Wednesday, June 02, 2010


@DieselWash and my mother supports me as well u aren't the only fuckin person in this world who does porn that has a family
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Reply Retweet . @DieselWash ur just playing into the stereotypical old muscle guy I'm not remotly scared of u so fuck and ur mother
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Reply Retweet . @DieselWash shut the fuck up already u still don't see that I have no agenda in calling u out I cld careless bout this industry its a joke
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These Twitters are from the model in question, LOOK HOW THE BOY SOUNDS HE IS ON THE DEEP END OF A COKE BREAKDOWN!!

And now people want to stick up for someone that says I'm not remotely scared of u so fuck and ur mother.....

And now Jason Sechrest wants to protect this kid!! Wow he is making me out to be the bad guy!!! And now I'm grabbing up twinks in a threating manner!!! They are really trying to pull the beast out of Me.

This is getting funny to Me cause, Now its I put my hands on this model the Lies are getting bigger and bigger.

And this same model went to IML market and get whipped by random strangers but was scared of Me, and now the lies that I put my hands on someone???

I'm just going to sit here and watch this play out!! Because everybody knows the truth and I don't have to say shit cause the lies are making these people look bad


Anonymous said...

getting involved with these young idiots only makes you look like a fool..worry about yourself and your career and forget about these drug messes

Adam said...

Wow. It'd be funny if it wasn't for the insulting nature of it.

Fuck them, and the horse they rode in on.

See, I would have been so honoured if you picked me out and offered help. Frankly, if they are so conceited that they can't see a good thing when it comes, then they don't deserve a moment of it.

James said...

OK. This is the part about you I really don't get. You always extol how old and mature you are, but every week you get involved in silly drama. It's like you live for it. So what's the deal? Are you a mature guy or a drama queen? Either one is fine, but you can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

You really need to stop hanging around with these unattractive, witless, anorexic, white twinks who don't complement you well. When I see pictures of them that you sometimes post on your blog, they look to me like they came in on the short bus! You're better than that. And deserve better. And don't let anyone stop you from involving your mother in the important moments of your life.