Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Anybody remember Mister Rogers Neighborhood??? I loved that show!!

They just don't make shows like that anymore.....

Rip Mister Rogers!!


Dre said...

Lovin those guns at the end

Alrune said...

You know, for as much as I always though porn stars weren't that interesting outside their jobs, you have opened my eyes. I stumbled on your website and well, wow!

The more I look at your stuff, the more I see how wrong I was and how human you are deep down. You have indeed a nice body and all but there's definitely more to you than this. A gentle giant, dare I say. Also, you give very interesting info about your quite unknown industry and it's amazing to think that you left a comfy 9 to 5 job to go into such a risky business.

More importantly, you seem to have never lost your true self and that fame of yours visibly never got to your head, so more power to you. Safe to allege you're single (good guys often are), plus it's often hard to find someone outside the industry who is confident and tolerant enough to date porn star without getting all clingy and jealous. You chose a challenging lifestyle, I believe.

Thanks for opening up my eyes and thanks for being who you are. Don't change, you're a wonderful person as anyone who can rub two braincells together can tell. I think you gained another fan.