Thursday, November 26, 2009


So I have Austin give me a ride to the airport(so cool of him)

Here that is:

So I'm at the airport and getting ready for my flight and I notice this person staring at Me and every time I caught them looking at Me I would give them a Mean look. And they would look away all scared and shit, I wasn't bothered at all(I'm used to it)but then I read Tiger Tyson's blog and he wrote this to Me.

Monday, November 23, 2009
So i see my boy diesel probably just got a good tan on that booty piece, My spies tell me that 3 pm flight from fort Lauderdale to laguardia was a pretty smooth flight hope you took that time to think about how sweet my meat will be deep between them cheeks: also hope its nice and shiny when i bang that booty out lol .....= what you dont know i got eyes every where ha ha hah ah ha
posted by Tiger

So that was Ur scared little person staring at Me on the plane, AWWWW so cute!!! Well I didn't get a tan from Fort Lauderdale...I was too busy fucking Steven Ponce and Two little twinks. So tell Ur Spies to look for Me on a flight to L.A. where I will be fucking Jesse Santana!!and handling more business!!!

I haven't heard anything about Our scene bro, Ur peeps haven't contacted Me yet.....Either U guys are busy....... Or someone is talking Big online and is scared to give the people what they want. U starring in your Take Em Series bottoming for Me. U think I didn't see the scene of you bottoming early in your career. Dude I watched that scene hundred of times. U know U bottom!!! Come on I have the footage!!! This was before U signed with Pitbull..... Who is laughing now???

And the show goes on.....



Anonymous said...

In which film Tiger appears as a bottom, please tell me Diesel, I want to see that, what is the name of the film in he is a bottom boy, I want see him as a bottom, please.
Thank you for that data, I don´t know he is a bottom.


Anonymous said...

I think your out of luck, neither of you will bottom on camera. And neither of you are really into men, but rather about egos. the sex would be terrible for you both to participate in and for us to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Well let me set the record straight....I would love to see you and him get together...I think it'll be hot...also if you know where to find a scene of tiger tyson bottoming PLEASE Let me know where I can see it!!