Monday, December 10, 2007


Well kids I haven't written in a while so I thought I would start it off right and do another post and add a Vid that I did that was funny. So I hope u People like the vids they don't take alot of time to film but...... I hope that U people like them If u don't like them then Fuck ya!!! I don't care I'm just having fun for now.
What else is new???..... I have been hitting the gym even harder and harder these days and still preparing for the shows in Las Vegas(Did I say shows?) Hmmmmm............
Well on the down note I wont be performing at the HustlaBall in Las Vegas(Funny this is change) If u have been reading this Blog then U would know I have done the Hustlaball in Vegas for the past two years. I'm not sure all the details on the Cause Why?? But I will still attend and Party with the Fans(I haven been getting alot of emails asking if I will appear in Vegas)so be ready for that.
Official Announcement DieselWashington has Unretired So I should have a broader Fan base that might be reading the blog for the First time(Hey Dickheads). So to the New readers THIS IS THE BLOG OF DIESELWASHINGTON.
Porn News....... Last week I supported Damien Crosse at the Cock in NYC and the show was off the hook. I have pics but I need to send them to Damien so he can post them on his blog first(its only Fair) To Remind ya Damien's blogs at (Okay Damien that will be 50bucks for the plug LOL)
Hmm what else??? I guess nothing else Check Out the Vid!!!


thonnibg said...

Hey Diesel,great vid again!I post them all cuz they are worth it.

P.S.Your body is getting bigger and bigger!

Anonymous said...

hey, diesel, how much money you gt in your hands in this video?

Papi Chulo said...

Wow ... cool clip!

Was that Diesel ... or a chocolate and wayyy more muscular Donald Trump?

filmfanatikk said...

you should still think about spicing up the vids and post them on XTube. At least that's on my Xmas list. :)


Anonymous said...

Your body looks absolutely great. You can't show me all that money, though, because then I'll get all excited...

Anonymous said...

Diesel, you smoke man?

SO disappointed. Smoking causes E.D., erectile dysfunction. You may look hot on the outside, but you're poisoning yourself inside.

Hope you quit that shit.