Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So some bareback model is trying to call Me out on Twitter....

He wants to stick up for his friend, his friend fed him some bullshit story about how I was trying to end his dreams.

Bullshit so here is the low down!! You know I don't back down from anybody so here goes more Drama!!

Lets start with the model that I though was perfect for the contest. His name is Angel.

Here is his comments from Twitter:

angel: i dont want to be known as a total bottom and i dont want to get SUPERMUSCULAR like you .... i want my twinkish look but toned ...

angel: I am DEF SORRY if that sounds like im tryna be a diva ...IM NOT but thats what i want to bring to the table a FULLY VERSE black twink

angel: that rivals all those twink boys like hayden and chase and b. wilde .... and can still play with muscle boys and look hot too

angel: ooooh i know and im GOING to apply and im GOING to win ... i just wanna be upfront i WANT to be morE

These are my responses below:

Diesel: Dude i read ur blog and the choice is urs, i read ur looking for an agent and ur expectations are high which is good but u havent made

Diesel: a name yet to demand so many things... I liked ur look and ur tall but the choice is urs u can sit here waiting for an opportunity or work

Diesel: Well i guess then man u need to travel that road yourself good luck. I know everybody in this business so keep up ur head and keep trying..

Diesel: Okay man.... I tried!! I have been in this business for 5 years and worked with all the top studios im offering you a good gig. with a agent

Diesel: included, and ur first project working with Me and you want to hold out because U dont want to be known as a total bottom? I have no words

That is the entire Convo, I said I had no words because throughout the entire Chat session, all I heard was I WANT, I WANT ,I WANT I WANT........

This is my opinion, you really can't demand anything without putting in the hard work. So what? You came into the game as a bottom?? If the role required you to be a bottom then your a bottom. I wanted a model that was proud to be bottom that didn't want to top(for now)if I wanted to look for America's Next Black Versatile then I would have ran the contest looking for that.

But I sensed his feelings of entitlement without having done any work to earn that entitlement, so I wished him well Unfollowed Him and that was the end of the story. Hours later I received this email:

hey its angel from twitter.

i have attached a ton of pics and hope you see ones you like .

as you said you saw my blog and know the direction im hoping to go with my career.

i think i came off a bit ..... cocky when we talked on twitter .

which i can do sometimes so sorry.

mostly my cocern is limiting myself . i dont want to be known as a one trick pony. i want to grow and be more . now i understand that i have to preform and EARN a name before that can happen. i wont wake up and be a porn SUPERSTAr. i dont EXPECT that . you said you read my blog so you know that i understand the work i would have to put in and the bussines aspect of this industry and i am willing to do all of that and more to get where i wanna be. i think that sometimes my drive sounds more like diva. sorry about that .

hopefully things arent sour . and we can develop some type of relationship in this biz . i could really use the help (clearly i need it as we def misunderstood each other)

thx again!

I really didn't like the attitude at first, but after reading the email I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has a great look and I think with the right direction He could be a big star!!

Then out of nowhere comes some Bareback Top that does all the crappy work, calling Me out on Twitter.

Its the same line I play the "Mandingo" character bah bah bah I'm making the Black community look bad bah bah bah.

The part that is strange, He is a Bareback performer!!!

Another model wanting to use my name as a platform to state their views!! I really can't make this shit up!!

And again people will say all I do stir up trouble and Drama!! In any case add another drama to the file!!


Miko said...

Here are my 2 cents:

There are just plenty of them in the game. They are especially all over black porn.
Just give angel the contact info for Flavaworks and call it a day.

They don't need to be big bulky bodybuilder, but I would ike them to be muscular like Scott Alexander and Marc Williams!!!!

Diana said...

too bad for Angel. i'm sure you got a lot of other great guys who responded. from reading your blog i can see that the shit people give you is unwarrented, but responding to it does not make matters much better.