Monday, June 28, 2010


This was my very first interview way back in 2006

Here are some parts that I want to high lite that shows my power to predict the future. This interview was taken May 2006 but was posted on August 2006. Check out the highlights:

What is the dirtiest/ sexiest thing you've ever done? "I foot-fucked a guy who wanted some heavy ass-play. The sexiest was fucking a guy in the rain on top of a mountain with thunder and lightning all around us."

The Future, not only would I do a foot fucking scene, but I would have two models in this scene, footing both, while pissing into my mouth at the same time. That would be Telescope(Titan). not convinced yet?? Okay how about this??

What are your long-term goals? "To be a great performer and tour around to see fans. I want to win Newcomer of the Year or Performer of the Year and also go back to school, start a new career, and live a happy drama-free life.

Now I predicted that I would either win Newcomer of the Year(Was nominated at both Gayvn/Grabby)or I wanted to win Performer of the Year (Ding Grabbys 2009). Now to finish this foreseen future its time for Me to go back school and start a new career and then I can live a happy drama-free life........

So.....I'm at that stage in between.. I have alot of options that I want to do but first, I have some things to finish. I still few a few more performances in Me that I want to do on film that will push the limit even further...

However lets face it, the phone isn't ringing with tons of offers(I get my offers though). I'm a veteran in the skin trade, the people's taste change and they move on other people or the fresh faces and that is the nature of things.

People are holding out waiting for Me to Bottom. I'm not a bottom I will keep saying that. I know everybody just wants to Diesel Washington get stuck once!! Just once, bend over that loud mouth, verbal, leather god and fuck his black ass!! HAHAHA!! I like that I'm in your head.!!

Anyway I predict that I will go to the gym and work out!!

Another Ding!!

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