Sunday, December 23, 2007


Not to say anything wrong about these people(well okay I will)but the Cunt List are for Performers having met or hungout with that I dont care for. It might sound harsh and fucked up but who cares???
In one way or another these people are cunts. Cunts are Gay boys that are so wrapped up in their own hype makes ya want to throw up.

Ben Andrews Long story short I wanted to fuck the boy and he turned me down.... but it went into the Area of only liking White and Latino(which is fine). But when u use statements like Ü People" or "Them" or U Guys" "kinda of pissed me off. Plus how are ya going to be the self proclaimed "Biggest Dick in Industry" and not like to Top, Act Fem as all hell and write a hookup profile that says only Into White and Latin, Not into being sucked, or Anal. Just wanting to give head. I mean the choice is Urs. Just alittle Strange?? Im not hating cause hes dick is supposely"" bigger than mine. But Im higly attracted to a Hung Bottom!!!LOL;)

Mario Cruz, no I didnt want to fuck the boy...... but that West Hollywood behavior is fucking annoying. If I met ya more than 4times at events and we have spoken. Why is it that when I see ya at another event and Ur with Friends and I approach ya to say hello, How the Hell are ya going to treat me like some annoying fan and roll ur eyes to Ur friends like Änother Annoying Fan going Ape shit over me" Bullshit!!!!

Omer I cant say it enough, we all have Our characters that we play for the Fans and the Public. But why still act like a Diva in Vip or backstage with other pornstars. Hes like that douche u see in the club in Vip(dark room)and have their shades/sunglasses on, cause they are so way more cooler than U.

There u have it the Cunt List it probably will be bigger as the turn of the year aprroaches Cunts, Bitch Boys, and subs I use my boys hard so be ready cause when I hit ur town, Im lookin to throw down


thonnibg said...

Hey Diesel,
Merry Christmas!!!


ReggieH said...

LOL I can't believe you would put this out there, folks in the industry you can't stand....hope it doesn't hurt your career!

PS: I think Mario is afraid you'd rip that little ass of his apart!

filmfanatikk said...

I lvoe you. You name names and all. Hey, fair enough. I love that you call them out on their shit. That's what you get for being a prick. As much as I would love for them all to treat you with respect as you do them at first, I can't wait to read about the next one that doesn't.

Go get 'em, Killer!


filmfanatikk said...

oops, I mean "I love you" the caffeine is making me trigger happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Mario Cruz ( that he like white boys. He says that he has performed in all latin videos, but white is his thing. I am not suprised by this.

I think Manuel Torres is the same way. Latinos who will do other Latinos in videos, but only do white in their personal lives. Crazy!!!!!!!

Matthew Rush is biracial and only does white. He has had a million white lovers.

Diesel is too old to be suprised by this. A lot of black and latino gay men in in mainstream porn are self hating.

Partial Self hating list:

Mario Cruz
Manuel Torres
Jay Black
Brian Bodine

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel,
Keep being your wonderful self!
If you read Mario Cruz's site you can see how pathetic he really is. His arrogance is how he masks his insecurity and self-hatred. You're way too hot for that shit!
Happy New Year and best wishes for the future!
A Fan

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous
Your the one who is really pathetic.Do you even know Mario Cruz? How can you assess someone that you don't even know.I know Mario personally and he is not arrogant,insecure or self hating.Have you even read his older blogs? He doesn't go around trashing people in the industry otherwise he would have responded to this post.And he has only been to New York less than 4 times.There have been times where I have mistaken someone for somebody else.C'mon the clubs are dimly lit for christs sake.I'm too old for this shit LOL