Monday, June 21, 2010


Lets get right to it.....

Yes this is a real contest!!

Yes I'm looking for a Black Bottom

Yes there is a modeling contract with Opportunity employer)

Yes there is a scene with Me.

Yes you get a check to take dick from Hot guys!!

I received alot of emails, but I'm still saddened that there wasn't a bigger response!! I have reason to believe that some performers have "Issues" with being termed America's Next Black Bottom. I wanted to share this email with the fans, which sheds some light on the "Issue" I'm talking about so here goes that comment:

Methinks, to bottom for someone who is not of the same race is a very brave, rebellious and revolutionary act, and many brothers aren't quite yet ready for that kind of revolution.

Why? Because to do so challenges and defies all that may be politically, socially and historically ingrained in black men (whether or not they choose to venture into in porn). The idea of bottoming for a white man taps into a mindset that stems from slavery when 'the man' took our basic freedoms and did his best to FUCK us, spiritually, and metaphorically.

As such, to this day, I personally know brothers who will date white men, even exclusively, but will ALWAYS insist upon topping them.

If this philosophy does indeed stem from that whole massa/slave mentality, then, in essence, it messes with one's own personal idea of manhood... and it also defies/challenges what it means to be a strong BLACK man in America.

I'm not saying it's wrong or right. I'm only stating what could be, and indeed seems to be the prevailing mindset, especially amongst gay men with aggressively political/ sociological ghosts floating around in their psyches.



A very insightful comment and I recognized this problem before I even started the contest. But I would think there would be that one bottom, that will say screw society and "These" Social norms and think outside of the box. Wanting to be the person that challenges these stereotypes Head On!! It takes a very very strong person to hold onto your ideals AND do what is best for you.

This notion of being the White Man's bitch, is the reason why some people are scared to throw their hat into the Industry?? I guess it is hard for some people to get over this Masculinity issue esp in our Community. If you were Gay in "Our" community you were viewed as being weak and a punk. That is not the case anymore nowadays, I know some Gay men that are openly Gay and Kick some major Ass! Nobody can take Ur manhood(Top or bottom)that is an ideal that Ur born with, regardless if you Fuck guys, take a dick in the ass or whatever!!!

Many times I have seen a Str8 bully trying to put the pressure on a gay boy thinking they would be subservient and not stand up for themselves. And boy did that Str8 bully take an ass whipping from a Fem boy who had enough of being Bullied around!

Same as my Blackness, nobody can take that away from Me. I was raised in the hood and visit often!!! I'm hired to play a part in a Gay movie, and regardless of their Race/Age/body type I perform with other models. That is what I'm being paid for and I work hard to get that respect I deserve. I will always be Black, Proud to be Black and I wouldn't want to change that fact ever!!! It has made Me appreciate everything that I worked for and achieved. Despite having to go through Ups and Downs I wouldn't change the fact that I had to get over every single hurdle that was thrown at Me.

My journey was to come into this Industry and turn it upside down. While alot of people thought I was playing this over the top "Black Mandingo" character. I was sitting home and saying to myself, Really??? What Character?? I'm a Top(On/Off)so I don't know how I'm "PLAYING" a Top??? It's just acting in a Gay Porn, apparently I did so well...

People actually thought that was my character Off screen as well. I controlled my own Career, I wasn't Coached on set(saying to do this or that)I wasn't told to Act Thuggish or some kind of street hoodlum. I'm very particular on what roles I play and accept, and so far I chose wisely..

In fact!!!!

Alot of the characters I played were parts that could be played by anybody(Any Race):

Farmer worker (Hitch) My first role, and I was a helper on a farm(It was my first film I have to start somewhere)

Leather God (Folsom Filth) How doesn't want to be a Leather God and fucking and pissing on slaves??? Hot!!

Cop(Crossing the Line:Cop Shack 2) The role of a Policeman is hot hot hot!! Guys in uniform is one of the hottest things in porn.

Factory Worker (Boiler) I was a factory worker, and working on the Boiler was Hot(I'm an Aries, Fire sign made so much sense)and hot role.

A Hick (Fear)I played a Good Ole boy just having beers with the boys and talking shit!! Another Hot role!!

Camper(Breakers) I was playing camp with a bunch of hot guys!!

Business Man(Telescope)I had the suit, car and hot ass apartment over looking the city. That was a fun part to play and I rocked the suit well...

Criminal in Lock Down(Folsom Prison)Now this was a hard scene for Me. I was told about the part months ago, and all I could think about was "I'm playing the stereotypical Black guy locked up" It was a three way and at first it was going to be two black guys on one white guy. Titan had a huge hit with Slammer(Years before), and I know I couldn't compete with that Movie!! I had alot of pressure on Me!!

I literally wrote my own scene for that Movie!! Titan gave Me the opportunity to write and I ran away with it. Even though I played that Criminal behind bars, there were certain things I made sure the Viewers would know about the character. Diesel was acquitted of a crime and was waiting for release, but the Guards had other plans for him. I put my body on the line for that role, first time where I played "Sub" and was at the mercy of some sadistic guards.

Builder Manager(Double Standard)I wasn't the Plumber/Pizza guy/Super and that was my first romantic role...Good reviews

BasketBall Player(Playbook)Now I know what your saying, that role for made for a Black guy....

I wrote the script, styled myself for role, picked the model, came up with new Fuck positions, and even had some behind the Camera time. The most important thing about that Role, I played Basketball for many years(Elementary, High school, College, Army, Nike league)and I wanted to have on film, some kind of Basket ball role. I am very very proud of that Movie!!

Another Factory worker(Rear Deliveries)and my first role as Free agent

A Pimp(RedLight) I had to do this movie, I have been an Escort for a number of years and it made sense to play the part of a Pimp. I brought alot of energy for that role, and it was just fun to be on the "Other side" of things..

Security Guard(Asylum) I guess alot of people love Me wearing a Uniform(Hot to Me as well)and I won Best Supporting Actor for that role.

Another Leather God(Taken to the Lowest Level)I play the Iconic role one more time and bring my knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle to screen yet again.

BodyGuard(Getting Levi's Johnson) I play "Tank" in the Movie, I was the first blogger to get camera time with the real Levi Johnston. I was given total access to the set and I used my skills as a P.R. whiz and I helped really sell that Movie!!

Current Role: (SteamWorks the Movie) I just play a guy in a Bathhouse and I get to fuck the boys and I have a hot solo...My first Solo ever in a movie!!

So the count is 18 DVD movies and 6 web scenes.....

That number is nothing compared to some other models in the business, and I have been in the business for more than 4years. That is a drop in the bucket!!! But yet I have heard from many people in the Industry saying that I'm over exposed!!

I stay in the Industry news because I'm a blogger!! I write a popular blog that entertains people so I guess I'm always in the News!!

BUT PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! 18 DVDs and 6 web scenes and the Awards!!


2008 Hottest Cock
2009 Performer of the Year
2009 Best Porn Star Blog
2010 Best Supporting Actor

2008 Best Fetish Escort
2009 Best Escort Website
2010 Best Blogger/Writer

Hard Choice Awards

2009 Most Passionate Sex scene
2010 Savage Humor Award
2010 Having a Blast Cum shot


Unzippy for Best Blogger

Nominated for so many Awards:

2007 GayVns Best Newcummer
2007 Grabbys Best Newcummer

2008 Grabbys Best Performer

2009 GayVns Best Top
2009 GayVns Best Performer
2009 Gayvns Best Duo

2009 Grabbys Best Pornstar Website
2009 Grabbys Best Duo

2010 Grabbys Best Duo
2010 Grabbys Best Rimming Scene
2010 Grabbys Best PornStar Website
2010 Grabbys Best Performer

And despite it all.....

I still get judged as this Sell out to my own community!! But I remain strong in the notion that people like my work and I have my supporters. Some days are harder than others, I receive alot of hate email saying I lost all my Blackness, Uncle Tom, and I sold my Soul to the White man(I can't make this up LOL)

I had to remain focused through out the years, in a business that is always changing. I was an Exclusive model and when I went free agent I had to fight my way back to the Top. I even retired(alot of pressure)came back and had to fight through Spider bites, sprained ankles, lost of Id. And yet I'm still here fighting to show the World and this Industry that Men of Color are Big draws and sell DVDs and scenes!!

I was given the opportunity to Host the Grabbys Awards and I was able to speak my mind to the whole Industry!!! And put the Industry under the spotlight so they can see themselves, See here:

And Now I'm here!! Trying to give back to my own community and I'm getting alot of email from people. But there certain things that will take you out of the running....

Your not right for the role when:

If you only want to work with Me and refuse to work with a diverse cast

Will only bottom for Black guys, and only Top White guys

Will only bottom for Me, but want to come into the Industry as a Top or Vers!!(The Contest is America's Next Black Bottom)although I will hold Ur submission for other roles

Make demands or Overly Cocky(I like confident people but Diva like behavior, No)I received an email from model in it was, I want, I want, I want, I want and I was at a loss for words. I'm not sure what prior work he has done to deserve such Elite treatment. If you were that high and mighty why are you submitting pictures to this contest?? You must have all the tools....

Have done prior Bareback work, I believe in second chances but the studio overruled Me on this one.

Over 35years old(not right for this contest)

The Deadline for submitting pictures is Jul 1 so get on that people!! Be warned you need some thick skin to be able to handle the Haters!!! It comes with the territory though... You have to weigh the Good with the Bad!!

But I think there would be one bottom confident in his manhood, willing to showcase:

His bottoming skills

That He is has no hangups working with other models

Confidence, He can walk and talk like a Strong Black Man but sexually in bed he is a hungry, loud, aggressive/sub bottom.

I wanted a bottom that could dominate a scene, and make the Top work hard.

Just as I work these bottoms in scenes, I wanted a Bottom that can work these Tops!!

I don't think that is much to ask for but We need to get over these bullshit issues.

Being the one that is Man enough to take Cock but Man enough to take any Cock in any color.

We can put the bullshit to bed or send it to a corner like some badass kid during Time out!!



Anonymous said...

Now this is a very interesting comment. I agree with the reasons why being black I wont bottom for someone white. It's a hard feeling to get over. I'm a vers guy so I've topped a lot of white guys, actually more white than black. But have only been topped by I would say 3 guys all of them black. Two of them only once. The third person is the only one to top me consistently (relationship). But when I'm ready to top, I usually search for the guy who is ready to handle me and its mostly a white guy. Now I will confess, I wonder what it would be like to be topped by a white guy, but its just a fantasy. I dont think I could let it happen, just the same as someone who says they are only a top and has never let a guy top him. It is the same argument that you had with Tiger Tyson on who was going to top who. To me, its the same argument. Two tops who wont bottom for the other is about the same as a black guy who wont let a white guy top him.

Anonymous said...

Have you sent Tiger Tyson an application form ?

Miko said...

I wonder do people find the Mandingo-ism in porn (more generally, but I'll refer to gay porn specifically) as offensive as the Black bottom/white top porn? I think it's pretty much the same thing to be honest.

It aggravates me more that these porn companies don't even hire black (black tops more specifically) for the sake of diversity, but to have the "big black donkey" cock for the "poor little white boy" (i.e., it's fulfilling some white man's stereotypical fetish; but it's porn, it would be stupid to punish them for it). Can "It's Gonna Hurt" at least get some black bottoms in the mix for a change?

Anonymous said...

Marc William's muscle bubble butt is absolutely perfect for you and Marc would be a great partner with you.

Tiger Tyson just didn't know how to handle Mark's unique muscle butt in TED4, but Diesel you definitely know exactly how to top such a hot muscle butt.

Hope it can happen as it would be a terrific scene and you would teach Tiger Tyson a much needed lesson in how to properly top a true muscle butt.

Jarron said...

Why is it necessary for this next black bottom to get fucked by white guys? So many white bottoms refuse to work with guys and are successful. And that is their right.

Black porn never gets anywhere b/c it's mostly thugporn which is not relatable to most people, even to black people. Im sure you know, not all black guys are thugs. And many are not interested in that. they dont wanna hear "yea nigga" throughout a scene.

If you wanna make a change get some hot black models who are sexy and regular. Then black porn could be mainstream porn. And people wouldnt have to beg Falcon or JetSet to "let their precious white exclusives" fuck poor black guys.

Anonymous said...

way to Go! Kuddos on bringing out this very interesting phenomena that men of colour esp black men face.....
It is interesting that while white men will not top a black guy they love to be topped by a black guy. Is this because many of them still refuse to give gay black men the same status as gay men and see being gay more as a priviledge for their own race. I would love to be a white man's bitch. If white gays dont mind being a black man(s) bitch and can still be white , why is it that black men fear that they will loose their blackness if they are fucked by a white man!!!!!!!!!

I think we need to confront this sad and self sabotagin attitude.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it should matter who top or bottom cause its wat you like... i wouldnt have a problem being a white mans bitch in bed i do it every weekend and i dont feel no less black... i walk and talk thuggish but that dont make me any blacker... style and position in someones sex/life shouldnt effect the color of their skin... we are all human inside... everyone says a white guy wants to get top by a black cock but thats not always true... i work at a sex shop and i always get asked do i got any gay porn were a white guy tops a black and its very rarely that i have any at all... i would actualy like to be a bottom in a gay porn for any color i can work with anything... but im still 100% black.... all the things u hear bout black guys got the biggest cock is all sterotypes and i love getting topp by latino's, black, white, asian etc... race shouldnt matter the role in sexual play