Monday, December 13, 2010


Have you noticed a change?????

The Crimes Against Nature(CAN)blog is no more........

CAN was the brain child of the Editor, and it stood for alot of things. It was a little hole in the wall spot on the Internet, where people came to read the journey of Diesel Washington in becoming a world famous porn star. As I said in an old post on the CAN blog that journey is over!!!

We all agree it was crazy, up and down ride that caught the attention of the fans and readers, you either like/dislike, agree/disagree whatever the case...

But regardless you came to read that journey of the Diesel Washington character.

It's time for a new journey, so without any more talk of the old CAN blog, we are going to talk about the Diversity, Ownership, Employment, Saga blog or DOES for short.


Definition of CAN
transitive verb

1obsolete : know, understand
2archaic : to be able to do, make, or accomplish

a 3rd pers. sing. pres. indic. of do .

1. to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.): Do nothing until you hear the bell.
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work): to do a hauling job.

I put alot of thought into these blog names, CAN was a tongue in cheek kind of name. When you first heard Crimes Against Nature it's a hard hitting title that is in your face by title alone, at the same time the letters CAN stood for the can in the phrase "You can do it!!" "I can do it!!" "Through hard work you can achieve". Yeah it has a deeper meaning......

Corny but true!!

With the Diversity Ownership Employment Saga blog or DOES, it means what it means. I'm working for diversity, ownership, employment(in and out of industry) and saga which is basically the story or journey of accomplishing all of this!!

FAQ(soon to follow, so I should get that over with now)

What is the difference between the CAN and DOES blog?
CAN was the journey to reach a certain level in modeling, somewhat of a role model, to bring about a change or to have an impact on the industry. With the DOES blog it will capture the rise of a porn Mogul(goal)to bring a project(Website/Studio/Entertainment)to the masses that is a representation of my actions/ideas/the sweat from my brow. Basically create a business that will create profit.

Is this new blog still about Diesel Washington????
The DOES blog will be a reflection of Diesel but more on the business end. CAN was more about the model, the choices/decisions of Diesel on his modeling career. DOES will reflect the brand, business end bah bahh bah

Will you still do personal stories, and reflects on life and stuff happening in the industry???
DOES will still have tons of stories, reflections and stuff happening in the industry. I'm sure I will tons of stories on how life is crazy trying to start your own business. Stay tuned!!

Will you still do Youtubes?
I will keep doing the Youtubes, because its fun and its entertainment!!

Why the strip down on the blog?? You took away all the pics and awards.

In order to start from scratch I thought it was a good idea to get rid of everything that was accomplished as a model. You already know I won this award or that award, in order to move forward, you can not dwell on the past(Something I learned recently) I like this example:

In order to fill my drinking cup with something different, I must empty my cup from what I was drinking first or there would be no more for something new.

Are you scared taking this new journey???
I'm scared shitless about doing something different, but I have come to terms with I have to take it to a new level I have to. If I want change then I have to fight for it myself!!

That is enough with the questions, I'm sure they're other questions people have but I don't have all the answers because this is all new to myself as well.

Moving on.........

This blog is for all the models who were told that they would only make it as a model never a owner!

This blog is for the assistant directors who worked under other directors and finally got their shot at becoming the Lead Director!!

This blog is for all the websites, who were told they would never be able to compete with the Studios, yet are now producing DVD's as well.

This is for all the agents that started with 7- 10 models and turned that business into a Media capitol with a roster of over a 100 models with more than a dozen sites or studios as clients.

This is for all the porn models who were told they would never make it as a serious actor coming from a porn back ground.

I look forward to this new journey, and if your a betting person I think the odds are in my favor......

CAN blog mission accomplished

DOES blog a work in progress..............

Look out world!!!


Dre said...

Always a flair for the dramatic :-)

Looking forward to see what this blog will be like.

Sue said...

I am very proud of you Diesel! I thought you were just going to up and leave! I am so glad you are not! Be brave! You have what it takes: looks and experience! Trust nobody but number one! Best of luck!

TitleMan said...

Off to a good and rousing start - best of luck!

Anonymous said...

LOL, You know I'm sure we all figured you start out you another blog and perhanps even a site of some sort, but this is just fucking pathetic... Not a Fan or a Follower (any longer), but remember reading you gonna shut down your hate blog that to me does nothing more than promote racism and just shows the bitter side of some bruh that couldn't make it in Main Stream Porn. You did nothing but make your own race look bad with your back stabbing and all your emotional roller coster of a life you create for yourself. I just had to look to see if "indeed you actually did close your blog and simply start another", but to see that you only changed the name and background of your previous blog is just sad. With this kind of either lack of effort, knowledge of how to even get a blog up and running, or just don't have the balls to break free of the comfortable clearly show's we don't have to worry about you doing anything worth checking back on. Was really hoping you had realized your mistakes and would attempt to do something that might make an impact on main stream porn or at least amature porn.

Just My Opinion on your "new blog".

Diesel Washington said...

I love it my first piece of hate email, so that means I'm doing something right..

Yes!!! Keep it coming

Anonymous said...

I luv you Diesel! I'm seeing more men of color everywhere on the web. Just not enough of Black and White together. All I see are Blacks on Blacks and Thugs on I am still dreaming of your booty dance and laughing with U. Keep it up! Don't feel alone..and get negitive with life! I'll chat with you anytime!