Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm not going to do the best of 2010 post.....

At first, I wanted to say this and that about where the industry is right now. But screw it....

2010 was a rough year for everybody!! So why reflect on something that We all do not want to relive or go back to. If you had a good year, props to you and may you have another great year. It sounds kinda of corny but I want to put out the positive energy in a post for once.

Your probably wondering, "Where are all the funny and entertaining posts you used to do?" I will go back to posting on the regular like I used to, I just needed a break from blogging for awhile. My attention is split between maintaining two Facebook pages, figuring out Twitter(, I posted a profile on Modelmayhem as well(more opportunities)and I'm getting alot of feedback on the fitness/nude modeling front(More on that later)so I'm excited about that. I have alot of stuff planned for 2011, and I will definitely keep you guy/girls posted as to what my movements are.

Whew!!! I have been killing myself in the gym and I gained serious muscle while maintaining the same definition, it might sound easy but it's not. Geez that statement made Me sound like a fucking gymrat!! I'm not a gym rat although I do like to look good and work hard on my body. I have always admitted to having body issues, but what person in the Entertainment field(in front of the camera)doesn't??

Deep story time(it's short):

I was a very skinny kid growing up, and I do not want to relive those days at all!!! I was skinny in elementary school, high school, Military and College. There was a period in time(Freshman year)when I was so skinny I had the sunk in face and the ribs showing. I was constantly sick and growing up poor did not help matters. There were some nights when there was no food in the house and I had to do without. One of the biggest reasons why I started working at 13, was just to feed myself and bring left over food home. I worked at Roy Rogers, Wendys, KFC it was a no brainer, why not work fast food when your hungry and get paid for it??? Basically when other kids were wishing for brand new Air Jordans, I was thinking about a GUMBO SOUP with all the trimmings(chicken, steak, turkey, fish bah bah)just a big bowl of all my favorites meats together.

I never want to be hungry again.....

Needless to say to this day I have horrible eating habits, I go long periods of time without eating, I have to force myself to eat 5 times a day just to maintain the muscle mass I gained. I hardly throw food out(unless spoiled)and I make sure to finish my plate, and I believe in eating leftovers and never throwing out anything. I have a bad habit of getting upset at other people that waste food and throw out left overs. I was taught to eat everything and never waste, because you might not know when the next time you will be eating...

That is my deep story, moving on.....

My Xtube clip

It was a 1min Vid of me fucking a bottom while he filmed it, it was nothing but a tester Vid. The haters are coming at me saying "Oh now Diesel wants to do Xtube when before he said he was too good to be on Xtube" Geez!!! The problem I had with Xtube was that people were uploading my scenes from other companies I worked for. When that happens it takes money from the companies I work for and in the long run if a company loses money, models do not work. Very simple equation if everybody shares the footage for free, the producers don't make any money, if they don't make money they don't hire as many models anymore and then they have to cut the number of films they produce due to the footage being shared for free.

One of the reasons for the decline in porn sales are the tube sites that stream copyrighted material.

As I said before, that chapter of CAN(Crimes Against Nature)is over!!! DOES(Diversity, Opportunity, Employment, Saga)is the new chapter of the Diesel experience. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone by tackling different media forms(Twitter, Modelmayhem, Xtube)and just seeing what happens. So if the haters want to write blogs about Me doing an Xtube Vid go ahead!!! Make sure you include the link and spell my name right!! So funny that the haters write posts about me on their blogs, I really think they have mental issues!!

The haters are copying and pasting my tweets, using screen captures of my Youtubes, writing full on posts about Me on their blogs and I'm saying to myself "Wow that is so creepy that Haters go through so much trouble to get at Me!!" Well I finally get it.....

If these models didn't have my name to use or drop every single time they open their mouths...they wouldn't have any attention!! I'm the driving force behind their careers, if I wasn't around they would have nothing to talk about. The haters get together in groups on Twitter, plotting for ways to get at Me, thinking of ways to use my name in their favor. Now you might think I'm talking paranoid but its so true!!


I have alot of gigs coming up and I will keep you posted!! I posted the dates of my Dallas trip which is Jan 14, 15 and I will be at the Tin room. I will keep you posted with more details....

Next week I will be in Boston, so get ready Boston!!! I'm telling you ahead of time I WILL BE IN BOSTON NEXT WEEK!!

I have some photo shoots coming up and I'm excited about it!! I never pictured myself as a real model, I'm comfortable with being a porn model. Sounds strange right?? I'm more comfortable with my clothes off rather than on. When I'm naked I know where the focus is, adjusting to modeling with clothes on will be a challenge for Me. When I'm naked its all about the dick and body, with clothes I have to strike a pose and work my face.

Deep story time(another one):

Honestly I never thought I was handsome growing up, I was a Geek turned Jock and that was my world. I hung out with the Geeks and played sports with the Jocks(Best of both worlds)so the Geeks were interested in my brain, and the Jocks were interested in my body and what I could do with it(Hmm sounds sexyLOL). When I started working out, it was all about the body!! And when I got into porn that tripled!! It was all about the dick, body and what I could do with that body and dick. As far as having that model face, I'm not that guy!! I'm the guy with the hot body and big dick...

Don't get Me wrong, I think I'm cute!! But not handsome(my opinion)don't you the fans and readers of this blog ever wonder why I don't smile(full tooth smile)in alot of my pics. Sadly I'm still not confident with my face.....

And that is the truth...


Anyway I wanted to talk to you guys, rather then leave you with a short post of nothing...

More later.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I will be in Dallas on Jan 14, 15 at the Tin Room so come check me out!!! I have some posts coming......

Sorry for the short posts, instead of getting on this blog and ranting about all the problems in gay porn. I decided to trim down my rants and pick my shots, I will write my year end post shortly.

Alot of big changes in Gay porn recently and I will cover it all, but it seems like every time I start to write a new post, more shocking porn news comes out the pipes. So Im waiting for the last minute to put together a post where I let it all out!!!

Thanks to all the people that liked the Xtube clip, it was made to be short with no cock shots or fucking or money shot. It was a tester Vid to see the reaction from the fans is all.

I will explain more in detail in the next coming post.....

Again I have alot of news I want to share with you guys/girls. I'm on Twitter laying down some ground work for the future as well. So check me out on Twitter and that is

I say alot of shocking things on Twitter, so some of rants are on there!!

More later...

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dieselwash1's Videos

I filmed my first Vid for Xtube, now I'm not looking for any money. I just wanted to test the system and post something alittle different for a change so check it out and tell me what you think..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are you serious????

Get that money, I'm not hating at all......

Make that money and push that press.

Good job.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


AGE 23 WAIST 31 EYES Brown
HEIGHT 6' 2" WEIGHT 170 lbs HAIR Black
BUILD Swimmers COCK 8" Cut SHOE 12

An impressive find from Corbin Fisher
Well they are in the news for other things(Yikes)Poor Jake!

And I guess I was wrong!!About that!!Yikes


Their newest model Turner is a nice surprise..

Turner if I could give you some advice from porn star to porn star:

I'm not dissing or being disrespectful with the things I'm about to say, it is strictly business...

You need to gain about 20lbs of muscle, at 6'2 your frame could easily handle an extra 20lbs of muscle. Email Me and I can hookup you up with a good diet plan and lifting workout schedule that will put on the muscle quickly. I know how it is with being tall(I'm 6'6)and having a thin frame. Just giving advice.

Secondly, grow out those pubes unless your a swimmer(do they shave down there too??)you should have some sort of a manscape thing working.

Lastly you have exposure, not sure what scenes they already filmed with you. I would take this downtime you have right now and establish your own digital home(facebook, myspace, blog, twitter bah bah)and start using this new found attention. You caught my eye under the radar, and you have potential....

Corbin beef this model up and might have a wild card in the works,

This is Turner before(Not bad)

Beef him up, I can't wait to see the after....

You got potential kid, it is your choice if you want to go further..

Hit me up if you have questions...

Monday, December 20, 2010


There are different styles of it, but again its overused to death!! Lets find a new move can We? I mean its hot to fuck a bottom on their head but enough is enough!!!

God I have too much time on my hands to write a post like this....


More later


I know you have doggstyle, missionary, reverse cowboy those are staples of fucking!! Just tired of this one being overused to death, no offense to the models performing it.

Oh well I guess I talk shit because I try to bring new things to the table. These young guys have all this energy and opportunities to show off just want them to bring that "Unseen Shit" to the table...

Guess I'm picky!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well Diesel is back on Twitter!!

That is correct I have decided that it was time to go back to Twitter because I think I need to have a voice there.

I know what your saying....

You said that you were closing your Twitter for good!!!

At this point of time, I can no longer fight against technology its here and not going anyway so I have to learn to embrace it. To all the haters on Twitter, I had enough.....

I let you guys have Twitter because I had no interest in exchanging words with models anymore. After reading certain some of the Tweets that were sent to Me by fans. I see there is alot of hating models telling people that I work with not to hire Me, spreading rumors and lies and in general just painting a bad picture of who Diesel Washington really is..

JuicyGoHoe you are the prime example of a hating model, before I ignored alot of what you said about me. You can attack my films, my looks, my blog but when you overstep that line and go out of your way to contact promoters that I work with to talk shit or tell them not to promote Me or use me for projects.


Now your fucking with my money!! Now I have to get my hands dirty!!! You do not fuck with my money!!!!

You have been warned JUICYGOHOE!!

Now I don't want to fall back on old habits, but I really have to draw the line somewhere. To contact a promoter I have worked with for the last six years and tell them to stop promoting me(via Twitter)that is where I draw the line. People are getting tired of hearing your consistent hate for other performers. Your a self absorbed asshole.

I going to check you in public, because you have crossed that line. We both go to the same events and not once have you talked to Me or stated your opinions about Me. Your a coward you talk all this hype online but in person your a skinny little whiny barebacking bitch.

Moving on.......

The models of today have no respect, they only think about themselves. The newer models are going into it with ME ME ME ME attitude, they never give back to the community. They don't help out fellow models, they only promote themselves and only talk to people that can help further their career. They don't care who they need to step on and they're a bunch of using bastards(I said this before)

For 2011 I decided to never back down, and instead of ignorning the haters I'm going to start smacking bitches!!

The only way to shut up a Catty Cunty queen is to slap the shit out of them!! The proper term would be called to "Bitch Slap" them. If you want to act like Catty Cunty queens then your asking to be treated like one. Nothing closes a mouth like a "Bitch Slap".

Now I'm not a mean person, but I'm tired of these "Cunts" running their mouth!! I'm a grown man, and I was raised when someone disrespects you, you handle your business. That does not mean you have the right to put your hands on anybody, because that is wrong.

When someone tampers with your ability to make money(money in general)Messes with your Family(Mother/wife/kids)then you have to take it to a new level. I'm at that level now....

Enough ranting check me out on Twitter

Matter of fact see you on Twitter


Anybody remember Mister Rogers Neighborhood??? I loved that show!!

They just don't make shows like that anymore.....

Rip Mister Rogers!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



He is free from that bloodsucking bitch of a wife!!!! No offense to her but.....

Fuck her!!! Ryan is single and looking better than ever!!!!

He's mine hands off all you Cunt bitches!!!

I claimed him as mine years ago, Dec 2006 is when I claimed him

Sorry about such a crazy post but was looking through the news today, and heard he split up with his wife(That Bitch)

I can forgive you for the movie "Buried"

But don't let it happen again, I'm sorry I couldn't bring myself to watching that movie. If people do not know that is the greatest fear of the "Editor"

To be buried alive....

I can't even bring myself to describing it in words that feeling..


Happy to have you back Ryan!! Hit me up!!!


Seems like Fleshbot still likes Me(Thank you guys)

I was voted The Best In The Business: Their Favorite Pornstar Tops

Diesel Washington is a Creative Top, I like the ring of that it sounds good. I have finally gotten away from that "Tear Your Asshole" Characterisation. It's not easy being known as that Top that always plow the living daylights out a bottom.

Awww Fleshbot...

"...... accidentally tear you in half first"

That probably would happen to Brian O Brian if I ever fucked him!! Not you Calamitous I'm sure you could take every bit of it, with a smile on your face from ear to ear LOL.

And moving on.....

If people haven't noticed I never asked any of my fans/readers/supporters to vote for Me for the CyberSocket Awards. There is a reason for that:

As I said on the CAN blog I'm deeply honored and moved that I was nominated for Best Porn blog/Best Personality, that is good enough for Me.

I don't want to win at all, I'm being truthful when I say this


I know some people have already voted for Me and I thank you! Thanks for the support and thanks for constantly having my back. We won all the awards already, We got all the nominations already......

And you fans helped Me get the Biggest nomination ever!!! Best Personality!!! I look at that list of people nominated and I keep shaking my head going "Wow!!"

Anyway enough showboating.........

A driving force for creating my own work has been QueerClick, yes QueerClick!! There was a post written about one of my Skits on Youtube(The Naked Pornstar) this one:

The post was called Diesel Washington Is The Poor Man's Francois Sagat, OUCH!!

If pure craziness was our only criteria, our freaky arty French porn pal Francois Sagat would find a good match in controversial porn documentarian Diesel Washington. Like Sagat, Washington likes exposure and doesn't mind doing outrageous things (like raping twinks■ and making up new sex moves■) to get it. But unlike Sagat, Washington's art resume is less accomplished with much lower production values. Exhibit A: the video above.

We like Nelly Furtado's Say It RIght too, but it holds a mere candle to the lo-fi weirdness of Sagat's Crocodile Tears■—starring in an indie music video is totally pimp. Also, we're down for Diesel's subtle couch dancing (especially when he not-so-subtly begins stroking the neck of the guitar and starts fingering its music hole) but how about a little more dramatic flair, Diesel? Watch Sagat sell European currency■ if you need inspiration.

This isn't to slam Diesel. Hell, we want him to get better exposure and production value! You live in Los Angeles, don't you Diesel? Save up some cash from raping twinks and hire someone to produce a video that will be the art equivalent of your amazing porn.

That post hurt!! "Art resume is less accomplished with much lower production values" yikes!! I thought about that post for a couple days...

I want to Thank QueerClick for the plug, but that review was rough!! It opened my eyes to alot of things, if people are going to judge my Youtubes as some kind of art(which it is) then I have to set up my game!! I'm not mad at the reviewers at Queerclick it is what it is...

It was an honest opinion, just being compared to Francois Sagat in the Artistic sense is a compliment to Me. I never claimed to be a "artsy type" but I do think I have an absract way of looking at things.

Needless to say, that review bothered me alot!! I take my work serious!!!Even if it's Youtube!! So I remixed the Vid and made it more artistic seen here:

After I posted that Vid, Fleshbot gave me a good review,

Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout would have you believe that they're the only somewhat mentally unstable gay pornstars making YouTube videos these days, but they're not. He may not be bananas, but Diesel Washington has a logic all his own.

In this clip, pornstar stud and certified demolisher of twink buttholes Diesel Washington takes on the nature of duality throughout the history of human thought. Making subtle references to Jacques Lacan's early theories about the Other, Diesel begins his video decked out in angel wings, face obscured by shadow. Before we know it Washington has fallen back to earth, chilling out on a leather couch wearing nothing but a pair of aviators (PS – goddamn, you're looking good Mr. Washington) and fornicating with a six-string guitar. We don't know what he's trying to say here, exactly. We do know that we'd give just about anything to be that guitar.

This is what I'm about......

I want to create something that people like, and if I don't hit the mark the first time. I go back to the drawing board, fix all the bugs and come back harder!! So this is just a glimpse into the way I think.

Always trying to do better!!

Anyway I still love you QueerClick.....

Aren't We nominated for the same category of Best Porn Blog at the CyberSocket awards??? That's right We are!!!

Hmmmm?? I guess I have good exposure and higher production values when it comes to Blog writing I guess?? HAHAHA See you at CyberSockets.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Here is the link:

Singing Cupcakes in black face, I don't find it racist but then again that is Me. I think it is in poor taste, but not racist.

Using the name Hip Hop cupcakes is in poor poor taste.

I think it's Old school promotion, coming up with an ad campaign that is controversial is one thing.

Using images that you know will cause drama is a cop out!! I think its harder to come up with a edgy yet tasteful ad campaign, because that would take creatively......

Duncan Hines #Epic Fail!!!!

At least you were smart enough not to go nation wide with that campaign, only Youtube. And you pulled the ad off youtube......

But I guess the purpose of the Ad still hit its mark.

We are now talking about Racist Hip Hop cupcakes by Duncan Hines.


I'm watching what is happening in the porn world right now.....

This is the quick run down, there is a newly infected model with HIV, and he has been all over the press lately. Every blogger(gossip/porn stars/twitter heads)is talking about the story.

Everybody has their own judgments about the person/situation, I don't want to give a judgement I'm going to talk about the business end of it. Instead of pointing fingers and taking sides I just want to say...

To the model that is going through this, Keep your head up!! It takes a strong person to hold onto your wits when you have a media storm ahead of you, people asking questions, alot of interviews, and you might take a Polygraph ???? I know this is going to go deeper, and according to Xbiz you also accepted the challenge. For $1,000 dollars??? Really?? I think your getting the short end of the stick, $10,000 now that is a different story get that money while you can little man.

The storm that is brewing right now makes Me nervous, what is happening now will have a profound effect on the industry in the coming year! Too many "Witch Hunts" privacy invasions, private sexual histories coming into play, escorting history, outing of HIV+ performers, things are crazy right now!!!

I wanted to do "The best of 2010" post of all the things that happened this year, but this story is still gaining speed and snowballing into everything. HAHA I said snowballing...LOL

Back to being serious...

As a promoter and businessman, I see the general direction where this model is headed. This is only my opinion:

Before he outed himself he filmed another scene for a website

He outed himself publicly, held a press conference, various interviews with the media. Every gossip blog picked up on the story and the media is having a field day with it.

Right now the scene he filmed has been released, and then comes the so called polygraph test for $1,000

Whats next?? I think there is another shoot filmed out there soon to be released. But that is profit for the Studio/Site that releases it, not money for him.

Hmmm?? He deleted his Rentboy ad so I doubt that he can go back to that, but at the same time there are openly HIV+ escorts out there. Not a good idea for him though..

There is a big scandal going on right now, how do you use that scandal as a spring board? The waves are rocking right now but in the long run I think he will use the added press/attention for something I can not put my finger on exactly how he will use it though..

Press is press right?? Bad or Good?? Anybody remember Jo-Vanni Roman?? The escort that traveled with George Alan Rekers?? No?? The public really has a short attention span Geez!! Anyway he was in the middle of scandal himself(google George Rekers)a couple of months ago.

The escort Jo-Vanni, did not use his 15mins of fame and just dropped out of sight that fast. I gave him pointers as well, oh well.....

So how can this model use this scandal?? The Str8 porn companies will not touch him, out of the question, that is a done deal!!! The gay companies??? I really have no clue on that one. Scandal gets attention, and some producers think that scandal equals sells.

Case in point when "Patient Zero" first came out many people knew who the model was. Long story short he was still hired for a solo only a month after he tested positive. So the verdict is still out on this model, will he be able to work in the porn industry?? Some how he has to flip the story into his favor, times are changing and the industry is accepting of HIV+ models now. But this scandal has rocked the foundations of the industry so I'm not sure if he can overcome that.

Looking at porn history:

Models getting into fights with BF's and arrested, which resulted in more scenes to shoot and more press. Shit the companies are personally requesting this model!!

HIV+ models are being signed exclusive to large bareback studios.

HIV+ models are doing live shows and are being sponsored by Large studios

Models can have an extensive bareback past, and still work for major condom only studios with no problems. Not only work for major studios but be signed dual exclusive for both DVD/Web.

And this is recent porn history........

I remember an under aged model coming into the business, he lied about his age to film porn. Long story short that model went on to become one of the most popular models in this industry and is trying his hand at mainstream acting.

So is gay porn forgiving???? History would say YES!!!


You have to be a hot, white, young, jockish body model and the camera has to love you!!

Sad but true!!!


Have you noticed a change?????

The Crimes Against Nature(CAN)blog is no more........

CAN was the brain child of the Editor, and it stood for alot of things. It was a little hole in the wall spot on the Internet, where people came to read the journey of Diesel Washington in becoming a world famous porn star. As I said in an old post on the CAN blog that journey is over!!!

We all agree it was crazy, up and down ride that caught the attention of the fans and readers, you either like/dislike, agree/disagree whatever the case...

But regardless you came to read that journey of the Diesel Washington character.

It's time for a new journey, so without any more talk of the old CAN blog, we are going to talk about the Diversity, Ownership, Employment, Saga blog or DOES for short.


Definition of CAN
transitive verb

1obsolete : know, understand
2archaic : to be able to do, make, or accomplish

a 3rd pers. sing. pres. indic. of do .

1. to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.): Do nothing until you hear the bell.
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work): to do a hauling job.

I put alot of thought into these blog names, CAN was a tongue in cheek kind of name. When you first heard Crimes Against Nature it's a hard hitting title that is in your face by title alone, at the same time the letters CAN stood for the can in the phrase "You can do it!!" "I can do it!!" "Through hard work you can achieve". Yeah it has a deeper meaning......

Corny but true!!

With the Diversity Ownership Employment Saga blog or DOES, it means what it means. I'm working for diversity, ownership, employment(in and out of industry) and saga which is basically the story or journey of accomplishing all of this!!

FAQ(soon to follow, so I should get that over with now)

What is the difference between the CAN and DOES blog?
CAN was the journey to reach a certain level in modeling, somewhat of a role model, to bring about a change or to have an impact on the industry. With the DOES blog it will capture the rise of a porn Mogul(goal)to bring a project(Website/Studio/Entertainment)to the masses that is a representation of my actions/ideas/the sweat from my brow. Basically create a business that will create profit.

Is this new blog still about Diesel Washington????
The DOES blog will be a reflection of Diesel but more on the business end. CAN was more about the model, the choices/decisions of Diesel on his modeling career. DOES will reflect the brand, business end bah bahh bah

Will you still do personal stories, and reflects on life and stuff happening in the industry???
DOES will still have tons of stories, reflections and stuff happening in the industry. I'm sure I will tons of stories on how life is crazy trying to start your own business. Stay tuned!!

Will you still do Youtubes?
I will keep doing the Youtubes, because its fun and its entertainment!!

Why the strip down on the blog?? You took away all the pics and awards.

In order to start from scratch I thought it was a good idea to get rid of everything that was accomplished as a model. You already know I won this award or that award, in order to move forward, you can not dwell on the past(Something I learned recently) I like this example:

In order to fill my drinking cup with something different, I must empty my cup from what I was drinking first or there would be no more for something new.

Are you scared taking this new journey???
I'm scared shitless about doing something different, but I have come to terms with I have to take it to a new level I have to. If I want change then I have to fight for it myself!!

That is enough with the questions, I'm sure they're other questions people have but I don't have all the answers because this is all new to myself as well.

Moving on.........

This blog is for all the models who were told that they would only make it as a model never a owner!

This blog is for the assistant directors who worked under other directors and finally got their shot at becoming the Lead Director!!

This blog is for all the websites, who were told they would never be able to compete with the Studios, yet are now producing DVD's as well.

This is for all the agents that started with 7- 10 models and turned that business into a Media capitol with a roster of over a 100 models with more than a dozen sites or studios as clients.

This is for all the porn models who were told they would never make it as a serious actor coming from a porn back ground.

I look forward to this new journey, and if your a betting person I think the odds are in my favor......

CAN blog mission accomplished

DOES blog a work in progress..............

Look out world!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We are embarking on a new mission!!!

I will have more details later....

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


The Shut down of the CAN blog is coming....

I'm at a loss for words(that is a first, LOL)I have been wondering what to write about. Five years of my life was captured on this blog, the highs and lows, crazy times and the moments when I shared my personal life with the readers.

This little blog has grown into this "Thing" bigger than Diesel Washington(is that possible??)and its filled with so many stories, pics, Vids through the years Wow!!! In the past couple of days I have gone over every single post(885 of them)Damn!! The things I have done and the people I have met, so much......

The purpose of this blog since day one, was to chart my progress on reaching my goal to become a world famous porn star. I started from nothing......

I started out as a Street Hustler pulling tricks from Stella's/Cats(GoGo bars in NYC) I made it to Hooker status when I did a solo(Pics only) on a site called "Street Life" it was there I posted my first ad as a hooker!! I used the money from being a hooker and put myself through school(DeVry)I got my degree and did the "Hooker thing" part time. I worked for three Telecommunications companies, servicing PBXs(Private Branch Exchange)constructing LANs(Local Area Networks)installing T1 circuits, I'm probably boring you with this. I hated those jobs and wanted a change, a big time change!!

I quit my job and started working out and soon became a personal trainer. I briefly dated this guy that was a porn model, that worked on this porn site called "Showguys" I did three scenes(two solos, Duo)with them!! And he was the Webmaster for Chelsea guys(Escorting agency)so this is where I had the chance to really see what the Sex industry was all about. I learned alot from being in that situation:


Making the transition from Hooker to Escort(placed ad on Rentboy)

Networking with the Heads of the biggest Escort agencies in NYC(Campus, Chelsea, Masculine Black Tops)I had a chance to pick their brains and get a better knowledge of the escorting game.

I was good friends with HooBoy(RIP)who created this website that reviews escorts(Now known as DaddysReviews)and HooBoy taught me alot about the Escorting world. I miss him!!! I will always remember the time I spent with him.....

I hosted a Men of Color sex party in Manhattan(Bi monthly thing), I hosted the party, did coat check and at the end of the party I had to clean the mess. That means I had to wipe down the fuck chairs/table/beds and spray down the mats! Pick up all the dirty filled condoms, refill lube/condom containers I did all the work!! It was a nasty job but it was a learning experience. IE Making money by throwing a sex party

The location where I hosted the Men of Color party was owned by an old Dom by the the name of Master Lou(Old Old Guard)I gained alot of knowledge of how to control my subs/slaves from him. He taught me basic knotting, discipline, training, CBT, bondage, Water sports, I learned alot over the course of two years!!

I was a popular escort on the site, and Tom Weiss(a partner at the time)started inviting me to events that Rentboy was throwing. I soon started a working relationship with the Rentboy people that stands to this day!! It was during this time that I decided I wanted to do porn and started this blog, I attended my first Hustlaball(Las Vegas 06)and there the world was introduced to Diesel Washington.

The rest is history, and its all recorded on this blog!! It's a great story!!

But the journey is over!!! I don't have a use for the CAN blog anymore!! The story was over when I won Performer of the Year(Grabbys 09)I kept the blog alive to talk about the things I wanted to talk about, kept the fans/readers entertained but for the most part the goal was accomplished!!

For the past five years, I have been working and working to achieve a certain level of success, rarely did I have time to sit back and absorb everything in. That is all I know how to do is work work work......

Funny how that works:

I worked hard on my scenes/performances, and that earned me(Performer of the Year, Hottest Cock, Best Support Actor Grabbys, Hard Choice awards)Numerous nominations(GayVns, Grabbys, JRL,)

I worked my way up from a Street Hustler to Escort and won numerous awards as an Escort(Best Fetish, Best Escort website)

Worked on my craft(blogging)and became a popular Blogger and won awards for my blog(Best porn star blog Grabby, Unzippy, Rentboy award Best blogger/writer)and most recently nominated Best blog by Cybersockett....Wow!!

And I moved into a new genre instead of being known strictly as a performer. I was nominated for Best Personality!! I'm a Personality now!!!

So to the people that call me a Has been!! I am an Award winning Porn star/Escort/Blogger and I was doing all of this at the same time!! If I had it my way...

I want to win awards for Directing, Screenplay, bah bah bah

Oh well....

The point of this post, was to remind people that I reached my goal. The story is over!! With the closing the of the CAN blog, I'm hoping I can change the focus in my life.....

I'm more then just a porn model.........

Don't worry this is not the last post I have another coming....

Monday, December 06, 2010


So I have those dates for you, I will be in Washington DC, Dec 8 - Dec 10. I will be in town and checking things out!!. I may added another day to that trip but I will keep you guys posted!! Also any gay porn stars in Washington!!! Hit me up on my email, I want to give the opportunity to other stars to be showcased on my blog!! If it helps with press or whatever, never selfish when it comes to promoting!! So you hear it first on looking for models who want to showcase themselves!! Don't say I didn't throw the opportunity out there for inspiring stars, porn stars working currently.

I thought I would update the blog with newer pics of myself........

Before you even say it!! Yes I'm bulking up!!! I had to give up some definition to acquire more mass!! At this point, I don't know why I'm still trying to gain more muscle?? There is something called too much muscle, but I think I have some room to gain more muscle before I get to that point. Ummm yeah...... I will keep telling myself that...


Anyway, I'm having fun before I start this tour!! I'm going to hit up the East Coast first, then make my way down South(never been)and then make my way to Cali!! I have been putting off this tour for a long time!! But this time around I'm going all out and having a blast!!! Got to get out of NYC right now, the holidays are a pain in the ass when your in NYC, the shopping and visitors makes it a pain in the ass.

I do not like the Holidays...

I do not like the Holidays at all!! I'm not a Scrooge McDuck!! I just don't like this fake holiday of buying expensive presents. The Holidays were for spending time with family/loved ones, I have only my mother to worry about this year. Momma Washington is the only one I go shopping for. Last year was horrible the recession was so bad, Momma Washington had a short list of Christmas presents that she wanted. It will probably be the same this year as well..

As you can tell from my tone, I'm less than excited for the holidays to be here!!

I know I said I wouldn't say it or bring it up again!! But I hate the holidays for the mere fact that I'm single!! Alone Alone Alone!!! I fool myself into thinking I'm fine with it but I'm not!! But at this point I really just don't have the energy emotionally to handle the dating thing. I was going out and meeting new people but I'm just over the bar scene/club scene.

I see all the guys hanging out trying to look hot, all staring at each other which is kind of confusing to me. Why stare at someone you like?? Why not go up to them and start a convo and get to know each other?? I guess I'm old school and have a throw back style, I see someone who I think is hot I approach them directly and speak. Who cares about getting shot down?? The intention is to go to them directly and not play the "Winking game" cut out the middle man and see what the deal is. The younger generation do not talk anymore, they stand around like "A pack of wolves around a water hole".

It's the "Bottom Crew"........

You have seen them:

A group of guys that always hangs out by the bar, staring at every guy that walks into the bar.

They usually have on the tight shirts(so tight you can see their heart beating)the ones without body.

Hair is all styled with product in it!!(Wind tunnel look)

The ones with body of course shirtless!!(Got to show the skin)

The group consists of mostly Vers/Bttm guys, always with that one Top that is probably fucking someone in the group (Or like in my case, fucking them all)How do I know they are bottoms in the first place??. If they use the words, Miss Thang, Bitch, My Sista, instead of "He" they use "She", instead of "Him" they use "Her" then bottoms away LOL.....

Friends are cool and all!! But when your in a group the chances of picking someone up or having a convo with them is slim to none. Gay boys are caddy!! And they all talk about each other and put each other down!! For example, one time I went out and saw this hot guy with his "Bottom Crew" I approached him and started a convo. Within 5 minutes of talking to the guy, their "Friends" spilled every bit "T" about their friend who I thought was a cute and innocent little thing. You know how "Friends" talk esp when drunk:

"Gurl, this one(Me) looks like he can plow you down!! You said you were looking for some big dick there you go"

"Don't let this one fool you, she can take a big dick and throw back that ass!!"(On their friend)

"Show him your pussy, your going to love her ass its round and she has a tight hole"(On their friend)

Umm okay??Thanks for sharing that bit of info about your friend, that will help me in my decision if I will continue to converse with him. Kind of funny that their own friends blow their cover and spill the secrets!! I couldn't hangout with people like that, I would be pissed off. But I would like to Thank your "Friends" because they confirmed what I already believed in the first place.

And then you have that Hating Bottom bitch crew:

They don't talk to anybody, they sit around the bar all night "Talking About" people. You know that group, they all have their cell phones out texting and checking emails.

Why call someone on the phone when your in a club??? I never understood that?? You can not hear them on the phone and the music is too loud!! So why bother?? Is that you want to call your other friends and let them hear the music in the background??? Show them your out and having a good time?? I know guys that Twitter/Text their friends when they are in the same club standing next to each other....

People behave like this I had to post this commerical because this is how people are nowadays:

Not to get off subject but...

They send out these Tweets/texts saying the worst stuff!! But can't even look you in the eyes when saying it. Or worse, they talk all this shit on Twitter, on blogs, Facebook and when you meet them in person, they have nothing to say. Quiet!! Then you confront them.....they don't know why your upset.. Its only Twitter!! Its only Faceboook no big deal right....???

Wrong!!! You want to talk shit online but in person they are cowards!! If you can write about it online, be sure to back up everything you said online when your confronted one on one.

Remember that!! I will be that one that confronts you every time!! So don't be shocked or act surprised when I step up to you! And that goes Vice Versa if you have something to say to me, because I said some things about you on my blog, go right ahead!!


I lost my train of thought.......

Anyway I'm going on tour to Washington first, I hate the Holidays, I'm lonely!!!

There you have it!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


The clock is ticking.....

Dec 12 coming around the corner..............

"Crimes Against Nature" closed...

It's the end of a good story!! I love watching and studying the human story, and I think I gave you a character that some people liked!! Some people hated!! I'm Misunderstood alot...I mean alot!!

But for the most part you came to this little blog, and read the words that some dude from Brooklyn, raised on Staten Island, came from watching and jerking off to Str8/Gay porn. I was busting nuts in my room watching dirty VHS tapes(yes that old)and jerking off on the toilet while reading porno mags 20years ago!!

But right now!!

Somebody is busting some knuckle children in a sock while watching me Plow The Shit Out Of (insert name)on DVD, VOD, download, on some data sharing site(broke bitches).You want to crank loads to the crappy homemade porn on some of the tube sites. Luckily, YOU WILL pay for some good stuff(Thank God)so its just giving the people what they want!!

And I'm honored to make it thus far...

I hope I was entertaining....

Wiping tears....

Moving on...

I will be in Washington next week, so mark your calendars I haven't hit the road in a long time. Winter is here on the east coast, so I'm trying to move around local first and then spread the wings and hit the warmer states. (Yes I know Washington is not warmer Duh!!) I'm going to make a couple of stops on the east coast first and then make my way out to LA, SF, maybe Palm springs.....hint hint!!

I will have that in writing for you soon!!

People are asking me if I will keep my facebook, Hmmmm....??? Good question!!

Maintaining it would be like it was a mini blog or something blog. But....

This generation is so high tech, you basically can not live without communication, social networking, some form of date exchange between individuals. There is real life and then digital life, the death of "Crimes Against Nature" would be the death of my digital life!!

I will get back to you on that, okay no more talking creepy......

My booty shaking Vid!! Thanks to all the fans, alot of people liked it!! There were a few upset that I didn't go ALL out!!! I just have one thing to say!!!

Diesel Washington is built for forward thrust!! I dance with my hips and legs and and usually the focus is in the front MY BIG DICK SWINGING!!

Mentally I had to focus on just moving the meat of my ass to the beat. I have a muscle ass, alot of the pounding you see me doing to these boys in movies. The power of my "Thrust" comes mostly from my ass.... Does that make sense?

When I fuck these men/boys I put my head, neck, shoulders, back, hip, legs and ASS into it!! That is why visually it comes off intense and hard and heavy!! Not stiff like other models, most of their "Thrust" comes from only the legs. Hence the term "You have to put your back into it!!"

Trying to do the reverse, and have the focus on the "Ass only" was kinda of hard!! Big time respect to those out there who know who to Shake that Ass!! I did a soft bounce, just to show you I have some meat back there. I tried to show you something different from me, I'm glad you enjoyed!!

Well another post coming your way!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Okay you asked for it!!!!

I'm not a bottom so its hard to shake my ass......

Plus I have no junk in the trunk, cause I work out so I have a muscle ass, A muscle ass doesn't shake like a bubble butt, I work out my legs and run so I'm trying to shake as much muscle as I can.

LOL enjoy!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Right into it......

I wrote a post calling out two friends that I talked about on a previous blog...

I want to say sorry to both of them!!!!

I took out my anger on both of them, instead of pointing the finger at myself. I'm a hard learner and it takes me a while to understand the whole situation. As I saw it I buried myself emotionally into this paranoia pit of either your with me or against me. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!

And that is the wrong kind of thinking right there, I will admit it!!

Things have insanely changed in the business, and I have to learn to roll with the punches. I'm an old fossil compared to newer models, standards have changed and the bottom line of it all, is that this Recession is a motherfucker!!!

My views about the racism in the industry will stand!! .

My views on Safer sex/HIV+ models in the industry, I will stand behind that 100% so that will never change as well..

The blog is about Diesel, so I will put the focus on him and I will reveal his secrets:

I'm insecure about the body(You knew that already)

I'm insecure about my looks(that is easy one as well)

I'm insecure about the direction of my so called career(Hot Topic!!)

Finally I came to terms with things, either I walk away quietly and fade away. Or I step up the game, quit my job and go all out and become an American pornographer.

The latter frightens me!!!!

That is the honest truth!! Totally scares the shit out of me!!! Every single trigger of my "Issues" would be pushed to the utmost limit. I'm scared I will be mentally abused and crippled by my own hands, worrying about "Some" creation of mine and seeing if it would be successful and groundbreaking!! The pressure of putting my mouth to business and doing something other than getting in front of the camera(which is easy)playing "Mister Sexy", and putting my ego aside and accepting help!

Would probably drive me mad!!

I'm such a control freak, I would have to oversee everything!!Yikes!! Literally just thinking about making such a leap, triggers a slight panic attack!! My heart starts racing and I start to lightly gasp for air...

It's easy to judge all the Studios/Sites and say you need to do this or that. Finger pointing is easy!! It's easy to dictate what other people need to do in this business, I figure they have the money and resources but lack the direction and motivation. But Diesel you are not in their shoes, so do you really know what it takes to run a successful business??

Sure your a popular performer, blogger, personality..But you like to do alot of finger pointing, try running a business yourself!! Such a scary thought.....

Or survive doing what your doing now!! Which is nothing!! Standing Still!!

I had big time issues watching all the other models work, while I sat bench(I have a real job as well)I will admit it, I was jealous and just reading online about this model or that model working and working!! Just made me have issues I was like

"I'm a better performer than that model"

"I would have played that part better"

"Why does that model get to work with that model?? I wanted to work with that model for years???"

Growl Growl Snap Snap!!!

My competitive natural, wanted me to get out there and show up some of these models that perform badly. My insecurities kept compelling me to do more as a model, like I still had something to prove. Model Model Model

I spent so much time worrying about my modeling career, that I shot myself in the foot from doing other projects. Website/Studio, Directing, Promotion,bah bah bah

And since I shot myself in the foot, I'm holding onto all the resentment of I should be doing this or that at this point of my career. I look at Eric Rhodes, Steven Cruz, Damien Crosse, Barrett Long, Jeremy Hall and others that came into porn and I see what they are doing now and I'm flat out jealous!! But I can only blame myself for being too scared to dive in and make it happen.

Instead of taking responsibility for my own career, I was quick to blame other people. I would think things like "It's this Studio/Site fault that I'm not there directing, they don't see my talent other than modeling" Like someone owed me a job in this business just because I'm Diesel Washington...

That is totally self absorbed, ego driven stuff working in my head, and it doesn't work like that outside of my head though, and this is the real world!! Wakey Wakey!!

Filled with resentment thinking the industry owes me something, not good. Added to the resentment is the hate energy that was being transferred to me by every day living and lets face it the Haters!!

Ummm Wake up Diesel!!!

You reached that Superstar status already, you won the awards you got all the nominations you have pretty much gone as far as you can go just being a model.

Simply put......I'm scared to go further!!

But I made a promise to myself:

1st year I wanted to win Best Newcomer(I got nominated)

2nd year I wanted to win Best Performer(Won Hottest Cock)

3rd year I was to win Best Performer cause didn't win 2nd year(I won this time and retired)

4th year(Unretired) I wanted to open the door for other Men of Color performers(Won Best Supporting Actor) but didn't open the door and I failed in my attempt

I kick myself in the ass everyday thinking about it.....

I see so many black models doing low budget or bareback porn because the door is not open on the mainstream side of porn. I can imagine all the models trying to break through the door and being told they don't have the right look for gay porn and getting turned away. It happened to me when I tried to get through the door.

Even now some Studios/Sites use that same bullshit line with me, even though I have proven my scenes sell.

You see???? I go right back into talking about my modeling career instead of staying on the main topic. I have to look further than just having a successful modeling career......

The deadline I gave myself for making the decision if I want to jump into the fold was Dec 12 of this year.

Hence the reason why I'm ending the "Crimes Against Nature" blog, it was do or die!! So with regret......

If I can't put out, then I shut down!!!

Nothing worse then a porn star who doesn't know when to quit!! It was a good ride, the blog was created to chart the progress of a nobody.

Take that nobody!!!

And make him into Diesel Washington world famous porn star!!!

I did that!!

The story is over!!!

Again sorry to my two friends!!! I wasn't being a friend to you because I couldn't see through the jealousy, being scared, self absorbed, and insecure.

I'm only human!! a crazy one but I'm still human!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Tristan Jaxx, is now bottoming!!!

The model with the big dick and out of this world "Money Shot"!! Is now bottoming??? I thought when Tops bottom on camera for the first time it's a big thing??!!!

Props to Tristan Jaxx!!!

You look hot getting a dick up the ass!! Nice!! I totally stole this from Men of Porn!! Looks hot though..


I don't know what it is about this guy!! He is fucking hot to me!! This is to me is what "The Guy lives next door" type looks like. It's a relaxed kind of hotness!! He is not trying to be a muscle god, but he is in shape and trim. He is not trendy or flashy with the hair,its short and cropped.


Rugged good looking, and for some reason I love the facial hair. This guys looks like he stepped out of a time warp from the Golden Era of porn. Bushy moustaches and beard wearing models like the God, Al Parker(Google)Whew!! This was the "Clone" look(popular in 70's/80's) that would later inspire the "Bear" look (rugged, masculine)

Believe it or not young ones, the moustache look was hot!!! That look made stars out of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck

Oddly enough Kyle is 20years old(I know I was like Huh as well)

In my head:

I could imagine Kyle as this kid that wanted to get into porn, he didn't want to be a twink(skinny emo) he did not have a bodybuilder body, he doesn't have the fake tan with high lites pretty boy look.

So how to break into the industry and cause a buzz?

Ding Ding!!

Come in as a Throwback!!! Remind people of a time in porn when it was the "Golden Era". Such a classic look!!!

He looks like Falcon Legend Dick Fisk (Other Side of Aspen, SteamHeat, Champs)

Of course minus the lack of Chest hair, Tat and oh yeah a fucking huge dick!! But nevertheless he looks like a throwback!! And that is a good thing!!

Dick Fisk??

Wow I went back in time, most readers and fans probably have no clue who Dick Fisk is.

Or Al Parker..

Please Google them!!

This is classic Falcon!!

People you have no clue how much porn I used to watch!! Maybe you now realize how much I love this industry!!! I followed this industry so closely!! I watched the classics over and over studying the Legends(Performers)in the business.

I sound crazy I know, but I am a big dicked top!! Before I came into the game I studied all the big dicked tops Past/Present. I watched the performances looking for:

How you showed off your big dick

Watching the strokes of the tops, hard/soft/long/hard/deep

What positions when fucking the bottom showcases the top

How to control the bottom

Seeing that give and take energy, between the top and bottom

Bah Bah!!

Okay as you can tell I did alot of homework before coming into this industry, maybe alittle too much homework. A black guy from Brooklyn should not know all of this.....

Unless he was deadly serious about coming into this industry, so he did his history of popular looks in gay porn. I took note of what was popular at the time and studied the different looks of the models over time(Black/White/Latin)

Hmm.. maybe I'm the only one that does that???

When you go to a job interview, do you not study the history of the company that your applying for??

It's just good business, I did not walk into this industry blind looking to make a quick buck and run.

Moving on....

Kyle is a hot model, and I love his look. Go Island Studs!!






I can not tell you what to do in your private life, but for the Porn Industry!!


I can not stress it enough....

That is all


I'm a Hip Hop head...

The latest battle pits LiL Kim VS Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj went for first blood on the track Roman's revenge:

There is a line calling LiL Kim a Has been!!! When interviewed about the track Nickie denies that the track was a Diss at LiL Kim. Hmmm??? Okay. We all know the difference between a Diss track and putting out music. This was clearly a Diss track!!

Well LiL Kim came with her own lyrics at Nickie Minaj and here that goes!!"

My take in the whole battle, I have to side with LIL Kim!!!

Nickie Minaj has some good music granted I will not take that away from her. But we are talking about Hip Hop here!!! Nickie Minaj appeals to the younger crowd that was not around when LiL Kim was rocking hard in the 90's.

This issue of age and what an Artist is doing now, seems to be fueling this battle!! LiL Kim was the first to do it, she brought hard lyrics and a new sex appeal to the game. Most female rappers before LiL Kim came on the scene with an almost masculine look to them(hoodies, baggy jeans, and a very manly swagger) LiL Kim came along exposing her breasts, skin tight clothes and embraced the feminine side in her look and performances while keeping the lyrics hard!! She was the first to it and do it well. LiL Kim has big time street credibility

Nickie Minaj is more Pop music than Hip Hop!! She is backed by a younger generation that were probably little kids when Kim first came out. So they have no idea that Kim opened the door for artists like Nickie Minaj.

That is the biggest problem I see with the younger generation. There is no respect nowadays everybody is going for Self!! My time is now!!! I want the spotlight!!! ME ME ME!!

An older Artist knows when to pass the torch, they pass the torch to someone who is their equal, or to another artist who is talented and the future of music/sports/entertainment bah bah bah

LiL Kim is the Queen of Hip Hop!!! Nickie Minaj doesn't deserve any titles yet...... she hasn't put in the work yet or withstood the test of time. Anybody can make a hit, the key is to make Hits!!

Hmmmm???? I can relate some what!!!! Nobody can replace Diesel Washington!! All you young models can try.....

At the end of the day, these young models can call me Has Been!!! But they will never achieve the success I have and never will.....

I rocked on top for five years and still going strong!! I complain about not getting work alot, that is true!! Regardless if I'm working or not, my impact on Gay porn will be felt for years and years. That is something the Industry/Haters can never take from me.



So I wanted to post something alittle different today......

First off the bat, I trusted two people that I THOUGHT were close to me. I worked with one person that was suppose to help me get a Dildo deal. I flew out to L.A. filmed a solo jerk off scene, I was then molded for a dildo. It was all for a package deal that I was working on for the last year. I finally find out that deal has been shelved because my "Friend" quit his job with this "Company". I called my friend to find out what happens now, his response "Sorry I don't work there anymore, not sure what they will do, but I had to move on for myself" Good for you Bud, take care of yourself, but now my Dildo deal is shot(I got paid for it though)I wanted something I could make residue money off of, now Epic Fail. Argh!!

The second person I trusted, told me they worked out two scenes for a popular website. When I contacted this person about the scenes, everything was a go. Months went past and still nothing was arranged. I even told this person due to my Grandfathers passing(I had to bury him, my money)I was in need of money(I was put in the hole big time). Then I found out recently that the scenes were canceled because the site is now broke. I don't know if this is the truth or not because I know for a fact that the site is still filming scenes. I just can't trust anybody anymore!!

People say that fake line "Love ya Bro" but then fuck you over!! I'm so tired of this bullshit!!! I'm becoming jaded and bitter because time after time I have to keep jumping hurdles to get things done. The haters make my job hard, but now so called friends are getting into the act now???? *Sigh

So here are some jaded and bitter views I have about the industry.

Things I have learned about this business:


You ever heard that??? That usually comes from the person that is about to fuck you over for what ever reason. Now I know what your saying, that line does not go that way.

It's Nothing Personal, It's Only Business

When its said like this, there is compassion being shown. In my line, there is no such thing, it is what it is. Cut throat and primal almost animal like, this industry runs on a never ending supply of fresh models. The recession is fucked up, so everybody who thinks they have a hot body and big dick is getting into porn.

And then...

Never trust anybody(that goes without saying), people in this business will sell you a bridge if it's only to feed their pocket. The rule of thumb, is that people want to be able to trust you, but at the same time you can't trust them!! They want to know all your personal business and what happens in your private life, but in return give little of their own lives, so it's not a fair trade off.

I remember one time on set, I was talking to "Someone" about deep stroking and I know they are a bottom(they told me)so I ask "Your Bf pounds the shit outta ya???" his reply "Well that's private you know? I don't bring my love life into the work place"

I was like "Ummm OKay, you just watched me plow that boy's butt, But Okay..?"

Now I could draw alot of conclusions from his statement, but the bottom line. He was at work and he keeps his personal life separate from work. I can respect that, I didn't understand that at first. But to be a model you must accept the fact that your personal life and sexual history will come into play once you decide to become a model.

When you model:

Your asked your position, Top/Vers/Bott

Likes and Dislikes

Tested for HIV/STD's and that testing history is recorded and filed away(Oh yeah!)

Any info you write on Blogs/Facebook/Myspace/Twitter all public record now

Any info on Dating/Hookup sites all public record now

I have seen alot of stuff in this business, people using recorded convos for evidence(naming names)email exchanges, nothing is off the table. The worst thing I ever saw, Gossip Bloggers revealing the HIV status of models. That is lower than low. There is no trust or respect for any ones privacy anymore!!

When you model you have to give up your privacy, people working within the industry(behind the camera)get to keep their privacy, maybe its time that all changed???

If the dirty laundry of some of these BTS people were made public, they would have alot more sympathy for what the models go through daily...

Moving on...

Someone that is your friend today, may wind up a enemy down the road! Fame and Success has a way of changing people, people who came into the Industry humble at first, after tasting that spotlight, they become Divas and get allittle out of control. In my case, I thought I had a number of "Friends" and when things got hard these same people turned their back on Me. That is something I can never get too mad about because I know the only person that I can trust is myself. It saddens Me though, because I came into this business with my heart on my sleeve. Has success changed me??

Diesel Washington recipe:

240lb of beef
a touch bitter,
a touch jaded,
dash of paranoia
a sprinkle of craziness

Another thing I learned..

Hold out for as much money as you can, models stop selling yourself short. The Studios/Sites make a killing off your image and likeness so you should "Stick it to them" for as much as you can. The footage will be around long after your porn career is over...use some principles of the Jason Crystal theory.

Jason Crystal Theory

Tell all the companies that your a newbie looking to break into the industry

Change hair colors often, giving yourself a different look

Start out as a Bodybuilder, then go to Jock and vice versa

Start out strictly top and then bottom here and there

Do condom and then bareback and then go back to condom then back to bareback(If your
hot the industry does not care)

Write emails to companies looking for more work, when they say your overexposed, laugh and say you made $50,000 dollars and why stop now.

When the gay porn industry is tired of you, then you go and do str8 porn

When the Str8 porn industry is tired of you, then you go do gay porn

Well to be honest, do not use any of those methods. They are being used by other people, so don't be a copy cat.LOL

Moving on...

Stop sleeping with Producers, Directors, Casting People, Agents, bah bah bah thinking that you will get you ahead. That is pretty much trashy!! I have no respect for those models!!YOU KNOW WHO YOUR ARE!!! You're already giving the company/studio/site your image to use on posters and in DVD's and scenes. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP WITH SOMEONE FOR FREE? I guess I'm old school, I look for the money over favors(Party/Non Party)cash rules everything around Me(Sorry WuTang I had to borrow that). Someone who gives sexual favors for a "IN" Yuck!!! I rather hang out with the two dollar whore!! At least they charge, they don't give it away on a promise of making it big!! That is a pipe dream!! Well maybe that is harsh to say...

Some porn stars are sluts and will have sex with anybody for free because that is the way they are, just sluts!!

I'm an Escort/Hooker/Whore(whatever)I get paid to get naked!! If someone came to me saying "I have this part in a movie I want you to play but you have to fuck me first" I would say "Cool, Look me up on, call me up and we can arrange some play time" if they don't get the hint. Just clearly state "If you want to have sex with me, I would have to charge you as an escort" period.

This business is small everybody talks, they are probably talking right now! The big wigs are sitting at a table talking about all the boys they fucked for free over the years. They are laughing at all the cute boys who THOUGHT they had to sleep their way to the top!! Too bad everybody at the table is 40+ and the models WE are laughing at are twenty somethings....

But the old dogs are doing it too, I have seen some old timers pushing up on producers for "Favors" nothing surprises me anymore in this business. If you don't think the people that you slept with(to get ahead) is not making a profit off your services then your dead wrong. They got a piece of your ass or dick, and still got paid in money off your services..... Come on think about it!!

The person who said they can hook you up, gets a piece of your ass or dick. They give you the introduction to the Company/Site owner, director or whatever...

You don't think they are getting a Finders fee??? Or flat out asking you for a piece of your first check. Or both!!

I'm trying to help out the younger models here, FUCK THAT CASTING COUCH!!!

I made it without sleeping my way to the top!!!

Another post later..


Wow alot of rumors going around saying that some members of B2K were molested and engaged in homosexual acts. Well its more than a rumor because there is Vid proof.

Some crazy stories coming out of this......

Stay tuned until I can get some more dirt on this story!! Here is an old Vid of B2K


I like Eurocreme, they make some good stuff over there. I was shocked to see this release. I tell you, if I didn't patent signature moves I would be raped in this business.

Over and over I see models using everything I brought to this industry. My interview style, blogging style, sex positions and I'm flattered I really am. But nobody is giving me props for using my shit!!!

Love you Eurocreme but I think your models have seen some of my scenes. Love the cover of Farmboy but looks familiar.....

What do you think??

Somebody likes using my Cannonball position......



And here we go......

I took a poll in a earlier post, if people wanted me to do a booty shaking Vid. I usually keep the poll open until it reaches 100 people. Well in two days(yes that fast)people voted 81% in favor of me doing a Booty shaking Vid.

So I will be filming that this week, I asked you to pick out the music as well. Only 60 people voted in that poll, I guess HIP HOP is not every bodies favorite music but at least you were given a choice of the type of music I would dance to. The winner Nicki Minaj.

So the fans like current music, no throwbacks(Okay)so...

One last poll so I know exactly what the fans want.

Okay when I get the answer to this poll, I will film the Vid and post it for the fans. Now what other porn star listens to his fans as much as I do???


Sunday, November 28, 2010



Here is a picture of Diesel Washington,

Dec 13, 2005, that pic was my first on this blog. See HERE
That is what my body looked like five years ago...

This is what my body looks like now!!

I can't deal the difference myself.......

So that means, I have more work to do in the gym to get my body better than it was five years ago. I work hard!!



Most people remember him from the the Naked Gun series...

I remember him from the Airplane movie.

One of a kind!!!

And he added to this Masterpiece!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving People

More power posts to come, so relax for today.......

Tomorrow is another day though...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

This is WHY I'm here!!

Hmmmm lets throw out some more days...




You get the point.....

Or maybe I'm getting the point???





To a good friend in the Biz!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You know I like doing polls.....

Polls allow you(the fan/reader)have your say, and since I'm all about providing for the fans. We have poll time and I will make it fun!!

As you notice I have been putting up alot of Booty shaking Vids, well time that I add another random Booty shaking Vid to the Masses..

But with a Twist, you the fans get to Vote, should I do a Booty shaking Vid??? Yes or No?? And you even get to pick the music....

I do the Youtubes for the fans, so I want your input. Vote below!!

But now you have to pick the music:






Some people may say "Look at Diesel, asking his fans if he should do a booty shaking Vid. How sad!!"

To that I say.......

I have the best fans in the world, and they have stuck by me through thick and thin. So anything I can give back to them, for all these years of supporting me. I will do it!!! Some porn stars don't understand that its your fans that make you into a name. A brand!!! No matter if times get tough, your fans are the ones that support you. They feel your pain and go through the struggle with you.

Thanks again people!!

Love having a blog that stays in touch with my fans!!!

Peace people!!