Thursday, November 26, 2009



Wolf Hudson gave Me the Honor to film some behind the scenes of his Michael Jackson Tribute Vid.... I was honored that he gave me the opportunity!!! So Here is BEHIND THE SCENES OF WOLF HUDSON'S MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE VID

Another Vid:

Ur last sneak peek:

Wow!!!All I can say.......

In other news, I had the chance to work for as you all know. So I got to see the studio and get a feel for it. So check Me out on EXTRABIGDICKS.COM

I had the pleasure of working with, www.TWINKSCAPE.COM so check me out on there soon.

I also had the pleasure of seeing the BaitBuddies studio as well... What is BaitBuddies?????

Everybody knows I have a problem with that whole Gay4Pay thing....So I wanted to see the whole process first hand. I was invited to the studio, I just sat back and watched what happened!!! One of the models that was in the studio that day, kept asking Me what the girls look like??? Did I have a chance fuck them??? Bah Bah Bah!! I didn't know the guy at all, so I just ignorned him and played it off like I was working on a nearby computer.

They ask the typical questions U ask in an Interview, but when it got time for the girls to be on the set, the girls canceled(over the phone) at the last minute. Or did they??? I had no idea what was going on.....

They turned off the cameras and was going to cancel the shoot. The guys running the site Robins and Caruso said it was going to be wrap!!! I heard the Str8 boy complaining that He didn't have any money and was counting on that money from the shoot. But the girls canceled, what are you going to do???? Caruso also films gay porn, so he came up with the idea to change the shoot and the model would still get paid. But the Str8 boy would have to fuck around with another guy.......

Now!!! I was expecting the Str8 boy to just get up and leave right then and there. But He actually thought about it and said "Fuck It" and let the gay guy(who I thought was Str8 as well) on set blow him. I was floored!!! People need money nowadays so I can't blame Him. But I got to see first hand How the whole Gay4Pay thing works right in front of my eyes. The Str8 guy let the gay boy blow him...I could see that the Str8 guy was uncomfortable, I felt for the guy, expecting pussy and then having to let a gay boy suck you off because U need the money. It was His choice though!!

I had to walk out, seeing that Str8 boy feel uncomfortable made Me feel uncomfortable. Funny I'm suppose to be this Sex God, but seeing that Str8 guy get played was fucked up!!!LOL See how they do it over there at Baitbuddies

What else to talk about??? I have interviews coming up with AJ Cross(Johnny's Club)and We have a real talk all on camera.

I will be in LA filming a scene with Jesse Santana(that is going to be Huge!!) Finally a high profile name to work with. And I will split Jesse in half, so I'm hitting the gym hard to get ready for that role.

I will be at Cocktails with the Stars see here:

That will be my first time there ever!!! So that should be interesting!!!

Also in L.A. I have a ton of meetings to go to throughout the week and weekend so I will be busy. So L.A. here I come again.......

I was also thinking about coming to San Fran, my trip to L.A. is from Dec 1-7 I could add another week and stop in San Fran for a mini vacation. But who knows???

So U hear it here first, if anybody has any filming or work in the San Fran area let me know, that will give me some time to plan my trip to San Fran if its worth it...... Just being real is all. Those Dates again are L.A Dec 1- 7 and a possible San Fran trip but well see...

More News later......


and the Food:

It was a great meal, and its always good to be with my Mom. She is my cheerleader and always gives Me the best advice and I love you Mommy!!!



So I have Austin give me a ride to the airport(so cool of him)

Here that is:

So I'm at the airport and getting ready for my flight and I notice this person staring at Me and every time I caught them looking at Me I would give them a Mean look. And they would look away all scared and shit, I wasn't bothered at all(I'm used to it)but then I read Tiger Tyson's blog and he wrote this to Me.

Monday, November 23, 2009
So i see my boy diesel probably just got a good tan on that booty piece, My spies tell me that 3 pm flight from fort Lauderdale to laguardia was a pretty smooth flight hope you took that time to think about how sweet my meat will be deep between them cheeks: also hope its nice and shiny when i bang that booty out lol .....= what you dont know i got eyes every where ha ha hah ah ha
posted by Tiger

So that was Ur scared little person staring at Me on the plane, AWWWW so cute!!! Well I didn't get a tan from Fort Lauderdale...I was too busy fucking Steven Ponce and Two little twinks. So tell Ur Spies to look for Me on a flight to L.A. where I will be fucking Jesse Santana!!and handling more business!!!

I haven't heard anything about Our scene bro, Ur peeps haven't contacted Me yet.....Either U guys are busy....... Or someone is talking Big online and is scared to give the people what they want. U starring in your Take Em Series bottoming for Me. U think I didn't see the scene of you bottoming early in your career. Dude I watched that scene hundred of times. U know U bottom!!! Come on I have the footage!!! This was before U signed with Pitbull..... Who is laughing now???

And the show goes on.....


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Okay I get back to the house...

Now I will be honest I'm back at the House in the Hot Tub with Jason Crew and another model(Cuddle Buddy)there are burning bushes all round(LOL)so after hanging out, Jason gets ready to leave(Love you Jason Crew)Let Me say this!! I will be honest, I had a crush on Jason Crew a long long time ago....He has those eyes that look right through you!! And let's not talk about his dick(Whoa!!)I wanted to fuck him right there and then but.........

For one thing, Jason has work tomorrow and I know myself, that guy would be worn out and used hard making "Working" almost next to impossible, so this was not the place or time. Secondly, I was with my "Cuddle Buddy" and I really wanted to spend the night with My "Cuddle Buddy"

"Cuddle Buddy"????Speaking from the heart.....I really liked this model. I met them before in Fort Lauderdale and they were having a hard time and Life seemed to suck for them(at the time)and I cared about them, Nobody can predict when someone comes into their life and they have a profound Impact on you, this person had that effect on Me. Since my last visit to Fort Lauderdale, I often think about this person daily, wondering if they are okay??? Getting their Act together??? How is life treating them???

So being able to see this person was a great time for Me, they were healthy, busy with work and getting their life back in order. What more could I ask for????

Well things started to go downhill the next morning. What do you do when someone U like, isn't in the mental state of having a Healthy relationship(The both of Us)?? On top of that, What do you do when they have had sex with mutual friends(onscreen and Off)I can be a jealous motherfucker some times. What do you do when U live in different states???

While I was in NYC thinking about them(Safety and Health), they were looking for an excuse to leave reality(Drugs, being a slut)!! BUT THAT HAS CHANGED(I hope)!!!But they still have so much work to do. Back to the story..

I woke up in the morning feeling so connected with this person, but at the same time disconnected, Where can this thing lead to?? I prepared myself for "just enjoying the time" that I was able to spend with "Cuddle Buddy", but I caught myself looking into their eyes. Evil!!Evil!!! I must be getting soft nowadays(good thing). It's like U want to help that little bird with the broken wings, U know??? take care of it and fix their wings so they can fly sort of thing. I know sounds mushy!! Moving on...

Why vent about this???? Now I know how to play it cool(sometimes LOL) the entire time out in Fort Lauderdale, I could see the look on people's faces when I was around my "Cuddle Buddy". The Look of "What do you see in that person, that I don't???" I know I know, He is Mental, Nuts, a slut, He makes no sense at times, self destructive, alittle off centered!!!! BUT WHAT THE FUCK AM I????? so I can relate to being a Mess!!!
But I can see deeper into his head, and He has such a passion for his dream(I won't say)!! I find that so attractive!! It's all about Passion!! Lock on to your dream and go full steam!!! Being a Porn star was my dream(One of them)and I'm going stronger than ever. We have the love of the crowd, performing and being in that spotlight, We give up Our bodies and sometimes We get banged up!! Scarred and Beat down!! But We keep getting up everytime, ready for more!!!

Besides having a strong physical attraction to him, We have alot of similar interests. Hard to find people that like M.A.S.H(favorite TV show), even harder finding a person that is crazy like urself, alittle mentally unstable bah bah. I told myself not to get too comfortable around them, my interest in him would go to far. I would leave the room when I had that feeling of a connection growing, leaving Him to sit and wonder what is wrong??? I had to protect myself, which sounds selfish yet again, but I do. I have been hurt over and over and over...

I am Bi polar, and he suffers from ADHD(Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)so the attraction goes even deeper..... On my side of things, His short attention span, restlessness and running around like a wild man, does make sense to Me. But on the other side of the coin, I can see the quiet side of him that is lost in thought, daydreaming and it might seem like We are disconnected(I can totally relate)We both become lost in the head, so many thoughts running around. If ur not Bi polar, its hard to describe what is going through Our heads at the time. It's all processed Information, jumping between memories, goals, wishs, people u have seen or met, just alot of ideas running through your head, all awhile 15mins have passed and Ur still sitting there. He hasn't learned to channel yet..

I learned how to channel my thoughts and energy to make it work for Me finally(at 35)....Depression comes and goes still...but I have learned how to ride that wave. We have the same problem, so there is comfort in knowing that someone else has the same problems I have. He started drinking and drugging to help that mental issue but that is not the solution and He realizes this.

Can two damaged people hangout more than a sex thing???

I see myself as that person who is looking for Love, afraid to put his heart out to people, and the biggest problem.......Caring for People too much, and when it's not being supplied back in the same amount, I become depressed and feel unwanted. I didn't want to put myself in this situation, so I didn't.

This time around, I see that U have alot of people rooting for you to become successful. Ur surrounded by people who have Ur best interest at heart, and I'm happy for you!!

Myself...??? I come back to NYC happy that U are safe!!and surrounded by healthy people. But Who thinks about my safety???? Who worries about Me??? Sigh!!

Yeah sure...... I'm this Big Muscle guy who on the outside, it seems nothing can touch or hurt Me. But when the cameras are away and I'm all by myself..

I will cut this short........Evil Boy!!, Ur special to Me!!!! Continued Success to you!!!

So for the rest of the morning I was mean and nasty to Andrew!! Just because I liked him so much and I was not about to get hurt. Things were said!!! I regret that now!!

Life is never easy....

I have a hard time leaving people I care about...... so when I know I have to leave instead of the tears, Oh Damn!!! that I have to go. I got nasty with you so I don't have to feel the pain of sadness when I leave. So I purposely caused a fight so instead of feeling sadness all I would feel is anger. It's childish behavior I know but I have to think about myself(Selfish thinking Yes but being honest)...... for one time in my life, instead of worrying about someone else.

I'm sure people will tell you about my post, so there U have the truth!!

Yikes this was a deep post!!

Oh well!!


So its the next day, Sunday..

Finally getting my energy back, it was a long Friday and Saturday working. I look forward to Sunday not only because I get to have some rest, but Wolf Hudson starts working on his tribute Vid(and I get to help out)So first up, We need to go shopping for some clothes, We stop at Burger King first:

From there We head over to the Shopping Mall and start some looking for clothes. On hand is Gio helping to style Wolf for his Vid shoot:

In the changing room with Wolf Hudson:

We head over to Fabscout Headquarters so Wolf can shoot his Michael Jackson tribute Vid.


After filming the Vid, we head back to the house and get ready to eat dinner. Austin Wilde flew in later that evening. Howard from Fabscout is going to kill Me for this, but here is Howard making the guys some Dinner(Veal/Chicken breast, Wild rice, Corn and String beans) Hopefully He doesn't burn down the house:

After food We head over to Johnny's for another performance by Wolf Hudson, but the guys are around so of course I have to get my Interviews:

Interview with Austin Wilde:

Interview with Jason Crew:

Interview with Lucas Knowles:

Interviewing a Fan:

So Wolf finishes his shows on stage at Johnny's, in the last show, Wolf Hudson submits for Diesel Washington, big crowd and alot of fun was had by all.

Everybody heads back to the house, Driving with Jason Crew:

Back at the house, there is some Hot tube time and some cuddling with a Porn Star in bed!!I will say no names this time around because afterwards, I was left confused and let down because soon I had to leave and come back home to NYC more stories to come!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Let Me finish my storytelling people......

Geez the hate email has grown out of control(I love it!!)

But I have to finish telling you about my Fort Lauderdale trip, after the Twink scene it was headed back to the house.

This was a working Vacation for Me, the time that I had free to myself(no filming or performing)was spent entirely Dazed and Confused by the pool, U know hanging out in the Hot tube, or just relaxing on the couch. Here I am sitting by the couch with Wolf Hudson before his performance at Johnny's:

So get ready and head to Johnny's, now I was here performing in Oct so it was like I never left!!! Big Shout to Jordan the Bartender!!!Twisted and Twisted!!!Whoa!! Big shout out to AJ Cross(I have a very important interview with him in another post), Sean the Owner and all the Security Guards(All are very cool its like hanging out with my friends back home vibe) So here the first Interview with Wolf Hudson before he goes out to perform his first show:

Wolf Hudson performing:

Backstage after his first show:

We got even more Supporters that came out for Wolf Hudson's show:

So that was the first show, Diesel and Wolf take the stage for the second show Back stage before getting on:

Wolf Hudson and Diesel Washington on Stage:

The Show was crazy and then We headed home... Later on that Night I hung Out with Jordan the Bartender and got Dazed and Confused yet again!!!


It's now Saturday......

I'm in Fort Lauderdale about to shoot another scene......

Now before I talk about the scene, alot of people seem to think I hate twinks!!!! There is some truth to the rumor but I don't hate twinks. I want to put that on record for now!! Diesel Washington does not hate twinks, I simply get annoyed by them.

To fix the record, I was asked to do a very special shoot.....

But watch this Explosive Vid of a Twink getting his ass kicked:

After beating up Krist Cummings I turn my attention to beating up other twinks. I'm tired about hearing about Lady Gaga or Britney Spears bah bah bah. Someone needed to teach the twinks a lesson, so call me Diesel Washington the Twink trainer!!! You also might remember Krist Cummings From my Revenge post. To refresh your memory here is a picture of Me crushing Krist at a performance.


I don't want to give anything away about the scene...but lets say I had to teach two twinks how to get fucked like a Man, by a Man!!! The scene is crazy, and I think people will be surprised to see the action.


I took alot of heat on the twink to fix this problem!!! I decided to do a Twink website.

I answer alot of questions about doing the scene in this interview with the owner of so listen closely(Audio sucks)....

I still can't believe myself.....Diesel Washington did a twink site!! here is the Vid:

So I think it's a great idea to try different things!!!! I want to experience different things, so this is only the start of "Different" things to come in the near future for Diesel Washington.


Monday, November 23, 2009


I guess U missed me.....

I have been busy.... so shall We begin???

Last time I talked to you I was heading to Fort Lauderdale, well that trip is over and I have Vids and alot to talk about.

I went to Fort Lauderdale to help out Wolf Hudson, Howard from FabScout, Gio and to just enjoy the weather. So Howard, Wolf Hudson, Bobby Knight(A New Model) picked me up at the airport(Fort Lauderdale)we hit up Fabscout Headquarters. We start teasing Bobby Knight(new Model)because he claims to be 8.5in cut, so I make him prove it and tell him to wip it out. He pulls out his dick, which clearly isn't 8.5in cut, he says "U can't tell cause I'm not hard" Okay????? So I suck his dick to get it hard to see if He's really 8.5in.......

Close enough.

We go out for some food and drinks at BoardWalk(Big Shout to Boardwalk)and then head back to the house. I was tired, the night before I was in NYC and had a early flight in the morning, so I stayed up all night and I was ready to crash. Went to sleep early because I had a scene in the morning with

So its up early and back at Fabscout Headquarters, its time to work. Steven Ponce picks Me up at the Office and then We drive down to MIA. I love hanging out with Steven, he makes Me laugh and He's just cool to talk to. Here We are driving down to MIA:

Interview with Steven Ponce before the scene:

After We shot Our scene for

The scene went smoothly and I have another scene at that is a banger!!! So when the scene comes out I will make sure I let the fans know!! This is one hot scene!! We drive back to Fort Lauderdale to Fabscout Headquarters pick up another model that flew in from San Fran, Krist Cummings and then head back to Fabscout's House.

We are sitting around the pool watching Skits on SNL(love Saturday Night Live)and We start watching James Brown celebrity Hot tube(Old School footage with Eddie Murphy):

So I'm back at the house and tired!!! I have to go to bed early because I have another scene to shoot tommorrow!!!

So Far U have Thursday and Friday of my Fort Lauderdale trip!! More to Come!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Now U might remember this guy from the Freestyle Comedy show on MTV called "Wild N Out" This is funny shit, I had to steal it from I had to comment on this myself, this Vid is so funny because its so true.... Now I get alot of people that want to touch or feel or grope Me, that comes with being a porn star. But I get tons of Str8 guys that touch and feel me every single day. Being a personal trainer surrounded by other personal trainers its like almost going to massage school..

Maybe its a gym thing??? It's common to see guys in the gym touching each other in a gayish kind of way. For example, a guy can touch another guys pecs...IF... its in the context of showing the muscle in action during an exercise, helping with posing, and even in admiration in slapping them lightly or the "Bro tap on the chest" saying "Damn Man Ur chest grew huge!!" To confess something, I used the T.A.D.S thing just to grope on a hot guy(s). I mean come on, I'm asked for pointers all the time(even when off the clock)so if a cute guy is asking for pointers, I give him pointers alright..I don't care if gay/str8/bi He asked for my help so I'm going to give it.

In thirty seconds, I can touch every body part of his(except for penis and balls)without revealing....I'm a Freak and I'm getting in some groping action. But the key is to do it without the Guy knowing it....and everybody else in the gym. Moving on....

I went to a GBU party(college boy piss party)this weekend.....I needed my piss fix.....I have always been into piss play, U the fans know this already. I like going to this party...I do porn and clients(Escorting), so I really don't have the opportunity to "Play" and not have to "Perform". It was funny at the party, a few people recognized Me and came up and told Me they loved My Vids which is Cool and awkward at the same time..... I wanted to come to the party and "Unwind" but some people want to talk about the movies and certain Co stars. Others want to talk about my blog...One party goer(Hope Ur reading this)came up to Me and asked if I was from Staten Island...I am from Staten Island(born in Brooklyn) I asked him "How did U come up with this Assumption???" He said "I read it on a blog or something??" Clever!! I have to give you props little guy, it was an unexpected question which caught my attention. I was polite right??? Nice meeting you.
At one point of the party, I had a bunch of chasers that basically followed Me around hoping to see a show!! So needless to say my "Playing" time was severely limited!! I'm not the show off that some people think. Porn and Live shows require Me to be "On" so I get into the Mind set and handle business. This was alittle different, Yes it's in public and I should be that "Porn Guy" but I wasn't feeling being Diesel. I wanted to be another guy at the party trying to get his freak on. So No nutbusting for Me at that party. *Sigh

I like Sex(DUH!!)but sex means different things to people. Some can have random hookups and sex is merely busting a load and its done, Others need to have an emotional connection with somebody in order to have sex, or combo of the two. Being a porn star, I can turn it on at any time. But Intimacy is something I have been working on lately....I used to be that guy that as soon as the cum comes out of my dick...I'm up in the bathroom washing off and ready to go!! I want to be that guy and shoots that load and falls asleep in the sticky goo after we are done.

But We are talking about Sex right??? Bubble butts!!! God I love them!!! Its kinda of sad really....When I'm in the city I'm constantly looking for Bubble butts!! Girls/Guys...yummy...Gym searching is not allowed!! When I'm inside of a gym, I'm there to train clients, or work out!! I don't get involved with the "Gym politics" I don't hangout by the showers or steam room not my thing...Sure the gym locker room is a staple of gay porn, but not something I practice in real life, Sorry folks. On the street its hot Esp the train....If U haven't gotten on a NYC subway your missing out!!!Alot of Sexual tension on the's all around and U can feel that energy!! NYC is so alive right now!!!! We are the Champs!!!

More sex news, remember JOJO the Movie????? Finally it's out and ready to been seen by the public.. I'm joining some of the other cast there for the releasing.. If u didn't read that far back(to the people who just started reading this blog)here are some of the Background of the movie and Vid of said Movie:

So at the releasing...I will get some more footage of the actors and talk about the project.. I'm excited, I wanted to broaden my experience in the entertainment step at a time, so first I have to see the finished project..get some footage of that and then come back when there is an audience watching and get their reviews of the movie(esp my scene)I think that will be an interesting post for my blog.

More Sex??? I think I'm the typical Ass fucker!! I love Doggystyle!!! Something about that position, I get alot of power from my legs and I just love to see the dick sliding in and out... Tied for second, Reverse Cowgirl/boy and then simply the bottom riding that shit!!! I know the bottoms that are reading this are like "Oh no What if I like it on my back??" Well take this advice.... U guys should know as soon as u lay on ur's time for you to bust and call it quits!!! After taking a deep plowing from doggystyle and bah bah.... by the time I lay you on ur back ur hole simply is worn out, pop that cork and its a wrap!!

Alot of sex talk on this post the reason why.....Im starting another scene next week for and the model I'm working with.........Steven Ponce!!

If you dont know who Steven Ponce is:

He was the Red Head in Telescope that I used my first Signature Move on!!! Basically I Owe Steven Ponce my career, it was that scene that We worked together to make happen!! I approached Steven and told him the idea that I had for the scene, it was a move that I came up with, but it was unnamed at the time.. We worked hard on the scene..and needless to say(Nominated for Best Duo Scene GayVns)bah bahbah..

That one scene has been down loaded millions of times(illegal downloads)and the footage has floated around the net for months on Sex sites, Xtubes, all that crap. They keep calling it "Interracial Sex" this and that......that term "Interracial Sex" I still have problems with.. AGAIN!!! It's two hot models doing a scene together!!! Tired of that term...enough venting!!

Since this our second time working together....I will use our scene as a platform to showcase other positions... Now some people will say...Don't show your whole game plan and introduce all the positions!!
IDEA 1 I will use this performance to reenact the Bully, then move to Motorcycle and then Cannonball then to FleshJack(Newest Position)and then to an Unseen Move. I wanted to do a performance like this for the fans...Sure U have seen the moves before, but they are mine!! Bring out all the old tricks and then hit you with the new material and give the fans show!!


IDEA 2 I can keep the scene basic, Fuck hard!!! And wear out Steven's Ass. A good hard plowing bringing out his bottom role in the scene!!

Your choice??? and remember I'm basing this on Hundred votes!!!and the scene is next week so vote now:

Now I'm looking at the Tiger Tyson poll, and it seems that Tiger is ahead on topping Me now!!! almost 500 votes(that is huge)and the Flip Flop went from mid sixties to fifty four percent now!!! Things to think about.....but everbody knows my status on that.

So far...Steven Ponce next week(That is huge for Me and special), Jesse Santana(Power Top meets Power Bottom!!! Epic!!)next month!! And you my friend Tiger, Ur next!!!

Umm this might sound strange??? At first I only liked smooth asses!!! Well I have grown to love hairy asses(as long as they are Bubble asses)so I thought I would say that for the fans. Hair is a good thing!! I know, I was talking about one thing and came back to bubble asses...UMMMM That is how much I love Bubble butts!!

I mean flat asses are cool(they have nothing to block the hole)but there is something to be said about parting a nice bubble ass.. lets say an Ass like Mister Sagat... When ur slamming in ur dick and they clinch their butt cheeks on the down stroke, it feels so good!!!!God I love that feeling!!

Oh and parting that bubble ass and cleaning the hole with Ur tongue....I'm there all day and night. I love rimming!!! I'm one of those tops that has to lick it before I stick it!!! Oh and for the ladies, I'm told I eat pussy equally well......

Right now there are some gay guys reading this going "EWWWWWWW Diesel Washington eats pussy" and I say to them "I eat Ass and that is where Men take a shit from" so get over it!!

Cock sucking, my co stars say I'm good at it.

Kissing, can be like sex sometimes...a good kiss goes a long way. On screen, I could have alot more kissing in my scenes(I'm working on that)alot of the scenes I do are intense, so its hit or miss to kiss in a scene depending on the character that I'm playing.. In the movie "Taken" I practiced on being Aggressive and Passionate at the same time. The handling of my Co star was aggressive but I added alot of Deep Kissing and Tongue into the fold. I think it was a nice balance and in the finished project it added to the scene.

But lets say for a Movie like Folsom would have not worked!!! It was a revenge fuck and I wanted to stay in character for that role! For those who didn't see Folsom Prison, I was a Innocent Man convicted of a crime and abused by prison guards..and let's say I get my revenge in the scene!! Anyway its a Hot scene!!

Speaking on scenes, has anyone noticed that the scenes I have done is like a mini movies???? I have one film under my belt that I have two scenes in and that's Telescope. There will not be a movie centered around(Unless I produce it) So I make sure every scene that I'm in, U can watch it like a Mini Movie!! I get so deep into the scene, every move, every position, every angle... I make sure I pull the audience in, either your going to jerk off, or watching it with Ur mouth open going Damn!!!! That is reaction I want!!! and still want!!!

What more to say about Sex??? Keep it safe!!!

That was ur daily dose of Diesel.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello People...

I had time to decompress and relax and then hit up the gym(Hard) I had to tease you with some Footage of Levi Johnston. Now I was tipsy....and drunk blogging. So to recap the event:

Levi Johnston, Jude Law, Geez go to this link of some of the performers that were there.

There was so much stuff was hard to take in the whole event. And that Open Bar was a motherfucker!!!! Trying to balance looking sexy and getting the vibe of the place and knowing when to pull out the camera(hard to do with Tits in ur face)was getting annoying...Hot girls/Hot guys all walking around half naked and showing off inside of the club Whew!!!! It was like anything goes kinda of feel but very sexy....not slutty!! Anyway I had a great time, glad I was invited....

Big ShoutOut to Fleshbot.Editor:
Lux Alptraum

Contributing Editor:
Brian O'Brien

D. Cypher
Madeline Glass

Senior Erotic Consultant:
Gram Ponante

Founding Editor:
John D.

I was drunk as hell talking with Brian O'Brien and calamitous of Fleshbot..I such a geek sometimes... I love chatting with the guys behind the Sword, Unzipped, Fleshbot, bah bah bah that write the posts(I Don't Kiss Ass at all) I like the way certain bloggers have a way of reporting the current events, or passing on Industry news, Pop Culture whatever...

It's not easy to come up with content every single day that is fresh and edgy. Being the Diesel Character...allows Me to talk about the Industry through my eyes and at the same time use this blog as my Journal. Speaking of which...

In interesting news, I see fellow porn stars coming out with books detailing their lives. I have alot of experiences!!!!I have enough experiences just written in this blog alone that could be turned into a Best Seller!! Without Question!! Stay tuned!!For more info on that!!

I was on the MOC blog the other day, and they wrote an article on Me. Everybody has an opinion of Me, Good or Bad and I respect that!! There was a comment on the post that I didn't like. One of the contributing editors of MOC(retired Porn star who didn't make it big and is now Jaded and Bitter) left a comment that I want to address, at first I thought we were friendly.... Sadly that is not the case!!

Dear Contributing Editor:

I came to you like a man to address something that u wrote on Ur blog about Me. I was open and honest about why I didn't agree with your post. You didn't understand Why I took offense, and I will tell you why I took offense yet again. We see each other at events and chat, and I thought We were cool, then to prove a point that U wanted to make on Ur blog, about Racism in Porn, U used Me as a Negative example, to illustrate Ur point. When I read that post I was like....Ouch!!

So I came to you like a Man, expressing my feelings about that post. And U acted puzzled as to Why I was upset. Here's why...

Don't use Me to prove one of Ur Radical posts, U have problems with Blatino Awards, FlavaMan, Thesword, Unzipped,, Hustlaball, Guys who use Poppers, Pierre Fitch, Wolf Hudson, Levi Johnston, Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher, Falcon, put it this way U have problems with everybody!!!! Now U want to leave Neg comments on posts that MOC has about me. If U have problems with Diesel Washington, U can come to Me like a man and express those issues directly. Shit U could have written a Neg post about Me on Ur blog!!! Ur an Editor at MOC, U could have written a Neg post there.... But what do you do??? U take a jab at me in the Comment section. WOW!! That's so brave of you!!

Dude Ur jaded and bitter about the Industry.....There is alot of truth to the lack of Diversity in Gay Porn and I agree with you that there is a problem..... The problem I have with you is that... in person U have nothing to say when I approached you. U acted like u didn't understand the problem I had with Ur post. We discussed it!! And that was that!!! Then u want to email Me to talk about the post again?? We exchanged alot of emails that day....I thought it was over that day!! But NOOOOOO!!! U want to take jabs at Me in comment sections.....Dude Ur lame!!! I hope U find that DP you want!! Or that European White boy that U want to fuck you.

Ur blog sucks, your posts are boring, and you were an average performer at best. I keep asking people in the industry if they know Who U are and nobody has a clue. Stop riding my coat tails, I have more than enough models that try that game, Ur not using my name to get yourself Press!!

Your Lame!!!Keep talking about all Ur slutty activities, and how you love getting fucked and used and all that stuff. Those are the posts that are slightly interesting...

Your Wack, Your Blog is Wack
Diesel Washington

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So I went to the Fleshbot Awards....

What a show they put together WOW!!

And the best part Open Bar!!! To the producers out there....

If U want your models having a good time and ready for a good show, Open bar is the way to do it. I have been to alot of award shows and U know Ur in for a slow night when there is no open bar.
When U get to a place and there is an open bar, U know it's going to be a wild and crazy night.....So pardon if this post makes no sense, but I had a great time at the Awards.

So I'm getting ready for the show and putting the final touches on my outfit. The attire for the night was Formal and Fab(that is what the invite said)So I went decked out!!

I went to the Fleshbot site and they did Liveblogging from the show, so I decided to use their live blogging and my footage of the event and put them together.


I know we said we'd get started at 8:45, but there's tons of people here, and I'm impatient. In case you've forgotten who the top five contender for the Fleshbot Readers' Choice Awards are, here's a recap!

In other news: The Baroness and Dante Posh just rolled through, as did Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, and that crew.

Just saw Michael Musto from the Village Voice, looking brilliant as always. Joanna Angel is parked by the bar with her date. And... Yep, Syd Blakovich exits the bar double-fisting drinks. It's going to be a good time.

There's a mysterious naked man with long hair, a mask, and a fedora standing on the bar. No one seems to notice. (If you haven't guessed by now, I'm stuck by the bar.)

Much of the adult entertainment crowd was just ushered upstairs for a photo session. The show should be starting soon.

Oh snap! It's beginning! Justin Bond is singing the dirtiest song he knows and he looks like a healthy Liza Minnelli.

John Cameron Mitchell just joined Justin on the stage. They both look adorable. The first presenter: Justine Joli! Pinch me.

Jimmy Jane wins the Sexiest Technology Award!

FYI the awards that are being given out are giant, steel, double-sided dildos, just like in the picture.

Michael Lucas is presenting the next award for the Sexiest Fashion Newcomers. Michael Lucas is one busy man. Google him.

The Blonds win! They are so blond.

Mantrix is now performing. The crowd is entranced.

I may have gotten that last name wrong. This is hard to describe. It's like Cirque du Soleil, but less French and more nude.

Julie Atlas Muz is presenting the award for Sexiest Art. How do you decide what art is sexiest? Doesn't it depend on the genre. Ah, this is about comic art. I'm slightly hard of hearing. Anyway, the award goes to Paul Pope, but Ben Naples is accepting for him.

Presenters can't help exclaiming over the glory of the Double-Sided Dildo award.

Rob Roth: "CGI is for hot cocks that never need fluffing." This next award is for the world's best gay-porn-computer-generated animation.

The award goes to "Pirate's Booty!" We love that film.

Prince of Porn Performance Art, Tom Judson is taking the stage. He actually just got here (I saw him go by), and he seems a bit flustered. He's presenting the Mainstream Crossover Award. I wonder who that will go to...

PS: Did you know that Tom Judson was the oldest recipient of the GayVN Performer of the Year award?

Sasha Grey wins! Surprise(?)! Unfortunately, she's not here. She's in Portugal. But she did record a lovely video for us/plug for her new project.

This is all moving really fast. In fact, this is probably the first award show to be ahead of schedule.

Our beloved Lux is taking the stage (she's so graceful!), and it's time for the Readers' Choice Awards:

Marco Blaze wins the for the men! Unfortunately, he's overseas (and didn't record a video for us).

For the fems, it's Supreme Commandress Joanna Angel! And she's here! And she's flustered. And she is sooo fine. (Some think she looks a bit like Sarah Silverman. What do you think?)

Justine Joli is doing a striptease to "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Her hat is definitely the only thing still on.

It's intermission time! Let's all browse Fleshbot while we wait for more pornstars to come on stage! Yay!

Also, Lux would like to take this moment to thank nJoy, who sponsored this event by making those epic dildo-awards: The Eleven. See you all in a jiff.

Intermission Notes:
Intermission consists of five foxy representatives from The Box grinding on stage. My personal favorite is the guy wearing a black corset with matching gas mask.
They're playing Mickey Avalon's "My Dick." I know this song by heart. It's embarrassing.

Patrice O'Neal is here. He's looking good!

Justine Joli (who I'm slowly becoming obsessed with) walks like she's stripteasing. All. The. Time. It's amazing.

Some people with a camera just came by and asked me what I'm doing. They had me read some stuff. If you ever see me somewhere looking sweaty and confused, that's what that was.

Something is happening...
Someone's performing a dance as a vagina. Not in the Georgia O'Keefe way. Like a real, pulsing, quaking, dripping vagina. With a big, sequined clit.

I guess Intermission is over?

Lorelei Lee is looking gorgeous. As is Belladonna, whose dress says something very Whitney Houston to me. (In a "Bodyguard" way.)

It's time for the Mainstream-to-Porn Crossover Award. As everyone knows, Levi Johnson is the lucky recipient. He just let us know that his magazine spread comes out next week. Any guesses what he'll do with The Eleven?



Ryan Keely is presenting the next award: Sexiest Advertising.

Who is our favorite, billboard-bombing, butt-showing clothing company? American Apparel, of course. Marsha Brady (no relation) is accepting on behalf of the company.

And it's time for another act! A famous S&M performer, Mistress Lee and her Pet Rudy.

Could that be Mistress Jiz Lee?

It's hard to see back here. But I can hear the Cat-O'-Nine-Tails.

Actually, it's more of a contortionist/acrobatic act. They are, after all, circus folk. And I don't think it was Jiz Lee. Liveblogging fail.

Jonathan Ames, writer/creator of Bored to Death (among other things), is presenting the Sexiest TV Award.

"This was a good year for couch potatoes. Especially couch potatoes with a libido."

True Blood wins! I love that show. No one is here to receive the award, so Jonathan Ames is taking the dildo home. Real talk, Jonathan Ames. Real talk.

Our last presenter is Joey Arias, who asks, "Is everybody horny? Who likes cum?"

The winner of the Fleshbot Lifetime Sexy Fashion Award is Patricia Field! If you don't know, look her up. I'm busy applauding.

The night is winding down. How will we finish off this beautiful event?

It's Belladonna!

Oh dear, she has a dildo.

Cannot describe what just went on. Amazing. I'll try to fill this in later. Wow.

Sadly, that brings us to the end of the night. We've had a lot of fun here, and there should be more pics and such tomorrow. Until then, thanks for being with us. We love you all.

* * * * *

It was a crazy night!!! I have more to post later....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well people know about the a possible Diesel Washington and Tiger Tyson scene.....

Again it wasn't a dissing freestyle, I was having some fun....

But lets get into the Post....... Match ups:

I have been working hard, setting up some major scenes coming up...

I don't want to give details away......but another Dream Match Up is coming...


The All Star Top meets the All Star bottom!!..moving on...

It is official Diesel Washington will be in L.A Dec 1- Dec 7...

Look out L.A., Diesel is coming back!!!!

As far as other match ups....still waiting on Matthew Rush, Ty Colt, Roman Heart, Mason Wyler, Brent Corrigan....

When U don't hear from Me on the means that I'm working and trying to put things together!!! I have alot more on my plate that I need to do. I can't stop here I still have more goals.....


Okay I had to put together a quick freestyle to respond to Tiger Tyson....

Enjoy I havent done a Vid in a long time, so there u go People!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009



Shocking!!! Just shocking!!!

This post will handle all the emails, atkol, facebook, Geez...

Oh and I will respond to U Tiger!!This is not the post for that!!Stay tuned!!

I opened the blog for discussion about the scene, I even put a poll on it. So basically, I was ready to be trashed by people....

What tripped Me out the most was People saying that:

I had gotten stale...????

Or my fucking style is "robotic with little variety"???

I don't suck cock??

I need to redefine myself???...

Be more edgy??...

I'm not going to go through this whole rant like you people are wrong!!!There is alot of truth to what you people are saying. Firstly, I don't think my style is "robotic with little variety" and I laughed at hearing that...That commenter has no idea about my work. I suck cock(rather well), so No I don't play that Total Top role where the top doesn't suck dick, or rim an ass, or play the Gay for pay role. I'm an attention whore(was honest about that) that is correct!!! If U don't promote yourself nobody else will, esp when Ur a Free agent. So before U blame Me for getting press or putting myself out there....that is what I do and will continue to do. So get over that.....and real quick!!

Now the redefining thing.....I will admit to my image needing a change or an updating... To continue in this business, I have to keep evolving, I get that!! I thought I was heading in the right direction and I am. When I started in Porn, I had to come into the game as that Angry Black guy.. It was to come in shocking and mean!! I did that.I thought I changed the character by allowing myself to get tied up in Folsom Prison, and get gut punched and pissed on...from that role I did my first romantic scene in Double Standard..I did a very passionate scene, complete with Shower scene...and it got good reviews. I was able to show my jock side in PlayBook and bring something new to the table yet again. I went through six months(long period) where I didn't work when I went Free Agent. So I had to put myself out there and get one commenter said "I was going to fade away" and I had to stop that from happening. I did "Rear Deliveries" by Raging Stallions and had good reviews, I then did Asylum which opened Diesel to a whole new audience(Falcon audience) and then I did Redlight, I enjoyed that part and was able to get alittle creative with the role and started understanding how to Act. Then it was Taken by channel 1 releasing... I played that movie like it was a 360 to my career... and then I retired.....

But I shortly came back(I was bored)and wanted to keep pushing further with my character Diesel Washington. I worked hard just to start the Buzz that I was coming back into the Industry!! Which I did with great success!!!

So I'm working on redefining my character yet again......

Is bottoming???? the way to redefine my character??? Or is that just what Fans and People who watch porn want to see???? It seems to Me, that its a power issue with "certain fans". Rather then putting a Hot Scene together that works, they want to see Me getting fucked...... only because....... they are Curious to see Me get fucked!!!That only!! Me being a Top, on and off of no concern to them!!! Like the only way for Me to prove how good I am is by...... finally taking a dick in my ass.


So the double fisting and double footing scene wasn't showing skills??? Me getting pissed on and then allowing another model to piss in my mouth wasn't showing skills??. Getting tied up???? Coming up with all the New Positions, I guess that isn't big enough!!! Writing the blog...and doing the Youtubes isn't good enough either??? I really believe that I spoiled you people!!! I'm constantly trying to outdo what I did in the last movie. But I think U expect Me to do some Superhuman stuff, I'm human, I try to raise the bar with every role and some people still are not satisfied.

I think alot of this comes from this perception of what people think is the Diesel character. I'm called an Oreo or Uncle Tom because I don't film with Black themed companies.....My answer to that???If the black themed companies were paying the same model fee for a performance, I would be over there filming scenes as well.

As far as the Rentboy events.....I go to the events because it's a paying gig and throw some hot parties........So all these emails saying that Diesel only parties with the white boys is fucking nonsense!!! I would love to do any of the Black Gay pride events....but I'm not asked!! And if I'm asked, I have to pay my own flight and hotel expenses to get there.....and the Performance Fee is not worth the hassle of the flight and hotel expense. I don't care what color or nationality or religious background U are...If U can pay my Model fee and accommodations I will perform. I'm no diva and don't expect Star treatment(but maybe I should) I'm fair and love to perform and give the fans a good show.

But I guess I have to take a lower model fee.....just because the Fans want to see Me fuck a Thug!!! Sorry Folks!!! This is a business!!! I have to make money!!! Mainstream actors can take a part in a film with lower pay because they make Three to Five million a they can afford to do a role for 200,000, because they got money already. If that was the case with Me, I would have started my own company....But I was putting the budget together for a movie and I came to about $26,000 for a movie that I had in my head. $26,000 for one movie in this recession..... I didn't want to take that chance(Funding wise).....well not yet anyway!!! A website is a great idea, but there are so many websites out there!!! I want to wait until the time is right to put that into action. But its coming....

Like I said before....... this culture is built on Idol worship, one minute they love you, build you up and then the next minute they are ready to throw you out. I am prepared for that.....when that happens I will quietly fade away.

But My point is....I have shared so much with fans and industry already, my personal business, Family, my Image, my body and mind all there for people to see. My Virginity is something I'm not willing to give at this moment.

This is being honest:

Picture of My Ex who I tried to bottom for........the short story. I wanted to bottom for David, because I was in love with him and was comfortable with him after 3years so We try.....He couldn't get hard and that was that!!! If I couldn't bottom for the guy I loved....... then it was not meant to be for me. Ding Ding!! How would that make you feel about urself??? The first person ever U wanted to give urself to after being in relationship for 3years.And no go, He felt so much pressure and shut down!! Which jaded that idea for me a long time ago..... That was another revealing post from Diesel Washington. Back to the topic...

After all the movies, clients and the shows when my time has come to leave the Industry. I will have my Ass as the only thing I didn't give to this Industry. So when I do find that person to fall in love the very least I have something to give them(Besides my love and support and emotions) that money couldn't buy!! No offense to those who love to bottom or will bottom when the price is right. But I'm not holding out for more money.... I don't bottom off screen so its not like I have some macho thing preventing Me from bottoming. Or I would think it would hurt my image or something!!

I just want to give the Virginity of my Ass to someone who I fall in love with... Sounds strange I'm 40 and a Ass call Me a Romantic if U will. When I bottom for the first time ever!! there will be no cameras around, or bright lights in my face...there will only be Me and the person who I fell in love with.

So basically when I find a Bf who I fall in love with....then I will bottom for him. And give him something that I never gave anybody in my life!!! Then.........I can come back to the Industry and start getting fucked.LOL!! Makes sense to anybody?????

So bear with Diesel Washington for now......I'm working on being paired with other Big names in the Industry first....... So I do agree with some of the comments saying, I'm not being paired up with other big names in this Industry!!! And I'm working on that..........

It's all baby steps in this Industry.....I'm not an exclusive, I have no sponsors and I do all the leg myself or I get a helping hand from my friend Howard from Fabscout. So be patient......Geez some of you people have short attention spans. It's fuck the past!!! What are you doing now???? thinking.... To be a power player I have to pick my battles and hit them hard and this is all thought about beforehand.. Be patient!!! I have some stuff coming..........

It will shock the Industry!!!

And I didn't forget about you Tiger, I have a special response planned for you!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I took time off to party on Halloween.....

I'm tired as hell!!It was by far the best Halloween for Me...I met so many crazy people!! I got LOVE the whole night..People taking Pics..buying drinks...Str8/Gay/Bi it didn't matter at all!!

Whoa!! I want to tell stories but there is so many of them!! There were some things that pissed me off though!!

Call Me an asshole..but on Halloween Why is Every Chick a Slut???and every Gay Guy a drag queen???(Not all I know..but its the point)I guess I'm spoiled..I was looking for Xmen outfits, Cartoon characters, my taste(Call Me shallow)Maybe its a NYC thing but most of the outfits people had on were from Rickys(LOL)Yeah yeah I put effort in my Outfit and I'm pissed that my ComicGeeks didn't come out in Full Force!! Although I met some cool Logans, one Gambit, 2 Jean Greys other then that it was pretty dull!! I had a great time otherwise...I walked around the entire day as "Bishop" and people were just entertained by it. Girls would say that's the Hottest outfit and I fill it out well(I had underwear on though)It was a trip!!

More pictures with Kids and people left and right.... It was describe the feeling.... I get on the train heading downtown, grown men with Kids started staring...and then yell out in an evil tone..."Bishop", Bishop the marvel character started out as a Good guy and evolved into a Villain..So I could detect their tone(Father and Son saying Bishop at the same time)but it was all Love though and seeing Father and Son into comic books, I got alittle teary eyed....I didn't share a close relationship with my father(Even though I lived with him for a short period)but moving on....

And all the Vampires.......Lets talk!!

U know why I'm biased on the whole Vampire thing(NOV ISSUE of UNZIPPED IN STORES NOW!!)So there are tons of vampires out there.... Oh, I wanted to talk about the New FleshJack(Fang series)its cool!! I'm glad I was the first Vampire out the gate(Black Vampire at that)that came out into the Industry with good timing... After the cover of Unzipped dropped then Came TwinkBlood, Vampire twink based movie out there(Big ShoutOut to Phillip Aston)then came the New FlashJack(Count Cockula)...with great story line(not better than mine, LOL joking)and Tommy Defendi(What up Player)and Bobby Rail(what up homey)doing their photo shoot for the Fleshjack line as well....Congrats!!BigShout out to Fabscout, Giophotography(that is a powerhouse right there)...

So I met alot of People....Made alot of money....had alot of laughs.....

Back to Work!!!

Tiger Tyson......

That is big!!! The clashing of these Warriors is huge!! So far the Buzz is big(As it should)so its poll time!!!

  • Diesel Taking Down Tiger Tyson in his own series!!
  • Tiger and Diesel Flip Flopping!!!!
  • Tiger turning Diesel into a Big Ole Bottom!!

These are crazy times...... Oh and I'm planning on heading out to LA very soon(when I get the details I will update people) There are some "opportunities" out there and its another Hush Hush project(Oh yeah another one)and I'm really excited about this one!!!!

So even though things are slow now.......on the Porn biz for Me, I'm not sitting around doing nothing....

Oh and injury alert!!!I dropped a 30lb base wieght on my foot 2weeks ago(yeah its bad)but I'm still making it to the gym...workouts are great, but since I can't run yet...Im doing alot of bike riding(I prefer to run)I still fuck like a Pro but it will be another week until I can do the "Bully" and all those moves....

What else???? Oh lets talk about Sex:

I do porn but never really talk about the Hookups(I have my moments)While I'm looking for Love, I run into Guys/Girls that just want NSA(No strings attached)Sex. One side of Me longs for the passion of a relatonship and the closeness....The other half is a normal horny guy that likes to get off every once and awhile. I mean I have sex in films thats not real sex, I have sex with clients(escort),I do shows trying to turn on people.....When do I ever get the chance to let off some steam(MY SHIT!!)I try not to sleep with Fans or Groupies, they are always expecting this wild and crazy verison of what they think having Sex with Diesel is...

I keep telling them "Ur not having Sex with Diesel..... ur having Sex with a guy that is interested in you" Yet in the middle of Me fucking them u hear "Fuck Me Diesel, Fuck Me" and when that happens, I stop right in the middle of fucking.....Stand up and Put my clothes on and Kick them out!!! It's that simple!!! If I walked into the situation knowing that they were looking for Diesel...then its fine. But when it starts out as a Date to get to know each other, Movies and food and it leads to Sex. The worst thing U can do is call me Diesel in the middle of having Sex. Here I am trying to prove to my date, I'm more than just a Porn star looking for a HookUP. I took the time to get to know the person other than a vessel to fuck for the night. It just sucks that when U bulid that chemistry they resort back to the sexual fanasty of being fucked by Diesel Washington, so basically.....

Why bother to go on the date at all????? I could have just invited you over and fucked you. But I was led to believe that Fans or the Groupies I encountered wanted more than just Sex..... It's dirty tricks like this, that make Me jaded about relationships and ever being able to find one.

Yeah I could have said No......I'm not going to fuck you tonight!! But I think it would be strange for Me(I'm a Top saying No to sex on the first date????hmm?)If the other person would have said "I don't sleep with guys who I don't know" I would have respected that...probably even went on to chase them even harder.. Maybe the person felt obligated to have sex because of dinner, movies and the whole date thing...But calling out Diesel in the middle of sex...when I spent time, revealing the person behind the character.....Hurts!!

So my dating pool is very very small...I don't date clients, groupies, Fans(porn/blog)druggies, losers, douchbags. But at the same time, people wont date Me because of the Porn, Escorting, bah bah bah and I can respect that!! I'm crazy and that scares off the rest on the list LOL. But again very very small dating pool...

I do have my moments and get lucky and have "something of companiship" and its usually Russians (Girls and Guys). What is it about these Russians???? Maybe its European thing... They seem more confident and sexy and Sexuality to them is just that..... a sexuality..... if the person is hot they are hot, alot less judging attitudes I think....Granted that is my opinion!! Just saying alot of people I have met were either Russian, German, Italian, French.....

I'm leaning towards the Brits as well......maybe its the accent and the very regal nature of the Brits...

Don't get Me wrong I love everybody!!!!

Well this was a quick post that was overdue.....Enjoy!!!