Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Note from Pat


ill be here for u okay

i dont have much goin on

i MIGHT have a barbeque with family that weekend, but ill see u on those other days to help out okay

taking pictures n videos n stuff? we should make another music video

t, im really sleeepyyy, text me n stuff

ill talk to u soon okay


and his last message:

:) okay, you too. and dont get so angry all the time with people. They arent important



I needed somebody to vent to and Patrick is that person. He hasn't been on the job not even a week yet. I saw the threat(drama) and I went into battle mode, Patrick was in school, when he got home he checked out the blog and wrote Me that note immediately....

Patrick helps with the Pic taking and Vids and ideas but I think having Patrick will help Me to let things go...

I have been a fighter all my life, I have a broken sword tattoo on my left arm and a Mace with a long chain and spiked skull on the right arm. I was made for warfare, I translate that energy into the scenes(hence the intensity). I fight fight fight!!

That simple note spoke volumes to Me, here I am this porn star who achieved this high profile. And I'm getting into fights with bottom feeders!! Duh what a waste of time!! I don't know, I couldn't see that before...

Simple words of encouragement and I'm fine now.


Are you guys boyfriends?? NO

Are you guys dating, NO

Does Patrick have dental plan? NO

How much you pay Pat? Not enough

Have you guys ever fucked? I answered that question a long time ago(search for it on the blog)

What direction will you take the blog/website?? I want to open the doors and do other creative things.

Okay Pat u got your blog,

Oh and Patrick wanted Me to point out that He has been working out and wanted Me to share his progress, There you go:

He grew up alittle HUH???


Anonymous said...

Patrick should be forced to surender his life in the total submission to your ass. I'm talking serving yo ass, worship'n yo sack, being yo house slave. when u shit he wipes yo ass or licks it clean.

Anonymous said...

I fancy Patrick a little bit - say hi to him for me ;)

Diana said...

hes cute.

hope you get some peace.

eggz said...

I miss you baby

Anonymous said...

Assistant or just a dude w/o a life?