Monday, May 28, 2007


Well I'm back little people, and after a very very long weekend I'm here and back home safe and sound. Whew!!!! I don't know where to start... but I will try.
Bear with me for a second.... I have to write 4 separate posts. Leather Market, Grabbys/Afterparty, House of Blues Performance. So many people, so many things to talk about, it was nuts the whole weekend. So lets get started!!!

Now I have never been to Chicago a day in my life. So this was a great opportunity for me(sounds corny as shit)and the timing couldn't have been better for going. I made a rule to carry my camera with me every where I went so I could really show ya the experience of being a Porn Star and going to "These" Big Events. I'm one year into the game(Porn)and really feel that I'm part of that "New Breed of Porn stars" that seem to pop up into the game. What I mean is that I have watched Porn for years and told myself that I would have fucked the model(If I was on the screen) this way or that way, with more power, or more skill etc etc.. In any case, what I mean that is when I go to these events I really have alot of fun, and I really love meeting other models in the business(think what u want!!LOL)

Leather Market is more of a Trade show then a meet and greet. All the vendors are there to sell their ware and gear and have some fun at the same time. From what I'm told this is the first appearance for Titan in the last 5 years. So I guess the big guys wanted to make a showing at this event. Now I have been to other vending shows and the type of crowd for this event was different. It was leather weekend all night and day long and the hotel was a dirty play ground for all the Pigs to play in.
We shared the space with Leather Post guys(great bunch of guys) Check them out at They sell some hot gear and was very nice to us. To get an idea of what the "Market" was like, its mostly people walking around in Fetish clothing and acting out in front of people. I was there to Promote Titan and Leatherpost and I think I did a decent job. The Difference between this event and others is that people tend to be alittle more sexual than being a customer that this type of function. I know its important to make a good showing at this type of event and I think were successful.
I will be honest with ya. I'm still getting used to appearing in person and sometimes it takes me a min to get into the energy mode. The Plan was to sell our DVDs and push the product. Titan was promoting our new movie Folsom Leather. I had a chance to see some clips of the movie and it looks hot. Now not sounding cocky or anything. But Folsom Filth started the cycle and I'm glad I was apart of such a hot movie and project. Folsom Leather has a break out role by Rick Van Sant(Rookie)newest Titan Exclusive. I have some great shots of him on the next blog that I'm writing about the Grabbys. So at the booth its Diesel Washington, Rick Van Sant, Alex Baresi, Dean Flynn, Tobert Brandt and Rocky Torres. Can u say beef factory?? Geez I'm glad I worked my ass off to be in shape for this event. I shined the whole time at the booth, but I have to be honest. Its alittle hard for me to say"Hey You Boy!!! Get over here and buy my video or I will Kick Ur Ass!!! I relied more on the screen to do all my talking. At the booth they had a Tv screen displaying Our talents. Most people would think we were just models handing out flyers. Mixed crowd of Fans and just People who wanted their picture taken with their favorite of the Titan Family. I felt alittle strange at the booth, people would just stare and walk past. I sometimes forget I'm alittle intimidating in person, so people would just stare and nod their head as they went by. At certain times I had to break the Ice and welcomed people to take a picture with me.

U have to remember events like this are Leather events and customers who are into leather will buy DVDs and gear but u have to have the right approach. Being an Aggressive Dominate Top and selling Ur product is alittle tricky. Most boys are staring at ya in respect waiting to be called to serve rather then open a wallet and buy a DVD. So my day job during the weekend was selling DVDs(alot of them), at least I had a chance to talk to fans and represent for Titan. Now maybe I read into things some times. But Its funny to see the effect that starring in Folsom Filth would become at this point. I see people wearing the Leather and gear that we had on, down to Dogboy mask. Damien Cross's shoulder harness. The metal harness that I was wearing in my scene. I'm still confused when I meet people, I would say "Hey its nice to meet ya. I'm Diesel" And I would get the usual " I know who U are" I don't know if that is a bad thing or good thing??? I think we made a good showing cause LeatherPost was making a kililng off selling their products. Gear was falling off the shelves and I was glad to see that we could help out.

The only downside at being at the booth is that there wasnt any more movies starring me. I had to heavily promote Folsom Filth(which by the way won 2007 Gayvn Best Fetish Dvd and 2007 Grabby Award winner for Best Fetish Dvd)its still funny to me that I'm on the DVD Disc(so u see my face and cock every time U load up Folsom Filth). It would have been "interesting" to see myself pushing Crossing the Line:Cop Shack 2 or Bolier to the fans but I had a good time watching the other guys who just started into the business experience their first public showing. Bottom line I think Folsom Leather will do well it was flying off the shelves and Folsom Filth also had a good selling as well. Makes me proud that my work is so respected and award winning.

So the "Leather Market" its a trade show where the Leather community can gather show Improvements to style, attitude, skills and where u get to see some of Ur favorite porn stars.
On a dirty note, the Leather Market was at the Hilton so basically u can walk around the hotel and see some madness going on and people running in and out of hotel rooms and sounds down the hall. Basically all I heard is Bear types talk about how many hands they can get up their ass. Stories of taking some guys arms to the elbow, without a problem. Boys getting spit on, pissed on. Parties in every room and portable slings, whips and chains and flogging. Just another vacation at the Hilton!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Truth be known, when I write this blog, I don't care about the spelling, grammar, run on sentences etc etc......... I usually write this from the hip and maybe check the spelling(if I have enough time) and they are random thoughts, clips of memory and ideas that I just put down in a blog form. Diesel never gets into Politics or Religion or Gossip about Movie Stars or Music. I talk about Diesel, and everything that comes with Diesel(attention, The fucks, travels, emotional trying times) With that said I am Diesel Washington..............

Hmmmm.. Well I'm leaving for Chi town this Friday and I'm going to put a killing on the Leather Market. Not sure the set up of the booths or anything but I will be there in the flesh and Representing Titan. Speaking of Titan......... Its almost like a double edged sword, on one hand I should be proud of my success, I have only done 4 movies and was nominated Best Newcomer for Gayvn and then nominated Best Newcomer for Grabbys, Outstanding Performances at Hustlaball 2007, Black Party 2007 an article in New York Times, sound bites on Howard Stern, being a featured model on so many websites, the fans, the traveling, the money.... all thanks to Titan........ but on the other hand ...........................I'm dieing to Work!!!! I worked on my last project last year Oct, and I will admit that there was another "Idea" of a project that I could have worked on. Diesel had his own "Issues" to deal with at the time so that project "Fizzled out". Diesel hasn't worked(filmed)recently (about 8 months), no other projects due out, and they signed three new exclusives to the company as well. Then being up to date on the Porn Biz, I see other models(exclusive/free agents) working on projects(some good some bad)but working regardless. I get mad, alittle upset at times. Wondering If I'm in Limbo or something????
But I remember talking to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb of (President and Vice President)and they would tell me" Diesel U have to be Patient, it may seem like this is a long process but we don't want ya to be overexposed, to ensure u have a longer Run in the Porn business". "Some guys have done 10-20 movies in one year, yeah they make the money quick and their Career is over even quicker" so true so true. Doing research I found that to be correct, Case in point: Matthew Rush started working with Falcon 2001-Present(maybe 2000 alittle off) 6-7 years in that time working with Falcon, he has on average turned out 4 films per year. He is one of the most recognized performers in the Gay porn industry. Shit look at Brad Pitt u don't see him in 4 movies in one year and he is super famous. Then look at Judd Law(he has star quality)he did 4 movies in one year and they all sucked!!! I don't want to be a performer that does movie after movie and they all suck. Long story short, Diesel is impatient but.. knows in the long run that doing quality work speaks volumes!!!!!
Right now Diesel is big as hell, ripped, and ready to kick some ass. I feel like a little kid cause I have to prove to myself that I am good as I say. I'm eager to work and bring something new to the table. Public appearances are golden to me, people see my pics and say nice body and nice dick. In person, its like they saw me for the first time, don't realize that I'm 6'6 and big. Some guys say they are like 6'1 when they are 5'10 or whatever. Without shoes and socks, I'm 6'6 so wearing shoes or boots probably put me to 6'7-6'8.
Now this is what people tell me, "Diesel Ur alittle intimidating, cocky, loud, harsh". Umm okay........? That is what Diesel is about!!! He is a Character without limits and pushes the action until he gets into Ur pants and fucks out Ur brains. But he is a Character that I created, Diesel has grown physically and emotionally in the last year. And I'm very eager to show off the New and Improved Diesel Washington.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Geez, that's all I have to say the fucking movie sucked from start to end. Damn!!! Total money scheme from start to end, they played the game right and milked another movie out of the exciting and blood thirsty starter movie. Now I have to be honest, I love movies, cartoons, comics and I'm a big kid at heart. But when U take a cult favorite zombie move and then try to push the money wagon again, Ur fucking nuts. The only scene worth watching in the entire movie is at the start. Moving on......
I posted some pics of Diesel at Porno Bingo and I really didn't post any close up pics of me so u can see more of me today. Now the body is sore as hell cause this is the last week I get to work out cause on Friday I will be going to to Chi Town for the IML and the Grabby awards. So its Monday and I have to run like 8miles and tone up more before the event. I cant wait until I get to Chi town I will signing autographs at the leather event and then partying until the wee hours of the morning. I will post another blog before I go on my trip so look for that. Now its time for me to run to the gym again and work out like a motherfucker.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Well I would have posted pics earlier from the Will Clarks Porno Bingo but its hard to take the pics and find which ones u want to use to put on my site. Anyway I had a great time that night at Porno Bingo and Will was great. It was a nice crowd there that night and it was to support the Gay Football League. Which was cool, I had to take a couple of pics with fans and sign some autographs I expected a bigger turn out that night but it was raining and everything. We raised about 600+ and it was for a good cause. In attendance were Tre Xavier, Spike(Pornstars) and we all had a good time. I havent posted pics in a long time so I had to put up some pics. Check out the body in these pics I worked hard this past weeks to create a hot body for the IML and the Grabbys. So check out the pics and let me know if Im still doing my thing, Cause I'm working out harder and harder.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Okay people, I don't have much time to write this but I will be hosting Porno Bingo with Will Clark this wednes. So come out and its for a good cause. Now other things in the news is that there is a great new poster for the releasing of Folsom Leather(its looks like its going to be extra hot). Hmm that gets me to thinking about Chi-Town. I will also be performing at the IML(International Mister Leather)so def bring a camera for that. I have to really update this shit but I been holding out on pics cause I'm really tearing up the gym and I don't want to show the finished Product just yet.......... Call it what u want I don't give a shit. So the only way u will be able to correct out the "Goods" is coming to Porno Bingo. I love to do it "Big" when I'm performing so I will bring my A game.

Since I really haven't talked much about the business, I hope to tour this summer(I always say that) but traveling is fun to me just going to a different city everyday is alittle tiring sometimes. I will make the effort to really hit the road and just head out and have a great time. Now one thing I'm happy about is going to the Grabbys Single this year. I have my eyes on a few Models that I have been wanting to work with(U Know Who u Are!!) Big Fat Parties and everybody is hanging out and having a great time nothing better. I without sounding cocky(which I always am) I look the best I have in my Life right now. I'm running and lifting and getting stronger everyday and just enjoying the weather and its a good time for me. Aside from stalkers here and there I'm having a good time.
On to something completely different.......... SEX (yeah like I would talk about something else LOL) In my encounters there are those who liked to get pissed on, those who like to get pissed on( in the shower), and those who don't like piss at all!! I recently had the pleasure, to piss on this guy who is not is into piss at all. It was a great experience, I had to sneak the piss on him, while he was sucking my dick, I had him stand up and grabbed him by his neck and ran him into the bathroom, sat him on the toilet and let him suck my dick there. He was already naked so having him just sitting there on the toilet was kinda of hot. He was more getting into the mirrors and looking at himself sucking my dick and getting off on it. At the same time I was letting my dick go semi enough so that I will be able to have a nice piss shoot for his face. To pull this off I would have to time the sucking, when I will be able to piss, him looking at himself in the mirror, and also be able to get some in his mouth before he pulled off. Whew that is a mouthful. Background of the Guy?? Who gives a shit He was my "Type" but..........was only into Vanilla(for those who don't know He is not into the Dirty shit!!) Now u can force some fetish onto people if u want to be all Tough and Rough and take his ass and piss in his face. Its totally different when the one your playing with, seen ur movies and came to ya as a man and said "I think Your a Great Guy, but I'm not into being Humiliated and Degraded like U do to those People in Your Movie" now I'm thinking "JackPot" Cause Now not only will I get to piss on ya but I will get ya to like it as well(Love Challenges) back to the story.......
He was so into it and just loving the mirrors and cock in his face . I got the piss to the tip of the of the head of my cock. He was sucking so well and just deepthroating it to the base and everything, I was getting a good shot of piss into his mouth and he was swallowing every drop of it(I think he thought it was Precum)I have good piss control(hard to explain). While he was sucking my dick I was jerking him off at the same time and when he was close to cumming. I pulled my cock from his mouth and smacked it against both of his cheeks(face) and hit him with a heavy stream of piss on his chest. It was Timed Perfect, cause he was cumming at same time so There he sat on Toilet cumming, getting pissed on, and I watched his eyes, looking for that expression. He lifted his head and looked at me and was like " That was fucked up man I told ya I didn't want to get pissed on and U did it!!! That's fucked up man!!" I looked down and told him"Shut the fuck up, U loved it U fucking came in buckets!!! So don't give me that crap, Get up run the shower and "We" can wash up". Now the trick here is that, we have never showered together(u throw bones to the "Puppies" u train into this LOL) so that would even the score. But Diesel is an asshole.........I pissed on him in the shower and he.... welcomed it this time, so he is off to a good start.
Now its wrong that I had to push him(I think it is???) cause some people don't get freaky, and there are some people that bring it every where they go. I guess what I'm saying is "If You tell me not to piss on ya I will piss on ya, but I want to piss on ya and make ya like it. Not only cause I like it, but your growing to like it".
Enough stories, things are good so come out to Poro Bingo but wait...............
Rules for talking to Diesel:
1. Knowing my Name great start
2. Avoid Statements like "I want to suck your dick" "I would let ya fuck my ass" etcetc..
3. Thanks for the Support but I dont need to hear How, When, Where, or Who you were with to bust your load to the movies I do.
4. I will not pull out my Cock just to show you(I pull it out when I want to LOL)
5. If your Drunk as hell and trying to talk to me chances are I will keep it brief with you and keep moving.
These are Simple rules follow them and we will get along. See ya at Bingo!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, as u know I haven't posted any pics of me in a long long long time. A couple of times I wanted to take pics for u guys, but a little voice in my head said don't post any pics yet ur still creating the "Body". But I know the short attention span of a person, they need to see pics and then u can go into a story.
Well here's a pic of me and Damien Crosse at PornoBingo speaking of which I will be hosting this May 16 so make sure U come out and hangout with me at the bar. Its all for a good cause so show ur support and come out. Speaking of Damien he started a new blog so show him some love as well. I think its going to be the battle of the blogs now. Not to talk shit or anything, but I was the first Titanmen to start blogging. Francois Sagat then started blogging check out his blog and now Damien Crosse hmmm that means that Victor Banda needs to start blogging(Titan exclusive) Tober Brandt(Titan exclusive) Dean Flynn, Darius Falke we all need to start blogging I guess.
Okay enough shout outs. Im going to keep this post short cause I want to write another one about some of my fave shows.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I thought I would finally write a post that would talk mainly about the impact that I had on Gay porn. Now that statement sounds cocky.....but let me explain it this way. I came into Porn because I was tired of seeing bullshit. And I have to be careful when I say this, But Trying to find a Megastar Black Gay Porn Star is like trying to find who killed Biggie Smalls?????(thats a rapper by the way, Google it).
Now Across the water there are plenty of Stars in the Ethnic, Interracial, Even Straight Film making. Lexington Steele, Mr Marcus, Shawn Michaels. But in mainstream gay porn, a handful, at best. No disrespect to the Black Models that I watched, Bobby Blake, Flex dion Blake, Jack Simmons, etc etc. I could name those actors cause they were the only guys at the time that had enough balls and looks to pull it off.
Right now I feel that Im on top of my game and I haven't even started. I have done 4 movies, Hitch, Folsom Filth, Copshack 2, Boiler u can get those at This is a exciting time for me, Im playing the game to the best of ability and I think I will have a further impact on Gay Porn. IM A GOD!!!(In Diesels mind LOL)
I think the question was What does it feel like to be a Black Gay Porn Star????
Hmmm I dont know what to say???, I had thoughts that companies would look at me like this Big Black Guy, yeah nice body and big dick, But does he have talent??? That's what I had to prove, and prove to myself that I do have talent. Being Black doesn't hurt me, Business wise or Personal wise, Im Proud to be Black, Proud of my race, there is no Self hatred there. I dont see myself being used like the "Token Black"either. I just think I am what I am!!! Im 6'6 245lbs muscles all over, huge cock, fucks like a bull, decent looking(I had to tone it down from the God comment LOL)knows the business and loves performing. Im like one of a kind(enough bragging), face it People I don't see any 6'6 Huge Black Guys in Porn. Adam Dexter Im calling ya out!!!! Colts boy Adam Dexter(a friend) Sorry Bro but I have to give ya the boot as the Bigger Man now, Go sit in the corner and hold my Jockstrap for me!!!(LOL).
People have their "Preferences" and I don't fit that "All American look". But I have my own look that suits me just fine. The Job of Porn is to sell Sex, now I have seen twinks, musclemen, jocks, older guys, hairy guys, skinny guys all have a certain "IT" factor. I don't know if I have "IT" or not, but Im working with what I got as hard as I can(In more ways than one)
To be honest, I thought it would be hard to find people that would want to work with me. Besides the "Preference" thing, I fuck very hard, manhandle my boys, and basically work them hard as hell to achieve a great product. Now "U" may not be into Black guys or Men of color"(if u wasn't then u wouldn't be reading my blog) but I look at it from a Performers Stand point, "If u want to be recognized as the Best Power top u have to fuck the best Power bottoms of the business". Likewise If u want to be "The Best Top in this business u have to fuck The best bottoms of this business". And as I said before the only way I will be looked at as a Hot Guy, I have to fuck other Hot guys I call it "Hot by Association" sucks that it has to be that way but I know how the game goes.
Now How does it Feel to be a Black Gay Porn Actor? U would first have to ask me How does it feel to be Black in America???, Then u would have to ask How Does it feel to be Gay or Bi in America???, Then ask How does it Feel to be a Porn star??? So I cant give ya a really detailed answer cause Im still feeling out the situation myself.
So Far Im loving the attention and Perks of doing Porn so maybe I will know the answer when this Ride is over


I wanted to pick this pic of Spiderman, most would use him in the black suit or red suit, web slinging around the city or fighting bad guys. This Pic is alittle more profound showing how hard it is being a superhero to so many people, yet not having ur own life and always having to "Perform" for the people instead of the Living ur own Life.

Well if u guys have been paying close attention, I have said before that I was a huge comic book collector and reader. So seeing Spiderman was on the top of my list. I wont give any details away about the movie. But I thought the movie was great, all these characters reading as a kid and all of them coming to Life was amazing. The fight scenes were great and I love how they put also a story in the middle of the movie that gets ya involved with the characters. Judging from the audience some didnt like the movie, cause it showed more of the character of Peter Parker rather then Spiderman. Peter gets emotionally wrapped up in this movie and I guess the audience didnt understand that Spiderman/Peter Parker are complex characters and I think the movie stayed true to the comic book. Overall the Movie was great.

Yeah I know I gave a cheesy review like everybody, who has a blog or computer, OH well. Now next on the List is FF4 the Rise of the Surfer(Fantastic Four) Transformers, yes I said Transformers. Transformers were the hottest toy to me, and I played with them everyday and if I walk by a Toy store to this day, U could see me in the back playing with action figures, just like I did when I was a kid, only now Im a Big Kid now(6'6 245lbs) so think about that.

Well just jumped on to review Spiderman for u guys, I will write more tommorrow or maybe even later tonight.

Same Spidey Time

Same Spidey Channel

(Yeah it sounds Cheesy but whatever LOL

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I was going to write a mean spirited blog about dating, talk about all the assholes that I have dated, I was even going to include all thier pics and talk trash about them. But Since I already share my sex life with ya, I didnt feel the need to disclose my Dating Life as well. But to all the fuck heads/Sluts (and u know who u are) I will name names. Some say its not Nice to"Kiss and Tell" but since u have seen me fuck or have looked at my naked pics, u know more about me then I know about ya.
Firstly, All the people that I have dated either read my blog or at least know about it, so If u have a problem with me and my View Point............GO FUCK URSELF!!!! This is my blog so I can write anything I want Bitches!!!!
Dating hmmmm why do it?? Why must we have to go through the whole meet, hangout, interview stages? Why we go on this endless dating thing when ur single???? I never liked dating to be honest, I thought it was just a thing that people do to find the person that they want to settle down with. But to some People, dating is like a Artform or something that passes the time. There are casual dates and some that are more formal, geez I dont know the Rules of dating, so Im totally in the dark when it comes to this thing.
To be honest, I just fuck people and If I like them I just hangout with them until either I get bored or find them so interesting and healthy for me we become more than Friends. Using the Term "Date" is new to me and I think Im using it wrong. So I have come up with a new term Its called"The Extended Hookup".
The Extended Hookup is when u meet someone for sex and things go from there, to either Friendship or a Relationship. I guess I could meet someone without the sex, and just hangout and talk and see where things go? Could I???? Probably..... but if a person is major cool and we get along and the conversation is great, but the sex isnt hot or even memorable, chances are I will lose interest fast. Its not like I will never talk to them again or see them again. I will just place them into the Friend file, and will continue to see them on a Friendship level.
So here is the Extended Hookup List:
There was Max, a cute boy that I met before the Porn stardom. We started out not liking each other(we met online)and decided to meet just to see what would happen. He was smart and witty and had a good head on his shoulders, but we hated each other and that was that!!!(at least during those times) I then hear from him months later(Feb of this Year)he wished me success in the Porn game, and we began to talk more. We decided to meet again, and this time we hit it off well. He was curious about my work, so we watched Folsom Filth. Long story short, I fucked him. But Max was a "Starfucker" he only wanted to hangout with a Big Porn star. He was in love with the Lifestyle of a Porn star, the attention, the parties, and meeting new and interesting people. The more time we spent together, I found conversations were only about other Porn stars, working on a set, models that I want to work with in the future etc etc... After a while, he admitted that he wanted to do porn or strip but he didnt have the courage to go threw it. So I think he was more interested in seeing the Porn Lifestyle from my eyes rather then experience it himself. I have no problem knowing that, but when u Lie right to my face I have to let u go. He knows the Lies, So if ur reading this Max ur a fucking Liar, I HATE LIARS.

Then there was Corey Cade the porn star, the porn family is very small so when u meet someone who shares the same interests as u ,the connection is intense. Corey and I met at the end of Feb, he told me that he was in a relationship that was fucked up and doomed to end. We met and hit it off, Long story short I fucked him. I thought it would be great to hangout with another Porn star, that way there is no jealously issues. Corey however wasnt interested in doing Porn anymore and had moved on to other career paths. He had let himself go and gained about 25lbs and was not in Porn shape anymore. I was more interested in the person behind "Corey Cade" but I couldnt get past his issues, with his weight, his ex, and his new job.

Then there was Cameron Phillips another porn star, we met, played around and even worked out at the gym once. Hes smart as a whip, and full of energy but alas we fought everyday, we both had strong personalities and it just didnt work. I would have continued to at least fuck him(hot ass)but instead of a Fuckbuddy, I felt more like his personal trainer and mentor giving him advice on his career goals in porn. Then came complaints about sex all the time and being sore. Next!!!!!
I switched up this time, and tried my hand at women.....I met this girl named Peggy and we had fun. It never led to sex but we did go to the movies alot and have fun dancing. I was honest with her about my sexuality and me doing porn, and she handled it great. Things were moving along until it moved from making out to "other things". I wanted to have sex with her but..... this is where things got messy. She refused to have sex with me until I got a Hiv test(I still would use a Condom), which is her right but then she asked how long would I do Porn?, Would I still be interested in guys if we got into a relationship?? She had two small kids, and other baggage that I wont mention. Next!!!
Recently I met this kid named Kelly(he would be the great sex I had lately)and we had an Intense relationship that people write books about. Finally I met someone who was as Intense as Myself. And what happens???? Hes a nut job with major problems and On the run from the cops for weapons charges and robbery. Next!!
I had enough of dating and extended hookups, its either I meet People who are not interested in dating and only want sex, busy with their own problems, people on the run from cops, women with kids, and just nut jobs. Shit its May and the summer is coming so Im not going to worry. I gave up on the Dating and Extended hookups for now cause I want to focus more on Performing and filming in the next couple of months. So it looks like its just Hooking up to pass the time for now, Oh well nothing wrong with fucking hot boys and girls until I find the right person.
Oh I need to put Pics up I will put some up before next week ends cause Im sure People want to see How the body improved since I last posted pics.