Sunday, May 20, 2007


Geez, that's all I have to say the fucking movie sucked from start to end. Damn!!! Total money scheme from start to end, they played the game right and milked another movie out of the exciting and blood thirsty starter movie. Now I have to be honest, I love movies, cartoons, comics and I'm a big kid at heart. But when U take a cult favorite zombie move and then try to push the money wagon again, Ur fucking nuts. The only scene worth watching in the entire movie is at the start. Moving on......
I posted some pics of Diesel at Porno Bingo and I really didn't post any close up pics of me so u can see more of me today. Now the body is sore as hell cause this is the last week I get to work out cause on Friday I will be going to to Chi Town for the IML and the Grabby awards. So its Monday and I have to run like 8miles and tone up more before the event. I cant wait until I get to Chi town I will signing autographs at the leather event and then partying until the wee hours of the morning. I will post another blog before I go on my trip so look for that. Now its time for me to run to the gym again and work out like a motherfucker.


dogboyNYC said...

damn.. i knew i should've gone to IML this year.. got any room on your floor? :)

wisottertail said...

Diesel, SIR:
Let us know where YOU'RE signing autographs. i'd love to get one from YOU -- maybe right on my right buttcheek. It could read: "Diesel's prop"!