Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love when Drama is directed at Me...

I got two guys now trashing Me, and I love it!!

You have Angel Cruz Shit I will give him a plug. I want all models to work(get more views for their blog)and although this model had choice words for Me. I liked his passion and his confidence...

*Sigh No business there......but I will give another handout to another struggling model looking for work. Your welcome!!

Now this other model, I can't even use his name his comments are so disturbing at how he sees life and I really really really feel sorry for him. Anyway I have to enlighten people using the models own words against them. The Internet is a tricky thing sometimes and when people go "Hard" they go Hard!!

I would admire him for his boldness if it wasn't for the most Ignorant statements I ever had directed to Me in my Life!! The boys go hard today, and I'm prime target for any Newcummers closing bah bah bah bah bah

Let me take you on this ride I will call him "Juicygohoe" Lets begin:

These are HIS comments on Twitter,

What's more degrading, drinking another man's piss for attention & accolades or have sex in the natural way with serosorted partners? Hmmm

and they go out to have bareback sex because they saw a d-list star doing it then they deserve what they get. I make porn for those who to enjoy the fantasy.

the next time he turns on your ass, I will sit back & gag, while my bareback videos continue to sell circles 'round the rest!

Do your homework before talking shit. My movie has been number 1 for over 2 months. I have the #1, #3, & #6 Most Watched in US!

Now I can only guess the reason, "Why He goes so hard at Me?" In other tweets he claims he only does bareback on film and he does not bareback with clients or in his personal life. I have no idea what serosorted partners means *wink *wink
But now I understand the reason why you go into battle with this attitude of "I don't give a Fuck!! Ummmm...moving on

Okay I couldn't bear to print any more those tweets about that subject. He is one of those Militant Pro Bare backing models. I'm an easy "Target" because I'm very outspoken on the subject when it comes to bare backing on film. He is one of those breeds of models that surface every now and then. They have Hardcore ideals that bareback is "Real" sex and that other people are afraid to have real sex on film because of Stigmas. They point out the number of POZ models that work in the mainstream. Talk about what other people do behind closed as a right to defend their stance on bare backing. The new breed are hostile, aggressive and have that take no prisoners attitude.

I have encountered these types of models before, and I will never agree with their stance(NEVER). They come at you with Guns Blazing, because they studied your work, read your blogs, see you in the News and they hold onto the Hate and that Bad Energy Well, lets use his words

Everyone has their moments and sometimes you have to clear your chest. You sleep better at night after you have released that bad energy.

I have never met this model, but seeing how I pull these Strong reactions out of this person. Tells Me that I'm doing my job and doing my job well. Now I have to just put up the crazy comments, just for fun:

Here he is taking jabs at Austin Wilde and Race Cooper

The most famous Black men in gay porn right now are Austin Wilde & Race Cooper, both exclusives with Raging Stallion. Both nice & friendly
I on the other hand may never be famous, but I make my money and my movies ALL go to the top. I even out sell the two Black mega stars

he only came after me because I let his ass have it. We both erased the tweets, but i tore into him first. you should have read those tweets. He could not take it. I don't back down and I'm not easily intimidated & he's used to sycophants & punks.

Dude I have no clue who you are but you studied Me, read my blogs, watched my films and see my presence on the Internet. You planned an attack for Me, rather a surprise attack...

I have no respect for that at all, you were a coward and hid behind the Internet to poke jabs at Me and this comparison with Diesel Washington and Bobby Blake
Here you go buddy:
Porn Vets Bobby Blake and Jack Simmons and Lexington Steele and Mr Marcus

I had the pleasure to meet these Iconic Men and just talk to them about the business. How is it to be a Black Man in this business. Longevity in this business, Ups and Downs of the Industry and asked for any advice they could possibly give Me, as a sign of respect.

I respect these guys and I know they fought tooth and nail for parts. The problem I have with the models nowadays...There is no respect at all, Its kill or be killed attitude and I cant handle that bullshit quietly!! More of his comments:

you're a washed up old man, who's reduced to web porn. You can't touch me. I have money, an education and future. You OLD news.

Support me & my website so I don't wind up like Diesel Washington's old ass, over 40 without anything to show for it

He's a man (Diesel Washington), albeit a very OLD one.... I'm sure that he is not worried about me or my opinions. Go beat off to one of his videos. Or better yet, just watch the original Bobby Blake in action. His titles are still available


I need to clean house, the most alarming thing that he was trying to call Me out for was being a "Mandingo" character(old theme)saying it doesn't display the Black Community in the best light. BUT he does not take into account how his "Bareback" character affects the community in a entirely different way. Now that might be a ploy for attention, because the bareback companies are going hard at so called "Condom Nazi" haters. So it could be a number of things but its all for attention!! But the kind of attention, that I really don't want to endorse or promote. At the same time I can not sit back and be quiet because I was challenged by another performer. And by a performer, I mean one who talks trash and is nothing but a Bareback porn star/escort and that is his life!! I have a job that I work 5days a week and do security then comes the porn/escorting/touring.

Not to go off subject Mainstream actors like Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman had to play some "Parts" before they move on to a position where they could pick their roles and then give back to their communities.

Love Denzel Washington, but nobody remembers "Heart Condition"??:

Nobody remembers when Morgan Freeman was a Pimp:

And Samuel Jackson as a Crack Head:

And all of these guys are Highly respected now!! I had to get my foot in the door, once there I had to set the next goal which was making Diesel Washington a brand. I traveled a long long road to get to this position. I started from shit to be able to travel and do the shows, win the awards and I get the respect, because I worked it.

I had class when when I came in, I wanted to be the "Man" and in order for that to happen. I had to go to the guys that inspired Me, I went to them directly, face to face as a Man. I respected their work and they came before Me. So I made sure I was able to absorb everything they told about the industry and what to look out for.

Of course I was hungry to be a bigger star, I studied their work, read their interviews followed their career. I was cocky and full of energy but not in a disrespectful way, I have to give them props for opening the Door for Me.

I remember saying to Jack Simmons "Thanks for opening the door for Me" "He said Your Welcome, but I see you kicked down the door already" I was so honored.

I will give Angel Cruz a pass and not attack him, because I truly think he is hungry for parts and roles. We had a bad start and right now I don't think it could be repaired. But good luck.

Juicy!!! In your recent comments you want to take it to hands?????

I'm 6'6 240lbs.....

I have been a fighter all my life!! I can't even respond to that!!It was a pure joke on your part.

In a nutshell, your a bareback porn star that gets serosorted partners in your scenes, your an escort, you claim you have four top selling titles in rotation. You came at Me via sneak attack(not face to face)all the name calling(Old, Washed up)Your ideals about life, the industry, and people in general shows you have such Built up Neg energy about your situation and where YOU are in Life.

I never met you, but I'm a good read when it comes to people. I think you were dealt a bad hand and you bottled all the hatred because you think your "Situation" would bar you from ever achieving Mainstream success. You look at Me as a person you "Hate" because you will never achieve the same success so its directed at Me when you have never met Me a day in Ur life.

I see the desperate ploy for action and its the same song, wheter the model is Black or White. Its desperate people reaching out to a person that is in a higher position and trying to live off the celebrity or the name. It has become so rampant that its comes in the form of models kissing your ass, Using your Ass, Or making attempts to call you out to further their career.

It gets them more blog hits, views to their Vids, and all they want is a piece of the Fan base or to shake the foundation.

So really this post is for all the Juicy people, you have to earn my respect!! I carried this burden of being misjudged by my "Own" community. And I had to deal the "preference issue" on the other side of the business working with models. I already deal with the pressure of being outspoken. Picking the best roles(when they are offered)and finally when I get in the position to help out my own community.

I'm attacked by some trashy model who wants to defend his friend Angel Cruz. For what??? Because I was looking for America's Next Black Bottom which is the contest. At face value, I had this cocky kid telling Me what he wanted to do or not do, I never met this model. So on first impression there was a personality clash, when I got his email I understood the situation better. But his friend came and fucked up the whole opportunity I wanted to offer.

Angel Cruz your a cute boy, but you need better friends around you. Don't hangout with a BB trash performer.

Same insults about Me being into Watersports, and the Mandingo character bit. I challenge you to look at your life.

I take responsible for my actions on film, I didn't want to be the role model but it fell into my lap. I got into porn for my own personal reasons, I wanted to prove to myself and the world that this Black Man can come into the Adult Industry and cause some major tidals waves. I'm proud of every single role that I had a chance to play.

Your this type of model who is a cunt, coward, cum giving dirty whore!!! What your doing in your genere of work is very different than what I'm trying to accomplish. Your films are big sellers because it glories the passing of loads into a bottom. There is no passion, no acting, its close ups of your cock shooting a load in a White bottoms Ass. There are no scripts or plots or acting, you say I lowered myself to some animalistic beast in films, being the big gorilla that fucks the small guys.

Look in the mirror, you show off the Beast better than I ever could!! Your image of the Black Macho fucker shoving loads in bottoms asses. That is being a beast or fread of nature, you show you have no regards for your safety and will being. A basic Snuff film for guys to jerk off to.

I looked at ur history, you were some X tube model charging 3 dollars for scenes. At first you didn't want to show your face. In other movies you wear sunglasses to hide your face. So this is your coming out party to the world!!

Your the reason, why I do the movies, I can be a freak in front of camera(which I enjoy)but I wear condoms that show no matter how nasty and dirty I get I still worry about my safety and the safety of my partner.

Your a Dog with Fleas and have no leash, I'm sorry I have to put you down because there simply is in place for you in my circle. You give every single model a bad name because of views and even though Im giving you attention is not the kind of attention you were looking for.

I call attention to you, because your a runaway train of Hot Mess. While you give you buds high fives thinking you called Me out!! You called out yourself and showed the dark side of porn.

I will keep fighting the good fight against Pro Bare back models that try to twist the facts of the Debate. Your right there is some models working mainstream porn who are POZ, and they hide it or work around. But models like you that come at me aggressively hoping to get a rise out of Me, some free press.

Guttterbunnies like you, come into the Industry with Chip on your shoulders. I didn't make the journey harder for you in porn. I just made you have to step up your game, and if you can't measure up you take the easy route, the bareback way.

That is the easy game, of course people want Snuffs films

Starring Juicygohoe

Lights, Camera, Coffin

I got a nice Bling out one for you, Flat screen, X box and playstation....


Diana said...

this was a good post, but i'm a "If they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up" kind of person. some people are not worth the rise out of you or time of day. in this case you were right in coming at him. its a shame when people got people in their own community (jobs, school, family, whereever) giving them shit and i understnd how it makes you angry, but sometimes you got to say fuck them and do you.

James said...

You love drama. And you love saying how much you've done in the business.

Andrew said...

PS. I get shit all the time for being a 6'3" bottom. Either dudes love it, or hate it. I get rejected a lot because of my height and being a bottom. Everyone seems to want twinky, skinny boys bottoms. I love my body, it's healthy, it works, and I don't need a 6 pack to get dudes with 6 pack abs because I'm real and people like that, or hate that. That's what I love about you, you keep it real and deal with the fact people either love it, or hate it.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever ignore drama? Who cares really about being the top draw as a black star in porn? Especially gay porn. Black men don't matter in gay porn. You continue to perpetuate the modern day slave mentality. You're nothing more than a prostitute to the studio owners who pay you to record you fuck - go home and they reap the rewards of your slutty behavior.