Wire" project, it's coming along and We add things everyday to it. There are alot of surprises in store for the fans... Please stay with Me, You made it this far!!! The best is yet to come..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Cummy sloppy seconds..
Caught your attention?

m Bttms will get fucked and loaded then go to the asking to be rimmed..ewww Patrick u nasty now stories are crazy but what makes this story the bttm started leaking the next mans cum all over the new guys dick while he was fucking him this bttm has no shame must have been the Molly. Even worse thr de boy is not out adding to the story... Wait it gets better a hot slut in heat.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I haven't kept the people up to date..

The run down:

I have been burning the candle at both ends, working out at the gym has really been draining Me.  At this point of my life working out will always be there.  I looked in the mirror the other day and I started to notice that I'm putting my size back on...

Let's be honest for the last couple of the months, I was in the dumps.  I just didn't want to do anything and I was even growing out a nasty old beard and was so hard on myself.  When you lose a partner/ friend I took it hard, this was the same person that I thought had my back.  Anyway it was almost like mourning the death of a friend. Dang!!

I got into that creative world and started directing and editing and I'm having alot of fun doing that.  But then I started reading the blogs(A No no)after seeing other performers use your moves, other bloggers jumping on the bandwagon, Twitter messes trying to get under your skin, I basically had enough of sitting on the sideline..

Let's be real, there are some Hotties in porn right now and I have to put my stamp of approval on them. LOL Take that as you want. Directing is my passion right now, but I can not forget about my own model career(I was)I wasn't putting up body pics, or even making funny YouTube for the fans, alot of my time is spent editing Vids, and putting together Porn shoots and coming up with story lines.  I need some Diesel time...

I do miss the lights and the hot sex on set(Yeah right)mostly it was hearing the feedback from fans liking(Or not)a scene I have done. Every scene that I have appeared in, I always add that "Diesel Touch" to it, wheter the viewing knows it or not. Speaking of scenes....

I have a huge scene coming up that I'm filming and alas I can't say anything about. But I can say this.... This will be a followup scene to my first passion scene. Not sure if anybody saw my scene in "Double Standard" Hopefully...*sigh


I kept telling the fans that I needed to do one more really romantic over the top scene.  Most fans see me as this Master Blaster and I need to evolve and so more personality on screen(No I'm not bottoming)but I will really enjoy this next chapter in my porn career.  I worked hard behind the scenes, learning directing and editing and casting and putting together story lines. It took Me more than a year to learn how to film properly(still a work in progress)as the days go by I feel I have alot to offer this business and I'm not going anywhere.

I came on the blog to update everybody but is holding me to my tongue and I can't release too much...



I wanted to announce a new character that I'm developing......


PDD for short...

Everybody loves a pimp right??  Felt that it was a good thing to bring back the PIMP!!

Yes drink him in......

Where are my White Twink Bitches!!! I got a strong pimp hand, and you Hoes know whats up!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HARD WIRE Scene 12 "I got to Check In"

The series continues...

"Hard Wire" Scene 12 "I got to Check In"....


Wednesday, December 05, 2012


It was time to show off a little... Enjoy!!

Monday, December 03, 2012



I haven't sat down and actually wrote something of some thought lately. So it's time to finally talk about a few things. Well everybody knows that relationship is in the toilet, and that I have been Co directing some scenes for Dawgpoundusa for a Web series called "Hard Wire".

Up to date, I have been hitting the gym like a mad man, and finally it is showing off!! It's not easy when you get older to keep hitting the gym like a blood thirsty beast. I find that the older I get, the more recovery time I need outside the gym. So I changed my workout and had to adjust my cardio days with Power lifting. My body had to get used to the change, and it was a loooong period where I wasn't seeing the changes I wanted to see right then and there. I'm older so I have to pick my spots where I can attack and others where I work out smarter not harder...

Sometimes I think about my next chapter on this porn journey, I really accomplished alot in my time in porn, but I'm greedy!! I don't know how to stop... I wrote of couple of posts talking about how flattering it is to have someone performing YOUR positions and all that. And you know what?? I'm not fucking dead!!

 Here is where the switch hits my mind, I'm glad that people want to do something they saw in a movie, but the fact is... I have more than that..... Sitting on the sidelines is not easy, I look at footage of other models and I say to myself I could have done that scene hotter or better.

  I see the newer generation of porn stars and while they have outstanding bodies(some)I do see this new wave of porn stars who really should be THANKFUL that the viewing audience is giving them a chance to perform for them. Everybody wants natural and down to earth, or how do they say it... Approachable!! Well news flash!! Since you opened the door to porn stars who don't have worked out bodies(or the best body on their frame), Gay for pay models, Lackluster performances, and the basic Suck and Fuckers, you set the bar LOW!! And you still have the problem of the Cunty/Ego/Douche models but now you got AVERAGE thinking they are hot shit and that is way worse than the model who at least, was built like a God, Face of an angel, who performed because they love showing off model. So what they had Ego..So what they thought they were better than people. At least you could see all the hard work in the gym and diet putting that body together.

Moving on... It is not easy to be a blogger sometimes, coming up with idea after idea is hard. I have been writing this blog for eight years so coming up with ideas is hard. Bloggers are a wicked bunch, We all think We are way smarter than the average blogger and sometimes We write with too much passion. I look over the blog from time to time, and read these horror stories where I threaten people, wish for the death of a person. Yikes!! At least most can agree that this blog is REAL!! It is full of ups and downs, and it would make a great book. *Hint Hint

A book deal would be great, but I don't want that same crappy Tell All book like most porn stars do. I want something interesting and real and not so much a Tell All but almost like a guide or something. I'm shopping around some ideas so I will keep you posted to the future of something like that. In order to write a good book, I need that positive change or higher goal achieved thing, that will give it that extra push. The story of coming into fame is interesting but I still haven't had my crossover moment, that moment when you cross over to another media/press/audience. I really think I have much more to do in this game, I'm excited for the future of things.

Traveling is something I love doing(I got no partner now *sigh)so I'm trying to plan a trip to Europe. That is right!! Europe! I was there in the 90's(Military)but going over there as Diesel Washington would not only further my career but will open some MAJOR doors for Me. This is something that has my name on it!! More about that later...

I know what your waiting for....

The Rants, here goes:

If your breathe stinks you will not be sucking my dick, even if you give good head. I don't want my dick smelling like your stinky breathe, soap and water will not get off stinky bad breathe. A porn star with Stinky bad breathe dick...not a good look.

It's Dec, come on people stop wearing sandals (esp Sandals with socks)flip flops, it's Winter!! You look retarded wearing sandals in 20 degree weather.

Why every time I have to take a shit, there is always "That Guy" in the stall next to Me that HAS TO blow it up!! I mean when your traveling you have to take a dump, but does it have to be LOUD?? Does all that air have to come out?? Do I really need to hear you strain to push out that shit?? And is there anyway you could muffle the noise of the log hitting the water. I mean I hear chunks coming out of you and filling up that toilet. And why does the shit HAVE TO stink?? Lastly after you finish shitting, WHY didn't you wash your hands?? Eww People are downright nasty!!

I don't like women who spit out in public, I think it looks trashy and cheap. Maybe I'm old school, I think women should act like ladies. A women that spits and farts in public, I think is just trashy.

  Same thing goes for women pissing on the street, I don't think its looks cool or classy.. but that is just my opinion.

I don't like when I see women on the train, putting on makeup. Just my pet peeve, if your a lady, your suppose to have on your face before leaving the house.

  I don't like guys that are smug with either money/intelligence. Showing off how much money you have doesn't impress Me. Using big words in your sentences, doesn't impress Me. At end the day, you still want dick and to ride the pole.

If your not in a meeting or in school, if I call you and you don't answer but text Me in return...You got issues Homey. I called you because I wanted to speak directly to you, not get my answers via Text.

Guys in the gym who read the newspapers. Ummmm not sure what your doing here but reading a Newspaper?? Really? Get off the machine DICK WADD!!

Anyway more later...