Friday, October 21, 2011


I get hundreds of emails from angry bottoms...

They are MAD AT THE TOPS...

It seems that the Tops are not handling their business nowadays and the bottoms are putting them on blast..

Why do I get these types of emails is beyond Me, but I find it interesting that people ask Me questions regarding relationships, sexual play, role playing etc etc..

I'm not Doctor Phil....or Doctor Andrew..

I just tell it like it is....

So here we go.

How to Tell When a "Top" is just not that into you:

He always fucks you doggystyle, with your face down in a pillow..

He uses the "Cum rag" first even though he gave you a facial, then throws the towel at ya.....and you still haven't came.

When your sucking his dick he says "Don't you look at Me"...

He fingers your hole super hard...knowing he didn't clip his nails..

He fingers your hole super hard...knowing he didn't clip his nails and he has dirt under his finger nails from working "Construction" yikes..

He only calls you for booty calls(no problem with that)but u never NEVER are asked to spend the night.

He will only let you suck his dick if he is wearing a condom(Choice I know)Now that is a tricky ensure your safety during sex your suppose to wear a condom regardless..But in the Real World...Come on!!

He doesn't remember your name(HAHA)

He always has to be drunk or high to fuck you, not recreational use like PNP but he HAS TO BE HIGH!!..Sketchy..

Never gives you the "Reach Around.."

Everytime he fucks you Doggystyle, he lines you up for a good view of the TV..

He is the Best Fuck you ever had... His impression of "Your Performance"?? "You Okay.."

He never wants to eat your ass(Duh!!)

When your under the covers and you go down on him, does He pull the covers off so he can see you sucking? or Does he pull the covers tightly over your head so basically you can't breathe??

When he fucks he on your back instead of placing pillow behind your head, he places it over your face lightly..Well if he did it would probably kill you and he isn't into Necrophilia..

He never hosts....and you know he lives alone.

Refuses to kiss you after you suck his dick...WTF?
Refuses to kiss you after you swallowed his load..LOL
Refuses to kiss you after YOU rim his ass..LOL


Refuses to kiss you during sex..
Refuses to kiss you before sex..
Refuses to give you an open mouth kiss or French Kiss
Turns his head everytime you try to give him a kiss, but keeps pushing your head towards his cock..hahah

When he is fucking you in the Mirror, he is getting off Watching himself in the mirror..

Well these are some helpful hints for all the bottoms out there. My book will be coming out soon.....

Yeah Right LOL

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Funny Video I did "On the Set" again this is only jokes people.

I'm a known Pot head.....

And We all know Pot heads and Coke heads run at two different speeds(haha another drug reference)

Lighten up(HAHA another one) Bricks...hahaha got that from Chris Rock

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey people...

Not to sound cocky or anything but there is a reason why my scenes come out Hot!! Of course its because of the Talent/Director/Editor/Cameraperson and everybody that makes up that wheel to create...Porn

Diesel Washington?? I step up my game and bring in something that is called dedication...

I'm dedicated to my roles..

Bah bah I know...... Enough of my mouth saying How great I am...

I grew out a moustache for this role I have coming up... I went back to old school style...Handle bars and everything...

I'm dedicated to my roles.

But go ahead and hate on it....I know you will.LOL

But it's for a role...

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Diesel Washington hamming it up with Martha Walsh(who was singing onstage)

I forget to mention that not only did I have a chance to go the the Poe Museum, I also had the pleasure to attend a Gay pride event in Richmond.

There was music, food and people came out to represent...

Good times more to come


Cool link

I got some good press while I was in Richmond VA, and I think Richmond VA is a cool place..

Anyway the link :

Sorry for the quick post, I got some big things that I'm working on!!

Stay tuned!!