Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Momma Washington birthday is on July 1, I wanted to take time and write this blog. This is a letter to my mother:

Dear Mom,

I love you so much!!! You have supported Me with every decision that I made. One of the biggest decisions I made was to become a Porn Star. I hid the fact that I did porn for the first two years, I was scared that you wouldn't accept Me.

I was stupid to forget that your my Mother, and you love Me regardless of my career. When I sat you down and told you I was doing porn, you said "I already knew about it and was waiting for you to tell Me" All the strees and build up to telling you about my Porn career disappeared. You wrapped your arms around and said you will always love Me!! A giant weight was lifted off of Me, and that changed my perspective about life. From that moment I didn't have to lie about anything, all the pain and heartache about the constant lieing gone.

You always told Me to speak my mind, be honest with yourself and even though people will hate your honesty. They will respect you as a man because they know where you stand. An honest man can go to sleep at night without any bad thoughts. No reason to be scared of Karma because your honest with yourself and others around you.

I learned alot from you....


Happy Birthday!!!

So the Fans understand, Momma Washington came to three award shows just to show her support for Me(Gayvns 2009, Grabbys 2009, Grabbys 2010). In doing so She became the Mother figure for all the other Gay porn stars out there.

I shared my Mother for the Industry, because I know so many Gay boys that don't have the support of their families(just for being Gay)I know so many Gay porn stars whose family members wouldn't dare to come to Award Shows. So Momma Washington became the face of every Mother who has a Gay child(for that matter Gay Porn Star)and I wanted to show the Industry and world that even though We are adult entertainers!! We are still human!!

I know I talk alot of shit on my blog, but the only reason why I'm brutually honest with the Fans. Is because as long as my Mother supports Me, I have nothing to fear from Haters, People who don't like Me. I don't need to lie to people about anything and that is the best feeling of all.

So in short, please wish my Mother a Happy Birthday!!

Thanks it means alot!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My Assistant is a slut!!

There I said it!! I know that sounds mean!! But its the truth!! He went away to Boston and its non stop stories of him playing with this one and that one. *Its his life I guess, he is only my assistant.

Sometimes I think he wants to do porn, but I know his heart wouldn't be into it! So its like he wants to go out and compete with Me. Its funny to see him be this horny guy trying to be sexy. I guess working with Me, its like he has to show his power to get guys. Its almost like a competition to him...

I mean he reads some of the emails I get, and I guess its like he has to get his attention in some way!!! I just want him to understand that...

"Patrick I am the Porn Star, and its all not what its cracked up to be"

I have to carry that Stigma with Me for the rest of my life, and some doors might be shut to Me because of it.

Stay in school and keep Ur legs closed....

Patrick is a good kid, you have to go behind and check his work(which is annoying)but he works hard. Wouldn't trust Patrick in a room with a hot guy, and expect him to get work done....

It just won't get done!!!

Not to spread his business, but he goes to Boston and meet this guy. Next you know, they have each others pics on each of their facebooks(yikes) and love letters going back and forth on their pages(they met each other once, and spent one day with each other)

But who am I talk??? I had that weekend love affair with Jeremy F and that turned into a horror show. I guess I shouldn't point fingers I'm a hopeless romantic too!!I just worry about the boy!!

Anyway moving on.....

I have been off the supplements for two weeks now(cleaning period)and I must say I hated the "Every three hour eating time" I had to stay with that diet for a long time. Every 6 months I take off two weeks from the gym and supplements just to let the body relax, afterwards I can come back harder and lift more weight!!

Being a personal trainer I learned that I have to trick the body into growing. I think I'm doing a good job. So at the end of this week, it will be back on the supplements and working out hard.

The strength is good as you can see from Vid, so think how strong I would be back on the supplements(Scared of myself) so that is gym time.

Just a quick post

This has been a public service announcement...

Monday, June 28, 2010


So finally I break my record for the Shoulder Shrug...

To get the body looking the way it does, I Power lift, bodybulid, and alot of cardio. I do two heavy sets Max weight for six reps, and then I do two sets controlled and until failure of the muscle.

Bah Bah anyway here is a Vid on Me lifting some Major Weight!!:

So this is excerise that helps Me to lift these bottoms in air and do all those positions(Bully, Motorcycle, Cannonball)

So lets get it right..Im lifting 765lbs do you think I'm worried about anybody out there? I don't get into fights anymore!! All these little guys starting drama or games I could pick you guys up like flyweights and throw across the room. I choice to do the damage Via internet.

I don't want to get my hands dirty, dealing with trash. But Oh Boy the ass whippings I would hand out to some of these people in the Industry.

You guys are lucky that I'm a nice guy!!

Really Really Lucky!!.


This was my very first interview way back in 2006

Here are some parts that I want to high lite that shows my power to predict the future. This interview was taken May 2006 but was posted on August 2006. Check out the highlights:

What is the dirtiest/ sexiest thing you've ever done? "I foot-fucked a guy who wanted some heavy ass-play. The sexiest was fucking a guy in the rain on top of a mountain with thunder and lightning all around us."

The Future, not only would I do a foot fucking scene, but I would have two models in this scene, footing both, while pissing into my mouth at the same time. That would be Telescope(Titan). not convinced yet?? Okay how about this??

What are your long-term goals? "To be a great performer and tour around to see fans. I want to win Newcomer of the Year or Performer of the Year and also go back to school, start a new career, and live a happy drama-free life.

Now I predicted that I would either win Newcomer of the Year(Was nominated at both Gayvn/Grabby)or I wanted to win Performer of the Year (Ding Grabbys 2009). Now to finish this foreseen future its time for Me to go back school and start a new career and then I can live a happy drama-free life........

So.....I'm at that stage in between.. I have alot of options that I want to do but first, I have some things to finish. I still few a few more performances in Me that I want to do on film that will push the limit even further...

However lets face it, the phone isn't ringing with tons of offers(I get my offers though). I'm a veteran in the skin trade, the people's taste change and they move on other people or the fresh faces and that is the nature of things.

People are holding out waiting for Me to Bottom. I'm not a bottom I will keep saying that. I know everybody just wants to Diesel Washington get stuck once!! Just once, bend over that loud mouth, verbal, leather god and fuck his black ass!! HAHAHA!! I like that I'm in your head.!!

Anyway I predict that I will go to the gym and work out!!

Another Ding!!



Look closely at the picture, you have Mcdonalds right next door to a Jenny Craig...

I recieved alot of emails from people already saying what??? I thought that was funny!! I guess i"m a nerd

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I don't speak about my escorting that much but I had an unusual experience with one of my clients.

Direct to the point, I fucked in a Church..

Before everybody goes nuts, We fucked in a room above the Church(one of the Churches in Manhattan) No it wasn't a priest or any religious figure. It was someone working at the Church.

It might sound strange, but that was one of the places where I wanted to fuck. On my List of Places Where I want to fuck at. So scratch church, I was so hyped that you know I had to take pics. Good session as well, Big Shoutout Bud!(He reads the blog)

There you go:

So moving on, it was Pride Weekend in NYC and I had a good time. It's alittle weird going to a huge event at during the day. But it was cool, I was walking around the city just taking pictures and I wanted to share them with you.

Friday night the colors in the air:

Great graffiti art on the truck:

Well here is Me being Nerdy and showing my My Tee shirt and my Body:

Sights at the Pride in NYC 2010:

Here is a Dominic Ford pic from the Man himself:

And the Vid:

So the parade was a bust for Me(not in the way you think)I'm kinda of jaded when it comes to the parades, its alot of people and the sun was out hard!! All the walking and then the cops closed off some the streets, so its like you have to go four blocks over to find an entrance inside and it was the same was for the exit.

I enjoy meeting fans and taking pictures with the People. I notice the common trend out there when it comes to meeting your Fans?? You people are some cheap bastards!!!Every Fan that came up saw Me on this Tube that Tube..Geez!LOL And from what I'm told the scenes up on those sites are doing very very well!! Note to those tube sites, the Watch Dogs will get you one of these days, they want to safeguard their material By All Means Necessary...I can't blame them. You have been warned!

Let move onto the realness part...

Vid of John Magnum, explaining why he wore the wig(hair piece)at the Grabby Awards

The Realness comes into play, I have always had a crush on John Magnum. I listed him as one of the Newcummers that I wanted to fuck in this post

When I saw John Magnum out in Chi Town, he had the wig on. I approached John and We started talking...

John asked Me if I liked his hair I asked him "Are you Sensitive??" He said "Fuck No!!" I said "No Lie, I liked your hair the way it was Man! No offense" He said none taken, We talked for a few more moments and then He was gone. I thought He might be upset because I told him truth, it was brutally honest but I wanted to be real. After seeing that Vid, I'm glad that I was honest!! I'm not fake and I don't need to lie to make someone feel better. So I'm glad John that u got first hand knowledge on how some people in this industry operate. They smile to your face and act like everything is okay, but behind your back they point fingers at you and talk shit!! I knew that from Day one. That is why I don't get involved in Crews and Clicks, you must be able to stand on your own!! I take pride on not being a follower!! The rest are a bunch Ass kissers, Liars, Game players and Time wasters!!.

Speaking about lieing to someone to make them feel better.......

I recently read on a former friends blog, that somehow I lied to him. Really??? This so called friend tried to call me out on his blog. I was shocked because I did not know where it was coming from. Regardless of the story, this guy is starting to believe his own hype and is becoming more and more his porn character.


I will have little concern for people like that who can't be direct and str8up, he needs to express himself through emails and tweets. Come on How do you expect any relationship/friendship to work if there is no communication?? moving on...



Instead of handling the problem directly, and talking to Me like a Man. You again want to play the twitter and blogging game!! Dude I have my issues to deal with and I never said I was perfect. Writing on a blog, that U dont want Me in ur Life. Reality check, this isn't some episode of Deseparte House Wives NJ(Love that show) That is Some Bullshit!! I'm not in your life!! We talked on Twitter and We skyped twice...How is that being in your life? Its called Unfollow on twitter..its a simple button, and I know you know how to use Twitter.

You plan to try running your own website?? And you are afraid of hurting peoples feelings??? Good Luck with that......

Lastly U say I bring negativity in your life, and that your tired of my constant bashing of people(who either fucked me over,was insulting to Me)and that I act like the world Owes Me something?? Bold words, for someone that writes on a gossip blog that bashes all the celebrities. Some of it witty banter, funny observations and then just some str8out Hate!! Wanting to punch celebrities in the face, kick down stairs, Die Die and all that stuff.

But yet....

Will not say a single bad word to models You and I know YOU do not like?? You are a smart cookie, you see the bullshit that you encounter with this business yet you dont write about in your posts??. U can break down Vids(frame by frame), you make observations about people, celebrities, twink culture in you neck of the woods. Your critize everything....... except the porn business.

I will give you props your tweets(are funny)and I like most of your observations(sometimes alittle mean when it comes to famous people)I still respect you as a blog writer. At same time, knowing that you will not apply that same sense of humor, when it comes to the Porn Industry. Hmmm???

As a writer, you will not cross that line when it comes to the Porn Industry!! Its because your a newcummer, and you wouldn't be stupid enough to say anything bad about anybody cause You want the jobs. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" type of thing? Cool I can understand that.

We differ because I earned the right to speak my opinion. Geez if they are going to use my image and pictures, which they can sell to any other company(endorsements, posters, merchandise) I think I have the right (as I am the character)to speak about the Industry. Unlike other people, I like to have control of my character(much as possible)because....My sexuality is my own!! I perform on film to show off the skills!

On the Flip side, you can trash any celebrity figure(movies, TV, stage, radio, political, Reality star bah bah)but won't make one single funny witty
"Observation" about the Porn Industry?? I would have thought as smart as you are you would say that something about Steven Daigle. You know the Reality Star that does porn now?? Nothing?? Don't want to touch it?? I would have thought you would have said something about the "Flying FleshJack" but nothing...

You couldn't go there?? Hmmm? You can hope for Tela(whatever)to get stabbed in the face!! Burned alive bah bah bah..... But nothing about the Industry?? Wow

I forget you get Paid to trash people online, that is your pass. I'm wrong because I trashed those that fucked Me over for free or was seeking press. Its okay you that spread negativity, and the most hateful comments about celebrities cause it's all fun and games.

So logic would say, that you would trash porn stars if you were paid to do so. Hmm interesting...

But I'm not giving you a whole post, you just get a small piece.

To the haters who read my blog, I constantly brag about the awards??? Dumb asses I have new readers everyday that come to my blog for the first time. I keep reprinting the awards and accomplishments because I have new readers, who may not know anything about Me.

I know how people read blogs, they go through the recent posts to a certain point. I have almost five years of experiences on this blog, I cant expect the readers to go through every single post..

So loyal readers be patient, I know you get tired of hearing Me talk about this award or that award. I just want to make sure the new readers are on the same page when it comes to my story!!

What else??

Deadline for ANBB is on July 1, 2010 remember that!! I'm looking for the Newest Black Bottom that wants to attack the Industry just as hard as I did. I will release some info to applicants in the next day or so. This is a real contest, and
you the Fans get a chance to show your power. Stay tuned for that!!

And its poll time:

Hmm what else??

Thats it until the next post!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Note from Pat


ill be here for u okay

i dont have much goin on

i MIGHT have a barbeque with family that weekend, but ill see u on those other days to help out okay

taking pictures n videos n stuff? we should make another music video

t, im really sleeepyyy, text me n stuff

ill talk to u soon okay


and his last message:

:) okay, you too. and dont get so angry all the time with people. They arent important



I needed somebody to vent to and Patrick is that person. He hasn't been on the job not even a week yet. I saw the threat(drama) and I went into battle mode, Patrick was in school, when he got home he checked out the blog and wrote Me that note immediately....

Patrick helps with the Pic taking and Vids and ideas but I think having Patrick will help Me to let things go...

I have been a fighter all my life, I have a broken sword tattoo on my left arm and a Mace with a long chain and spiked skull on the right arm. I was made for warfare, I translate that energy into the scenes(hence the intensity). I fight fight fight!!

That simple note spoke volumes to Me, here I am this porn star who achieved this high profile. And I'm getting into fights with bottom feeders!! Duh what a waste of time!! I don't know, I couldn't see that before...

Simple words of encouragement and I'm fine now.


Are you guys boyfriends?? NO

Are you guys dating, NO

Does Patrick have dental plan? NO

How much you pay Pat? Not enough

Have you guys ever fucked? I answered that question a long time ago(search for it on the blog)

What direction will you take the blog/website?? I want to open the doors and do other creative things.

Okay Pat u got your blog,

Oh and Patrick wanted Me to point out that He has been working out and wanted Me to share his progress, There you go:

He grew up alittle HUH???


I love when Drama is directed at Me...

I got two guys now trashing Me, and I love it!!

You have Angel Cruz Shit I will give him a plug. I want all models to work(get more views for their blog)and although this model had choice words for Me. I liked his passion and his confidence...

*Sigh No business there......but I will give another handout to another struggling model looking for work. Your welcome!!

Now this other model, I can't even use his name his comments are so disturbing at how he sees life and I really really really feel sorry for him. Anyway I have to enlighten people using the models own words against them. The Internet is a tricky thing sometimes and when people go "Hard" they go Hard!!

I would admire him for his boldness if it wasn't for the most Ignorant statements I ever had directed to Me in my Life!! The boys go hard today, and I'm prime target for any Newcummers closing bah bah bah bah bah

Let me take you on this ride I will call him "Juicygohoe" Lets begin:

These are HIS comments on Twitter,

What's more degrading, drinking another man's piss for attention & accolades or have sex in the natural way with serosorted partners? Hmmm

and they go out to have bareback sex because they saw a d-list star doing it then they deserve what they get. I make porn for those who to enjoy the fantasy.

the next time he turns on your ass, I will sit back & gag, while my bareback videos continue to sell circles 'round the rest!

Do your homework before talking shit. My movie has been number 1 for over 2 months. I have the #1, #3, & #6 Most Watched in US!

Now I can only guess the reason, "Why He goes so hard at Me?" In other tweets he claims he only does bareback on film and he does not bareback with clients or in his personal life. I have no idea what serosorted partners means *wink *wink
But now I understand the reason why you go into battle with this attitude of "I don't give a Fuck!! Ummmm...moving on

Okay I couldn't bear to print any more those tweets about that subject. He is one of those Militant Pro Bare backing models. I'm an easy "Target" because I'm very outspoken on the subject when it comes to bare backing on film. He is one of those breeds of models that surface every now and then. They have Hardcore ideals that bareback is "Real" sex and that other people are afraid to have real sex on film because of Stigmas. They point out the number of POZ models that work in the mainstream. Talk about what other people do behind closed as a right to defend their stance on bare backing. The new breed are hostile, aggressive and have that take no prisoners attitude.

I have encountered these types of models before, and I will never agree with their stance(NEVER). They come at you with Guns Blazing, because they studied your work, read your blogs, see you in the News and they hold onto the Hate and that Bad Energy Well, lets use his words

Everyone has their moments and sometimes you have to clear your chest. You sleep better at night after you have released that bad energy.

I have never met this model, but seeing how I pull these Strong reactions out of this person. Tells Me that I'm doing my job and doing my job well. Now I have to just put up the crazy comments, just for fun:

Here he is taking jabs at Austin Wilde and Race Cooper

The most famous Black men in gay porn right now are Austin Wilde & Race Cooper, both exclusives with Raging Stallion. Both nice & friendly
I on the other hand may never be famous, but I make my money and my movies ALL go to the top. I even out sell the two Black mega stars

he only came after me because I let his ass have it. We both erased the tweets, but i tore into him first. you should have read those tweets. He could not take it. I don't back down and I'm not easily intimidated & he's used to sycophants & punks.

Dude I have no clue who you are but you studied Me, read my blogs, watched my films and see my presence on the Internet. You planned an attack for Me, rather a surprise attack...

I have no respect for that at all, you were a coward and hid behind the Internet to poke jabs at Me and this comparison with Diesel Washington and Bobby Blake
Here you go buddy:
Porn Vets Bobby Blake and Jack Simmons and Lexington Steele and Mr Marcus

I had the pleasure to meet these Iconic Men and just talk to them about the business. How is it to be a Black Man in this business. Longevity in this business, Ups and Downs of the Industry and asked for any advice they could possibly give Me, as a sign of respect.

I respect these guys and I know they fought tooth and nail for parts. The problem I have with the models nowadays...There is no respect at all, Its kill or be killed attitude and I cant handle that bullshit quietly!! More of his comments:

you're a washed up old man, who's reduced to web porn. You can't touch me. I have money, an education and future. You OLD news.

Support me & my website so I don't wind up like Diesel Washington's old ass, over 40 without anything to show for it

He's a man (Diesel Washington), albeit a very OLD one.... I'm sure that he is not worried about me or my opinions. Go beat off to one of his videos. Or better yet, just watch the original Bobby Blake in action. His titles are still available


I need to clean house, the most alarming thing that he was trying to call Me out for was being a "Mandingo" character(old theme)saying it doesn't display the Black Community in the best light. BUT he does not take into account how his "Bareback" character affects the community in a entirely different way. Now that might be a ploy for attention, because the bareback companies are going hard at so called "Condom Nazi" haters. So it could be a number of things but its all for attention!! But the kind of attention, that I really don't want to endorse or promote. At the same time I can not sit back and be quiet because I was challenged by another performer. And by a performer, I mean one who talks trash and is nothing but a Bareback porn star/escort and that is his life!! I have a job that I work 5days a week and do security then comes the porn/escorting/touring.

Not to go off subject Mainstream actors like Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman had to play some "Parts" before they move on to a position where they could pick their roles and then give back to their communities.

Love Denzel Washington, but nobody remembers "Heart Condition"??:

Nobody remembers when Morgan Freeman was a Pimp:

And Samuel Jackson as a Crack Head:

And all of these guys are Highly respected now!! I had to get my foot in the door, once there I had to set the next goal which was making Diesel Washington a brand. I traveled a long long road to get to this position. I started from shit to be able to travel and do the shows, win the awards and I get the respect, because I worked it.

I had class when when I came in, I wanted to be the "Man" and in order for that to happen. I had to go to the guys that inspired Me, I went to them directly, face to face as a Man. I respected their work and they came before Me. So I made sure I was able to absorb everything they told about the industry and what to look out for.

Of course I was hungry to be a bigger star, I studied their work, read their interviews followed their career. I was cocky and full of energy but not in a disrespectful way, I have to give them props for opening the Door for Me.

I remember saying to Jack Simmons "Thanks for opening the door for Me" "He said Your Welcome, but I see you kicked down the door already" I was so honored.

I will give Angel Cruz a pass and not attack him, because I truly think he is hungry for parts and roles. We had a bad start and right now I don't think it could be repaired. But good luck.

Juicy!!! In your recent comments you want to take it to hands?????

I'm 6'6 240lbs.....

I have been a fighter all my life!! I can't even respond to that!!It was a pure joke on your part.

In a nutshell, your a bareback porn star that gets serosorted partners in your scenes, your an escort, you claim you have four top selling titles in rotation. You came at Me via sneak attack(not face to face)all the name calling(Old, Washed up)Your ideals about life, the industry, and people in general shows you have such Built up Neg energy about your situation and where YOU are in Life.

I never met you, but I'm a good read when it comes to people. I think you were dealt a bad hand and you bottled all the hatred because you think your "Situation" would bar you from ever achieving Mainstream success. You look at Me as a person you "Hate" because you will never achieve the same success so its directed at Me when you have never met Me a day in Ur life.

I see the desperate ploy for action and its the same song, wheter the model is Black or White. Its desperate people reaching out to a person that is in a higher position and trying to live off the celebrity or the name. It has become so rampant that its comes in the form of models kissing your ass, Using your Ass, Or making attempts to call you out to further their career.

It gets them more blog hits, views to their Vids, and all they want is a piece of the Fan base or to shake the foundation.

So really this post is for all the Juicy people, you have to earn my respect!! I carried this burden of being misjudged by my "Own" community. And I had to deal the "preference issue" on the other side of the business working with models. I already deal with the pressure of being outspoken. Picking the best roles(when they are offered)and finally when I get in the position to help out my own community.

I'm attacked by some trashy model who wants to defend his friend Angel Cruz. For what??? Because I was looking for America's Next Black Bottom which is the contest. At face value, I had this cocky kid telling Me what he wanted to do or not do, I never met this model. So on first impression there was a personality clash, when I got his email I understood the situation better. But his friend came and fucked up the whole opportunity I wanted to offer.

Angel Cruz your a cute boy, but you need better friends around you. Don't hangout with a BB trash performer.

Same insults about Me being into Watersports, and the Mandingo character bit. I challenge you to look at your life.

I take responsible for my actions on film, I didn't want to be the role model but it fell into my lap. I got into porn for my own personal reasons, I wanted to prove to myself and the world that this Black Man can come into the Adult Industry and cause some major tidals waves. I'm proud of every single role that I had a chance to play.

Your this type of model who is a cunt, coward, cum giving dirty whore!!! What your doing in your genere of work is very different than what I'm trying to accomplish. Your films are big sellers because it glories the passing of loads into a bottom. There is no passion, no acting, its close ups of your cock shooting a load in a White bottoms Ass. There are no scripts or plots or acting, you say I lowered myself to some animalistic beast in films, being the big gorilla that fucks the small guys.

Look in the mirror, you show off the Beast better than I ever could!! Your image of the Black Macho fucker shoving loads in bottoms asses. That is being a beast or fread of nature, you show you have no regards for your safety and will being. A basic Snuff film for guys to jerk off to.

I looked at ur history, you were some X tube model charging 3 dollars for scenes. At first you didn't want to show your face. In other movies you wear sunglasses to hide your face. So this is your coming out party to the world!!

Your the reason, why I do the movies, I can be a freak in front of camera(which I enjoy)but I wear condoms that show no matter how nasty and dirty I get I still worry about my safety and the safety of my partner.

Your a Dog with Fleas and have no leash, I'm sorry I have to put you down because there simply is in place for you in my circle. You give every single model a bad name because of views and even though Im giving you attention is not the kind of attention you were looking for.

I call attention to you, because your a runaway train of Hot Mess. While you give you buds high fives thinking you called Me out!! You called out yourself and showed the dark side of porn.

I will keep fighting the good fight against Pro Bare back models that try to twist the facts of the Debate. Your right there is some models working mainstream porn who are POZ, and they hide it or work around. But models like you that come at me aggressively hoping to get a rise out of Me, some free press.

Guttterbunnies like you, come into the Industry with Chip on your shoulders. I didn't make the journey harder for you in porn. I just made you have to step up your game, and if you can't measure up you take the easy route, the bareback way.

That is the easy game, of course people want Snuffs films

Starring Juicygohoe

Lights, Camera, Coffin

I got a nice Bling out one for you, Flat screen, X box and playstation....


So some bareback model is trying to call Me out on Twitter....

He wants to stick up for his friend, his friend fed him some bullshit story about how I was trying to end his dreams.

Bullshit so here is the low down!! You know I don't back down from anybody so here goes more Drama!!

Lets start with the model that I though was perfect for the contest. His name is Angel.

Here is his comments from Twitter:

angel: i dont want to be known as a total bottom and i dont want to get SUPERMUSCULAR like you .... i want my twinkish look but toned ...

angel: I am DEF SORRY if that sounds like im tryna be a diva ...IM NOT but thats what i want to bring to the table a FULLY VERSE black twink

angel: that rivals all those twink boys like hayden and chase and b. wilde .... and can still play with muscle boys and look hot too

angel: ooooh i know and im GOING to apply and im GOING to win ... i just wanna be upfront i WANT to be morE

These are my responses below:

Diesel: Dude i read ur blog and the choice is urs, i read ur looking for an agent and ur expectations are high which is good but u havent made

Diesel: a name yet to demand so many things... I liked ur look and ur tall but the choice is urs u can sit here waiting for an opportunity or work

Diesel: Well i guess then man u need to travel that road yourself good luck. I know everybody in this business so keep up ur head and keep trying..

Diesel: Okay man.... I tried!! I have been in this business for 5 years and worked with all the top studios im offering you a good gig. with a agent

Diesel: included, and ur first project working with Me and you want to hold out because U dont want to be known as a total bottom? I have no words

That is the entire Convo, I said I had no words because throughout the entire Chat session, all I heard was I WANT, I WANT ,I WANT I WANT........

This is my opinion, you really can't demand anything without putting in the hard work. So what? You came into the game as a bottom?? If the role required you to be a bottom then your a bottom. I wanted a model that was proud to be bottom that didn't want to top(for now)if I wanted to look for America's Next Black Versatile then I would have ran the contest looking for that.

But I sensed his feelings of entitlement without having done any work to earn that entitlement, so I wished him well Unfollowed Him and that was the end of the story. Hours later I received this email:

hey its angel from twitter.

i have attached a ton of pics and hope you see ones you like .

as you said you saw my blog and know the direction im hoping to go with my career.

i think i came off a bit ..... cocky when we talked on twitter .

which i can do sometimes so sorry.

mostly my cocern is limiting myself . i dont want to be known as a one trick pony. i want to grow and be more . now i understand that i have to preform and EARN a name before that can happen. i wont wake up and be a porn SUPERSTAr. i dont EXPECT that . you said you read my blog so you know that i understand the work i would have to put in and the bussines aspect of this industry and i am willing to do all of that and more to get where i wanna be. i think that sometimes my drive sounds more like diva. sorry about that .

hopefully things arent sour . and we can develop some type of relationship in this biz . i could really use the help (clearly i need it as we def misunderstood each other)

thx again!

I really didn't like the attitude at first, but after reading the email I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has a great look and I think with the right direction He could be a big star!!

Then out of nowhere comes some Bareback Top that does all the crappy work, calling Me out on Twitter.

Its the same line I play the "Mandingo" character bah bah bah I'm making the Black community look bad bah bah bah.

The part that is strange, He is a Bareback performer!!!

Another model wanting to use my name as a platform to state their views!! I really can't make this shit up!!

And again people will say all I do stir up trouble and Drama!! In any case add another drama to the file!!



Monday, June 21, 2010


Lets get right to it.....

Yes this is a real contest!!

Yes I'm looking for a Black Bottom

Yes there is a modeling contract with Opportunity employer)

Yes there is a scene with Me.

Yes you get a check to take dick from Hot guys!!

I received alot of emails, but I'm still saddened that there wasn't a bigger response!! I have reason to believe that some performers have "Issues" with being termed America's Next Black Bottom. I wanted to share this email with the fans, which sheds some light on the "Issue" I'm talking about so here goes that comment:

Methinks, to bottom for someone who is not of the same race is a very brave, rebellious and revolutionary act, and many brothers aren't quite yet ready for that kind of revolution.

Why? Because to do so challenges and defies all that may be politically, socially and historically ingrained in black men (whether or not they choose to venture into in porn). The idea of bottoming for a white man taps into a mindset that stems from slavery when 'the man' took our basic freedoms and did his best to FUCK us, spiritually, and metaphorically.

As such, to this day, I personally know brothers who will date white men, even exclusively, but will ALWAYS insist upon topping them.

If this philosophy does indeed stem from that whole massa/slave mentality, then, in essence, it messes with one's own personal idea of manhood... and it also defies/challenges what it means to be a strong BLACK man in America.

I'm not saying it's wrong or right. I'm only stating what could be, and indeed seems to be the prevailing mindset, especially amongst gay men with aggressively political/ sociological ghosts floating around in their psyches.



A very insightful comment and I recognized this problem before I even started the contest. But I would think there would be that one bottom, that will say screw society and "These" Social norms and think outside of the box. Wanting to be the person that challenges these stereotypes Head On!! It takes a very very strong person to hold onto your ideals AND do what is best for you.

This notion of being the White Man's bitch, is the reason why some people are scared to throw their hat into the Industry?? I guess it is hard for some people to get over this Masculinity issue esp in our Community. If you were Gay in "Our" community you were viewed as being weak and a punk. That is not the case anymore nowadays, I know some Gay men that are openly Gay and Kick some major Ass! Nobody can take Ur manhood(Top or bottom)that is an ideal that Ur born with, regardless if you Fuck guys, take a dick in the ass or whatever!!!

Many times I have seen a Str8 bully trying to put the pressure on a gay boy thinking they would be subservient and not stand up for themselves. And boy did that Str8 bully take an ass whipping from a Fem boy who had enough of being Bullied around!

Same as my Blackness, nobody can take that away from Me. I was raised in the hood and visit often!!! I'm hired to play a part in a Gay movie, and regardless of their Race/Age/body type I perform with other models. That is what I'm being paid for and I work hard to get that respect I deserve. I will always be Black, Proud to be Black and I wouldn't want to change that fact ever!!! It has made Me appreciate everything that I worked for and achieved. Despite having to go through Ups and Downs I wouldn't change the fact that I had to get over every single hurdle that was thrown at Me.

My journey was to come into this Industry and turn it upside down. While alot of people thought I was playing this over the top "Black Mandingo" character. I was sitting home and saying to myself, Really??? What Character?? I'm a Top(On/Off)so I don't know how I'm "PLAYING" a Top??? It's just acting in a Gay Porn, apparently I did so well...

People actually thought that was my character Off screen as well. I controlled my own Career, I wasn't Coached on set(saying to do this or that)I wasn't told to Act Thuggish or some kind of street hoodlum. I'm very particular on what roles I play and accept, and so far I chose wisely..

In fact!!!!

Alot of the characters I played were parts that could be played by anybody(Any Race):

Farmer worker (Hitch) My first role, and I was a helper on a farm(It was my first film I have to start somewhere)

Leather God (Folsom Filth) How doesn't want to be a Leather God and fucking and pissing on slaves??? Hot!!

Cop(Crossing the Line:Cop Shack 2) The role of a Policeman is hot hot hot!! Guys in uniform is one of the hottest things in porn.

Factory Worker (Boiler) I was a factory worker, and working on the Boiler was Hot(I'm an Aries, Fire sign made so much sense)and hot role.

A Hick (Fear)I played a Good Ole boy just having beers with the boys and talking shit!! Another Hot role!!

Camper(Breakers) I was playing camp with a bunch of hot guys!!

Business Man(Telescope)I had the suit, car and hot ass apartment over looking the city. That was a fun part to play and I rocked the suit well...

Criminal in Lock Down(Folsom Prison)Now this was a hard scene for Me. I was told about the part months ago, and all I could think about was "I'm playing the stereotypical Black guy locked up" It was a three way and at first it was going to be two black guys on one white guy. Titan had a huge hit with Slammer(Years before), and I know I couldn't compete with that Movie!! I had alot of pressure on Me!!

I literally wrote my own scene for that Movie!! Titan gave Me the opportunity to write and I ran away with it. Even though I played that Criminal behind bars, there were certain things I made sure the Viewers would know about the character. Diesel was acquitted of a crime and was waiting for release, but the Guards had other plans for him. I put my body on the line for that role, first time where I played "Sub" and was at the mercy of some sadistic guards.

Builder Manager(Double Standard)I wasn't the Plumber/Pizza guy/Super and that was my first romantic role...Good reviews

BasketBall Player(Playbook)Now I know what your saying, that role for made for a Black guy....

I wrote the script, styled myself for role, picked the model, came up with new Fuck positions, and even had some behind the Camera time. The most important thing about that Role, I played Basketball for many years(Elementary, High school, College, Army, Nike league)and I wanted to have on film, some kind of Basket ball role. I am very very proud of that Movie!!

Another Factory worker(Rear Deliveries)and my first role as Free agent

A Pimp(RedLight) I had to do this movie, I have been an Escort for a number of years and it made sense to play the part of a Pimp. I brought alot of energy for that role, and it was just fun to be on the "Other side" of things..

Security Guard(Asylum) I guess alot of people love Me wearing a Uniform(Hot to Me as well)and I won Best Supporting Actor for that role.

Another Leather God(Taken to the Lowest Level)I play the Iconic role one more time and bring my knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle to screen yet again.

BodyGuard(Getting Levi's Johnson) I play "Tank" in the Movie, I was the first blogger to get camera time with the real Levi Johnston. I was given total access to the set and I used my skills as a P.R. whiz and I helped really sell that Movie!!

Current Role: (SteamWorks the Movie) I just play a guy in a Bathhouse and I get to fuck the boys and I have a hot solo...My first Solo ever in a movie!!

So the count is 18 DVD movies and 6 web scenes.....

That number is nothing compared to some other models in the business, and I have been in the business for more than 4years. That is a drop in the bucket!!! But yet I have heard from many people in the Industry saying that I'm over exposed!!

I stay in the Industry news because I'm a blogger!! I write a popular blog that entertains people so I guess I'm always in the News!!

BUT PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! 18 DVDs and 6 web scenes and the Awards!!


2008 Hottest Cock
2009 Performer of the Year
2009 Best Porn Star Blog
2010 Best Supporting Actor

2008 Best Fetish Escort
2009 Best Escort Website
2010 Best Blogger/Writer

Hard Choice Awards

2009 Most Passionate Sex scene
2010 Savage Humor Award
2010 Having a Blast Cum shot


Unzippy for Best Blogger

Nominated for so many Awards:

2007 GayVns Best Newcummer
2007 Grabbys Best Newcummer

2008 Grabbys Best Performer

2009 GayVns Best Top
2009 GayVns Best Performer
2009 Gayvns Best Duo

2009 Grabbys Best Pornstar Website
2009 Grabbys Best Duo

2010 Grabbys Best Duo
2010 Grabbys Best Rimming Scene
2010 Grabbys Best PornStar Website
2010 Grabbys Best Performer

And despite it all.....

I still get judged as this Sell out to my own community!! But I remain strong in the notion that people like my work and I have my supporters. Some days are harder than others, I receive alot of hate email saying I lost all my Blackness, Uncle Tom, and I sold my Soul to the White man(I can't make this up LOL)

I had to remain focused through out the years, in a business that is always changing. I was an Exclusive model and when I went free agent I had to fight my way back to the Top. I even retired(alot of pressure)came back and had to fight through Spider bites, sprained ankles, lost of Id. And yet I'm still here fighting to show the World and this Industry that Men of Color are Big draws and sell DVDs and scenes!!

I was given the opportunity to Host the Grabbys Awards and I was able to speak my mind to the whole Industry!!! And put the Industry under the spotlight so they can see themselves, See here:

And Now I'm here!! Trying to give back to my own community and I'm getting alot of email from people. But there certain things that will take you out of the running....

Your not right for the role when:

If you only want to work with Me and refuse to work with a diverse cast

Will only bottom for Black guys, and only Top White guys

Will only bottom for Me, but want to come into the Industry as a Top or Vers!!(The Contest is America's Next Black Bottom)although I will hold Ur submission for other roles

Make demands or Overly Cocky(I like confident people but Diva like behavior, No)I received an email from model in it was, I want, I want, I want, I want and I was at a loss for words. I'm not sure what prior work he has done to deserve such Elite treatment. If you were that high and mighty why are you submitting pictures to this contest?? You must have all the tools....

Have done prior Bareback work, I believe in second chances but the studio overruled Me on this one.

Over 35years old(not right for this contest)

The Deadline for submitting pictures is Jul 1 so get on that people!! Be warned you need some thick skin to be able to handle the Haters!!! It comes with the territory though... You have to weigh the Good with the Bad!!

But I think there would be one bottom confident in his manhood, willing to showcase:

His bottoming skills

That He is has no hangups working with other models

Confidence, He can walk and talk like a Strong Black Man but sexually in bed he is a hungry, loud, aggressive/sub bottom.

I wanted a bottom that could dominate a scene, and make the Top work hard.

Just as I work these bottoms in scenes, I wanted a Bottom that can work these Tops!!

I don't think that is much to ask for but We need to get over these bullshit issues.

Being the one that is Man enough to take Cock but Man enough to take any Cock in any color.

We can put the bullshit to bed or send it to a corner like some badass kid during Time out!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


If some people don't remember this fact:

I used to have an Assistant named Pat

That is Pat above playing some Role reversal with Me. If people don't remember the story:

Pat was my assistant for 7months, alot of the projects in some of my earlier posts(2008) were edited and directed by him I will give you examples:

Pat directed Sexual Seduction:

He was photographer for these shots

When He left it was hard.... I had to teach myself how to hold the camera and how to Edit Vids...

It was easy when someone could give you a rough draft first, and then u can sit with them and tighten up the work, while they Edit at the same time.

And always good to have some help book flights, taking those risky pictures and to be honest...

Just having someone that shared the same Vision as urself(Of Course I had to pay him for it) He saw firsthand how his work was grabbing laughs and bringing smiles to other people faces.

So when Pat became available again(School schedule flexible), I jumped on the opportunity to rehire him again!!

I let Pat go because at the time he was starting his studies in Business Law. I was not going to be selfish and have him working on my site and going to school at same time. So I made the decision to let him go so he can focus on school. Now that he has free time he was eager to return....

And the timing couldn't be any better I have alot of projects coming up, And I def need help with...

Moving on to the Contest America's Next Black Bottom..

Deadline for photos is on Jul 1 remember that....

In the next post I want to speak about the America's Next Black Bottom contest.

It has occured to Me that some people have certain "Issues" I need to address.

Anyway Welcome Back Pat!!

And get ur Ass working on some of these Vids Bitch!!!