Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Momma Washington birthday is on July 1, I wanted to take time and write this blog. This is a letter to my mother:

Dear Mom,

I love you so much!!! You have supported Me with every decision that I made. One of the biggest decisions I made was to become a Porn Star. I hid the fact that I did porn for the first two years, I was scared that you wouldn't accept Me.

I was stupid to forget that your my Mother, and you love Me regardless of my career. When I sat you down and told you I was doing porn, you said "I already knew about it and was waiting for you to tell Me" All the strees and build up to telling you about my Porn career disappeared. You wrapped your arms around and said you will always love Me!! A giant weight was lifted off of Me, and that changed my perspective about life. From that moment I didn't have to lie about anything, all the pain and heartache about the constant lieing gone.

You always told Me to speak my mind, be honest with yourself and even though people will hate your honesty. They will respect you as a man because they know where you stand. An honest man can go to sleep at night without any bad thoughts. No reason to be scared of Karma because your honest with yourself and others around you.

I learned alot from you....


Happy Birthday!!!

So the Fans understand, Momma Washington came to three award shows just to show her support for Me(Gayvns 2009, Grabbys 2009, Grabbys 2010). In doing so She became the Mother figure for all the other Gay porn stars out there.

I shared my Mother for the Industry, because I know so many Gay boys that don't have the support of their families(just for being Gay)I know so many Gay porn stars whose family members wouldn't dare to come to Award Shows. So Momma Washington became the face of every Mother who has a Gay child(for that matter Gay Porn Star)and I wanted to show the Industry and world that even though We are adult entertainers!! We are still human!!

I know I talk alot of shit on my blog, but the only reason why I'm brutually honest with the Fans. Is because as long as my Mother supports Me, I have nothing to fear from Haters, People who don't like Me. I don't need to lie to people about anything and that is the best feeling of all.

So in short, please wish my Mother a Happy Birthday!!

Thanks it means alot!!


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Matthew Rush said...

Happy Birthday Mama Washington! I adore you. I hope you have a truly amazing day.

pjwalsh25 said...

Happy Birthday Momma Washington!!
Hope it is everything you want it to be.

Pat / Dallas TX

PDQ said...

You never cease to amaze me. There are times when your posts are set so far on "blast" that my hair gets blown back and my glasses are blown off my face before the page finishes loading in my browser!

This post is a completely different side of you. Good job Diesel and happy b-day to Momma Washington

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Washington

TitleMan said...

Happy Birthday, Mother Washington!

Eduardo Guize said...

Happy bday Momma Washington!

tr05prius said...

I was truly inspired by this post. I have never commented on your blog before and read every post. I'm very inspired by you with this and wish your mom Hau`oli La Hanau. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. This brings so many questions to me that I would love to ask but here's not the place. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing such a great letter.

Anonymous said...

Your mother raised you well. Happy Birthday to Momma Washington. Your sentiments brought tears to my eyes, now stop it!! LOL

Adam Q. Robinson said...

Happy Birthday Momma Washington! I hope your day is just as fabulous as your son is!!
XOXOX - Adam @ Falcon

COPBlog Marc said...

I hope Momma Washington has a lovely Happy Birthday!

SFSpankee said...

You have an incredible, great mother!

Happy birthday, Momma Washington! I wish more mothers were like you!

meatlman said...

A mother's unconditional love is truly one of God's gifts to mankind. And Diesel though you walk....!!! im sure you know the rest.