Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well I don't usually put up many things on this blog(Ya right!!!), and for some reason I havent given dates when I make the appearances around town(some of them are at the last moment) So I know I know........I promised another blog about people currently working in the business that I want to work with...bah bah bah. I figured it was better that I put up another You tube about a personal appearance I made in NYC recently. I have to be real, I filled in for another Porn star who couldn't make it due to traffic and his flight being delayed. Hey the Show must go on right???? I don't have problems showing up and getting the crowd hyped up, cause that is what I do but I keep the appearances short and basically show up maybe give some giveaways and then show some body and then out the door.
Even though I edited some of the footage due to Low quality(it was dark in there)the duration of my stay was about 15Min's tops and then I was out the door. So hopefully this will end the talk about me not signing autographs or being nice to fans bah bah bah. Each event is different and some people can be nice and then some people can be dick heads!!! So hope u enjoy the New You tube.......... and don't worrying I'm going back into doing shows and putting more content online some funny, some drama, and just have some fun online and see what happens.

Okay People, I will post another blog tommorrow and hopefully it will be the posting about people that I want to work with in the industry(I know u people are very curious about that, from reading the emails asking for a heads up). Peace for now!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yeah Yeah I know I promised some other blog about people in the business right now that I want to work with.....Well I thought it would be better to do a blog about piss. Yes that's right Piss, Water sports, Golden Showers....
For those of ya who don't know, Diesel has been a big fan of watersports(the Act Of pissing on someone or getting pissed on)and if memory serves me correctly every scene that I filmed with Titan has a water sports scene in it. Starting from Hitch, Folsom Filth, Cop Shack, Boiler, Fear and now Breakers. To me Piss is like dirty, nasty, humiliating all the things that Diesel is made of.
Many People put roles on Piss play, like the Top(Pisses) and Bottom(Gets pissed on) roles. Umm I don't think too much about it, if Ur pissing on someone and the piss is flying all over the place Ur bound to get wet.
It makes a statement to me, I have recorded many events that I performed Water sports at. And no Lie I can say I have pissed on some of the biggest stages and parties in Recent Industry History. Each performance is bigger than the next.
My first public performance involving Water Sports would have been at the 2006 Gay Erotic Expo, I performed Solo and basically pissed into a bottle on stage and threw the bottle to the crowd. From there it was Hustlaball ball 2007(Pics above) from there it was the Black Party 2007 then it was at Hustlaball Nyc 2007(Damien and Sagat)then at Magnitude Party(with Damien Crosse) and then again at Folsom Fair(again with Damien). Then it was at Gay Erotic Expo 2007(once again Damien) then at the Cock(Damien)so it makes sense that once again I piss at Hustlaball 2008 in Las Vegas(thats right!!) Yeah I know It came as a big shock to me, the last word I heard was that Titan would not be performing. I guess news travels fast about not performing and the big guns were called out, What do ya Know? Due to recent changes, DIESEL DAMIEN CROSSE were asked to perform at Hustlaball 2008. I guess the word is spreading that Diesel and Damien put on a great show. I'm proud of that....
Moving on....... I guess u know by now that I was nominated Best Fetish Escort and the Most prized Category Best Escort all around. Now these are the International Escort Awards so I must be doing something right(I wonder who I fucked to get this Honor LOL) So its cool to be recognized for something(U know) but with my Luck I don't win. As far as contests go I'm batting zero, Nominated for Best newcomer Gayvn(Lost) Nominated Best Newcomer Grabbys(Lost), So why should this be any different?? So far I have been nominated this year alone for, Best Top European Porn Awards, Best DVDs cover(Crossing the Line), Best Fetish Escort, Best Escort. Then by the turn of the year, Gayvn nominations are announced again, so far the polls have me down for Best Top, Best Performer(so out of my reach)so lets see. I guess its great to be nominated(it is!!) but when u write the highlights of Ur Porn Journey Nominated nominated nominated nominated nominated and no wins kinda of sucks but at the same time it shows that Ur doing something right, So close but yet so far kinda of bullshit.
Well not sure what else to write but I thought I would write a blog about the shows I pissed at and the stages that I covered with my "Golden Juice". Enjoy Enjoy

Monday, December 24, 2007


Well Well I thought I would FINALLY REVEAL DREAM MATCH UPS..... Now these are performers that I want to work with because they were/are excellent performers and basically I want to fuck them on screen:

Dred Scott, I already talked about him already.... But I will add more... I imagine a Jail Cell in Our scene. I'm the new inmate and I have already went through processing and about to head to my cell for the first time. I bump into Dred accidentally walking down the Hall and he gives me a dirty look, I stare right back at him. After getting my uniform I'm brought to my Cell and Dred happens to be my Cellmate. As soon as the cell door is shut, Diesel and Dred fight for control. Hitting Punching Slamming bodies against wall, bars, and ends with Dred getting Prison Raped!!!No more details....... I'm getting hard now!!!

Jeff Stryker.. I picture myself in a suit, being interviewed by Jeff for a position in his company(did that sound dirty??? LOL)Interview goes well, during interview Jeff says I got the job and wants to celebrate cause he has to look no further and I'm the best man for the job. We have drinks(in Office)and begin to chat. In chatting, we both try to seduce each other(classic dirty talk updated)Since I'm the new kid on block Jeff tries to school me in the ways the company works. I tell him that I'm no New Kid on the Block and I can bring his company even more business. It ends with me fucking Jeff partially clothed in a suit while smoking a cigar.....

Lexington Steele (okay he isn't gay?)But I picture driving in the Cadillac Truck, bitches in the back and we stop by Hotel. We bring the bitches back to the room and start fucking the hell outta the girls passing them around, one royal pussy/ass banging. One of the chicks, tries to steal money, we kick out the bitches(after we are done with them)and then Diesel Flips on Lexington saying "Why the Fuck did We bring those bitches over here man? Those Bitches who ú"brought was going to steal Our shit man!! He looks at me all puzzled and says"Get the Fuck outta here man!!We should have beat those bitches ass" I look at him and say "Yo If I was chilling with some heads I don't know and they left money out", I'd take their shit too, I don't blame them, I blame ya!!!! Ur the one that Brought those Bitches over here so Ur to blame"He looks at me scared, I smack him, throw him on bed, and bang him. It ends with me fucking Lexington, smoking a blunt, On the Computer looking at the Site Black Planet and the camera Zooms to a copy of BlackTails mag on the coffee table. end scene.....

Jenna(no last name needed) I picture being her bodyguard and somebody makes an attempt on her life. I battle the guy to the ground and knock him out, she is shook up, I carry her to car and drive her home. She invites me in as usual, but this time she is looking at me with such fire and happiness for helping her. I take her to her bedroom and I fuck her and fuck her well. This time around no hammer sex, I make love to Jenna. It ends with a shot over the bed staring down at Us and her head is on my Chest and she is looking up and smiling.... end scene.

Seka (If u don't know the name by all means look her up) I picture dark room(cave like) dim lights, black walls. Seka is in Black Leather Corset, Black lace panties, fish net stockings, and 8in heels. I'm tied to a post, hands tied up and legs tied up. Whip in her hand, enough said........ It ends with Seka beating me into submission....and me licking my cum off her boot.

Janet Jacme, growing up a teenage and being into Str8 porn she was the ÏT" girl everybody wanted a piece of her and she was everywhere. I picture myself in high school setting, I'm the Captain of Football team and she is Head cheerleader. My Team just lost the big game, I'm upset and pissed, I don't talk to anybody after game and sit in locker room in the dark upset at myself. Janet walks in and lays her hand on my back and says Ú were good baby, U did everything U could....U will always be number 1 to me Baby"(alittle cheesy yes LOL) It ends with me fucking her in the locker room.

Okay Okay there are People that I want to work with, but they are not my Dream Fucks. Maybe I will write a blog about Current Models that I want to work with? Who knows??? When I came into the business they were people that I wanted to work with, but either they were Exclusive with another company, or they didn't have the Titan Look, or I got to fuck them off screen, or basically wasn't into me(shocking yes LOL, they all cant be into me People)

Hmm what else to write? Yeah I think I will write a blog about Models that I want to work with.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Not to say anything wrong about these people(well okay I will)but the Cunt List are for Performers having met or hungout with that I dont care for. It might sound harsh and fucked up but who cares???
In one way or another these people are cunts. Cunts are Gay boys that are so wrapped up in their own hype makes ya want to throw up.

Ben Andrews Long story short I wanted to fuck the boy and he turned me down.... but it went into the Area of only liking White and Latino(which is fine). But when u use statements like Ü People" or "Them" or U Guys" "kinda of pissed me off. Plus how are ya going to be the self proclaimed "Biggest Dick in Industry" and not like to Top, Act Fem as all hell and write a hookup profile that says only Into White and Latin, Not into being sucked, or Anal. Just wanting to give head. I mean the choice is Urs. Just alittle Strange?? Im not hating cause hes dick is supposely"" bigger than mine. But Im higly attracted to a Hung Bottom!!!LOL;)

Mario Cruz, no I didnt want to fuck the boy...... but that West Hollywood behavior is fucking annoying. If I met ya more than 4times at events and we have spoken. Why is it that when I see ya at another event and Ur with Friends and I approach ya to say hello, How the Hell are ya going to treat me like some annoying fan and roll ur eyes to Ur friends like Änother Annoying Fan going Ape shit over me" Bullshit!!!!

Omer I cant say it enough, we all have Our characters that we play for the Fans and the Public. But why still act like a Diva in Vip or backstage with other pornstars. Hes like that douche u see in the club in Vip(dark room)and have their shades/sunglasses on, cause they are so way more cooler than U.

There u have it the Cunt List it probably will be bigger as the turn of the year aprroaches Cunts, Bitch Boys, and subs I use my boys hard so be ready cause when I hit ur town, Im lookin to throw down


Okay I was ranting on the whole barebackin in porn...... and I will keep it short for ya. What u do in the privacy of ur own home is what u do, but when u put that on screen people really believe that u act like that. What two consenting adults do in their home is no ones business, but when u put it on screen people really believe that u engage in that behavior all the time which is not a good role model for ya. Enough PC crap........ Moving On
Favorite Models....... touchy subject, and when I say that these people are my favorite models in the business its not that I want to fuck them(well most of them I don't LOL) So don't read into it too much cause this is from a performers stand point. But anyway enough talk lets get into the list..... No real order Just names and why they are Favorite performers.
Bobby Blake... the man set the stage for the Black Dom Top and not having too many role models in the business to look up to. He was one of the first Black models when I saw his work I was like "Wow that's How Ur suppose to Fuck!!!"
Bam Bam...... another black model that brought the Thug look to popularity, He was major hung and inked up so finally the stage was set for People like Me!!
Chad Connors....... I don't know maybe the blonde locks or his style...........he first came in as Top only and really got into his roles......later he would do the same thing... but as a bottom.
Jeff Stryker...... Enough said the man is a legend... His dirty talk, his Control of his Bottoms, the dark hair bed room eyes. And one of the few performers who could do Str8 and Gay porn and get away with it.
Mister Marcus..... Str8 porn star.. I don't know..? I thought he was kinda of corny at first. and then his look changed and he started plowing the hell outta of his women, and many female performers request to work with him... Thats saying alot when Ur requested!!!
Lexington Steele Tall Dark Handsome Horse Hung, Great performer and Businessman not only started out modeling but built his own empire and his own company. Its all about the business with this man. I had the chance to meet him in Las Vegas and he was nice and even chatted with me for. a long time. I openly spoke about my business being in Gay porn and he wasn't judgemental or a hater. Much Respect!!!
Matthew Rush.... Hmmm no hating on him!!! he has a long run in this business. Anybody who can stay on top of game for more than 4years in this business has to be doing something right.
Vanessa Del Rio Female porn mega star....This Latin Superwoman was a monster on the screen. She had the intensity of a Sex Goddess in her scenes, she could take on 7 guys and get off all seven. Her dominance on the screen was amazing, one lone woman could outshine 7 major hung studs and burn them out.
Ron Jeremy.... I don't know what to say..... hes always been fat, hairy, nasty looking to me but always got the hottest girls and fucked the hell outta of them. Time after time, this fat bastard got to fuck the hottest porn starlets of his time.
Franco Corelli this was the first guy I ever saw and was like, Why do I like this guy?? He got Huge muscles, Hairy, manly looking. I don't know........ I still don't know why I like this guy??? I used to look at his pics at Colt over and over and his body was perfect, I wanted to be Him, Look like him. To this day Im forever going to the gym to attain that body!!!
Cole Tucker...... Whoa as performers go geez this man brought so much to the table. My eyes would be glued to the things he bodwould do. Mean Rough, nasty, and his ink, Wow!!! he pushed the game to new levels..
Jenna.... U don't have to say it everybody knows her and what she has done.
I don't know the Actors name(I have to look it up) But Junior from Taboo 2, this movie to this day still gets me hard and was my jerk off movie sine i was 13years old. When Junior is in the room with his sister and tells her that he will do her a favor if she lets him suck her Tits. The classic line of the movie "U could can Lick My Tits but only around the nipples!!! Juniors response"That's the Best Part Stupid!!'" Since 13 and still that movie gets me off!!!

The list is probably bigger than this, and I forget alot of names but these are the people that I remember and watch and still watch. I still have those old Vhs tapes(even a Beta) probably in a garage or box somewhere in a basement some where!!!! Now I know u readers are like hes watching Gay porn, Str8 porn and likes them Both!!(I do)..... This is not an easy business and u can come in and fuck or u can come in and rule!!! Hopefully when I get older, a younger performer will come to me and say "YO man I watched Ur scenes when I was growing up or developing their sexuality and I can pass the torch to them. Sounds corny I know but whatever.

Hmmm what else? I guess nothing I have alot more writing to do so I will cut it here.!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Okay first lets start with the Business at hand, BREAKERS: It stars 11 Titan Exclusives(thats right there are 11 Exclusives!!!) I know this Movie will be big I just know it!!! Im glad I had a chance to work for Bruce Cam on this movie, his vision and his insight Wow, Im sure this Movie will be Huge!!!! Lets get the Ranting over with Shall We!! Yes Im sure my fans will understand that this Movie was a First for me on all levels... First Movie that Im in and Im not on the Cover.......Moving on(Lol)... First time working with Bruce Cam(I had a Great time and Bruce really knows his stuff, Its funny to go from watching this Man's art and then becoming a Piece of Art. First time working with only Exclusives(Victor Banda, Dillon Buck). First time Ever!!!..... When a Director asked me to make Love.. rather then Fuck like a Bull!!!(We Comprised LOL)I still Fuck!!! but I smile alot and add some softer strokes(LOL). First Time Oral with Another Top who I dont fuck(isnt it silly, I think of these things)in the scene. Meaning I suck one guy's cock and fuck another guy(shocking!!!)there was chemistry so fuck it!! First time ever Shocking WaterSports Scene never captured on film!!(U have to see it to believe it!!)So there u have it, I think the movie is insane!! Each Exclusive brings his own skill to film and having met all the other exclusives it should be a Banger!!

Okay I have been busy doing these"Shows"trying to get as much attention as I can get. Call me greedy but Fuck It!!!!! Well I thought I would start off writing about the business Up to date. Okay this has been a Long Year and many things have happened. Now I could just be a lazy fuck and talk about just me........ But I want to expand this forum and really just talk....... and I havent in the past. We are going to talk about Barebacking on Film, Favorite Models, Cunt Models, Industry Dirt, Dream Match Ups, Future of Porn. Wow it sounds Major dont it????? Hmmmm............. Lets begin:

Barebacking In Porn, touchy subject I will say this: We sell Fanasty and a Hyped Up Sexuality on film and we do "Touch People" Meaning we have an effect on them, When U sit back and watch a scene of a guy getting tons of loads shoved into his ass. All reality is gone and the viewer gets more sucked into the Shock Value of it, Rather than watching hot guys fuck around. The focus is more on the loads going in the ass which is the higest shock value. Not the attractiveness of the guys, the scenery, storyline,and the Action. It does its job for that crowd that wants to watch it. But in all reality A MOVIE IS A MOVIE AND SHOULD ONLY BE THAT!!! I ganged raped Sagat in my scene with Hate, Force and Power.... but were friends and that was make-believe for the Movie(Acting).....Bareback Porn is not Acting its the real thing, when the scene is over, reality comes back, UR HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX, Glorifying it on film to fans and customers. Its a deadly game and more and more models are paying the price of DEATH!! I do Porn come on!! I know the Risks!!! We all know the risks, Aids, Std's, Viruses, Shit the fucking common cold or flu. I guess...... its the Rush of knowing that one load in the ass can Kill Ya!! So Lets not only glorify one load but make it 10, 20, 30 loads in ass, Cause surely one load cant kill ya? But It Can!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! From model to model, DIESELWASHINTON WILL NEVER EVER DO A BAREBACK FILM!!!! Now thats some real talk.. I wont be "That Asshole and say the same shit everybody else says that PC routine bah bah.....But common sense to My Model family, U want a film of urself committing suicide???? Not a good look on any Highlight reel. To be continued........

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay U had to be living under a Rock to not know that Damien Crosse and DieselWashington are very close Friends. We have performed together many times and each Performance is hot. He is a great Performer and he always brings his A game when it comes to a hot show. I told Damien that I would show up and support him(as I always do)and a great time was had by all.
I do find it strange thou going to Damien's Events.......His Fan Base is so different from mine. Damien's Fan Base is Punks, Preppies, College Aged guys, Early Thirties that type of crowd. Maybe cause it was in NYC? Maybe the Area that the Bar is in? The Type of Bar?...... My Fan Base is mostly Daddies, Muscle Jocks, Slaves and Subs, Women, Fetish Types, Different Crowd different energy, Damien's Fans are more Friendlier, more Aggressive(In their approach)and accommodating of his actions(Bad or Good)Damien can basically spit on someone and say"I did that Out of Love for Ya!!"Wink and smile and his Fans melt. On the other hand, My Fans tend to be Cautious and Distant around me(I know Big, Scary and Intimidating which will change soon)I can't blame them, I do look in the mirror sometimes and scare myself!!LOL So the Fans know I WILL TAKE PICS WITH FANS so bring cameras to my events. Here's a clue: By Rule of Thumb, I would never turn down taking Pics with Fans. Here's why, Even though I can be a Dick sometimes...... A Pic is worth a Thousand Words.
On a Strange note....It did get annoying sometimes being at Damien's Event. I know its not my show and I'm there for support but..... I could be standing right next to Damien and a Fan would come and say" Oh My God Ur Damien Crosse, I love Ya I have all ur Movies!!" Damien would say"Awwwww Ur so Nice... U Know my friend Diesel Right?" They would look at me puzzled(like never saw me in their Life!!LOL)and say"Hi"and go right back to chasing Damien without blinking an eye. Granted not my event, but when I have starred with Damien Crosse in Movies(one we were on same cover of HITCH DVD)and cant get a tiny bit of Love WOW!!LOL I guess Fans have their Favorites(so much that they don't notice anybody else but the object of their Attention)It is that way sometimes I'm guessing?????? Needless to say that was a big reality check for me I can be 6'6 245lbs and still not stand out in a crowd(well maybe only at Damien's Events LOL)
So in short............FUCK YA DAMIEN!!!!LOVE YA MAN!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Well kids I haven't written in a while so I thought I would start it off right and do another post and add a Vid that I did that was funny. So I hope u People like the vids they don't take alot of time to film but...... I hope that U people like them If u don't like them then Fuck ya!!! I don't care I'm just having fun for now.
What else is new???..... I have been hitting the gym even harder and harder these days and still preparing for the shows in Las Vegas(Did I say shows?) Hmmmmm............
Well on the down note I wont be performing at the HustlaBall in Las Vegas(Funny this is change) If u have been reading this Blog then U would know I have done the Hustlaball in Vegas for the past two years. I'm not sure all the details on the Cause Why?? But I will still attend and Party with the Fans(I haven been getting alot of emails asking if I will appear in Vegas)so be ready for that.
Official Announcement DieselWashington has Unretired So I should have a broader Fan base that might be reading the blog for the First time(Hey Dickheads). So to the New readers THIS IS THE BLOG OF DIESELWASHINGTON.
Porn News....... Last week I supported Damien Crosse at the Cock in NYC and the show was off the hook. I have pics but I need to send them to Damien so he can post them on his blog first(its only Fair) To Remind ya Damien's blogs at (Okay Damien that will be 50bucks for the plug LOL)
Hmm what else??? I guess nothing else Check Out the Vid!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Well it seems that alot of people are checking out my new Vid post and I thought I would do maybe 2 vid posts per week. But I'm looking to do more skits and try my hand at making some funny posts and stuff.....
I had the idea to make a skit on Do the Right Thing. I had the camera equipment ready and asked my friend to star in Vid and it was going to be very funny.....
I had no idea that I would get a slap in the face from someone who I was very friendly with. The idea was to set up a Deli scene, and my friend was going to let me film at his store and actually star in the video. I had alot of ideas to put into the skit but... I was surprised at the reaction of my "Pal" He was all game for the idea, I thought ahead and wanted to put some DVDs and Model pics at the store in the background almost like added promotion. My "Pal" was game and things are alright until........ His friend came into store in middle of filming, I stopped filming to let my "Pal" handle the customer at the counter. The Kid looks at the DVDs behind the counter(My Porn Movies)and says"What the Fuck Man That is some Crazy shit U got!!!" I let the conversation continue until I hear the kid say"That some Homo shit U got!!" At that point I say in a Clear Voice"Those DVDs belong to me" Shocked he looks at me speechless. I continue on by saying"Those DVDs belong to me I should know Cause I star in them!!" My "Pal" at this point gets nervous and says" Oh Man I didn't know U put Ur DVDs in the scene, U cant post this on Youtube Man everybody will think I'm gay" I looked him in the face shocked and said "Nobody will think Ur gay man, And if they do so what?? Ur not Gay so why are ya worried about it??" He said "No man I cant Sorry" I was shocked...
Now I can understand that he may feel uncomfortable but........ Hearing that bullshit he said made me feel like shit. So I asked him" U feel embarrassed hanging out with me Cause I'm a Porn Star???" Cause that is what it sounded like. It was a simple Skit that was going to be funny and entertaining. But it was ruined geez. My "Pal" used the oldest line in the book Gay by Association...... Common problem I have been having lately. I was taken back, This was the first time I ever felt dirty or ashamed and by my so called Friend. I might be overreacting but I wanted to do something Funny and entertaining and shot to hell cause my "Pal" didn't want to be presumed Gay.
Well anyway People... this is my second Vid post(really third)so there u have it. The Skit was from the Movie Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee I filmed the scene so U can see it(it was going to be acted out but U get the point)
That's all for today Enjoy!!!