Saturday, May 05, 2007


I wanted to pick this pic of Spiderman, most would use him in the black suit or red suit, web slinging around the city or fighting bad guys. This Pic is alittle more profound showing how hard it is being a superhero to so many people, yet not having ur own life and always having to "Perform" for the people instead of the Living ur own Life.

Well if u guys have been paying close attention, I have said before that I was a huge comic book collector and reader. So seeing Spiderman was on the top of my list. I wont give any details away about the movie. But I thought the movie was great, all these characters reading as a kid and all of them coming to Life was amazing. The fight scenes were great and I love how they put also a story in the middle of the movie that gets ya involved with the characters. Judging from the audience some didnt like the movie, cause it showed more of the character of Peter Parker rather then Spiderman. Peter gets emotionally wrapped up in this movie and I guess the audience didnt understand that Spiderman/Peter Parker are complex characters and I think the movie stayed true to the comic book. Overall the Movie was great.

Yeah I know I gave a cheesy review like everybody, who has a blog or computer, OH well. Now next on the List is FF4 the Rise of the Surfer(Fantastic Four) Transformers, yes I said Transformers. Transformers were the hottest toy to me, and I played with them everyday and if I walk by a Toy store to this day, U could see me in the back playing with action figures, just like I did when I was a kid, only now Im a Big Kid now(6'6 245lbs) so think about that.

Well just jumped on to review Spiderman for u guys, I will write more tommorrow or maybe even later tonight.

Same Spidey Time

Same Spidey Channel

(Yeah it sounds Cheesy but whatever LOL

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revolva said...

D, what else are you collecting? I'm diggin Astonishing X-Men, Daredevil and even All-Star Superman, Superman Confidential and Jonah Hex. It's a good time to be a collector!