Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm watching what is happening in the porn world right now.....

This is the quick run down, there is a newly infected model with HIV, and he has been all over the press lately. Every blogger(gossip/porn stars/twitter heads)is talking about the story.

Everybody has their own judgments about the person/situation, I don't want to give a judgement I'm going to talk about the business end of it. Instead of pointing fingers and taking sides I just want to say...

To the model that is going through this, Keep your head up!! It takes a strong person to hold onto your wits when you have a media storm ahead of you, people asking questions, alot of interviews, and you might take a Polygraph ???? I know this is going to go deeper, and according to Xbiz you also accepted the challenge. For $1,000 dollars??? Really?? I think your getting the short end of the stick, $10,000 now that is a different story get that money while you can little man.

The storm that is brewing right now makes Me nervous, what is happening now will have a profound effect on the industry in the coming year! Too many "Witch Hunts" privacy invasions, private sexual histories coming into play, escorting history, outing of HIV+ performers, things are crazy right now!!!

I wanted to do "The best of 2010" post of all the things that happened this year, but this story is still gaining speed and snowballing into everything. HAHA I said snowballing...LOL

Back to being serious...

As a promoter and businessman, I see the general direction where this model is headed. This is only my opinion:

Before he outed himself he filmed another scene for a website

He outed himself publicly, held a press conference, various interviews with the media. Every gossip blog picked up on the story and the media is having a field day with it.

Right now the scene he filmed has been released, and then comes the so called polygraph test for $1,000

Whats next?? I think there is another shoot filmed out there soon to be released. But that is profit for the Studio/Site that releases it, not money for him.

Hmmm?? He deleted his Rentboy ad so I doubt that he can go back to that, but at the same time there are openly HIV+ escorts out there. Not a good idea for him though..

There is a big scandal going on right now, how do you use that scandal as a spring board? The waves are rocking right now but in the long run I think he will use the added press/attention for something I can not put my finger on exactly how he will use it though..

Press is press right?? Bad or Good?? Anybody remember Jo-Vanni Roman?? The escort that traveled with George Alan Rekers?? No?? The public really has a short attention span Geez!! Anyway he was in the middle of scandal himself(google George Rekers)a couple of months ago.

The escort Jo-Vanni, did not use his 15mins of fame and just dropped out of sight that fast. I gave him pointers as well, oh well.....

So how can this model use this scandal?? The Str8 porn companies will not touch him, out of the question, that is a done deal!!! The gay companies??? I really have no clue on that one. Scandal gets attention, and some producers think that scandal equals sells.

Case in point when "Patient Zero" first came out many people knew who the model was. Long story short he was still hired for a solo only a month after he tested positive. So the verdict is still out on this model, will he be able to work in the porn industry?? Some how he has to flip the story into his favor, times are changing and the industry is accepting of HIV+ models now. But this scandal has rocked the foundations of the industry so I'm not sure if he can overcome that.

Looking at porn history:

Models getting into fights with BF's and arrested, which resulted in more scenes to shoot and more press. Shit the companies are personally requesting this model!!

HIV+ models are being signed exclusive to large bareback studios.

HIV+ models are doing live shows and are being sponsored by Large studios

Models can have an extensive bareback past, and still work for major condom only studios with no problems. Not only work for major studios but be signed dual exclusive for both DVD/Web.

And this is recent porn history........

I remember an under aged model coming into the business, he lied about his age to film porn. Long story short that model went on to become one of the most popular models in this industry and is trying his hand at mainstream acting.

So is gay porn forgiving???? History would say YES!!!


You have to be a hot, white, young, jockish body model and the camera has to love you!!

Sad but true!!!

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