Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Okay I had to finish that other post......

This post is for the fans........

You the Fans, Readers or just the curious to see what the crazy man is doing today..

I'm pleased to announce that YOU showed what power you have......

While out in Chi town I had the pleasure to talk to one of the producers of Suite 703 and they informed that the Scene Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander in "I'm a Married Man" was the most highly viewed scene on their site for the month of May!!! What does that tell you people????!!!

You have a voice in this porn game people, they took a risk by adding the content of two hot black guys fucking in a scene on their site. And you know what??? You the fans came out in support.....

You Won!!!

They are looking for me to do another scene with them, and possibly add a monthly thing(Who knows?) I had a great time shooting with Gio, and my other homie on set!!So this is a Win Win for Me I get to shoot with family, and have a good time.

I just wanted to share the news with the Fans, you do have a Voice!!

Big Shoutout to the Haters(you bought the scene as well)wheter you wanted to or not the support you have shown Me over the years is welcome.

Hmmm I don't know how to write it????

Thank You!!!! For:

Reading this train wreck of a blog

Watching my big black dick going out of some ass

Watching Me picking these boys up in the air and fuck them

Watching the boys deep throat my dick

Watching Me piss on people

Watching Me shoving my foot in someones ass

Watching the Youtubes of Me being crazy or interviewing people..Speaking of which the youtube Fuck Like Diesel is at almost 90,000 views. I'm proud of that no funny tag lines just Diesel Washington, model, porn. I'm very proud of that so I have to post it again:

So for the Fans I will post the most viewed Vids I have done over the years

Lets go:

Those are just some of the highest viewed Vids, I do have my favorite Vids

These are some of My FAVORITE Vids I have done, no wonder I won Best Supporting Actor. I can do alittle acting people...

Anyway here are some of my favorite Character acting Vids:

Dexter where have you been??

I just wanted to share some Vids with the fans, We have been through alot together!! You have supported Me through thick and thin...

All I can say is


I know I don't answer fan email that much.....

But I read every email, and when the fans email Me their personal stories I do get touched and I do care about my fans..

Sometimes I am selfish, and think it's about Me!! Granted!! But without the support from the readers, fans I couldn't work in this Industry and for that I will forever be grateful..

It may seem like I don't want interaction with my fans(Some Stalkers out there have to protect Me and family)but I do the Vids for the attention from my fans. I write the blog to remain sane and try to help out all the clueless models. And the most important part..

I do it for the Fans!!

This blog is like a written handbook of what to do and not to do when you become a porn star. It has grown leaps and bounds and I continue to try my best in a Industry that changes over night.

I just wanted to write something directly for the Fans!!! I'm not talking about someone hating on Me or Using Me.

Its showing my love for the readers and the fans. I will continue to do the best I can because its all for you!!!

I will do more polls cause I want to find out more of what my fans want to see from Me or even the Industry!!

I have alot of projects coming up, and I'm very excited to get started!!

Model Development is going great!! I have some new models that signed up!! I will get the info out as soon as possible!!

I'm starting to get more consulting gigs!! Yes that is right!!

In some ways I'm more than a model, it took Me a long time to realize that. I do have good ideas and I do have some say in this Industry. I love this Industry!! And my passion shows everyday I write this blog and the passion I put in my work!!

Another position I want my hand at is being a Publicist for some of the porn stars!! I don't want to be an agent(Howard from is the best)I just want to handle the promotion and come up with Ideas to make worthy performers famous!!

Its in the same lines as Model Development but the position is more defined just as a publicist!!

So I wanted to say THANK YOU again to the fans...

I shared some of my goals for the future and some past Vids I have done.

Have a good one people!!


robert said...

i loved the scene you had with scott alexander

Savage Talons said...

All these fuckers using you to try to get a feel for this business. All they have to do is read your blog and follow your success. You give away a lot of trade secrets man. Thank You Man!

ToddyEnglish said...

I love you Diesel! =0)
Uhm, that practice scenes were hot. Too bad not all tops are as strong as you...=0)

meatlman said...

your breakup video was a classic. The one where you thought the relationship was all a dream...pure genius.