Saturday, May 05, 2007


I thought I would finally write a post that would talk mainly about the impact that I had on Gay porn. Now that statement sounds cocky.....but let me explain it this way. I came into Porn because I was tired of seeing bullshit. And I have to be careful when I say this, But Trying to find a Megastar Black Gay Porn Star is like trying to find who killed Biggie Smalls?????(thats a rapper by the way, Google it).
Now Across the water there are plenty of Stars in the Ethnic, Interracial, Even Straight Film making. Lexington Steele, Mr Marcus, Shawn Michaels. But in mainstream gay porn, a handful, at best. No disrespect to the Black Models that I watched, Bobby Blake, Flex dion Blake, Jack Simmons, etc etc. I could name those actors cause they were the only guys at the time that had enough balls and looks to pull it off.
Right now I feel that Im on top of my game and I haven't even started. I have done 4 movies, Hitch, Folsom Filth, Copshack 2, Boiler u can get those at This is a exciting time for me, Im playing the game to the best of ability and I think I will have a further impact on Gay Porn. IM A GOD!!!(In Diesels mind LOL)
I think the question was What does it feel like to be a Black Gay Porn Star????
Hmmm I dont know what to say???, I had thoughts that companies would look at me like this Big Black Guy, yeah nice body and big dick, But does he have talent??? That's what I had to prove, and prove to myself that I do have talent. Being Black doesn't hurt me, Business wise or Personal wise, Im Proud to be Black, Proud of my race, there is no Self hatred there. I dont see myself being used like the "Token Black"either. I just think I am what I am!!! Im 6'6 245lbs muscles all over, huge cock, fucks like a bull, decent looking(I had to tone it down from the God comment LOL)knows the business and loves performing. Im like one of a kind(enough bragging), face it People I don't see any 6'6 Huge Black Guys in Porn. Adam Dexter Im calling ya out!!!! Colts boy Adam Dexter(a friend) Sorry Bro but I have to give ya the boot as the Bigger Man now, Go sit in the corner and hold my Jockstrap for me!!!(LOL).
People have their "Preferences" and I don't fit that "All American look". But I have my own look that suits me just fine. The Job of Porn is to sell Sex, now I have seen twinks, musclemen, jocks, older guys, hairy guys, skinny guys all have a certain "IT" factor. I don't know if I have "IT" or not, but Im working with what I got as hard as I can(In more ways than one)
To be honest, I thought it would be hard to find people that would want to work with me. Besides the "Preference" thing, I fuck very hard, manhandle my boys, and basically work them hard as hell to achieve a great product. Now "U" may not be into Black guys or Men of color"(if u wasn't then u wouldn't be reading my blog) but I look at it from a Performers Stand point, "If u want to be recognized as the Best Power top u have to fuck the best Power bottoms of the business". Likewise If u want to be "The Best Top in this business u have to fuck The best bottoms of this business". And as I said before the only way I will be looked at as a Hot Guy, I have to fuck other Hot guys I call it "Hot by Association" sucks that it has to be that way but I know how the game goes.
Now How does it Feel to be a Black Gay Porn Actor? U would first have to ask me How does it feel to be Black in America???, Then u would have to ask How Does it feel to be Gay or Bi in America???, Then ask How does it Feel to be a Porn star??? So I cant give ya a really detailed answer cause Im still feeling out the situation myself.
So Far Im loving the attention and Perks of doing Porn so maybe I will know the answer when this Ride is over


Anonymous said...

im a fan of yours..keep up the work you do!

Olivia said...

Great work.